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Anyone know how long it takes to get contacted by Precyse after testing?

Posted By: Newsie on 2006-02-07
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After testing for First Choice, can anyone tell me how long it takes to hear back? nm
If an MT takes time to go through the testing process...
MTSOs should take the time to respond, even if it's an auto-response, letting the MT know that either they did not cut the mustard or that the position was filled already. It's the decent thing to do. That's the benefit of computers. It's not the personal touch most would prefer, but it sure beats sitting around waiting for an answer.
Does anyone know how long it takes to get (sm)
equipment deposit of $300 back from Spheris once you return their equipment? I don't know who to contact. All I get is a voice mail without a return call. Thank you.
Anyone know how long it takes to

get test results back from Precyse Solutions. Are they as good as their website claims?


Anyone know how long it takes
quitting Spheris?  Thanks!
let's see how long it takes for THIS to get pulled

we have actually been told in the past to not post about them -- it's THAT BAD.  Womanizing horrible ignorant piece of crap company that doesn't give a rip about you.  If you like being treated like an idiot -- go for it!


Sometimes takes twice as long to edit?
I just finished my first hour of VRing and I did 561 lines, that is at 4 cents a line and that equals to over $22 for that hour. I could never straight transcribe that many lines in 1 hour.
Yes, 6 cpl is low but three years is NOT a lot of experience. It takes that long to become sm
semi-proficient and we look for at least 5 years because of that. I would not go higher than 7 cpl with only three years experience and I think this is starting to be the norm.

Think of other fields ... plumbing apprentices, electrician apprentices, printing apprentices, etc. It takes 5 years to be a journeyman. They start at $8.00/hour and move to cap which is around $30/hour but it takes 10 years to get there.

Even teachers ... it takes 5-10 years to get top pay.

Any field.
Depends on how long it takes to get your ID from the facility. SM
Once that happens, they get you installed and going pretty quickly.

You can probably call them about the Lanier unit to see if they have any to rent to own.

When I worked with them, the insurance was very expensive and not very good. They have promised to get better, but that has been going on for a long, long time.
Does anyone know how long it takes to get the computer deposit SM
back after returning the computer? Thanks.
Any idea how long it takes to hear from All Type? sm

I've submitted my resume for their QA position, and I haven't heard anything back yet. I was wondering if this could be due to the convention in Boston, or is this just the new trend in the application process? I've also submitted my resume to other companies, and there have been quite a few who haven't given even a short reply.

I know it's not because of a lack of experience, because I've been doing MT for over 15 years and QA for over 5. Any ideas of a great place to send my resume?

Do you know how long it typically takes them to respond to resumes sent in?
Does anyone know how long it takes before you qualify for insurance at Keystrokes? nm
Testing with Precyse

Hi, I don't post here often, but was wondering - how long does it take to hear from a company after you have tested. I applied and took the transcription test last Sunday and here it is the following Friday and I've still not heard from them. I applied with Precyse. I know that I did well on the testing so I know that is not the issue. Not even an e-mail yet!

MT from NH

I typed on a line that long way back when. Would NEVER do it again. Takes forever
Recently tested for MxSecure and just wondering if anyone can tell me how long it usually takes (sm)

to hear back from them.  I felt like I did pretty good on the test, but I was just wondering if it usually takes a while for them to get back to you?


Tested with TT last week. Does anyone know how long it usually takes for them to response back.
I need a job...yesterday... I've been applying like crazy but cannot find anything worth taking.  I'm getting pretty desperate but still not enough to take 3 cpl for VR but check back next week LOL
Anyone know how long it takes to hear back from Prescyse after taking the test?
Will they get back to you?
How long until they get back to you after testing with them?
How long does it take to hear back after testing? TIA nm
I testing for MT companies wasn't so long and tiring

I want to change jobs, but the testing for a new job is so long and tiring. I feel like most of the employment tests i've taken are too lengthy. Also, my job runs out of work often, so I have to flex time to make up the work, and by the time I'm finished wasting my life away on the computer waiting for the jobs to trickle down, I'm too tired to take a test.

I understand the need for testing. I wish the tests could be condensed down.

Just venting.

Anyone that applied with Kathy Kirby hear anything yet? I am wondering how long it takes to hear a
response back
Applied and tested with Precyse - how long

I tested with Precyse on Wednesday. How long should I wait until I hear from them. If I don't hear from them, how long should I wait before contacting them and inquiring about my scores.


I'm a long-term Precyse employee ...

In short, if you need to make a decent living, to use the words of other posters about some other MT services, run, run very far and fast in the opposite direction. 

Other employees may present another work experience, but I've found that despite the fact that they have great managers, good team spirit, and treat the MT's with courtesy and respect that for the most part the dictators are terrible, sound quality is poor, and I've yet to receive a stable primary.  I get bounced around all over the place due to low work volumes or accounts being transferred over to the offshoring side of the company for Indian MT's to work on. 

ASR takes up a significant portion of our transcription now.  Between ASR and the offshoring it's my perception (and it may just be a matter of perception) that most of the 'easier' dictators have been routed in this direction while those of us still doing straight transcription get a more concentrated pool of challenged dictators.  Because there's not a mix of the good and the bad it's very difficult to pull lines.  I haven't made my company minimum production in I don't know when and know of many other MT's who are in the same boat. 

