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Any input on this company?

Posted By: MayBgoing2Transtech on 2005-11-29
In Reply to:

Good, bad, ugly - I can take it - just wanted to know if anyone has any input on them.

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any input on Phillips MT company?

if anyone can provide information please

Thanks for the Input
I wonder if that is common for them.  Did you find a good company to work for?
Thanks for the input

Isn't it funny that they are advertising on MTjobs that you get one hospital account that will be your own.  Doesn't surprise me.  I think they do a lot of the "bait and switch"  I talked to a recruiter about 6 months ago when they advertised "hospital employee" positions where you are an employee of the hospital, not Diskriter.  I applied right away and they called me right away, but the recruiter acted like she didn't know what I was talking about.  She was trying to hire me as a Diskriter employee.  Finally after I pushed, she admitted that there was only one position open and it had been filled.  I guess things haven't changed. 

Thanks for the input.  


Thank you so much for your input. nm
Any input on....
how reliable they are in terms of work load...consistent amount of work...technical support...pay on time, etc? Thanks
Thank you for all the input!
Thanks for all the great suggestions and feedback. I also thank you for the positive comments as well; the MTs & QAs are actually the ones who are so wonderful, management is just trying to catch up with them. Like many other MT service companies we have made our share of mistakes, and we grateful to those who have allowed us to make up for them.


thanks for the input
It's nice to have someone out there who is nice and willing to give information. Thanks again!  We will see what happens in a couple of weeks.  Hang in there, you will be able to type that much some day. I usually do between 23,000-25,000  a pay period, lots of years though!  You can do it!!
thanks for the input !
I'm looking forward to my training. It's good to hear that you've had a positive experience.
Any input from anyone?
They sound good, look good on paper, have all the things I'm looking for - so what is wrong with them, or is it actually possible that they're a decent company?  I'd love any input.  Thanks so much.
thank you for your input.
Thank you for your input!

MDI-MD Rad MTs..input please :) (nm)


Would like input!
I am currently working 2 IC positions.   One- Medium size well known National,  I have been doing for 7 months, easy platform, Op notes only, with a certain line requirement each day, at 10 cpl per 65 characters including spaces, headers and footers.  Real easy to get line count.  Have to submit a schedule with amount of lines I will be doing.   Second position, I started Jan 1, due to running out of work with the 1st IC position.  It also pays 10 cpl per 65 characters including spaces- no headers or footers, Ops then ERs in that order.  Easy platform, and so far plenty of work, as when there are no Ops then there are plenty of ERs- small MTSO, not national.  No line requirement, no specific time-frame to type, weekends is only optional if I want to.   Both have direct deposit,  the first one is Statutory where they pay 1/2 Social Security.   My dilema, I am going to give one up but having trouble deciding which one.  I like the small MTSO, as there is good communication, feedback, etc.  The Medium National is mediocre in regards to communication.   I know.... this should be a  no brainer.... right?   Although with the first company pays for footers and headers, there have been times when there was no work, and no communication from anyone.  Second IC position takes a bit longer to achieve my count with the Ops- I am assuming because of not being paid for footers and headers, on the other hand when I do the ERs, my line count is fantastic.   What would you do?  
Thanks for the input everyone! I think
I'll hang in there for a while but keep my eyes open for something else too. I'd love to find a mix of acute and clinic work.

Thanks again!
Thanks for all of the input! sm
I am thinking about working for them, but was just unsure if it would be a smart thing to do or not.  I have heard mostly great things about the company so far. 
Thanks all for the input.
I do not have the option to become an employee. I will be working at home as an IC or statutory.

I do not like the idea of having to take out my own taxes, so I probably will go with the statutory.

Thanks to all for your input.

Thanks everyone for your input..nm
Thank you so much for the input! NM

Thank you all for your input, very much



thank you all for your input.. :)
Thanks for the input :)
My input - sm
I worked for them for a year.  It was a great experience, I left because I hate using a C-phone.  QA was demanding, but not as much as my current position.  Everyone is great to work with.
Thanks for you input.
I didn't want to go to work for someone who does not pay.
Thanks for you input.....sm
Their ad says they $.07 to $.08/line, which if I had seen that initially, I wouldn't have even applied. I'm getting so sick of these companies that want so much experience and then don't pay for it! UGH!!!

Thanks for your input...... sm
Can you tell me which account you're on?
any input on JLG

I see they are advertising on the other board -- any recent info?  Could not find much in the archieves

Thanks for your input...
I read the earlier posts and I had hoped things had changed.  Thanks again for the info.
Any input?
in companies defense? Is this true, do they eliminate extra characters or code? Do they not count headers or footers?
Any input regarding TRX out there?? nm
QA or MT input?
Thanks for the input!
Odd...........same here, however, I have been waiting months for a check!  How pathetic!  Thanks for the input!  Do you still work there?
Thanks for the input! :-) nm
Thanks for your input
I went back and checked my email but didn't see one from you so don't know what happened.   Anyway, sounds like things are good for you there.  I'm trying to keep a list of some companies with pros and cons, etc. 
Thanks for your input! nm
Thanks for your input
Actually, I wasn't looking for a job, but they contacted me because I had sent a resume in the past.

What you have to say is very thought provoking and does give me even more to think about. Guess we humans really can't second-guess the future (that's for sure). I am going to sleep on this for the weekend and definitely make up my mind by Monday. I am sure if I back out of this now, KS will not be happy with me.

