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ATSI radiology

Posted By: Michelle on 2009-02-15
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Does anyone have information on ATSI radiology accounts?  I am wanting to know if they pay per report and how much?  Thank you!

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Keystrokes has the best radiology accounts IMO. I have plenty of work and radiology only. nm
I make a good living and rarely run out of work. When I do, it is for a few minutes at a time and usually because the rads have not started early enough. No other complaints!
Keystrokes for radiology. They are the biggest for radiology out of all of the companies out there.
I have been there 2 years and have been very happy. I make a lot more money than when I worked for Edix/Spheris.
Keystrokes has a radiology division. They used to be radiology only but their sm
customers started referring other departments to them.

I know that they just got a bunch of new accounts!
For radiology, Keystrokes is the way to go. They seem to have the most radiology accounts. sm
I have been very, very busy since starting with them 19 months ago. No complaints at all other than one or two of the radiologists who speak at the speed of light and expect us to be able to transcribe what sounds to be a mouse on a treadmill!
If radiology is going to VR, why are there so many job openings for radiology MTs? nm
Ascend Radiology & MDI Radiology?
Is anyone currently working on or know anything about Ascend radiology or MDI radiology accounts?  What platforms do they use?  Do they have a lot of ESLs or crappy dictators?  Thanks in advance
Heard they won a new bid for a womens' hospital in Oklahoma City, and cannot fill the positions.
Yes, MT-World software is affiliated with ATSI and Zylomed in Florida
Everyone there seems to be very nice and professional.  Payment is every two weeks and comes on time via mail. 
Anything on ATSI?
American Transcription Solutions.Inc. Out of florida.
Any information on this company is appreciated.  Line rate for typing and editing, platform, friendly staff, etc?  TIA
Does anyone know anything about American Transcription Solutions, Inc. located in Florida?  TIA!
line rate from what i understand varies a little by experience, but it is competitive from what i have seen..do not want to post what i am paid as my situation and experience may be differnet than yours..

the platform is pretty user friendly. unless you are working on the insourced work, which goes on that company's platform, ATSIs platform works with your own copy of microsoft word.

the people are very helpful and friendly. i have never been happier with a job choice. of course, everyone's experience will be different. i have seen a lot of negative things posted about ATSI on here, and I am not sure I understand as my experience has been totally different than what i have seen here
I've read old posts, but I was wondering if any recent MTs could fill me in on how they like working for this company.  I tested with them and am mostly curious on how the workload is and the platform.  Do you run out of work consistently, or is it just rarely?  Is the pay on time and how often?  Are you spending a lot of time on demographics?

Any help is greatly appreciated.  I have an interview this next week.
I tested for them also and they e-mailed me back and said I tested very well and wanted to set up an appointment. An appointment was set a couple days before the appointment I received another e-mail that said a client's start was delayed and they were were trying very hard to get them on board and would call me when they did. That was a week ago and I still haven't heard anything from them. Did you test for the discharge summary position? Thanks
Good luck!
Anyone have any info on ATSI, curious as to their average line rates.  I have over 15 years experience with Basic 4.  Thanks
Does anyone know anything about ATSI? nm

They hired me, but I have not been given any paperwork, rate pay, etc. Not so sure about this company. They seem nice, but they never return my phone calls. I am always having to call them to find out the status of my hiring status, etc. I am still waiting after 3 days.....
If I were you, I would not accept employment with them. They promise you the world up front and then they don't come through with their promises. They are a very misleading company if you ask me. They hired me a few weeks back and never discussed training, etc. and basically screwed around with me. I told them thanks but no thanks and quit before I even did any transcription for them. To be honest, I have heard more negative about this company than positive.
ATSI but
Not all the accounts and I can't recommend you go to work for them. I have worked them, I liked it when I was there, but you can search the archives for information about ATSI.
Here's a situation where you can believe the negatives about this company.  My story is similar to others' here.  ATSI is deceptive.

I've heard good things about this company lately, looking at what they are offering - impressive!  I also hear there is plenty of work and they only hire US MTs period, no deceptive off-shoring which is truly appreciated.  Anyone else interested in this company?


Anybody know about this company in Maryland, Aero Transcription Service, Inc?  TIA. Do they pay on time?  How is their platform?

earlier this year, supervisors were hired and fired again within a week; they had many issues starting up a big account, took months to get tech problems worked out. NOT a stable reliable service
ATSI ...sometimes the pay is late and not accurate. Supervisor does not give feedback, you can stay on QA for months. Not enough work...
I have been working with them for about a month now, and I really enjoy them. There is always plenty of work and everyone has been really nice.

Do yourself a favor.  RUN away from ATSI.  Their pay is late.  Their management turns over very quickly and they lie on a consistent basis.  Their business practices are unethical if not downright illegal.  Please, unless you are desperate...you owe it to yourself to try to find something better than these slimers.  I've been in transcription for 15+ years, and this is really scraping the bottom of the barrel for me.  I'm leaving as soon as I can get another job.  As a matter of fact, after this one, I'm leaving transcription altogether. 


