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****rolling eyes**** see what I mean everyone?

Posted By: Former Diskriter on 2006-06-18
In Reply to: NOT management and sorry you could not cut it. nm - JJ

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Rolling eyes here. They were being
sarcastic get it??
Rolling eyes is quite unprofessional, IMO. sm
Get over it disgruntled.  My goodness, did they expect you to do horrible things like to  work 8 hours a day and meet minimums?  Shame on them for expecting such of a Primadonna.
A whole 2 cpl above base?? You must be rolling in
Rolling on the floor laughing .... nm
Actually that was clinton who started that ball a rolling.

Your friend probably just kept paying the interest and rolling it over...
then it could add up to any amount. That is how they get you good.

That's the attitude that keeps the suits rolling in cash.
Rolling on floor laughing my butt off.
yeah those state boards are really rolling in the posts......
I have seen this with my own eyes SM
the place I work has hired no less than 4 or 5 people who absolutely can't operate in a Word environment, they keep talking about how great WP 5.1 was, pining for the old days....
Are your eyes open?
Do you work for OSi? If not, quit bashing them. If so, why haven't you secured another position due to your unhappiness?
RE: Old eyes/new screen
Are any of you having trouble with focusing on the new white screen.  I've been in DOS for so long I forgot what a strain the white can be.  If you're having trouble, how are you handling it (and not losing time transcribing)? 
Tired, yes. But you already WON in my eyes!
Get those $$ out of your eyes! No lawsuit here!
No defamation of character, TT Management!  It's all public knowledge.  That's right.  In the good state of Texas, one can look up this case and read the whole RIDICULOUS lawsuit.  Looks like something that would come out of that state!  Like our brilliant ex-Prez! 
Cross your eyes and your toes too. :-) The only
than I read but once you get used to it and it learns your particular account, you should be able to do OK with it.  It's picking up more and more all the time, less things you have to fix on certain worktypes but I look at it as job insurance, not displacement.  No matter how they tout this thing, it'll never replace us completely.  And it's good for a laugh now and then. 
I agree. My eyes are open too and sm
I trusted these people to operate decently.  If they are giving work to a company that doesn't pay people for work performed (even if it's bad, you know they have to be fixing it before sending it back and collecting their pay on it), then they don't deserve my trust.  These people at WMX are just as sneaky as the other companies, it turns out.
Your posts make my eyes bleed -
Keep your eyes and ears open. I have worked
for Transcend in the past, as did several of my friends, and we had a really bad experience.  MQ was better, which says a lot.  Hopefully things have changed now and they have improved their act, but things were horribly mismanaged a few years back, horrible accounts with cherry-picking, supervisors and other leads telling untruths, etc. Biggest point I remember was huge favoritism. I happened to be one of the favored ones, just by luck of the draw, while my friends were not as lucky. Again, just a bungled mess and we all left within a few months.  I believe one of my friends still has their computer. They never even noticed she was gone. That sort of nonsense. Best wishes to you, though.  Maybe you will be treated well since you are part of a business deal. 
I don't remember using the word "glued" maybe you should unglue your eyes and read again
Thanks a million!! I guess the spread sheet confused my eyes. :)
You are most definitely upset that your Bush **s-kicking ways have rendered your eyes caught in the
Without MTs, companies would not exist. You and many others have no regard nor respect for hard-working MTS. You can't take it with you. I feel sorry for you. Do the right thing...and, you know what that is.