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A wav pedal for the audio transcription part....(sm)

Posted By: Hayseed on 2008-02-07
In Reply to: any other comments - kelly

I honestly don't know if you NEED one or not...there may have been manual 'play/pause' buttons you could click on with a mouse, but I cannot remember for sure, so don't quote me on that.  Reference books are definitely handy...I had to break open my AAMT rule book for a couple of things I wasn't 100% sure on, and even had to pull out my old dusty Dorland's that I've been using as a foot rest for some obsure thing I couldn't get a definitive answer off the 'net from. 

Like I said, I enjoyed taking the test because I've honestly never tested before.   I've only been doing transcription for 5 years now, and it was always with the same company, and still have oodles to learn.  The part I enjoyed most though was the actual sample transcriptions.  Fun to hear other voices and accents and type up material I never got exposed to before.

Just give it a shot!  After you finish a 'block' of testing, it asks you if you want to stop and come back to it later or keep going.  When you first sign up for the testing, it assigns you a log-in and password, solely for that purpose that if you need to take a break or plain ol' stop, you have that option. 

I shoulda asked the interviewer how I did.  No part of the test said anything like, 'Sorry, but you stink and you can go away now.'  I guess if you pass one part it feels you are good to go onto the next?  No idea honestly. 

Go on...just do it. 

The two ladies that I talked to, both before and after testing, were very nice and I'm sure it's a great company.  I just knew where I really wanted to be is all. 

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OH - I thought part transcription, part escription, but don't know for sure
I use my own foot pedal. It isn't an EMDAT pedal either, just a regular WAV pedal. nm
I would not work for OSI because their online transcription test was so cumbersome w/o foot pedal
It took me 15 minutes to transcribe 30 seconds of dictation because so much time was wasted rewinding and fast forwarding with the mouse. I did not want to work for a company that could not even figure out to make the online test reasonable.
Only difference I've noticed is the DVI vs non-DVI pedal. Otherwise, regular Infinity pedal shoul
They use the StartStop software&pedal, but your own pedal might be compatible. Very
Anyone taken the transcription part of NTS
National Transcription Services test?    This is one of those mttest.com things so probably isn't representative of their dictation,  but good grief. 
TRS - Part-time transcription?
Hey, does TRS hire part-time transcriptionists?  Someone told me they had a hard time making lines with TRS...anyone have any experience with them?
part time transcription
I did check there - thanks
Are AMT Transcription and Landmark part of the
There's an ad for AMT on the Job Seeker's Board that takes you to info about Landmark when you click on the Click here for more details link. ??

I love it. They want 10-12 hours a day, 3 days in a row. Hopefully they mean split up between the 2 MTs. If not, they better be supplying a voucher for carpal tunnel surgery, gah.

Yes, the transcription part is easy because I have been doing this for so long but some of the
terms that I dont use a lot I forget the meanings if they have a lot of parts to them.  The terms I am used to are a breeze but they seem to put in words some of which I dont use frequently.  So, we shall see.  I was sort of fun actually.  I did the test after working a whole day and not sure that was the best thing.
What part of 'LABOR BOARD' does the medical transcription
By all means, take advantage of their lack of labor law knowledge, and SUE THEIR LITTLE HINEYS!
looking for transcription co that needs at-home part-timers and provides equip/software

Does anyone know of a transcription company that needs part-time at-home transcriptionists and provides equipment and/or software?  Thanks!



I just left them for the second and final time due to extremely bad audio files.  I was assured this second go-round that the problem had been corrected but was not.  I spent the biggest part of the first week - lasted about 3 days - trying to hear dictators, mainly ESL.  The people I dealt with were terrific; benefits are some of the best; audio extremely poor.  I figured no money could be made under those circumstances.
Can anyone give me any idea what to charge for an audio hour of transcription and how much time this equals out to? I was offered a freelance job of 30 hours of audio hours for TAT of 2 days and have never done this before.  It is television production work. Thanks for any help!!!!
There is no way to do 30 audio hours

I can usually transcribe 1 hour of dictation, my easy stuff, in 1-1/2 to 2 hours.  Even if you have really easy stuff to do, on the low end it would probably take at least 60 hours to transcribe, and mayve 90!  Geez..even if you could transcribe it in real time...taking only 30 hours to transcribe those 30 hours, you'd be putting in 2 15 hour days to do it.  Realistically, for 30 hours of dictation you would 60-90 hours of work.

