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Posted By: considering offer on 2005-12-29
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Also interested to know amounts of deductible and percentage of coverage under the medical plan.

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and please don't pee while you are dictating. I can hear this and it is disgusting. thank you.
addendum to above...
Sorry I meant dial up. This is a bit slower but still works. They send you their software VoiceWave player to download on your computer and they will provide footpedal and earplugs. They will also provide you a spellcheck if you don't have one. They type in Word and when you complete your report it automatically uploads to thier server.
That is you may not get your required lines in only 8 hours, you may need more time than that (depending how the lines are counted etc.) Ask questions and make sure you know all there is to know.
Make sure you CYA and email the Help Desk when you run out of work - that gives you an official record.
As an addendum

to my previous reply.  Of the people I mentioned that underwent gastric bypass and lap   banding, here are the results: 

As mentioned, one died.  His mom also underwent gastric bypass at the same time.  She has since gained the weight back and some.

Then there is a mom and her two daughters.  Mom almost died from lap band surgery as gangrene set in.  One daughter has to go in every few months of so and have adhesions lasered so she can eat.  The other daughter's surgery turned out perfect with no complications.

I have a friend who underwent gastric bypass in March 2007, thinking losing weight would help her rheumatoid arthritis.  She has been in and out of the hospital at least a dozen times since.  Potassium level dangerously low, no appetite, not eating at all.  Yeah, she has lost 80 pounds since March but what a price to pay.

It just seems so risky to me.  Yes, I had my surgery scheduled but after my friend died I changed my mind.







If you don't mind sharing where you are that you like that'd be good too ;)
I meant subq instead of subcutaneous -- I take pride in my work and this was insane. The other thing as well was that a portion of the report on my end was 'garbled' -- QA person said 'you should have understood this i had NO clue as to what the doctor said, but it apparently was some kind of store or whatever. New account for BOTH services -- I knew the geographic location, but did not know the town where this hospital was located etc. Hmm again, maybe my ESP should have come into play.
Go into your firewall settings under exceptions and make sure that the boxes are checked that say VPN.  I think that may be what I had to do.
Addendum: It would probably take 15 minutes sm
of typing time to do a full page (that's if you can hear all the voices clearly, able to identify them in a snap, etc. So, plan on earning $5 an hour.

Also, it would be to my employers benefit to have us go with this service, have it not pan out for us, and then they do not have to pay us unemployment benefits.

I will add an addendum to this post...
The argument could be based on quality, but I also do not think that is a great argument.  And I know this next statement may upset some, but it's true:  There are many, many US MTs who are not producing quality transcripts, either.  It is a fact.  Another fact is that many hospitals/physicians are not extremely concerned about quality.  If you have ever had access to hospital EMR, you will notice how many mistakes are input by physicians and nurses...even drug allergies are spelled phonetically.  It appears that they just do not care about quality.
Is Addendum the name of a company? Do they have a website?

Addendum to the benefits question.....sm
The other benefits such as PTO and 401K, and anything else I can't think of right now, kick in after 90 days. I forgot about this before.
ADDENDUM: The REAL truth is . .
. . that if some of the posters say the same nasty remarks to a person's face that they do hiding behind a screen name they are MTSO's
ADDENDUM to "late" last night postSM
I have worked as an IC for 10 years or so and the company provides the line count, the MT merely okays the count on the invoice and sends it in. All I have worked for have done it this way. We don't have a say in the count.

THEY provide(have a tally) of the count to the client, so they get paid. SO.... THEY KNOW what is what. You should get paid, 3000 lines is a great deal of money, especially now days.

I would like to learn how this played out. Keep us posted