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$1.35 per 1000 characters. hiring process is too sm

Posted By: in the know on 2005-09-22
In Reply to: Anyone contact Augusta Medical Trans to see what they were offering as far as acct, platform, pay? - nm / MTinGA

daggone long.  they SNAIL MAIL you a tape to transcribe for testing.  DUH!!!!!

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I am going through the hiring process with MDI-MD right now and have ???s. sm
We are not talking money yet and before I go too far into it, I have a few questions.

Do they really treat you as an IC or do they hold you to a schedule?

Is there work available in the early morning, say 5 a.m. EST?

What is the rate range for VR editing and is the platform good?
The hiring process is very SLOW!
The training sucks! The platform is a joke, not very MT friendly, IMO. I am about a month in and I am looking for another job.

Oh and I have never posted about this company. I read the negative posts and thought the same; all coming from the same person. My experience has been more negative than positive.
to the post above - the hiring process is
EXTENSIVE regardless of whether you are a hospital employee or a regular employee. You have to go through a physical, drug testing, background check, criminal background check, etc.
Webmedx hiring process

I filled out the preliminary interview sheet and have not heard back yet.  How long does it take and do they notify you even if you don't meet their needs? 

Thanks for any info.

ATSI - hiring process
I do not like the recruiting manager/QA manager (initials PT). She really screwed me bad. I have no respect for her. I am glad I am not working there. You are right, I am blessed! Thank you for your input. Have a wonderful holiday!!!
Congratulations! I found the hiring process
quick, efficient and rather pleasant. I took the test on July 3, and was hired on July 5 after my references were checked. I have found everyone to be professional and courteous. The equipment came right away. I've been paid on time, and my account has never run out of work. I'm part-time also; I don't miss nights and weekends. Finally, I'm left in peace to work and don't spend all day reading and answering e-mails. So far, quite good. Welcome aboard!
Webmedx hiring process - how long?
Once you know you've passed, any idea how long it takes them to get back with you with an offer?

thanks :)
Obviously slow in the hiring process. Applied last
week and not a word. I assure you, I am a GREAT MT, and really am surprised not to even hear 1 word other than the format response email. I have since tested and interviewed with 2 other companies, and really can't sit and wait to see if WMX happens to notice my app.
Transcend hiring process question. (sm)

Yes, I know they outsource, but I also shop at WalMart...

Could someone please tell me what to expect from time application submitted, testing sent in, until you hear anything and what might I expect?  TIA.

Normally very fast hiring process; however, they are flooded with apps right now. nm
The hiring process usually takes a couple of days,
but depending on the account it can take about 2 weeks to actually be working. 
Are you a senior/mature MT? I think they are putting health insurance costs into hiring process

These companies can get CHEAP labor because some girls have small children and husbands and will sell themselves short when it comes to $$$$$.   With the offshoring and some U.S. MT's working for less than, that has destroyed any hope of a good wage or especially a raise. 

News report government hiring 1000 people - sm
To work on cybersecurity. I wonder if they will address the use of widespread databases like some (they shall remain nameless lest this post get booted) VR vendors use. I hope so. I think I'm going to ask for all the names and addresses who have access to my medical record from my local hospital and see what they tell me.
I meant billing process, not bill paying process.. sorry! nm

He is going to pay 8.5 for 70 characters

which is more than 9 for 65.  There is definitely something wrong with his math.  If he paid 9 for 70 then it might be the same as 8.5 for 65.  


65 characters
I've ALWAYS been told it means characters AND spaces.
and which characters... sm
print in white exactly, I wonder?

Lines are 65 characters.....
Not based on the actual line you see on the page.
black characters?
Sounds like no spaces counted to me.
I love those little characters! sm
Where does everybody get those? I have to have them! I love the pot disturber! Too cute! LOL!
I have got to get with the times! (Yeah, it was a good laugh, huh?)
55 characters with no spaces
Using the Apex platform, I found this calculation to be a major rip off.  Not sure why.
Maybe it's not 65 characters per line???

1600 lines is a lot.  It doesn't mention vacation time though does it?

55 is better--less characters for a line,
therefore more lines UNLESS it is black character only--i.e. not counting spaces. Some companies do it this way instead of paying for 65 character line (spaces included).
To the IC's is 10 cpl based on 65 characters a good
rate for an IC, even with having to pay your own taxes, social security, vacation, sick time and all.   How does this all pan out in the long run.  I'm a single parent and tired of all the crap I've taken the past 28 years as an employee - but too afraid to step out and work as an IC for fear of not being able to meet ends, covering for my own insurance and all.  Any and all feedback would be appreciated.
Pay is based on 65 characters and includes

spaces.  Line rate is based on experience, if you have CMT, and shift.  There may be some other things too.  I don't know 100%, but I'm pretty sure they offshore.   Get conflicting stories about accounts depending on who you talk to.  I think pay is average, PTO is accrued based on lines and is available immediately.  You can take in $$ or time off I believe.  Not sure of other benefits because I had already decided after talking to them that I wasn't going to take a position with them, so didn't pay attention to benefits. 

Black and white characters

I worked for a company that used the DQS software and I never could get my line counts, even though I typed like a fiend! In an 8-hour shift, I could get maybe 800 to 900 lines with that program. The way my company said, is Black and White characters, which means no spaces.  I didn't get any credit for the ADT screens either.

