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Anyone have info on Advanced Transcription?

Posted By: CuriousMT on 2007-08-19
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Would appreciate any info I can find on Advanced Transcription

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Any info on Advanced Transcription?
I did a search but didn't find much. Can anyone give me the scoop--good or bad? Thanks!
Info on Advanced Transcription I
Anyone willing to give any info on this company?  Thanks in advance.
Advanced Transcription - any info would be appreciated. sm
I checked the archives and couldn't find anything.  
Any info on Advanced Medical Transcription Service, LLC nm
Advanced Transcription
I thought their platform was really slow and I could never make any money switching back and forth through the system.  Frustrating!!  I would work several hours sometimes and make less than 10 or 12 bucks because of all the switching around, cutting and pasting, etc.  Good luck!
Advanced Transcription
I am currently testing for Advanced. Does anybody have any info on them? Thanks!
Advanced Transcription

Can anyone give me any information on Advanced Transcripion in Portland, OR? 


Advanced Transcription
Really appreciate the prompt and honest feedback. Thanks.
Advanced Transcription
Is this company run by Joy Pickett? or somebody named Donna? If so, run. Since my experience with them of not being paid on time and having to threaten to go to BBB and everybody else I could think of to get my pay, this is the first time I have heard anything good. Everyone else who responded to me had the same horror story to tell. They are also known as Alliance or Allied transcription. That is why I asked who was running the show. They are sweet people but that doesn't pay the bills.
Advanced Transcription

I have subcontracted for Advanced Transcription out of Portland, Oregon for almost 3 yrs.  It's a great company.  We always have plenty of work.  They have direct deposit and pay on time or early.  The platform is easy to learn.  If you are looking for work, check them out.  You will not be disappointed. 

Advanced Transcription
Pay was average but regular.  Management could be very rude, unprofessional and disorganized.  They would tell you one thing and then forget what they told you to do.  Platform had a lot of technical glitches.  I wouldn't recommend them. You could probably do better elsewhere.  I did!
Advanced Transcription
They might have gotten their act together. I wish you luck!
Was it Advanced Transcription?

Advanced Transcription, Inc.
Advanced Transcription
Does anyone have any current information about Advanced Transcription? 
Advanced Transcription
Was offered a position with Advanced Transcription out of Oregon yesterday.  Told them I would give them an answer tomorrow.  Any input on the company would be appreciated.  Thanks
Advanced Transcription
I started there this week. The only negative I can say is you work a month before getting paid. 1st thru 15th get paid the 6th of the following month; 15th thru 30th is paid 20 of the following month. Not sure I'm going to stay.
Advanced Transcription
Does anyone currently work for or recently worked for Advanced Transcription?  Could you Email me.
Advanced Transcription
how are they to work for?  Is there enough work for the time you commit to?  Do they have direct deposit? Thank you so much for your help.
Advanced Transcription, Inc
Anyone heard of Advanced....how are they to work for?  Do they require weekends?  What is line rate?
Advanced Transcription out of Portland, OR??
Anyone have any information on this company or currently work for them?
Advanced Transcription, Inc, out of Oregon?
Noticed they had a posting on MTJobs looking for ICs. Did a search but "advanced transcription" is hard to find both here and in search engines without it being about schools. Anyone with experience? Pay on time? Steady work? Etc?

I'm thinking of applying but I always like to hear about companies first.

Advanced Transcription out of Oregon does...
Advanced Transcription Techology?
Anyone know anything about this company.  They are out of New York. Amy McGaffick, is the owner.  Anyone work there?   
Advanced Transcription in Oregon

Advanced Medical Transcription

Has anyone heard of Advanced Medical Trnscription out of NJ?  I would love to hear from present or past employees.


First line of the ad: 


It's one thing to play grammar/punctuation/spelling police for casual posters, but this is posted by the COMPANY, and so it's fair game.  I would not apply just based on the ad content alone. 



Advanced Transcription out of Oregon....nm
Need on Advanced Transcription out of Oregon...SM
Wondering if they have flexible shifts or if you have to stick to a certain timeframe everyday, and whether or not you can just do clinic work or if they require the big 4.

Any other info such as how you liked the job, etc., would be great, too.
Does anyone know about Advanced Transcription Technologies out of NY?
I was thinking about applying with them, but I can't find any information on them good or bad.  Thanks a lot!
Anyone know anything about or work for Advanced Transcription, Inc? (nm)
Advanced Medical Transcription
Any info working with Advanced Medical Transcription? Good, bad?
advanced transcription out of Portland?
Anyone here work for them now or in the past?  Any info appreciated.  Hate to apply for a company without knowing about platform, managers, accounts, hours, etc.  Thanks
Are you asking about Advanced Transcription in Oregon?
Advanced Transcription out of Oregon
They ask that you give them which 3 days of the week you'll be working for part-time though, but the TAT is 24 hours.  You may want to check them out.  www.advancedtx.com I think is the site. 
Advanced Medical Transcription LLC

I was on their website filling out the employment application and I noted they required MT to take a hearing test by a physician.  I have been an MT for 30 years and taken tests before, but I have never had to have a hearing test.  Does or have any MT currently with this company had to have that hearing test?  I was just curious before I actually sent in an application?  The one Advanced Company i was looking at was out of Kentucky.  I am not sure of how many other companies with this name also there were.    Thanks

Advanced Transcription in Orgeon?

I need current information on this company.  I have a phone interview tomorrow afternoon.


TIA!  :)

Think you have the wrong Advanced Transcription. This one is in Oregon..

Scratching my head on this one...

Advanced Medical Transcription Service,
Any info on Advanced Medical Transcription Service,LLC?
Advanced Transcription - PLEASE, any knowledge you can share anyone?....sm
Offer to do acute care with emphasis on ops, which I love to do; have found nothing in archives or forums, offer came through MTIA....Please, anyone know about them?
Does anyone have experience with Advanced Transcription Technology?
I'd like to hear about other's experience there before applying.
If you were one of the recent applicants for Advanced Transcription in Oregon ...SM
Are any of you still hearing back or is the hiring over, I wonder? I sent my application in but pretty late by the time I saw the message.

If any of you have started already, how do you like it? Are they really that flexible that you just log on and work when you want as long as you meet a minimum number of lines a week? How does the QA work...what if you have blanks?

I guess any info would be appreciated, even though I'm probably not going to get in on it this time around, it seems.

Anyone work for Advanced Medical Transcription out of Indiana?
Do they pay on time?  How is the software.  Do they pay twice a month or every other week?  Any information would be helpful.  Thank you!
Does Advanced Transcription in Oregon offer flexible shifts? Do you have to do set schedule? NM
Trying to get info on Transcription-Express(not X-press Transcription)....

Got a call and am scheduled to be hooked on later this week.  Does someone need to stop me?  TIA 

Need info on MRC transcription
I just got an offer from a company called MRC.  Has anyone ever heard of them?  I need some feed back.  I am currently working with Spheris, but unhappy with my current schedule which conflicts with my school schedule.  I have put for different radiology accounts, but never received any feedback on from them. 
A to Z Transcription info
Does anyone have any information on A to Z Transcription, good or bad, thinking about applying.  Thanks.
Info on Cy-Med and p.r.n. Transcription
Would appreciate any new info on these two companies, they both are advertising for an oncology account.  Would like to know about their platforms, their staff, pay on time, starting rates.  TIA.
Looking for info on ABC Transcription.....sm
They have an ad on the job board for a part-time ortho editor. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Any info on RX: Transcription, LLC??
Any info on C&E transcription?