The platform, though, is very user friendly and only rarely has glitches that prevent you from working (although glitches do occur). 

I hope this helps. 

P.S.  For some reason it's difficult to find recent info in the archives on Precyse.  I remember a week or two ago another poster saying that she too had done a search and couldn't come up with anything more recent than 2006, although I know that there have been more recent postings. 

Have they contacted you?
I sent a resume late last week but haven't heard anything.
Have already contacted her and IRS
As there was never ANY pay at all, but recieved 1099 showing there was.
They contacted me too, but sm

They all ended up with companies that are where Diskriter was 3 years ago, going through a complete management revamp and all only offered IC status at a lower rate than I am making employee status with DR, all of them required the same scheduling, although I think Diskriter is pretty darned flexible, never been told no or had a problem if I needed to switch days, leave early, etc.  All of these past employees who were at DR are now at other companies.  One of them got DR into the huge mess they were in to begin with .  They have all said they'll hire me any day, no interview, no questions asked, but what they have offered preliminarily without my application was worse than where I'm at for line rates now.  If you search the archives on the companies their with now, the responses from MTs there will say nothing better or worse than you see with DR, it is all a matter of OPINION again and to each his own. 

If you are an MT looking into DR, go with your gut, if you feel like they might be right for you -forget the pre-employment requirements and background checks as an excuse to not apply, that is a pretty silly reason not to apply or accept a job, only desperate companies hire just by looking at a resume and not doing any background or physicals.  DR is not a desperate company - we are all very qualified MTs who pick up the slack when needed until we get new people that are just as qualified.

They contacted me
within about a week, but I applied at the end of July after the **** hit the fan at the Q, probably before a lot of other MTs. They were just starting some new accounts and the timing was perfect. I know they were swamped with apps in August, but if you have not heard anything after a week, I would contact them.
They have contacted me.....
They have contacted me and I was already hired by them a few months ago. They are asking me to retest with them. Not so sure if I want to go through everything again. It may not be worth the time since I did not have a good experience the first time. They want to get me on the payroll and start training me tomorrow.
They contacted you first and then did this?

I guess they have plenty of time and money to waste.  Makes you wonder if they had someone there with an axe to grind against you.  It's possible that person saw your name and decided to use a loophole to not hire you, but its still a rotten thing to do anytime, much less during the holiday season.

Good luck and hopefully other companies will treat you fairly.

I contacted them..

I contacted K&R to ask them to verify the security officer's name.  I haven't heard anything.  The other very weird thing is that their website does NOT have their address unless I missed it.  I had to Google the company and get the address that way.

It's just a weird set up.  I think I may back out as well.

Have they contacted you? sm
I've heard not one word from them or anyone else I've applied too.  I'm getting so sick of it.   Even a get lost email would be better than nothing! Ugh...
I contacted them, but the pay was way too low.

I have been waiting and waiting and they have my contract and all the paperwork and they are nowhere to be found.  Anyone else have this experience?


I think it was 2 days before they contacted me. I
turned it down before they offshore. 
I was contacted the day after I submitted...sm
my resume by one recruiter with a couple of questions about my experience with ESLs and operative reports, then received another e-mail from a different recruiter the following day to schedule the formal interview.
Sounds to me like she HAS contacted the-sm
ones that they have chosen for the positions, and that she was just letting the others know that the choice has been made, probably so there will not be any more discussion of her not responding quickly enough, on this board. jmo
Thanks, she contacted me and guess what...
She is going on a short cruise and will get back to me when she returns about the position. I think not.
Yes, I contacted HR, this is not an issue
with my paperwork. It is that they have not sent my contributions to MetLife - not one cent all year, and I am having 10% withheld. That is a lot of money the company has been using. Almost seems like stealing, doesn't it?
Florida - I'm being contacted by them
via email and not even sure how they found me. I've never applied to them. I'm currently an IC but now I'm curious about them.
Same here. I emailed them once, but they never contacted me. nm
Has anyone been contacted back sm

by Lee Pefect after passing test since recent ad?


Thanks so much!

I contacted them with 20 and got no reply.
  They probably hired all newbies at that rate.  I wouldn't worry too much about it.  What sounds too good to be true usually is, but I was curious as well.
I contacted everybody and was totally ignored!

That tells you how much our so-called govenrment of the people, for the people is working nowadays. Lately, the slogan is Of the rich, for the rich, and to heck with the middle class....take their money and run before they get wise.

They don't give %$%#@% about us. All they care about is how much money they're getting from big business and the rich.

They have contacted me 3 times about
working for them, but I have turned them down so I don't know much about them.  They have several different platforms that they work with, most at internet-based where you type real-time into the cyst.  I have 20 years of experience in acute care and I think they offered me 8 cpl.  
recruiter contacted me next day sm

You will get an email that says congratulations you passed, so on and so forth

I applied to the last ad, was contacted by their
recruiter and asked about my availability for an interview. I responded saying I was basically available anytime and never heard another word. I again forwarded them my resume with a note regarding my availability and still nothing, yet there is a new ad. I am not sure what to make of it.
Oh they realize, and they were the first ones I contacted
I applied, they contacted and....
I passed, because the pay was just way too low for me. STarting out at 6 cents per line. It's tiered, but just was terrible pay.
have you contacted the insurer?
contact the insurance company.
They contacted me several MONTHS later.