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Posted By: JUST ME on 2005-09-14
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What is this all about?

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Phone call (sm)
I have a feeling I might miss this famous phone call because I never answer any call I don't recognize on my caller ID, especially 800 numbers (I hate people trying to sell me stuff -- including MQ LOL).

I wonder if it will say MedQuist. Oh well, I'll just keep reading the boards and probably just as good as the phone call!

Sorry to hear about your hospital stay. Hope you feel better and more together soon. Wish I had an excuse to not have my mind together...
What phone call
are you talking about?
phone call
Can someone relay exactly what was said on the phone call. Was it just talking about the W account or talking about the company being sold or what. I work on a different account and I have not recieved a phone call, please clarify. Thanks.
I got a phone call from L - sm
and then a call later from the office when they needed me to stop work and send in my time and lines.

It was pretty fast.
Call them - someone can help you over the phone
Great company. If you've fallen through the loop it's probably because they have a lot of other applicants too. Give them a call. They're great people.
Did anyone receive a phone call yet
or is this all speculation???
No phone call, but a thought came to me. (sm
I wonder if they are sending out individual packets which might show the level of the employee and the rate of pay they will pay for their status and account. Since this would be on an individual basis that might account for some of the "wait and see" we are getting. Wow.... October is a long way off.

Hopefully whoever gets a call first will post and let us know whatever they find out.
MQ Phone call/Packet
Got the call and yes the packet is suppose to be in the mail in OCT--never gave it a thought that each packet might be different--as stated before none of my questions were answered. Read that the Houston office is closing, are they merging with Dallas??? Is there anyone out there still working for the Foxboro office and will they be one of the offices that will be closing in the future???
Warning about the phone call from MQ...sm

After reading the boards about the new MQ plan I went to Qnet to see what I could find.  I haven't received the packet yet nor had I received a phone call (or so I thought).  I found a section that stated I received a phone call on Sept 15th and that I had received paperwork.  I wondered what the heck was going on.  Checked my caller ID and sure enough on Sept 15th there was an 800 number (after typing it in Google I found out it was Medquist).  After talking with my husband at dinner about the new plan and the phone call he finally (after 2 weeks) tells me that they called and HE told them that I got a paper in the mail.  They never called ME back or asked that I call them with questions.  So you might want to ask your husband or kids if they talked to someone. 



Start with a phone call! sm
Call the offices or clinics, ask for the office manager, and ask about their transcription status. Go from there. You just may end up "in the right place at the right time".

It takes lots of energy and motivation, but it is well worth it.

Also, you must keep your promises to them to succeed. If you say you will have the work back in 24 hours, you must have the work back in 24 hours, etc. It is very important to be honest with your clients. They are frustrated just as much as we MTs are with the lack of honesty and integrity throughout this industry.

Good luck to you.
Nice getting a phone call, that
is nice to be appreciated.  What are their good points.  I am always looking.
Pick up the phone and call
call the phone company
and tell them they are, in fact, harassing you and ask them how to block their calls. That would seem to be a better way to handle it.
Didn't you get the phone call?
Even though our cost of living is probably about 5 times that of Bangalore, some genius has decided that compensation should be 'equalized'. That's about as much explanation as you're going to get. At least in my phone call, they tried to say that they conducted a survey of MTSOs and determined that we were way overpaid, so in doing the global calibration, they have determined that we won't be hurt too badly. While no specific mention was made of VR, I'm wondering if that's going to be plummeting down to the 2 cents that we thought must be a joke in a prior posting.
Didn't you get the phone call?
Even though our cost of living is probably about 5 times that of Bangalore, some genius has decided that compensation should be 'equalized'. That's about as much explanation as you're going to get. At least in my phone call, they tried to say that they conducted a survey of MTSOs and determined that we were way overpaid, so in doing the global calibration, they have determined that we won't be hurt too badly since we'll be closer to what all the other American MTs make. While no specific mention was made of VR, I'm wondering if that's going to be plummeting down to the 2 cents that we thought must be a joke in a prior posting.
No packet or phone call..maybe I'm TOAST!
I'm curious if any of you pick up the phone and actually call your STM sm
to discuss your worries, or do you just post anonymously on the boards and hope a miraculous change will happen by osmosis? Personally I'd call my manager and specifically request to be backed up to an account that has a lot more work on a regular basis, and maybe phase out some of the smaller other 4 accounts.

But that's just me and maybe that's why I am happy and secure here....

