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Anyone familiar with SoftScript?

Posted By: tatermom on 2009-08-31
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Is anyone familiar with SoftScript?  I am considering a position with them, but would like to be sure they are a reputable company.

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Not familiar with actual company but familiar with platform some use and it is super-slick!
anyone familiar with . . .

Electronic Medical Transcription Services?  Found them on MTJobs and would like some insight.  Thanks!

Firday entertainment or just an owner / operator looking to get feedback - maybe if they are tired of annon bellyaching, they should post their company name and let us have it lol. Mnay of us do go to the people who bring us on as IC - but as an IC they state it is rheir company and they can do as they like - and sure they can - but without good MT they will not go anywhere but India. You owners must soon come to realize that we give your company it's good (or bad) name for the work WE do - you on the other hand hold checks, bounce checks, and give us grief for your own downfalls. Good luck to you all.
not familiar with D & L? who are they
I am not familiar with SH, so not much help there...
But I did use an Expander program that boosted my productivity b/4. That was great and it helped, but I needed to take the next step. With IT, it sort of thinks ahead for you. No memorizing the shortcuts...it works differently. If you type tpwa for The patient was admitted, IT automatically brings up several words and phrases that MIGHT possibly be used next, like: to the emergency room, to the hospital, in the past, and all you have to do is use 1 or 2 more Keystrokes to add whatever phrase is dictated. If you go to textware.com, you can get the lowdown. They also have a refund policy if it does not work for you. It took me a while to get used to it, but I love it now. I also use my expander in addition to IT. I have hospital, the, and, physician, etc. under my expander as well. Not sure if this is what you are looking for, but I hope this helps.

Good luck!
Anyone familiar with LTS, Inc? Thanks
Anybody familiar with SFT
There is a job posting on the job board by this company. Anybody know anything about this company?
Most of the ones I am familiar with you
either save up your sick time or vacation time (if they give any) or take Family Medical Leave Act with no pay.
You would not do at 4 cpl but very familiar?
I think $20+ per hour now times is pretty good salary plus with my full retirement money from SS and retirement check, I come out ok. You as others on here are doubting Thomases but those are the ones who can't cut the mustard doing it and probably never will be able to do for a good paycheck. Funny thing but the most I see for VR is 4, some has fallen to 3 and yet you are familiar,,,,, hmmmm would not do for 4. Oh, that makes a lot of sense, never do for 4 and very familiar. Do those 2 belong in the same sentence? If you really were familiar then you as a longterm MTer would not a newbie could not do.
I'm Familiar But It Was
There has been a lot of restructuring there and things are still in a state of complete disorganization.  Upper management gives conflicting comments when asked questions or for clarification, turnover is high, pay for MTs has been cut repeatedly, QA requirements gets changed often, and the list goes on.......it was not a good experience and personally I'm not sure I would recommend them to anyone.  If you have more questions, I'll be happy to answer them.
Anyone familiar wtih QED
Does anyone work for this company? Does anyone ave any advice on this company?
that sounds so familiar to me
I wrote the QA director regarding one incident and made my case. We, MTs, use our fingers, ears, and most importantly, our brains. Somehow, the QAs forget that we have brains and can analyze what we hear.
Anyone familiar with EZ-Scribe? (sm)
Any comments welcome!
Anyone familiar with TRX, Inc? I have an interview

Anyone familiar with Inscribe or NTI? nm

Sounds familiar..
Sounds like we work for the same company! I started a couple of months ago. It totally feels like I've come home to familiar people who treat MTs with respect. I actually like working again after a nightmare with the squid as you put it. I will never go back there - they couldn't pay me enough. I'm happy now and feel blessed to enjoy my job again.
Anyone familiar with FutureNet?

Looks like I'll ditch Transcend to sign with FutureNet.  Archives have some good reviews on them whereas Transcend was completely trashed here.

