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Anyone using VPN with a reliable wireless

Posted By: connection? Any special tips? nm on 2007-08-05
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Very reliable..sm
This company is very reliable.  Owner will always make sure you have enough work.  I have been with them for almost one year now and things are great.
a resume would still be more reliable
Looking for reliable independent MTSOs
I am looking for independent MTSOs. Anyone really content with their company, I would sure like to know. I have many, many years of experience. Not interested in nationals. Been there, done that.
I think they are a reliable company but some of their accounts are almost 100% ESL and very
difficult.  Check which accounts they are looking to hire for and let me know.
No way. I work there and have asked a very reliable source who would know. nm


Faster, easier, and more reliable than Autocorrect.
Try Webmedx. They run low on work, too, sometimes, but overall a more reliable place. NM.
Good luck.

It is a good place to be. Safe. Reliable. Honest.
Once an MT's abilities are proven, MDI is extremely loyal. In return the MT is loyal. The way a mutually beneficial business relationship should be.
Holy Brown Stuff. Is that reliable info? (nm)
Does anyone have wireless internet service or know anything about it such as how it works, price, etc?


You can use wireless with your company?  I thought most companies did not allow it. Do a lot of people use wireless now? 


If at all possible, I would avoid the wireless; it will be slower and not as reliable as a wired connection.  You might want to make sure you are set up where there will be no interference between you and the router.  You might want to call your internet service provider to guide you also.  Overall, the best thing would be to use wired.
Wireless is NOT okay.
You must have cable or DSL.
I have a wireless setup at home, but it is still DSL, and it works great.  There is a big difference here between wireless in an airplane, hotel room, coffee shop, etc., vs wireless at home.
When you are referring to your post, are you referring to using a wireless router or an air card -- if it is regarding an air card, I would suggest searching the archives as there are several posts regarding an air card from Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, etc.
I have wireless high-speed broadband. TT said it is not compatible. Live rural and have no choice.
Thanks for the info!  This forum is great for getting answers.
Thanks for the information!  Appreciate feedback
USB or Wireless?
Any experienced MTs have insight on whether to go wireless or stick with the 'ol USB/wired connection for a keyboard/mouse set?  I need to turn over my current wireless set as it is too tempermental but not sure which way to go.  I love no wires but am not convinced wireless can keep up/is dependable to match every key stroke.  If anyone is using a wireless set, what would you recommend?  Thanks for any advice. 
Check out the wireless
Friends of mine have an RV and have a cell phone and wireless internet and are connected to everything and everyone.  Wish it were in the stars for me!!   
Axolotl and wireless

Is there anyone who is currently working for Axolotl who is using a wireless card in their PC?  I am having a problem with being able to hook straight up to DSL because of having to stay with relatives.  I am scheduled to start training on the 26th, but am afraid wireless wouldn't work.  So, if anyone is currently working there, could you tell me if you have tried it or will it not work well with the VPN?


Thank you  and Happy Turkey Day!

I'm not with Axolotl, but I use wireless and VPN with another
Working on wireless
Anybody working for a company that accepts or is compatible with wireless
You can use a router, just not a wireless one. nm
You can use a router, just not a wireless one
I wish their paperwork would have said this, then I would have never made this post.
What companies allow wireless broadband ? NM
Try to find out if you have wireless DSL in your area. sm
I live in a more rural area but have a couple of those kinds of providers to choose from and get 2M downloads and uploads. 
I have wireless (not cell, not satellite)
I'm frustrated as well. I live way out in the country and was told when I bought property that there would soon be hard phone lines. They renegged after I moved in and now the only choice I have for phones and Internet is a very lame Vonage VOIP (voice over Internet) service. It's the worst phone service I've ever had, many outages, and slow Internet, only slightly faster than dial-up. I've complained to the FCC and BBB, but it never gets any better. I worked for Medquist no problem for 6 years with their digital files downloading just fine and listening to those files through my computer, but now I'm using a C-phone and making only 1/3 what I used to through no fault of my own. It's just that I can't hear any full word and have to keep relistening. I've already been turned down by 2 companies because I had a wireless service and I'm very frustrated right now. I don't want to go back to Medquist, but I'll have to and just suffer the indignity and curse my phone company and people who sold me this property.
Just curious, why would not wireless work? I use - sm - Not OP
a wireless USB modem now as I do not have DSL or cable and cannot get satellite where I am (too many trees). I use it the wireless w/o any problem for an internet based platform. If this company also uses an internet based platform then where is the problem? I find my Wireless aircard (875U) slower than DSL but a huge improvement on dial-up. It takes me about 4 minutes to download a 19 minute file, whereas before it took 8-10 minutes; and only 1-2 minutes for 10 minute files, etc. Sure it is not as fast but it still works just fine. So I would think that a USB Wireless Aircard would work just fine for any company that uses an internet platform.
Companies that allow satellite or wireless?
Currently stuck with slow, slow dial-up and can't hardly stand it any longer! Considering investing in satellite or maybe wireless card.  My current employer will accept this but since you never know what the future holds in the MT world, just wondering about other companies that might allow this.  Would hate to be tied in for a two year or more contract plus any upfront costs on something that I could not use for work, so if any one could give me some suggestions about companies, I'd appreciate it so much  Thanks for any info 
Line-of-sight wireless

