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Anyone work for Allstate Transcription?

Posted By: FlaMT on 2008-05-29
In Reply to:

If so, I have a question for you guys if you don't mind getting a PM.  I need some help.

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Allstate Transcription
     I just wanted to let everyone know that I think that Deb at Allstate Transcription is Wonderful.  She goes out of her way for others all the time.  She does a wonderful AIM program as to where you can be hired to her company but if you slack at all than you can loose that privilege and believe me she is very easy going and works hard to make sure that you understand everything and that you don't fall out of the program.  She is the first company that actually works with me instead of just saying you did all this wrong your fired.  She helps you out ALL the time, it doesn't matter what time of the day it is.  I give Allstate Transcription an A+A+A+A+... 

As a fellow MTSO owner, it sounds to me like you were given a chance to improve your work much longer than other MTSOs would have and you still blew it.  The owner of ALLSTATE TRANSCRIPTION is a very reliable, honest and fair person.  If you are no longer employed through them it's probably because you were endangering the status of the account you were working on.  Take a serious look at your work quality and be truthful with yourself.  I have worked with the owner of ALLSTATE for many many years.  There is NO WAY your statements are based on fact.

allstate transcription
anyone with pros, cons on allstate transcription in alabama?  any insight would be appreciated.  I could not find anything on this website.  thanks.
Allstate Transcription
Anyone have any info on Allstate Transcription.  What is their pay for standard typing as well as VR/SR, how is communication, software, etc.  TIA!!
Allstate Transcription/AIM

Anyone ever heard of Allstate Transcription? I applied there and was emailed that I would need to go through a mentor program with AIM in which I needed to pay $99.00.......hubby says he doesn't like the idea of paying for mentoring....anyone know if this is scam? I am desperate to find MT job and things not looking good so far....70+ applications and not one bite.....



Allstate Transcription does... sm
They are hiring now too.
Allstate Transcription....sm

Does anyone know what happened to Allstate Transcription?  I saw on the New MTs board that they went out of business.  Someone actually bought them out I think.  Does anyone know what happened or why?  I used to work there up until a few months back, and I also did the AIM intern program.  I am just curious if Deb is working for another company now or did she go out of MT altogether.  I am really surprised. 

In info on Allstate Transcription? nm

Any fellow Allstate Transcription....sm
MTs?  Just wondering. 
Allstate Transcription -- is anybody happily working there? SM

Their ad sounds like what I'm looking for, but it seems like there was negative discussion about them a while back.

Does anybody know anything about this company?  I've seen several ads and saw a post elsewhere where the MTSO had several errors in her post.  I am curious as to the quality of work and whether or not they pay on time.  The MTSO, besides her errors, sounded like a very nice person and I would like part-time with someone less than a tyrant.  Thanks in advance. 
Thank you.

I have tried that.  Why am I still not getting anything??  I tried allstate,

allstate Transcription, allstatetranscription.  Give me a clue!

as soon as I posted my response about not finding anything a whole bunch came up after my last post without me having to put it in the search engine.  Why does that happen??

Have read a lot of good things but I did not have a good experience.

Great company to work for.  Their pay is very competitive and was matched from my previous job.  They use eScription software called EditScript.  It is one of the best platforms I have ever used.  The owner is extremely nice and easy to work with.  I would recommend Allstate highly!
I work for Allstate and I can assure you all those posts were made by real people who work for Allstate. Allstate is a great company to work for, plain and simple.
I too work for Allstate. I worked with the owner before she started her company and then when she got established and had enough work available I went to her for a position. She encourages communication between all MTís whether QA, intern or IC and even gives them a forum to do so. She usually communicates daily with everyone. She offers everyone who works with her every conceivable resource. She is available to everyone who works for her practically 24 hours a day. The 2 companies I worked for prior to working for her did not offer the communication, the resources or even the availability the way she does. I would not consider working anywhere else. Administrator, check my IP address.