Good luck to you.
Breitner transcription phone call?
What phone call/meeting was this? I was never informed of any.
Provide it to the moderators along with TB's phone number to call. :)
wish I knew...missed phone call as it was a last minute...sm
thing and not during my shift, as I work evenings. Something about changes in the organization and jobs have been phased out or merged and mine was phased out. I know that without shift leads there are going to be a lot MTs out there on their own, but what can I say. Just the way of the MT world I guess, constantly changing. lol
Get proactive!!! Pick up the phone and call the office?? NM
Make a phone call. Too important to leave to email. nm
Is it possible to do call forwarding to one of those expensive phone sex lines? teehee.
Good point. Who do I get on the phone if I have to call customer service
for my credit cards, or software questions, or whatever?  I get someone who I can barely communicate with in the freakin Philippines, or wherever.  It is so WRONG.
I did phone training years ago on the platforrm and was paid 50.00 per call (sm)
The call usually lasted an hour, and was one-on-one.
I didn't even receive the courtesy of an e-mail, phone call, etc. sm
I thought the test was very easy. I've got 18-years of experience, sent a cover letter (that I spent an hour on) in addition to my resume and got not response whatsoever. The least an MTSO could do is say, Thanks, but no thanks. Daily applications, cover letters, and testing without so much as an email is beyond frustrating!
I received a phone call from MDI mgt. about my questionnaire answers and told ICs must by E/O ins.
Can anyone from the Ohio MQ office give me a contact person and a phone number to call so I can talk
to someone there without getting a lot of other people involved before I find out what kind of accounts they have to offer. I am interested in transferring from my current office but would like to speak with someone up there first. Even an email address of someone would help.
Worked on C-phone for 10 years with 1 phone line
C-phone - I purchased a c-phone from someone in Oklahoma but never got it. *sm*
First she told me her grandmother died. Then she told me she mailed it. Then she told me her daughter was having chemotherapy. Call me naive, but I thought she was sincere and cannot imagine anyone using their daughter as an excuse. If this is the same person from Oklahoma, I sure would like to know about it because now I want my money back.
I don't have a second phone line ... cable modem for the internet, regular line for my C-phone.

If anyone wanst to get through to me while I'm working, they have my cell phone number.

And, as I said, some accounts are using wav files -- no doubt soon all of the accounts will convert.  Hope so ... would make it easier (less expensive) to work when traveling.  :-)

Lots of good companies out there -- hope you find one that fits :)



Yes, call waiting works. I also have call forwarding from my home line
C-Phone = Connexions Phone

Dictaphone is a company and one of their many products is a C-Phone.


You can call it greed, I call it feeling like
I am back in the 80s with the money I am pulling in. SS, retirement check and my paycheck, cha-ching. Not planning on taking it with me, never. Love to travel and have 4 places planned for this year. High maintenance lady here. Ta-Ta.
I do use a C-phone, but...
The program that we type into is web-based and is the absolute best I've ever used, because it's so simple and fast.  My C-phone is hooked up to my DSL via Vonage www.vonage.com, so I pay $27 a month long distance.  I think there are some accounts, however, that actually use a .wav pedal.  I just don't happen to be on those accounts. 
Does anyone have DSL and use a C-phone? - sm

I need to know if you are on-line (DSL) and working on your C-phone (same line), does call waiting still work?



Do you have a phone #
for this company or know how they are listed in the phonebook?
C phone

Just wanted general information on C phones-- how they work etc.  I am losing my mind, I did not mean info on Accustat, WI


Accustat wants me to switch over and I have no idea how one works. I really like this company too
Yep, C-phone...
both accounts (I switch between 2, both use C-phone).
Thanks. I think that I will go ahead and get one so that I can switch over. I was wondering about the phone like-- thanks for clearing that up. Can't afford a new one so I think I am going to try Ebay.
You need a C-phone but...
other than that, they are great.  Very organized, helpful, and they pay on time!
To my knowledge, a C-phone and a Dictaphone are one in the same,
I have a c-phone
A C-phone is short for connection phone. It looks just like a regular telephone only bigger. It has ports to plug in a headset and footpedal. It also has a regular receiver that you can use to call out, just like a plain phone. When you are given a C-phone account, you dial the number you are given, perhaps enter a PIN or ID# and
depending on the account, listen to the prompt for further data. Then you simply press the foot pedal and start typing. It also has 16 memory spots to program frequently dialed numbers. It also has to be programmed (by you) for the headset, etc, which isn't hard. Personally, I prefer a C-phone account. They are nice to use.
You will own the C phone
No, after 2 payments of $50 you will own it and do not ever have to send it back. They are a great company.
If you have to buy a C-phone from them, it is only $100, and they will take two payments of $50 out of 2 checks. I was lucky and got an account that didn't use a C-phone, though. They are very willing to work with you and if you request an account that doesn't use a C-phone, they are generally very accommodating.

Good Morning, I am trying to use a C-phone, can dial in, hear reports, but foot pedal is not working. It is connected. Is there something I am supposed to do other than that?  Thanks to all.

I got my C-phone on ebay for $120, so opted to go that route instead of renting.
I pay $30 for local and unlimited long distance through my cable company. You have to watch out on those unlimited long distance plans that most phone companies use. If you look in the fine print they usually are really unlimited and they will kick you off if you use too much. Cable phone has been good so far and I have used Vonage in the past, too, and didn't have any problems.