Does anyone know of any companies that will allow you to work with line-of-sight wireless?  I live in a rural area and cable or DSL simply is not available to me.  It is not satellite - it receives its signal from radio waves.  I am having trouble finding a company that will let you use this.  Thanks

Response to your post re: Wireless
Just a bit confused regarding your post and wireless. You mentioned that TT said it was not acceptable. Are you referring to a wireless router set up, where for example you are getting a signal off of someone else's wireless connection or are you referring to an air card through a cell phone provider?

The reason I ask is that I live in town and can hook up through my landlady's wireless router, however, the signal is not very strong and I have had problems with connecting through the VPN at times and staying connected. I also have a USB wireless air card, which I purchased through Sprint when I lived in a rural area and could not get either cable or DSL for a period of time. Spint, Verizon and many of the other cell phone carriers now have USB wireless air cards which you just plug into a free USB port on your computer. The biggest problem with this kind of card is that you have to be in relatively close proximity to a cell phone tower in order to be able to get any kind of speed for your uploads and downloads.

Also, with an air card, you have to commit to so many years, and you may have to pay for the card. I was lucky enough to get my air card through Sprint for free (Normally around $200 I think) and I pay $60 a month for unlimited internet service.

There are MANY companies out there that allow this kind of a setup. The company that I am working for now allows this, as well as FutureNet. Most of the time, if you explain the situation of having an air card to your technical person, there are ways of getting the program to work. Hope this helps.
I use both a wireless mouse and keyboard
and love it! I've used both the Microsoft 7000 wireless keyboard and mouse as well as the Logitech wave wireless keyboard and have no problems with either one keeping up with fast keystrokes.
Spheris- no WIRELESS routers
Yes, I agree. Most people have other people living with them who use computers. After going on message boards and getting no response, I went further into the packet and saw an agreement I had to sign that I will not use a WIRELESS router and the Spheris computer has to be hooked up with regular cord, not wireless router. I don't have the wireless, I have the Ethernet cord.
Speed may not be the issue; wireless needs to be secure.
Even with a wireless modem you can hardwire a computer
The majority of wireless modems also allow you to connect a computer by ethernet to them.  I have a wireless home network in my home and have my work computer connected directly to the modem via ethernet cable, but my 2 personal computers are set up wireless.  It's easy to do.  The modem is connected to the cable or DSL jack, and then you run an ethernet cable out of the back of the modem to your work computer.  Meanwhile, any other computers you have can be run wireless using the wireless adapters. 
Correction--I should have said wireless router, not modem
Wireless routers allow you to hook your computer up via ethernet.  It goes between the modem and the computer. 
Does Axolotl accept wireless or satellite? nm


I betcha it IS HIPAA regs that rule out wireless
Doctors etc. cannot use cell phones to dictate their reports, right? If this is true, I bet the use of wireless to deliver their dictations to at-home transcriptionists is considered potentially not secure. Well, two modems it is for me and I am really glad I asked this question. Thank you all for your feedback.
I use the Microsoft wireless 4000 comfort keyboard
and had no trouble switching to it from my split keyboard.  It is curved, so has a similar feel.  I love being wireless.  I use it with my laptop and work on it all day.  I think I've been working wireless for about 2 years now and couldn't go back.  I work with my keyboard in my lap, so the wireless is great.
Many hotels are offering free high-speed wireless now.

 I've seen some of the major chains also have rooms setup for professional people where they have jacks for whatever equipment.  Starbucks, Barnes and Noble, Panera Bread have free or low cot wireless, truck stops have low cost/free wireless. 

If you are staying in a campground many campgrounds (at least the bigger ones or ones in larger cities) are going wireless, but most at least have some type of central location where you can use dial-up.

If you know where you are going you can check the chain hotels in the area and find out if they have wireless.  There are sites that tell you where hot spots are - if you Google open hot spots you'll probably find it. 

It isn't near as hard as it used to be to get connected, just takes a bit of planning.   If you are on the road for along period and want to work going down the road if you are using a wireless card it will have a light that comes on when you hit a hot spot or you can get a hot spot finder for $20.00 or less.  I have one but it only searches for about 5 minutes and then I have to push the button again.  But this would allow you to pull over in a parking lot and download/send work. 

There are other options available, but aren't cost effective unless you travel frequently.

I wish Logitech made a wireless ergonomic/split keyboard.
We stay at hotels that offer wireless internet services, most only charge like $10 to use 24 hours.
and then we travel to relatives who usually have internet service, but our laptop does have a wireless card. I love technology!!
Satellite is secure. Wireless DSL is less secure than satellite but
yet companies accept that. Satellite can be very secure depending on how you have everything set up.