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Anyone willing to say how Proscript is at this time? ... SM

Posted By: GaMT on 2008-11-02
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Especially work load, ability to get line counts, generally good accounts, and benefits.  Thanks!

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I work full-time for Proscript..... sm
And I never run out of work, but I have 2 large hospitals as my primary accounts, and 3 clinics as my secondary - probably why I don't run out of work ever.

If you are considering full time employee-with-benefits status - a minimum of 11,000 lines per pay period.

If you need more info - please email me

Sandy used to be the recruiter for Proscript. Is Proscript now Opti-Script, name change?
Just curious..
anyone know anything about proscript?
Anyone know anything about Proscript, how is the company?
Is anyone working for ProScript now who could give me some input?

Anyone work for or have any information on ProScript???

Proscript (sm)

I've never piled up the lines so easily.  My account has very few ESLs.  Email if you want to talk.

Proscript (nm)
Proscript - sm
You are right..it did say that by February there would be work, and I still have not heard anything, only that there is not enough to go around at this time....
I used to think they were the best company out there, but they have certainly changed recently.  No communication, and the communication you get is certainly not positive!  I have no idea what happened to this once really, really good company! 
Which Proscript? (sm)

I applied to a company called Proscript months ago, and was told they would love to have me on-board in March, which was great for me as who wants to start new work during the holidays.  Now that it's almsot April, I thought I'd check back, but I'm confused:  I can't find the web site that had the phone number, only the one linked below.  Do they off-shore?  I thought the recruiter I spoke to said they definitely did not, but I also found this: 



May 1998-2002  PROSCRIPT DOCUMENTATION SERVICES   Sarasota, FLPrincipal owner. Start up Internet medical documentation and transcription company. National exposure.  High tech and customer oriented. Outsourced labor to India via internet. Evolved into www.copytalk.com.


This is the phone number for Proscript in Sarasota, Florida.  1.800.867.0428.  I worked there at one time.  I do not know what this other website is, whether they are changing or not.  Good luck.

proscript- me too!
Well, this is funny since I was actually recruited by email by Proscript back in October. I interviewed and was told I had a job, then heard nothing for a while, then was told they had hired all they needed, and would be needing me in February/March. Now it's almost April and I haven't heard from them either. I was put off so many times by them before I don't know what to think. Thankfully I have a job that I am actually comfortable in.
Are you with Proscript?

If you work for Proscript, please contact me at my E-mail address.




L. Craig

Sorry 'bout that...I meant to post a reply here but accidently clicked on reply by email. Anyway...Proscript is a great company!
Please feel free to email me privately if you wish.
Has anyone heard if Proscript has a 10% QA maximum, for keeping insurance benefits?
I just started working for them a few months back. Wonderful people, but their platform is the worst!  Type and type and get nowhere!

I just accepted a position with them; worked for them years ago when they were DDI, before the Q bought them out; nice people to work with, good pay and benefits; don't know what their accounts are like now but can't be any worse that this!



See message below.  Today is my last day with this company.  They are the BEST and NICEST people to work for, but their platform is the worst I have ever seen, and I have been in this business 30 years!  You will make more money to go to McDonald's to work!


Proscript is a great company to work for. Work has always been there for me....just your normal low times....holidays summer vacations. But other than that....great place. Pay always on time and the people are wonderful
Can anyone tell me what platform they use, along with whether or not you have access to previous reports?
Would that be mad as in angry or mad as in crazy? Ha!

I have worked almost 40 years as an acute hospital Tx/QA. I am highly respected and have always respected my employers, (hospital or service) until now. ProScript has turned from a friendly employee supported service into a company (in my opinion) of bottom-feeders. After working for them almost 5 years we discovered an error in my pay (I was an employee). I contacted them and the VPO called and said I would be paid within two weeks. Then one lie after another - six weeks later I had to file with the State of California to get my wages. My hours were cut (IMHO as a payback) to 29 a week forcing me to quit. I don't know about you - but, anyone who lies to me especially about my money is not trustworthy.   I could go on and on about the quality of work product and others but bottom line is they cannot be trusted!  I still believe a person's word is their bond.