How's the audio quality with TT? nm
Patti - about audio
Thanks for your input. I haven't taken the job yet, as I wanted to get some advice from others. Of course, the sample test he had me take was extremely clear! The calm before the storm! He said he would pay me $50 per audio hour. I'm thinking, if it takes me over 2 hours to do an audio hour, it probably isn't worth it. Maybe I'll just have to try it first and tell him up front what my plan is. Do you think $50 sounds fair?
Everything audio I was sent was horrible..
Really bad audio and account--sm
Was a verbatim account and really bad dictators, lots of heavy ESL. So, yes.  Very hard to make good line counts under those working conditions.
medgarde audio
I was wondering if anyone else has ever applied to medgarde and had trouble playing the sound files?! I have been trying to get it to play for a day, and I updated the media player... I'm just curious if anyone else had this problem and what they did to fix it.
the audio is horrible on the new system....
I had my husband listen to a little bit of one of the doctors and even he said it sounded like mush. I bought an expensive pair of noise cancelling headphones and it is still terrible. I can handle the software, but the audio is another thing. I am ready to resign. Grrrrr.
I have had zero problems with ESL/audio quality/whatever. TT is the best so far for me.
Getting paid by audio hour
I have not gotten paid by audio hour before and just wondered if anyone has an idea what good pay per audio hour is? It's straight typing for seminars/speakers. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated!
Good luck with audio
I have done seminars/speakers, etc and never again unless I listen to the tapes or whatever first.   It all depends on where they put the microphone and their euipment. I got stuck doing a seminar and found out it was all about building a chip in a computer and had all orientals at the seminar  - worse nightmare that there was.  You would have to see how many lines you would get in an hour worth of the audio to figure out a fair price -- not in an hour of typing for you but the audio and the difficulty.   I had 10 tapes from a 2  day seminar  -- 60 minute tapes not all were filled on each side and their bill was well over 1200.  Had another on the use of animal with sexually abused children for therapy, 8 to 10 hours of audio and that one was also over $1000.  But I charged by line.  It took about 4 hours to do each hour of audio when it was good recordings and up to 5 to 6 when poor.  We did average about $25 per hour when typing but adding in the QA and listening again to make sure we did not miss anything brought it down to under $20.  So then it would be a charge of about $80 per audio hour -- rough estimate.  Again too many variables and I would not charge or be paid that way. 
Posts here say you need about $2 per audio minute to
You'd do better to bill by the audio minute; I'd bill $0.75 per minute of audio.
I agree on the audio. Not sure what causes their problems with this. nm
DocQ audio from keyboard
CTRL + SPACEBAR to toggle on and off for play, CTRL + comma and CTRL + period for rewind and fast forward. Once you've tried it for a half a shift, you'll never want to see your footpedal again!
Unless your audio can speed up more than mine
I would say the person (people) telling you 3x as much as straight are just outright lying. I think I mentioned my speed, high also but never have tripled on VR and I keep my audio at full speed, cannot do more than the audio allows. I am very satisfied in the long run with Escription. I had so many straight reports yesterday, usually do the op notes but mostly discharge summaries on the weekends sometimes and so many ESLs, I could have pulled my hair out. What is strange, sometimes a particular dictator on VR and sometimes not? Donít get that but wish all were. Good luck!
I work for the DSG-2 side. One account has some bad audio sm
some of the time-not all.  Otherwise I am happy where I am.  I cannot speak for the other side which has different accounts. 
Sick and tired of poor audio quality (sm)

that seems to get worse and worse as the days go by?  Remember when we were told that switching from tapes to digital would make all the difference in the world with regard to clarity and our production?   Remember when we were paid more and had plenty of work?  Remember when there was no working on Sundays or holidays? 

Why is EVERYTHING MT going to the dumpster?

Why do these MTSOs accept reports dictated on cell phones?  Can't they write in their contracts that cell phone dictation is not clear and it can also be intercepted by others and therefore unacceptable?  Why don't the QA personnel who read our flagged comments about awful audio pass this information on to the client so that it can be fixed?  It's getting worse and worse.

Back in the days when I had my own accounts, one of my dictators asked me to please tell him as soon as his equipment malfunctioned (in those days, it was batteries running low or a tape that needed to be tossed and replaced).  He said there was no need for the MT to suffer with poor audio reports when there is a simple fix.  So, what's the difference here when the idiots dictate on cell phones?  Or there is a hospital phone with a short in it?  Why can't these things be fixed?   

My plea:  If you are a QA person or MTSO getting repeated complaints about specific dictators' dictations being garbled or unclear, won't you please notify, and keep notifying the client until they are brought up to par.  How about sticking up for the MTs for a change rather than protecting the client all the time!?  In the end you are protecting everyone, including the poor patients whose reports are being dictated and transcribed. 

I'm tired of MTs taking all the blame for this industry's downfall.  If MTSOs and clients demand 2-hour turn-around time, how about improving the technology to make your unending demands more attainable?  It's 2006.  There is no excuse for the garbage I have to listen to day after day.  No excuse at all. 