Anyone familiar with DeVenture...
...I read the archived posts, but was wondering if anyone had any recent experience with them.  tia!
Only familiar with one of these -- Transtech

My first question is regarding holidays - how many are you required to work?  There are 6 holidays, but no pay unless you work that holiday.  Required to work either Thanksgiving or Christmas each year, switching out each year, plus work one other of the holidays.  ALL taken off WITHOUT pay.

What about weekends?  I know some companies offer a shift differential IF you WANT to work weekends. Required to work one weekend day each week.  The differential is so little that it is hardly worth it money-wise.

Another question is about PTO - do both TT and MDI offer this benefit?  PTO is offered at a percentage that is approximately 3 hours per pay period.  This is to be used for holidays, sick days, vacations, personal days, and OUT OF WORK DAYS -- ALL time requested off.  NO other time off offered with pay.  In other words, forget taking vacation, getting sick and holidays off all in one year -- NOT ENOUGH TIME OFF WITH PAY --- unless you can afford to be off without pay.

Last question is - are the work hours flexible?  Do both or either require working 8-hour shifts or does either offer a minimum line count per day and then you're done for the day?   No flexibility whatsoever -- as in a window to get work done.  Must adhere to schedule given to them EXACTLY!  You will be contacted by them if you are not on during your scheduled shift hours.  Lines don't matter -- still have to be on your complete scheduled shift no matter if you have 3000 lines done.

Also does MDI lease/rent/provide computer?  TT rents the computer to MT's.

Office staff are generally very friendly and call you honey, sweetie and says you guys rock if that helps in deciding which company to go with.

My..This sounds so familiar...
Sounds familiar
About a year ago, I went through the same routine you're describing, except I even went a step further and took thier test. I then got an email saying that I passed the test and someone would be getting back to me to discuss what accounts I would be working on and the pay scales for said accounts. One week went by with no word and when someone finally answers my many emails, I get the same answer you did, about how the hiring process had ended and they thanked me for my interest in thier company. Like you, I said WHAT???
Yes, it does sound familiar
Yes, I have to say if I didn't love my accounts and job at AX, I would have been gone a long time ago because of the supervisor. 
It sounds familiar to me
With the exception of the not logging the OT on your timesheet, it sounds like MQ.

I know everyone has asked you who you work for, so I will not. However, if it is the Q, you should do something. Even though the pay sucks because of VR, you have to be compensated for OT, and you have to log those hours.

Are you classified as an employee with the company you work for? Are you working FT with OT or PT with OT? I believe it is a violation of labor law not to get compensated for it. Some states, that is past 8 hours per day, some it is based on how many hours per week you work.

That sounds really fishy to me to be told not to put the OT on your timesheet. I just don't get that. You really need out and I wish I could help. I am working on getting a new position myself.

Some of these companies take FOREVER to get back to you. I put in a resume at one place in early January and just heard back from them last week. Keep your chin up. I must say, though, with 30 years experience, you should be making more than 8 cpl. I have 10 years and make a little more than you.
Sounds familiar....
Superior Globe actually pulled this same routine on me. I had just ordered a new computer when she called with the job offer. I told her I could start in 5 days, when the computer arrived. She said no problem. I sent her the specs for the computer which I had in transit and she cleared it with their tech department and said it would be no problem. I emailed her with updates on where the computer was and she responded great, couldn't wait for me to get started. I emailed her the day it arrived, very excited thinking I would be able to start on Monday (the computer arrived on a Friday)....

And, you got it, after all that hoopla, she NEVER emailed me back once I was ready to roll.

What the heck is wrong with these places???
Not familiar with CC Trans. Who is it, won't sm
be helpful in any way without company name,
That does sound familiar.
The first e-mail I got said I had 24 hours to complete their test.  I work for Q now and thoroughly hate it.  
Is anyone familiar with NetMed?
I am trying to find out if anyone knows anything about NetMed.  Are they US based?  Good or bad experience, etc.  Thanks
Oh boy, does that sound familiar
Mine are older now, 23, 18 and 13. Those were hard years when they were little. I used to work on and off, then end up staying up half the night working while they were sleeping. My husband worked evenings, and never was much help anyway. Even now, he is liking having another kid, interrupts me constantly. My 13 year old is finally starting to get the fact that the amount of work I get done has a direct effect on my paycheck and what I can buy her :)