Hope this helps.

line count/65 characters
Is it possible to change the number of characters that are a considered a line, i.e.
Could you redefine the line as being 50 characters. Or is this just stuck into the program at 65/line. You may E-mail if you like CTighe3568@aol.com. Your help would be greatly, greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!
black characters=without spaces.
And my lines were often over 80 characters long. NM
Visible black characters help!?!?!?
So I'm trying and cannot figure out for the life of me how to compute what a proper rate would be once the switch goes over to visible black characters. I want to get this figured out, so that when the call or email comes about my adjusted line rate, I can either accept it or not.

Does anyone know, at a line rate of 8 cpl right now, what an equal VBC line rate would be? Is there any way to figure this out?

And does this mean we can stop the double spacing? I mean, if it won't affect the company's pay (because apparently they only bill on visible black characters), it's more in keeping with the new standard of only one space after periods and whatnot.
sounds like "black characters" only

which is no spaces.  I wouldn't automatically rule it out.  I know you probably already know this, but if you have an account at 8 cpl and the work is pretty easy and the platform is good that is MUCH better than the hideous ESLs/static/cumbersome formatting/slow platform of an 11 cpl account, right?  Maybe you should ask more info or give it a try & maybe it might be worth your while?

That being said, 3 cpl VR will NEVER be worth my while, unless it requires almost NO CORRECTIONS - still, I'd rather transcribe...

Transcribing = 9 cpl 65 characters including spaces.
Good company, great people. Give them a try.
75 characters per line?? Today I called about a job
and the pay started at 7.5 cents a line ----- but 75 characters per line.  Has anybody heard of that before?  The job is acute care with high amount of ESLs.  What will they think of next? 
Depends. How many characters make up a line?
It could mean that a gross line will not exceed 65 characters. nm
by my calculations, 10/78 character is equal to 8.33/65 characters - nm
usually 55 does not count spaces and that's a lot of unpaid characters. NM
Not paying for spaces can be okay if the characters per line is shorter.
55 characters without spaces is roughly equivalent to 65 with spaces.
About 5 years ago was offered 10 cpl including spaces, 65 characters. sm
Don't know about now. That was doing all acute care, mainly op reports with full benefit package.

I declined and have my own accounts, but it was a good offer.

Good luck.
I pulled a report I did today. I get paid 65 characters.

At 65 characters it was 110 lines and at 55 it was 130.   If the 65 is employee status and there are other benefits that would be the one I would choose.  If you don't have benefits it would probably be 6 of one and half-dozen of the other.  

Sorry couldn't be more helpful.  Having to make a decision too.  One job pays more per line but no benefits, no bonuses.  The other job pays a little bit less but has incentives and good benefits.   Sounds like a no brainer but it is still hard to decide. 

I would look at how productive you could be.  I know you probably don't have any idea if you aren't familiar with the account.  I'd also look at the stability of the company.  There are no guarantees, but if there is a mom and pop company, versus a 300+ MT company, that may play a factor.  Check the boards on both companies (I'm assuming it is 2 different companies but maybe it is just pay scale difference) and see what others have said about them.  Tons of ESLs, hard to make lines, very inflexible with schedule, etc.  

You can take job #1, but there is no law that says you are there for the next 2 years and maybe job #2 will still be willing to hire you.  


To my own knowledge, it is less, B&W character is just the actual printed out characters..sm
that appear on the page, NO SPACES, etc, so it could really add up, I have never taken a jot with those specs, perhaps someone out there doing this could say how they made out? But I have talked to recruiters about some of these jobs and it does seem to lower the line count.
QA process.....sm
Read on another board that someone was fired because of QA without warning.  Is this new QA system they were talking about at Transolutions?  Very interested in knowing if this is the same company.  Also very interested in hearing from other radiology MTs who current work there.  Would like to know their platform and line/report rate before I waste my/their time testing.  TIA
Want to know the whole process...
You need to send an E-mail to your PS giving your resignation.  If you do not hear back within 2 days, call her (Most likely, you will need to make this call).  They will try to talk you into staying.  You may hear from HER supervisor as well.  Make sure you ask about getting compensated for all unused PTO.  Hope this helps.  (It is definitely a wise move....trust me).
80,000 characters a day is equal to half a ton of weight on finger muscles. . .
So, why no spaces paid? The left thumb takes a major beating, and your spine, eyes, hearing, circulation.  We were not even made to type all day!
Cquence pay is 65-character with NO spaces, only black characters which equates to
approximately 1.5 to 2 cents per line less than 65-character with spaces.
Can we recommend companies that count all the characters and don't have you omiting periods, etc.
Pick a relatively short report and do a manual count of characters

including spaces if your company counts them.  Then divide the total by 65 or whatever your lines are defined as. If there is a discrepancy between your manual count and their systematic count, you have a problem. 

I did this recenty on ExText and find I am getting shorted about 1-2 lines per report. 

The "easing out process."
  Has anyone been eased out of QT? I believe this is what is happening to me, but if anyone has gone through this, could you please comment...less and less work, having to call repeatedly to get work, benefits problems...etc., that sort of thing or am I just paranoid?  I am not calling and asking to speak with anyone in particular because I know what they will say...it is a matter of not wanting to fire outright but making things pretty miserable...you know what I mean.
How long did the process take
After you send a resume and tested, what happened after that and how long did things take?
Not my experience. Best process I have gone through.
Had the most complete interview any company had given. The test was thorough and not long. The training process allowed me to ask what I need to ask. I love my assigned accounts.
Does anyone know what their testing process is like? nm