I also love working for Allstate.  The owner is fantastic, extremely flexible, as well as friendly.  She works with the motto, as I do, that you learn something new every day, and we generally discuss issues.  It is wonderful working with her.  There is always work, and if your account runs out, there are backups.  We are like a family here, and I really mean that!!! Compensation has been on time and is consistent with what I have made at prior places of employment. 

I would definitely give them a chance, I am so glad I did.    This has been so unlike other jobs I have had in the past, and in fact, the only thing that reminds me that it is a job is my paycheck! 

Allstate QA
Anyone do QA for Allstate and not just MT? Interested in to know your experience.

I am a former mentor of Allstate.  Deb owes me almost $1000 (this is for 2-1/2 months work)  When I gave my notice, my accounts were locked immediately and I was unable to get my line counts to send invoices. In fact, I couldn't even edit my interns documents.  Then when decided not to give a 2 week notice since I was told I would be put on probation if I stayed, I was told that I forfeited all of my earnings because I signed an IC contract.  Don't be stupid.  If you are an experienced MT, stay far away and go to a hospital which is where I previously worked.  I regret my decision to leave there, (due to health issues) because I was always treated fairly and paid well and on time bi-weekly, with benefits.  If you are thinking about paying 99.00 to sign up for the intern program, big mistake, because if you have already graduated from an MT program, hospitals will hire you to work without you paying them (and the hospital sometimes even pays you a salary to boot, even though it is lower than a seasoned MT) 

I am posting this because I am a genuinely honest (and yes Christian) person and I should have known better, especially when she didn't even bother testing me.  I don't want others to be fooled by this so called "Christian" organization.  When you get paid, it will take 2 or 3 months and if you decide you can't afford to work there and quit, you don't get paid period. 


I feel for you. I have dealt with Deb and she is a real psycho. Plus she subcontracts for Proveros who are Indian owned.
Deb at allstate
Yep. that's her. That's how I got suckered in. she will tell lies and sob storied about her daughter too. She is evil. pure and simple. She is a thief plain and simple.
Allstate / Deb
Whoa! I thought this was a place to give/get information between MTs, instead of people trying to make trouble for others!I really hate to see people posting without facts, so had to add my 2cents here! I have to doubt that all/any of the information starting this post is true, since there haven't been any posts like this or close to it about the Allstate company or owner before this (and shouldn't we all have noticed that right off, not just a couple of us?). I was glad to see someone mentioned that the owner is NOT named Deb B, (and hope whoever posted the information on that person will find where they were actually from and correct it, so that it will not harm the Deb that owns Allstate)- I don't believe this site was set up to be used for revenge, being nasty, etc. as some people seem bent on being in this instance (after reading all the posts). At any rate, I hope MT Stars owners will see this and do what they can to prevent this kind of thing from happening again so that we can go back to finding real and factual information as we have been.

I completed the program at the beginning of the year and got a job somewhere else.  I still have yet to see my certificate.  The owner can be an extremely rude person.  I spoke to her on the phone (for an unrelated issue) once and regret it to this day.

While I'm glad I did the mentorship because I don't think I would have been able to get a job without out it, it is unfortunate how unprofessional some people can be.


Jody:  Sorry.  I had an awful experience with Allstate, but did not get to the money part.  What can you do now?  Try the attorney general.  They offered me a job and then wanted to give me 6 cpl based on my scores.  I ended up with an e-mail war with this human resource person until I finally blocked her.  She was miserable.  They are completely disreputable.  Do what you can to get your money back. 

Anyone work for Oak Transcription or Nicholas Transcription- please e-mail me nm
Allstate Transcriptioni
I have been an intern with Allstate Transcription for the past few months.  I have learned way more with Deb than I did in class.  I spent $2000 trying to learn MT and spent $0 with Deb and have learned a lot!  I really think you should resend your nasty gram as she really does not deserve this. 
Questions about Allstate
I'd be happy to let you talk to any of my interns and/or MT/QA staff -- or even fellow MTSOs that I've known for many years -- so that you can get a true and unbiased answer to any questions you might have. Please also visit our forum (link can be found at our website) and read some of the comments they MTs/interns have posted there.
My bad - not Allstate - sorry for confusion.
I'm breaking my fingers now, lol.
Allstate Transciption

