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Posted By: anon on 2009-02-27
In Reply to: Another Medical Must - SG

All companies or at least 95% of companies in the US offshore. And it is in no means less expensive to offshore, it costs the same. Most companies use offshoring companies to work the 3rd shift, their day is our night, and when you need 24/7 coverage, and the clients wants sometimes a 2 hour TAT on work, it is not easy to staff an entire shift of 3rd shift MTs and editors. AMM staffs for 3rd shift to provide the 24/7 coverage.

If there is a question about AMM and the offshoring, those questions should be addressed with the company and not asked on a forum of people who have no first hand working experience with this company, or at the time of the interview. Everyone is told that AMM offshores and it is explained what the offshores do for the company, and there are no hidden agendas at AMM. At least the company pays on a 65-character line, pays on time. And we offer flexible scheduling, and understand the dyanmics of IC Status and do not ask ICs to work schedules, only to contract Tu-Sa or Su-Thu because we have acute care.

We also, unlike most companies hire entry level MTs, when entry level MTs cannot find jobs.

Please call the company and speak to someone before making a decision based on what someone says on this forum.

Management at Another Medical Must

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