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Posted By: K8 on 2009-02-27
In Reply to: Another Medical Must - SG

I have known the owner of this company for several years.  She worked for me as an outstanding, hardworking, honest MT.  She has branched out on her own, which I think is a brave thing to do in this market.  Please, give her some respect for that.  If you talk to AMM and you choose to decline a position, fine, but please don't assume and just bash the company on these boards without even talking to the company and getting the facts.  Everybody complains there's not enough work and newbies can't get started.  AMM is giving opportunities for many levels of experience (or lack of).  As MTSO, I, for one, appluad her for that -- I wouldn't have the time for it!   Rock on, my friend.  I support you and wish you every success. 

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