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Anyone with DataKey in Maryland? nm

Posted By: Friday on 2006-04-28
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Is this DataKey? nm
DataKey MT

I am looking for some information on DataKey MT.  Anyone here work for them?  Any info is greatly appreciated.  TIA

I Know Why No One Can Find Info For Datakey.

I was hired by DatakeyMT quite a few weeks ago and these people DO NOT keep in touch. 

First, I was hired.  I had to e-mail them the next day and remind them they hired me.  Then, I was sent the software, which I had some trouble with (I won't go into how many critical grammar errors the manual had).  They tried to help and then just stopped e-mailing me after I sent a screen shot of the configurations and told them it still wasn't working.  After 3 hours, I figured it out myself.  They cheered for that.  Then, I was sent 2 test files; 1 was 6 seconds, the other 7.  I told them there was nothing but silence on these files.  That was 3 weeks ago.  No more correspondence whatsoever.

What a waste of time.  Not to mention, the platform seemed VERY time consuming.

Do they supply you with equipment or do you have to use your own.  TIA.
MDI-MD is an excellent company...everything from the platform to the pay to the responsiveness of the staff.  The accounts are not for beginning MTs, but for anyone with over 5 years experience in most hospital work types the company is a real jewel.  Pay is every other Friday.  Status is SE, so that self-employment taxes are paid by company.  Great flexibility.
I work for MDI and I love my accounts. I have had very few ESL. You are an independent contractor, that is all they hire. I started out at 9.5 cpl. The work on my account is easy. Teaching hospitals are not that different from others no matter what one may think. the account specifics are easy because they are the same on every account they have and the transcription is strictly verbatim. While, I am not that fond of verbatim, because of the docs have bad English skills, it's okay because then you know exactly what the QA is looking for. I did not test for the job. They do not perform audits as most nationals do. You set your own schedule, commit to your own amount of lines per day. It's the best company I have worked for and the people are great. The accounts are from Baltimore... I was leary of ESLs, but I have just about 4 or 5 of them and they are not that bad.
MDI is a good company. however they do not pay extra for working nights,weekends, or holidays and you are expected to work 2 weekend days a month and 2 holidays.
Do any hospitals in Rockville area hire local transcriptionists?  TIA
I have never received anything positive from an MDI QA person. I asked for some positive feedback and also asked that it would be nice if they had to say something positive. Their response We don't have time for that All it takes is 2 words Nice job or Good job. How hard is that? They spent a lot time telling the negative, very little time telling the positive.
MDI Maryland
Heavy on ESLs but good cpl. Good supervisers and QA is generally good, unless you get on their list, then they're bears. Very, very, very flexible and accommodating. Nice folks.
I've read the forums but cannot seem to find positives or negatives on MDI-Maryland.  Seems they are too good to be true.  Any comments would be very appreciated.
I saw at the bottom of the page a post by Rhonda concerning MDI and how happy she is there. There are two MDIs, one in Florida and one in Maryland. I work for MDI-Maryland and I LOVE it!! The people are great, the DQA person I had was so wonderful--not harsh, not insultive, not punitive, just very, very helpful! I have been a MT for over 30 years and have worked for a lot of different places, but MDI is home from now on for me. I have never worked for a MT company who puts their employees first like this company does. They also pay very well and all MTs are SE status, which gives me all the flexibility I need. If you want a good MT home, go to MDI-Maryland.
MDI-Maryland does. nm
Does anyone know if this company is currently hiring?  I think you are only an IC.  Any employees out there with any info?  Thank you.
I was just hired along with a friend of mine by MDI-Maryland and just had their training and still am on full QA. I think they are still hiring. They have a lot of work. Status is statutory employee, not fully IC, so they pay half of the taxes.
Thanks for the info.  I appreciate it.
MDI Maryland
main office 301-921-2006
MDI Maryland Pay
Hi - Just started with MDI in Maryland but having trouble making as much as my old job.  Can anyone tell me how long it took to get up to speed?  Thanks in advance.
MDI Maryland
So far, so good for me. I'm still in training phase but they've been very quick to answer any questions, the platform is a breeze, and the pay isn't bad.

I've got 18 years of acute care experience and am a CMT, so I've seen a lot of mediocre, especially in the last few years. My early opinion - this company is a keeper, no offshoring, flexibility of schedule, excellent communication. Worth trying to get your foot in the door! : )
MDI- Maryland
Anyone working for them as a statutory employee? How are they to work for. Is work plentiful? Anyone working on Lanier account?
MDI Maryland
MDI is a wonderful company to work for. I've been with them on and off for over 5 years - after reviewing a lot of the offers on this site, as well as MT's pros and cons on other companies, I feel blessed to be working for a such a great company!