Anybody else work for Proscript?? I've had very little work since it seems Christmas time...Anyone else with this same problem?
Hi fellow Mts:   I know there are pros and cons for every company out there.   I need some an answer about anyone currently working for Proscript out of Sarasota. Florida.  I am thinking of something PT, maybe FT.  Are they basically a good company to work for.  What platform do they use, do they pay for spaces and what is the basic line rate.  What is the percent of ESL.  I have some exp. with that but it is not my favorite, some are good and some I have had were so bad they had templates for these doctors and drove me crazy.  For MTs working for them now have you had any trouble getting your pay.  Thanks for information.
This might be a good PT job which I was kinda looking for and they were looking for 2nd shift people.  I might just check into it though.  Thanks
? about Proscript sm
Does Proscript hire employee or IC status.  Can anybody tell me anything about this company? 
I was hired to do OPs. What they did not tell me was that any normal dictations the client wanted them to use (more than I've seen with any other company), they did not pay for. Therefore, you worked your hind end off and it seemed like you were getting a lot of lines when, in fact, you were not.

So, for the question below about quarterly bonus pay with Proscript, good luck trying to get that because it goes by your line count.
Looking for information on Proscript.  Thanks
There are a few good people there, but the communication is HORRIBLE. You can email until you are blue in the face and never get an answer. Don't know about the VR account, but the other accounts weren't too bad.
Anyone currently work for ProScript?  E-mail me if you do.
Have you tested and/or been offered a job yet?  I would like to know  more ifo also!

I tested with them today and it was the best test I have ever gotten to take yet and believe me I have gotten a lot of tests








I tested with them today. It was the best test I have ever gotten by a company and BELIEVE ME I have tested with many!




Proscript job ad
Are there any transcriptionists out there who are working on the acute care/oncology account and would care to share their experience.  Are you able to make any money especially since the cpl rate for both straight and VR is so low?  Percentage of ESL dictators, etc.  Would love to hear what you think of working for them.  Thank you.
Does anyone know anything about Proscript?
 good or bad?
is proscript a good or bad company to work for?
I had a very positive experience with them.  Worked there for three years.  Had an excellent supervisor and very supportive management team.  Wish I was still there!

Funny, I don't recall asking for advice.  But if I were looking to change jobs, Proscript would be the first place I'd call.

To clarify, I should have said in my first post, instead of wish I was still there, wish I had stayed there instead of dealing with some of the jackasses I've had to deal with since then.






Anybody else get a flyer from ProScript? n/m


Opinions regarding Proscript..sm
Are there any comments regarding a company named Proscript?  TIA
www.proscript.com or www.ositranscription.com.nm
Does proscript allow dialup? Thanks. nm
Proscript info (sm)
When looking at a service, do look beyond the surface. The line rate for a company doesn't matter as much as what one can earn per hour. The Proscript pay rate may look low (and that's just the starting rate, for minimal production), but the line counts are so exceptional that I'm once again earning the $24+ per hour that I feel I deserve. Add that to how a Rick Cameron MT company treats its MTs -- plenty of information, lots of nice little perks, free productivity classes and IT glossaries, etc., and I can't imagine ever leaving.
Proscript answers (sm)

Very happy with company, thrilled to be working with the same bunch from ddi!

I'm SE, but I believe I was told the company pays all the MT's health insurance, not just part; the rest of your family, you would of course have to pay for.

Plenty of work, and when the volume does dip a little, our wonderful transcription director immediately sends out an email and tells people when the dictation is coming in so they can adjust their schedules.  I do nights, so I rarely run out of work.

No, my primary account has very, very few ESLs.  This is in part because of the types of accounts ProScript is going for -- they don't want the huge hospital chains that hire tons of ESLs.  The accounts they seek out are medium-sized hospitals that insist of quality and no offshoring.

Feel free to email me if you want, but your best bet would be to contact the recruiter and get the info directly.

Oh, those posts about ProScript losing all their accounts are nonsense.  Now that Rick owns the service, he is seeking out a different sort of account than the previous owner specialized in; thus, the service may not be choosing to renew its contracts with every hospital.


is Proscript hiring ? - nm
Proscript-Laid off sm

Laid off as a result of not enough work..still waiting to hear from them..

The prob w/ProScript is (sm)
absolutely no communication. Didn't the email in December say there'd be tons of work by mid Feb?
I don't think ProScript is hiring. sm
If you do a search, you'll see where some Proscript MTs have been talking about being out of work or laid off completely.
is proscript hiring ? - nm
Proscript...does anyone know if they have work...sm
and do they hire part-time status?  TIA