Thanks again.
thanks for the input

docuscribe seems to be the fastest.  I just wonder if I would make out better some other place such as MDI since raises seem to be not in existance at MQ and the switching of the pools.  Last month was better and now its back to the cess pool.  its driving me crazy.

thanks for the input
...I talked with recruiter today, but I can't do one weekend day which is what they require...oh well, maybe at another time
Thanks for the input!
Leaning more towards TT.
Thanks everyone for your input! (nm)
thanks for you input
I get intimidated posting stuff on this site, but there are so many people on here to get good solid opinions from that I keep finding myself here. Just wanted to say thanks for jumping in here and being a nice person.
Thanks for your input so far!

I quit the company on Tuesday BEFORE I got into the situation of no work available and then get fired.  For 5 years, I always had work - never had a problem. Then when Nuance bought Focus - LOOK OUT!  About the company policy, there isn't one.  There was no paperwork that covered anything regarding no work and payment when there's no work.  I just felt what they are doing is illegal on a federal level and I hope some still employed with Focus read this.  Any other company I have ever worked for provided compensation during training and downtime.  This one?  No...Nuance management tells you after you wait hours for work, Oh I guess there's no work. Have a nice day.  What about on other accounts?  Nope - won't add you to other accounts so you can't get more work.  Then what about those hours wasted waiting for work?  It seems too controlling, illegal and sneaky.  Again, I left - just posted this hoping to help other MTs stuck in that company!  Helping them resolve this issue because the manager I had has lost 1 hospital since starting in November - currently losing another 1 - so there won't be more work available for the remaining MTs...and the company is hiring?  The endless number of ads for employment floors me!!  Why not put already employed MTs to work so they have a reason to show up?  The entire scenario is really ugly!! 

Again, thank you for your responses and assistance.  For future references, I am printing what you have said so I have the information just in case I run into this kind of company again!

Thank you everyone for the input...
Due to severe financial difficulties, I have to hold-off on getting my CMT anyway, but if I thought for one minute it would give me more respect from my employer, or help me to get work conducive to making a living I would do it.

Reading the posts about the women who have great jobs and make a lot of money right now I am wondering is that the only thing holding me back because no matter what I do or have done, for the last 6 months I still cannot get a break where I work to be able to make enough money to live on. I have been put on the most difficult account (90% ESL) and I have tried everything in my power to work through this and I still cannot make enough money on this account.

They must not like me, either, because they hire new people and tell me this is the only account I can be on. My QA went from 99-100 to about 80=something when I first started it (and was almost fired), and I worked very hard and way over what is expected but I finally got it back up again. There cannot be any complaints with my quality, yet nothing. They will not give me a break.

It is frustrating when I see ladies on here posting about how much money they make and then see comments that it is the MTs fault, they are lazy, they are this and that, and no good or whatever if they cannot make 50,000 dollars a year.

How do you get employers/managers to give you the work you do in the first place, you know? Does the CMT help because I am sinking so fast and the company I work for has made it pretty clear, it is that account or I have to quit.
My input...

Hi Terry ~

Honestly, it depends on the client.  It could range anywhere from 9 cpl to 15 cpl.  I've even heard of people getting 20 cpl in Southern Cali!!  I've never came across that, but I guess it does happen.  It is so hard to say, this is the set rate.  You'll need to look at each contract - what are the volumes; what platform will they require you to use; will you have to provide that platform and support; will you have to provide hand-held recorders or a toll-free call-in line; are the dictators ESL; is it a direct contract or a 3rd party contract - see what I mean?  It is not cut & dry, that's for sure!  But, right now, with this economy, I'd take whatever you can get, even if your profit margin very low.  So much of our work now days goes over seas, so things seem to be slim pickin'!   

Thanks for all your input. sm
I interviewed and tested with a company and at the end they told me they pay by the dictated minute.

They said they had to review all my testing before they give me an offer. I looked up my production with the current job I have which is line rate.

I was just sitting here thinking that for those of you who said they got about $1 per minute--that is like double what I have been getting lately. For me, that would be back to where I was before VR took over.

I don't know. Will have to wait and see what the offer actually is. Thanks for the info though!
My input is...
When I worked there a few years ago, at that time there were no health benefits, no vaction time paid, no sick time pain, no holiday pay, no bonuses, no overtime.  You are an EMPLOYEE.  Work flow pretty good and steady.  QA at that time was only 2 people, one of which would correct every period, comma, etc.  Owners are frequently on vacation.  So, if you need benefits, you are not a good fit for GIMT.  They are friendly and communicative.  Line pay lower than average in my opinion.  Good luck!   
Thanks for you input
I guess I will have to try to chase my account wherever it goes. My company is losing it in June, not sure where it is going yet.

I can do all work types, and do them now when no Ops, but generally get 90% or more Ops every day.

my input
My paperwork says we need to do 1200/day, 12,000/payperiod and this must be met within 21 days of employment.

Now, I was told by one person that we get paid twice a month and the payperiods are 1-15 and 16-end and we have to have 12,000 lines in that time. My offer letter said that pay periods are every 2 weeks, so I'm not sure about that.
Thank you everyone for your input. It is helpful! nm
Input on CyMed please...
Pay rate, platform (MT-friendly? free software? built in word Expander and spellchecker?), schedule, eligibility for benefits.

Thanks in advance!
Radiology MTs, need your input!
I have 2 job offers.  One is for 9 cents per gross line and the other is for $1.25 per report.  Any ideas what would be better?  Thanks for your help!
Radiology MTs - need your input
I have been offered 2 radiology positions, one paying 8 cents a line and the other $1.14 per study.  Both companies state the types of reports to be transcribed are pretty much across the board (plain films, CTs, MRIs, occasional PETs) and both offer comparable benefits.  So, my question is it better to be paid per exam or per line?  Thanks for your help and input!