Wasn't just fast, the audio quality (re-recording)
DocQ, hmmm, how to play audio from keyboard??
Can you share.  Didn't know, worked on platform twice and nobody ever said this.???  Can you share?
They no longer hire part-time and may be eliminating part-time employees within the next 6 months.
They are going to have those that are PT go FT if possible. Some accounts require 1 weekend day, but not all. Most transcriptionists have 1 account with 1 back-up account. I know that they are hiring for hospital accounts in medical records and radiology right now.
No PTO for part-time. Not sure if you can work part-time or not since recent rule change. sm
You do pay a deposit for their equipment.
There is a part-time and a flexible part-time, just left there and they offered
me both. Flexible, however, is more or less when they need you (I.e. weekends), part-time is fixed hours.

If you download of Windows Media Player version 10, you can use  Ctrl P to stop and start the sound and also speed up or slow down the rate of dictation.   Below is the link that talks about the speed control and how to use it. It is still a bit cumbersome, but a lot easier than using the mouse in my opinion.  If you have any questions, feel free to E-mail me.


Yes, it has to be a USB wav pedal.
There is a way to use the pedal
You just have to find the work-around for it. It's not too difficult to figure it out. : )
just mark each pedal, so you know which is which. nm
Need a foot pedal
I need a foot pedal.  Could anyone tell me what I need to look for when I purchase one.  The ones I have looked at on the internet are between $125 and $200.  I would like to find one that is less expensive.
$65 usb foot pedal
It is an Infinity USB footpedal and works with Express Scribe, which is free, and many other programs. It is on tvps.com. You can find the compatibility list on there.
Foot pedal
Yee gads, supposed to take a MT test tomorrow and do not have a foot pedal. Has anyone else out there taken one using their mouse and if so how did it work out? I have been to 4 different computer stores tonight. No one had a clue as to what a foot pedal is. Any info appreciated.
Foot pedal
Excuse me, but have not been on internet for a long period of time. The test I am taking has been sent by email, have Media Player there, but how do they connect? Don't fuss at me, just some help please. Thanks.
USB foot pedal

I use a USB foot pedal but it's a pain but there is a work around.  You need Express Scribe and to download the voice file there.  When you are all done with your note you need to go into the Editscript audio box, which is on the upper left hand side and move the slider to 97-98% and then press listen, listen to the end, then send the report. If you don't it messes something up on their end.  Send me an email if this is not quite clear.  I've been doing this for a year and a half this way but am not in the program right now.


9 pin foot pedal
I just began MT from home about a month ago. A friend who had gotten out of the business loaned me a 9 pin foot pedal. However, my brand new Dell computer (bought it in 7/06) had no serial port for a 9 pin pedal. I bought an adapter, but it never worked, so I had to get a USB foot pedal. Most of the newest computers have no place to connect a 9-pin. I spoke to Dell about this, and they said, the 9-pin is considered to be old technology.
Here is the info on the pedal I use...sm

If it is Phoenix Medcom, they use StartStop software. My pedal is the USB type. See if they can send you a pedal.
Foot pedal
Wish I could help you.

I just crawled under my desk (it's scary under there) to see but my pedal is so old and worn, I can't find the info on it.

I use my foot pedal.
I like going back and forth between editing and straight typing. I make more money doing VR (eScription) and I produce a lot more lines.
You sure can use the foot pedal
Pedal problems?
Try this website for freeware. It sounds like your foot pedal is not configured. There is a way to do it from your OS program (Acessories, utility tools, wizard??) but I can't remember where to find it. This probably will work and won't hurt to try. It also has some other interesting features. I am doing a search of my Windows XP 2002 to see if I can find access to that feature but it is taking its swee time. I will post it if I succeed. It is a little unsettling that your help desk and others can't figure out this relatively simple and common problem.


Foot Pedal Control
Express Scribe License: Freeware

Express Scribe is professional audio playback control software designed to assist the transcription of audio recordings. It is installed on the typist's computer and can be controlled using the keyboard (with 'hot' keys) and/or foot pedals. This computer transcriber application features variable speed playback, foot pedal operation, file management and more. This program is free. Features: ~ Ability to play compressed wav or dct files. ~ Variable speed (constant pitch) playback. ~ Can use computer rudder pedals (or some other specialist transcription pedals) to control playback. ~ Ability to Dock portable recorders to load recordings. ~ Uses systemwide HotKeys so you can control playback when using other software (eg. Microsoft Word). ~ Automatically receives and loads files by internet (FTP), email or over a local computer network. ~ Automatically sends typing to the person who dictated the work. ~ Express Scribe is free.

Author: NCH Swift Sound Software| Date: 17-07-2003 | Size: 276 KB