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Posted By: VarietyMeat on 2006-10-26
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Anyone working for them and loving it? Should I run away fast or go ahead with the application?

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Lancesoft (now Acetera) used to be the hiring agent for Focus. Acetera may be their own entity now,
acetera inc
got an email from this company. Has anyone heard of them? I can't seem to find any info on them
Acetera, Inc.

  I'm a newbie and was contacted by phone after applying to their online site.  The girl I spoke with was super nice, and I have been emailed their info, which I haven't opened yet.  They want to start at $.06/line, though.  Isn't that way low?  Anyway, it's work at home, IC, whatever hours, supposedly.  I currently work a full-time job and would do this just to get my foot in the door.  Plus they say there is plenty of room for advancement.  The person I spoke with said she made team leader after only a few weeks.  Reviews are at 30 and 90 days.  Unless someone says they're awful, I'm probably going to give it a try for a month or however long.  Anybody?

I was going to but when they sent me the information to get going, I got so confused I just gave up.
Has anyone worked for or heard of Acetera transciption?
Could you please Email me?
Anyone work for Acetera?  Any info appreciated.
Acetera does
After you go over your minimum, they pay extra for every line over that. Adds up nicely. :-)
Has anyone worked with Acetera before?
Can you pls provide inputs regarding clinic type dications, pay, and communication?
Is someone here working for acetera?
how is it working there now?  Thank you
Acetera feedback?
Anyone currently working with Acetera that can give me some feedback?  Thanks!
Lee Perfect, Acetera. nm
I work for Acetera. :-) nm
Focus does that, Acetera...
That's all I can think of off the top of my head.
That Acetera is going offshore labor only? NM
Acetera used to be Focus and there are many negative posts here