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All you central Ohioans....

Posted By: ohmt on 2009-08-18
In Reply to:

One of the major hospital systems in Columbus has 3 transcription openings.  Does anyone know if they have at-home positions or are they in-house?  I see the address is right downtown Columbus and I would not like to drive that every day.  TIA!

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I'm in central CA too
But alas nowhere near a beach. I had to move here from Monterey due to my mother's declining health. I do so miss that area and the gorgeous beaches in Monterey...

But life goes on and I'm making the best of it :-)
Central Church Rd
Central Transcription
Has anyone ever heard of (or work for) a company called Central Transcription Service out of Woodhaven Michigan?  I've never heard it mentioned on this board. Any info appreciated. 
Is you company based in central FL? nm
Central Transcription Services
Where in Michigan are they located?
Central Transcription Services
Does anybody have any experience with this company - good or bad?

Central IL Transcription, Peoria, IL
Central Transcription Service
Anyone have anything good or bad on this company? Thanks!
Central Transcription Service
.... in Michigan has an ad on one of the job boards for an OP MT.  It sounds pretty good. 
Vonage - 7:00 a.m. central time (sm)
I just tried mine - and it is working fine. Just wanted to let you know...Hope you get yours worked out. I'll check back here in a while to see if I can do anything to help you. (I had the Magic Jack when its pedal SUDDENLY stopped working a few weeks ago and changed to Vonage. I has worked great since...
CTS (Central Transcription Service)
Again I was told that our checks that should have been sent on the 15th will not be mailed until this Friday, 24th.  That is 9 days late, plus the 3-4 days it takes for it to arrive, so almost 2 weeks late.  In the 3 months I've worked for them I only had one check on-time.  This is totally unprofessionable. 
Central Transcription Services
My sister worked there and they missed payroll twice. She quit and it took 6 weeks to get her check. Bad news
CTS (Central Transcription Service)
Again, and thankfully the last time I'll have to deal with this, I was not paid on-time (hopefully I will get paid considering I quit) I am awaiting my final paycheck from CTS which should have been, according to the payroll department, direct deposited on Friday the 31st.  After complaining because my direct deposit was not posted I was told it was becaused I resigned, that they mailed the check yesterday at 12:00 p.m.  Of the 3 months that I worked for them I was paid late all but 2 pay periods.  If you want to be paid definitely do not consider working for them.  Promises are made and not kept, yet they continued to ask for extra help when they were behind.  I guess they don't get that most of us work for income, not because we are philanthropists and are working out of the goodness of our hearts. 
Anything to say about Central Transcription Services in Michigan? nm
Central Transcription Services feedback?

Any have a comments?  Thanks!

Central Transcription Services - anyone have info on them? nm

Any info on ProTrans of Central Ohio? nm
Central Transcription Services, any current information??
Just wondering how they were to work for. Thank you.