Is this company good to work for? 

Is ATSI a good company to work for?
The cold slap of reality is that the US has let itself gravitate towards outsourcing and has cut off its nose to spite its face - what a euphenism.

It sickens me how the MT industry is at an all-time low. So many companies out there are outsourcing. Clients think they save, but there is no integrity. Medical records that are absolutely butchered and are nonsensical!? What the h*ll!? MTs have a very demanding job mentally and physically, and there are many of us excellent MTs still out there, thinking about the patients and the role we have played in the generation of their records. What thanks do we get? Pay cuts, forget about any shred of respect, and on and on. Without us MTs, there would be NO companies!

Money HAS become the root of all evil, and the above-mentioned scenario has much to do with that.
Within three week of becoming employee and now they start to nitpick. Older QA's love to make waves.
ATSI also does not keep their sm
promises. I had a job offer and signed a contract with them two weeks ago. Had an apt for software installation. Day of apt, called at 8:30, person not there. Waited until 10 a.m. and called back. Receptionist said he was not there and recruiter was too busy to talk. Sent recruiter several messages as to what was going on, no answer. When I said I thought I would just not work for them, I immediately go an e-mail back with a bunch of excuses. Too many lies. I finally reported them to the BBB. I would say stay away from ATSI. Also, they pay half what everyone else is paying for QA.

Be careful with ATSI.  The communication that management has is very poor.  Not sure if this woman (Debra) works or not or she thinks she's too high and mighty to communicate with her MTs.  Very disappointed in this company.  Miss Phyllis.. she was always around for anyone and everyone.  Very pleasant and professional lady.  No wonder she left this company. 

I work for ATSI - tell me what this is please. Is it something I have to worry about. Been working with them a little over a year. Thanks for any information.
what is ATSI
You are so right.  ATSI is a nightmare.  I worked for them for about 5 weeks and it was the worse job ever.  They told me in the interview it was 40% ESL.  It is about 85-90%.  I never typed American doctors.  All ESL.  It was just horrible dictation.  If they find out you cannot do the bad ESL, then you become a part of their hate list.  Don't work for this company is my advice.  The platform was great though.  I liked it really well.  If you like and ENJOY ESL doctors, then this job is for you. 
I would say...NO, NO, NO do not take this job.  They are about 85% ESL and maybe higher.  The worse dictators in the United States.  The account I was on was a training hospital for the doctors who just arrived in the US.  Honestly, I think they just stepped off the plane.  I have 20 years experience and I have typed MANY MANY ESL doctors and I could not understand these.  They told me in the interview it was 40% ESL.  That is a HUGE lie.  I should have quit after I realized it was not 40%.  I suffered 5 or 6 very long weeks with them and SOOOOO relieved not to be there.  Do not go to work for them unless you just LOVE ESL doctors.  Why don't they put them on speech recognition systems?  I have nothing good to say except they do have a good platform.  I liked how easy it was.  Other than that....the ESL doctors are bad bad.  
ATSI, formerly MT-World?
  Lots of work right now.  Pretty good accounts, not a lot of ESLs.  Direct deposit every 2 weeks.  Good work platform.  Some benefits.
Is MT-World the same as ATSI?
Would like more info on ATSITIA
Does ATSI pay for spaces? nm TIA
ATSI or Probity

Does anyone have any experience with either company?   ATSI is in Clearwater, FL.  Any information please!

Do not work for ATSI
I did not like the company at all. Horrible pay. I did not like the hiring manager whatsoever. Very snotty. Not worth your time or money with this company.
ATSI - NEED INFO....please?
Just would like to know how they are to work for concerning pay/perks and flexibility.  You can e-mail me if you would rather.  TIA
Currently working for ATSI
The company is set up where you work as an IC for the first three months or so and then at some point they may offer employee status.

as an employee i believe they offer PTO and such. from what i read the benefits package is excellent.

The people are easy to work with and talk to. I have been working as an IC with this company for six months. This is my choice i prefer IC to employee status..only downside is no benefits.

The platform is very easy to get used to, and this is my first job web-based..i worked for five years with microcassete and C-phone before that.

There is a screen that tells you what work is available..very easy to use download and upload as you just click a button and it stays running in the background.

The software also keeps track of your line count for you...based on 65 character with spaces.

Any other info feel free to contact me
Any info on ATSI?
Any current/former employees care to share on work flow, compensation, incentives, benefits, etc?
Sorry, ATSI out of Clearwater, FL.......n/m

Left there after having all my pay checks ,messed up- and we are not talking $5-10 -- mucho dollars messed up, paid late - sometimes a week late..  Losing accounts so MTs are being swtiched around.  Promised one thing and given another.  They change pay scales and do not let you know until you get your paycheck and start asking questions.  Very high turnover of MTs and supervisory staff.  Had 4 different supervisors in 6 months. Some MT's get shift diff, others do not -- depending on if they raised a fuss over it or not.  Pending class action suit over pay practices.  If you decide to work for them -- get everything in writing what you are promised and hold onto your hat --will be a very bumpy ride.