Would like to hear from anyone who has completed the internship program offered by Allstate.....    good or bad

no allstate referrals
Thanks for the warning. I teach a transcription class and was almost going to have 8 MTs sign up and pay the 99.00. whew I'm glad you told us about this shameful woman and her shameful company and her despicable ways. I will refer my graduates elsewhere but no to her company where she is an MTSO for Proveros.
Allstate does....Chartiscript...nm
Actually, I think you are referring to the Allstate ad for a mentor rather than
the sales position advertised by a David Bernard. I agree, the rate Allstate wants to pay a mentor is appalling. It's probably to mentor offshore MTs at that!
Allstate is definitely an exception to that rule
I know who each of those persons were that posted. I also know that Allstate believes in their ICs working as a team and helping each other. There are no secrets -- in fact, just the opposite. Interactions amongst MTs and QAs is encouraged. Names, email addresses and phone numbers are openly shared (with permission) if it means making help more readily available to other MTs when they need it. Everyone on the company is provided a direct number to reach even the owner/CEO at any time. And by the way, yes all those MTs do work for Allstate, and no they are NOT the same person. I know all of them.
Allstate DOES do direct deposit...
Paypay is merely an OPTION if you choose to be paid that way, just as having your check mailed is...and sent via either snail mail or Priority Mail. Allstate has had direct deposit for quite a while now, but did not have it in 2006 when the original post was made.
Allstate. She hired me to do QA and after 114 emails sm
in less than a week I was thoroughly confused with what she actually wanted. New accounts are tough enough but I gave up mind-reading years ago. Took a day off only to receive a screaming indignant email about how unprofessional I was. Right. Christian? That's what she said to me also. Very sad.
Ditto on good reports for Allstate
I too have NOTHING but great things to say about Allstate and their AIM program.  If you are lucky enough to get in, work your butt off to stay in.  I have easily learned more in two weeks with Deb and her crew than in all of my previous training!  Disregard grumbling posts.  I am a real person, and I can personally say that Deb has bent over BACKWARDS for me!  Definately worth trying to get involved if you are a newbie.
Medware and Allstate hiring - no jobs available either place!
why do they do that?
According to Allstate, they have a new account and have over 1500 jobs in backlog, is this not true?
What's the real scoop?
anyone work for US Transcription
Does anyone have any pros or cons about a MT company called US Transcription out of Wisconsin, Iowa or North Dakota?
Anyone work for J&M Transcription?

Is J&M Transcription a good company to work for?  Do they run out of work often?  Tell me all about them please.   Thanks

Anyone work for TC Transcription
Does anyone work for TC Transcription out of Florida?  If so, i would love to visit with you and i have tested with them.  Thanks.
Does anyone work for CNC Transcription or know if they are still around?
Do you work for U.S. Transcription?

This company is based in the midwest and I was just wondering if they are a good company to work for.

Any advice would be appreciated!

Thanks :)

Anyone work for p.r.n. transcription
past or present?  Can't find anything in the archives on them.  Just wondering about the good, bad or the ugly on this company.
Anyone work or know anything about TurnAround Transcription in CA? sm

The pay is gross line; however, a line is 72 characters.  Not sure if this is a good deal - I don't think so, but would like your input. 

I am used to a gross line no longer than 65 characters.

They use MedRite - how is that platform?

looking for ophthalmic transcription work

I am a soon to be graduate of Career Step and prior to this worked 11 years for an ophthalmologist. I am looking to do ophthalmic transcription. Is there a company that specializes in ophthalmic transcription?

I don't work in a transcription office but I
certainly don't work in my living room or bedroom. I have a dedictated office in my home. You insult all home workes with such broad statements.
Anyone work for Hippocrates Transcription in NJ.
I used to work for this company, at the time they were in NJ, but I've also seen a FL address, so not sure if they moved or opened another branch.   Just wondering if the MTSO is as hot tempered as she used to be. 
anyone work for RX Transcription? Emai me nm