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Amherst so we make less money and they get more money for MQ and bigger bonuses. Our guidelines came

Posted By: MQMT on 2005-09-29
In Reply to: one space - who makes up these rules? - noname

from Amherst.

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yep, gotta spend money to make money. NM
The company takes the money out of your salary, before they cut the check. It is your earned money,
It's about "money, money, money, mmmoonnney. Singing The Apprentice song.
I doubt you will make enough money in 5 hours a week to make
those bonus checks aren't extra money...you would just get tw bigger checks rather than 3 checks

don't kid yourself

So does yours. Perhaps you need a basic money class to learn to keep money. sm
I am off today and appalled at reading the posts on here.

Are you always this bitter? Do you have a family and friends who are safe and healthy? Count your blessings instead of being so angry and you might see that this is not a bad field to be in. It has kept food on my table for 27 years and will continue to do so. Is it harder now? You bet, but it is not impossible to make a good living of $50,000. You just have to work hard, give it your all and appreciate the good companies that are out there.

If I were an MTSO, I would find out who all these people posting such bitter posts are and find replacements for them a.s.a.p. Negativity spreads like poison, and with the world in the state it is, we should bond together not make it worse.
Money is not the root of all evil, the LOVE of money is. nm
You won't be able to make any money there.
Especially if you have to enter ALL of the patient info.
How on earth can anybody make a decent pay with this editing crap?? It is not user-friendly...it is slow and they pay is even more crapier !
Can you make any money?

Hi all,

Just wondering if if is possible to make much money doing transcription for these companies at home.  I just started with one and they are very nice, professional, etc. etc., however I feel I am moving along at quite a good pace and am just making a little over $10 an hour.  I was hoping for more like $25.  Is it possible anywhere?  Let me know what the average pay is?

I wish I would get more OPS, always make more money with them.
I think MTs believe NO ONE should make money but them!
If no profit is to be made, no one will be in business - whether it is a small MTSO, an MT on her own, or a national. Heck, even a hospital will close if it isn't making profit!

Business is to make money. Competition is so high for companies/MTSOs. It's not the MTSOs fault, is it? No. They have a right to make a profit for their work.

I'm like you: I don't agree with everything going on in the profession but I am very happy with my work and always have been. I can accept the things that I cannot change. Otherwise, if I am unhappy, I move on. No sense sitting around being glib about something you have every opportunity to change.
Sometimes you make LESS money
Because of having rounded experience, you sometimes get all the crap/scrap work.

How do you make money like this?
Are most of the reports full listens? Does it balance out with lots of reports with only 1 or 2 blanks? I'm considering an offer and need to know if I can make any money with Focus on escription?
How do you make money on VR?
Please tell me how to make $50 an hour with Escription.  I need to be making more than 7cpl.  My husband can't work so I have to take care of my kids.  Please email me any info on how to make money on Escription.  Thanks so much
At TT, can I really make as much money with VR
make more money at Wal-Mart
and they give you a piece of the company

Etransplus--can you make money there
Does anyone know about etransplus.  Upon until now the feedback I have gotten has been pretty good looking through the posts.  I was really taken aback by the amount of styles they have.  Wow, what a change for me.  I know I can get used to it, but I know I'm going to probably take some time.  How do their line counts jive with a character count line?  I really liked the fact that they offered insurance for 900 lines a day.  That is great.  I hope I can bang out the lines!
At Spheris, if you want to make more money
you have to go to a higher level account, period.

That is the only fair way to do this, in my opinion.
so why not buy a few shares and make money off them anyway?
I make great money there
I do not do radiology, but ER and basic 4, and I make 10 cpl, have tons of work, and make a great living there. That is just my own experience. Others may have had different experiences there.
You can make a lot more money than that at home
MT's often make more money than managers too
hard to make money
One account has a rotten platform that doesn't work half the time and has a long record of miscounting lines.  Just about everything is 100% listen which makes it even harder to make money by the line.  Big turnover in account managers lately so expect to work for phone clerks and HR clerks who have been promoted to account manager (cheaper that way) and people who have no acute care experience whatsoever.  You've probably already been told there is no holiday pay, the vacation time sucks, and the insurance is horrible.  If you just need editing experience to move on, that that's the place.  
i make more money at home but
you must be disciplined to sit and not get distracted. There are a lot of distractions at home.. I do know I save a lot of money not using my car.
And that might just explain why MTs can't make any money. nm
I beg to differ, I make more money on VR sm
than regular transcription now.
Me too. You work, you make money. SM
You work well, you make more money. You work smart, you make more money. You work long, you make more money. You work hard, you make more money. The key word all else depends on isn't zone, it's work.
Gosh you can make a lot more money in QA
Could you expand on that? Why can't you make any money with it?
make better money coding...sm
I do earn more money coding, mainly because it is hourly pay (so no fluctuations like you get with line counts) and the value of the benefits. I do think there are coding jobs which are much less stressful than where I work. Actually, I think most of them are. Our facility is huge, actually has it's own little city, with 3 hospitals, one with a level 1 trauma center which is shared with a children's hospital, 150-some clinics, an eye institute, and a cancer center plus is a teaching facility so we do the coding for the college facilities. Most coding jobs in my area (midwest) are working from home. Our benefits include health, dental, life, disability and vision insurance, FSA and HSA accounts, tuition reimbursement, AHIMA membership paid, 403B match, 4.6 hours of earned vacation and 1.8 hours of sick time per pay period (2 weeks) so they're pretty good. I do know coders in other facilities around here who do not have the same stressful conditions which we have and who love their jobs. Much of it is due to size and our remote management. I used to work at a smaller hospital and really liked coding there. I left when my daughter became ill and needed me home. I ended up at the facility I am with now because they were one of the few places who did have home coding available at the time that i started. Now I just think I am too darned old to start over someplace else and give up my seniority, vacation accrual, etc., so I will stick it out until I can retire. So it's my own fault I'm miserable 'cuz I don't make the change! If you go into coding, I hope you get to be one of the people who does love it and would venture a guess you would not find the stress level to be what ours is unless you work for one of the largest of facilities.
I couldn't make any money with them
for pretty much the same reason -- and I usually do pretty well with ESL dictators, but combined with the dictation quality it was rough. I think they started at 0.0875 per line, with maybe more per line depending on how many lines you produced. I don't remember for sure about that though.
Used to make good money
My income has dropped by $20,000 in the past 2 years working at Spheris, and from what I understand new hires get paid even less.
I asked for and make no money with the
rescue group. I do not file on any taxes, I did not incorporate it, my only thing is to be able to interact with the animals and rescue from otherwise the animals being put down. I did not go into for the money. If others make money off of it, that is up to them. I only finance.
I do VR and love it and yes you can make money but
you need a good platform to be able to do it. I work on Escription, possibly the best according to others who work on it also. I make 4 cents a line,the biggest percentage of my work day is VR but also have some straight thrown in. I do NOT use any keys to help me. I have done MTing now over 30+ years, no newbie here and fast speed of 120+. I usually average over $20 per hour. I am very familiar with my acct (same hospital job now for 19 years), hold my pedal down and fast forward as much as humanly possible and really like it much better than straight anymore. No secret on my end, just able to edit fast and yes, I do read each and every word and do not just let the work go through in order to make what I would consider decent money.
I never said I didn't make money being an MT. sm
I simply was exploring what would happen when a manager was informed they would take home half their pay in October. I don't know if I'll make money when my pay is cut. Will you when yours is cut?