Good luck!
MDS in Maryland
Good afternoon.  I'm looking for a part-time position and would love to apply with this company.  Can any current employees tell me where to go to apply?  If there's a referral program, please email me.  I have 11 years' experience in acute care and ER, all specialities except radiology.  I currently work full time and desire part time now.
No, MDI-MD (Maryland)
I have been at MDI-MD for a few years and am happy there. If you are looking for employee status, this isn't your place, but I love the totally flexible schedule, being able to work without someone looking over my shoulder constantly, and the good pay.
MDI in Maryland
Hi.  Does anyone work for this company and have any positives/negatives?  Thanks in advance!
yes, that is in Maryland, the one
with good posts (and some not so good lately). and they do NOT send work overseas. I work for them and am very happy with the company. e/m me if you wish.
MRC Maryland?....nm
yes - Maryland nm

What kind of work do they have - is it acute care, clinic, ER, or other? Also, they just hire IC right, no benefits? Is the work done through the Internet or a phone line?

Thanks :)

Yes it was the MDI in Maryland sm
see my post above. I don't know what they told you when they hired you but this is what they are doing now. On top of that when i got the above e-mail I ignored it because I could not accommodate their rules but they called me anyway and I had not tested etc. Im glad you are happy with them but this is not what they are advertising now. Just another conpany trying to get around the rules. As long as MTs accept this kind of treatment it will keep happening.
What is the minimum number of hours you can work for MDI-Maryland after you slowly get started with the five reports?
MDI in Maryland is never out of work. nm
FutureNet or MDI Maryland
MDI-Maryland is just like the old Signal. Try them. nm
MDI-Maryland (don't know about MDI-Florida).
Questions about MDI Maryland
I'm a part-time MT with a national company, and I have tentatively accepted a Transcriptionist position with MDI Maryland. Would love to hear from MDI-Maryland transcriptionists, editors, regarding their experiences with the company. 
MDI-Maryland - does anyone know if they are hiring? sm
Sent 2 e-mails to the recruiter but haven't heard back. Don't know if they are inundated with requests or just not interested.
MDI-Maryland website?
Can anyone oblige?  I am working QA but need an IC MT gig to make ends meet.  Thanks!
how can I get in touch with MDI Maryland. thx
IPR... Any info. They are out of Maryland. TIA.

Love MDI-Maryland
Good folks. Great QA--consistent, friendly. The pay is good and on time by direct deposit. Work is fairly steady (there was a lull for summer vacations). They do not outsource.

Platform is quick and easy to use (single page). I have a primary and a secondary account, but the specs are clear and not difficult.

I highly recommend this company!
DTS Medica, Inc. in Maryland
Anyone know anything about them? I got an email from them, not much there, and their website does not have anything other than to email them about their positions. Anything?? Thanks. 
Anybody know how to contact MDI Maryland?
Does anyone have any info on MDI out of Maryland?
I was just looking at their web site, and it looks pretty good, and I see that they have been around for 25+ years. Does anyone have any experience working for this company? I searched the archives before posting this, but nothing came up, which I thought was strange. I might be looking to change companies in the future, and I was just wondering how they are to work for. Any info, both good and bad, would be greatly appreciated!
MDI Maryland question

does it really equal to 9-11 cents even with the unlimited long distance?  Does anyone know what the running price is for unlimited long distance?   I just use my cell phone for receiving and making calls.  TIA

MDI Maryland question
to all of you long time MDI'ers, how do you like the platform?   I know you have more internet accounts added but overall does the platform run quick or does it tend to be slow? Also as far as the Cphone goes, how does that work out for you? Ie.  Do you like it enough that it is not a bothersome to you? TIA
MDI Maryland -- Bonuses?
It was my understanding that MDI does not have production incentives or bonuses. However, when I looked at their website it says this:

. . . And we show it to you through appreciation, excellent pay, bonuses and, more importantly, respect for your work.

Does any MDI MT have any info concerning the bonuses? I would appreciate it.
is the one in Clearwater or in Maryland?
Any word on MDI Maryland?
I was looking into it but have very little info.
Does anyone know if MRC out of Maryland and eMTS are the same? NM
Thanks, I think one of them is the old MRC out of Cleveland, Ohio.
holidays at MDI Maryland
for you MTs at MDI--Maryland what is their procedure with MTs working the holidays.  Is it a must that you have to submit how much work you will do or can you take it off without request.  Just wanting to know as I know my company used to just let you take it off without no problem when they had statutory.  TIA!