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Anyone heard of or applied for work at WRU Transcription in Illinois?

Posted By: not me on 2007-09-21
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Has anyone heard of Transcription Systems of Illinois LLC. nm
I had applied for PT work and never heard from them. nm
I don't work for Transtech but applied w/them, haven't heard back
anyone heard of MTP in Illinois?

anyone heard of MTP in Illinois? what platform they use, pay etc...


I've heard only positive things about them. So, I applied, but haven't heard a word. Maybe fl
Transcription Services of Illinois
Does anyone have any information on this company?  I've been contacted by them and have had several email conversations with one person in particular.  She seems pretty sure about wanting me to help out and said she would contact me today but so far I have not heard from her, even after sending an email to her regarding this this morning.  Just wondering if I should persue this or not.  Thanks in advance.
Anything on Southern Illinois Transcription
I am just curious if they have good accounts, what type, VR or straight typing?  Are they a good company to work for?  Do they pay at least 8 cpl? Thanks
Southern Illinois Transcription...from below...sm
Please steer clear of this one.  the owner is rude, moody, and sends out emails YELLING (all caps) Threatening and if you try to contact other MTs who work on the same account with you, she gets hightly ticked off.  I told her she was crazy and then was gone!  Maybe she needed medication or something.
Transcription Systems of Illinois -- anyone with any experience ... sm
with this company such as how they are to work for, pay on time or not, software used, work load, benefits or not, etc.?  Any and all info appreciated.  Email me if you prefer.  Thanks!! 
Has anyone ever heard of Terra Nova Transcription or work there.
I applied and heard from them
I applied and heard nothing.
So it's indifferent, I guess.
I applied twice and never heard from
Who knows.
I have applied there twice and heard nothing.
Once a year ago, once 6 months ago.
I applied, have heard nothing nm
I applied, but never heard anything -nm
How is Transolutions, Inc. out of Illinois to work for?
Would like to know about platforms, pay days how often, and any other pertinent info you all might have regarding this company, specifically for radiology work.  TIA
Applied with them 2 weeks ago; nothing heard so far...sm
Didnt see much on their website either, and can't find anything in the archives.
I applied and heard back (sm)
They responded almost instantly with an e-mail that said to send a Yahoo IM (instant message) to their address. I e-mailed back that I did not have an IM account, and could we just discuss via e-mail, and then I never heard anything again. Really makes me wonder how legit they are...
I applied there and just heard back

I don't know a whole lot because I am waiting to start but pay is 9 cpl (even though the ads say 9-10) and they use ChartScript.  You also must be incorporated because they are only hiring for contract work at this time.  No set schedule.  Hope this helps a little.

I have applied a few time, but have not heard anything.
Maybe if the poster will take the time to read the emails they have already received and actually hire from them, they would not have to keep posting over and over again.
Applied too and never heard a word.. sm


I applied the last time they had an ad and heard nothing...nm
Anyone work for the Medquist Illinois office?
Just wondering how they are.
I heard from Medware an hour after I applied
Talked to the recruiter, received an offer later that day and in less than a week I had my equipment and started.  They even call you and help you load the software and your expander, very professional.  I am very happy, I use EXText so that was a plus to see Medware uses that software.  They are a good company.
Haven't heard for a month since I applied
Friend of mine applied and she has not heard yet either - sm
It is legit as far as i know. It is an SBC global job, and they are known for hiring at-home people.
applied and haven't heard a word......nm
I wish TT would hire me. Applied and took test, but not heard from. NM
 I guess I suck.
I applied but haven't heard back
Do any of these companies let you take time off without pay if you haven't earned your PTO yet?  Any other good companies out there?  Anyone pay more than 8.5 cpl?
I applied there, took their test and have not heard anything. I guess I failed. nm
Anyone heard back from TransHealth? I've applied
I have 25 years of acute care experience and great references.  Maybe it's my breath? LOL.
I applied for other positions when they've had them and never heard back. nm
In NY or Georgia? I never heard back from the NY one when I applied last year. nm
In NY or Georgia? I never heard back from the NY one when I applied last year. nm
Has anyone who has applied for last round of Lee Perfect openings heard from them yet? nm
Has anyone applied and heard back from "Editors Needed" on the job board? sm
The ad said, Want to break into editing? I may have the job for you. Just wondering if anyone applied and has heard back. Mainly curious to find out what company this is. Thanks!
Yep, I applied there, took test, passed it, and I was to be contacted, but never heard a thing from
Medware..Anyone know what they pay their speech editors. I have applied but havent heard back. I
was just curious if it was worth my time or not.
Those who applied at Transcription Express, sm
Has anyone heard anything back from Transcription Express?  I applied on Sunday and have not heard anything and was just curious as to whether anyone else has heard anything.  I have a lot of experience and thought I would at least receive the opportunity to test.  I do realize, however, that with the number of views the ad has received, they are probably wading through tons of resumes.  TIA
Has anybody applied with p.r.n. transcription service? Please email nm
Heard of Transcription Inc?
Anyone heard of a company called Transcription Inc?  Any info appreciated. 
QTI transcription...Anyone heard of them?
I am wondering what type of reputation they have, anything anyone knows about them, I'd appreciate.  Thanks
Has anyone heard of MBB transcription?
I received an email from them?
Anyone heard of QED Transcription?
(of Arizona) ... any feedback? thx
Anyone heard of DIT Transcription?

I just received an email from the hiring department of DIT Transcription. Has anyone heard of them? Is this a reputable company? Thanks!

Anyone heard of DIT Transcription?
I received a call back from the recruiter at DIT Transcription. Is this a reputable company? I have read mostly good things so far, but I am looking for a little more info since there isn't much. Thanks in advance!
Anyone ever heard of Q.E.D. Transcription?
Pros, cons?  TIA
anyone heard of DTS America Transcription?
I recently tested with them and wondered if they are a good company to work with. The website says they are based in TN.
Ever heard of Transcription Inc, from Arkansas?
anyone ever heard of this company? Anyone work for them or know someone that does?  Was there not a way to check out a company on one of these boards some time ago???  Im probably looking in the wrong place.  Any help would be fab!
Has anyone ever heard of Shapin Med. Transcription