That said, I wish they were still little. It is easier to work now, but everything else is harder, financial, worrying about them, etc.
Pretty big accusations if she is not familiar with you and your
company.  Also, if is isn't true, why are you scanning the boards to make sure nobody is saying things that aren't true?  Somthing is fishy here!!!!
He wasn't familiar with QA either, unless it was leaving
your blanks blank and being anal retentive about commas.  He worked for my company too until we all complained about him. 
Anyone familiar with Metro Transcription in (sm)
New Jersey?? I found a couple posts in the archives about a Metro Trans. in Georgia but can't seem to find info on the one in NJ...just wondered if anyone has ever worked for them and if they are a good company, steady work and pay, good accounts, etc...Thanks
Anybody familiar with Scribeix in Texas? nm
This rings familiar with another company...
called Proficient Transcription. The MTSO there charges for a foot pedal (you have to buy it from her directly, not on your own), and there are multiple complaints on the New MT board from people who never received their foot pedal from her either...weird. Could there be a connection?
if it's an impossible report for one to do, then it should go to someone more familiar with the d
Anyone using/familiar with Mededoc tasp?
This is a TASP for MTSOs.  They also provide transcription services to clients and hire MTs.  Just wonderin'.  Thanks
anyone familiar with NorthEast Transcription?
took their huge, lengthy, tedious, silly test...are they worth it?
Obviously the head of Sales isn't familiar with MT QA, either. nm
Give yourself time. You are familiar with
your old account. You have to give yourself the time to adjust to new formatting, dictators, etc. with any new job.
Thanks for answering - I am familiar with Bayscribe(sm)
as I worked for MDI-MD for about 3 months. You are right about no platform being perfect. Do you have a smaller amount of doctors? To me, that is luxury!! If I never saw (rather heard) another ESL that would make me really happy!! Best of luck! Keep me posted
Boy! Does this story sound familiar....sm
I don't mean to make generalizations, but it is clear to me, as well as many other MTs, that most online MT companies over-hire MTs. The company's goal is to please the client with their 24 hour TATS, without taking into account the person on the other side who is actually transcribing the document. Unfortunately, I doubt this will ever change. Best thing I can conjure up is to get employed with an online company that is just hitting the ground and working their way up. Any and all suggestions are welcome.
Thanks, I thought she sounded familiar. I was with YOG then and now with MQ. SM
It would be so nice to work with YOG people again. I really miss that place. It was sure a lot less stressful back then!
I'm personally familiar with that meltdown...
Anybody familiar with Phoenix MedCom --
Any info about Phoenix Medcom and the Emdat Inscribe platform would be appreciated.  Emdat similiar to any other platforms, only have typed DQS.  Thanks. 
Smells a bit familiar, doesn't it? Like the Q!!!
I am seeing an unfolding of events almost identical to the scenario which played out at MQ, particularly ever since the takeover by CBay when a big push came to offshore everything possible ASAP.

I'm very suspicious of this myself.

And their silence to all of the MTs who were out of work also sounds very much like the Q, where MTs out of work email everyone on their chain of command and are met with silence.
Anybody familiar with Transcription & Billing (T&B)? TIA. nm
Sounds eerily familiar to what just went down at MDI-MD
I hope this isn't the case but the scenario sounds scarily familiar.

I'll hope for the best for all of you...
Job Offer with ProScript - anyone familiar with them?
Not familiar with them but 1000 sounds reasonable
Wow!!! I am not familiar with Rhonda and why would she use her real name. Which platform is she on?
Those are pretty strong accusations and I really do not know anyone else that works for MDI-FL, much less their work habits. How do you know when someone is skipping jobs and how is that possible?
Anyone familiar with Premier Office Technologies?

I took their test but want to find out if anyone here works for them/has worked for them/is going to work for them and what your thoughts are.


I'm curious as to what the problems are. It seems like a lot of familiar names are gone nm.