Kudos for the rolling eyes, I wouldn't have thought of that.
I would rather work on 1 account and make more money, than 5 different ones! No thanks. sm
I think their new program absolutely sucks and there are a heck of a lot of people who say the sound quality is horrendous. I wasn't sticking around to find out. I made my decision as soon as I saw what it was about and knew it would slow me way down. Hey, to each their own. If you like it, fine. I am happy about my decision and glad I did it.
Maybe they are like me, love the platform, but can't make money with it
Too many companies invested money in VR, and they are going to make
sure they can use it, no matter what. So even if it can only type if, and and the correctly, it will be put into VR and the poor MT that has to straighten that garbage out will be paid a big fat amount of around 4 cpl. These companies are the greediest bunch I have ever seen. None of them are worth the ground they sit on.
I wonder if an MT can make as much money as a RN nurse? Curious about that
and wondering
Its sad that we dont believe MTs can make good money at this job....

In the past 7 years that I have been an at-home IC (left my hospital job), I have made no less than $50k and this year, will hit my all-time high of $62K.  There are still good accounts out there, with great dictators that pay .10 to .11 cpl and if you are fast, with great macros and expanders, you can still make $40-$50/hr.  Experience and reliability are what get you top dollar and there are companies willing to pay.   Its sad we doubt those that make the good money.  Maybe there is a tad bit of jealousy there!

I wish I knew where I could make comparable money. nm
Not production but can make a lot of money at Med. Bazaar.
I went back to transcribing because I could make more money!
They wanted me to wade through pure garbage work the MTs were uploading for 3.5 cents per line and $14 an hour on top of that. Trust me, it was NOT worth it. I am happily transcribing again and making more! Let the MTSO or company edit for peanuts. I have bills to pay here!
Believe me, one can make decent money at TransTech.
There is plenty of work and I don't think the incentive plan is low at all. A good MLS should have no problem hitting the first tier and the QA incentive should be automatic. The starting line rate is also one of the best I had run across. I'm not trying to convince anyone to come to TT, its not a good fit for everyone, just wanted to share my experience. If one is getting a negative vibe about a company, I don't blame them for not wanting to give them a try.
I don't struggle. I make good money.
But then again I have been doing this for 21 years, work for a national at nearly top pay. Not sure why the ones who are complaining do it. Well...actually I do think I know why SOME do it. They got fooled by the false advertising of MT schools. Work at home and make $50,000 per year. Yeah right. Not right out of school, nope! That would be the RARE case. And even being able to work from home right away would be difficult IMO. I learned SO MUCH from my coworkers during those first 10 years when I worked in office and in house at the hospital. All of that on the job experience made a big difference when I went home to work. Had I started working from home with just my MT school education....I would probably hate it too.

You'd make more money working at McDonalds. I have
20 years of experience in acute care, can do anything, including the most difficult ESL dictators.  They offered me 6.5 cpl as an IC.   After I stopped laughing I told them no thanks.   They offered me this without any testing so it was not a reflection on my work.  I may have gotten more after testing, but wasn't interested. 
I personally make plenty of money to have this
I don't even own the book.  I've been in the business 18 years.  I still think if you're charging for a test on income, then fair is fair.  Make it available to everyone at a substandard fee who is low income.  I personally am not low income, and I wouldn't take the test if it was free.  My mindset is I make and make and I know what I know because I have proved that to my clients over and over and time and time again!!  I guess that's why there are actual physicians asking me to transcribe their work, but I must turn them down because I'm too busy.  I am laughing    all of the way to the bank (and back).     
I make far more money on VR. I also get paid a good SM
line rate for it, so that helps. I am paid 7 cpl for VR.
What is their VR rate? I am sure you will be training VR. Can't make money that way.
Or they make more money boxing groceries