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Anyone work for Breitner Transcription?

Posted By: QuestioningMT on 2008-02-08
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If so, do you know what the compensation rate is for PTO? Also, were you affected by the overpayment for lack of work time?  Other comments?

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Breitner Transcription

I've done research on older messages about this company.  I'd like to hear from current MTs.  How do you feel about working for this company.  Out of work often? Incentive program what they promote?  How much experience do you have?  Difficult accounts?  Heavy ESL's?  How long have you been with them?  Tell me the good, bad and ugly OR the best you've ever been able to share!



Breitner Transcription
Anyone heard of or worked for Breitner transcription? I'm interested in applying but have no references for them.  Thanks!
Breitner Transcription
Don't know why that person had issues; I have been with BTS since 2002 and have never been paid late. We have a schedule for direct deposit and mine is always there, most times early. So everyone does not have the same experience...there are several who have been here as long as I have and obviously we would not still be here if we were not being paid.
Breitner Transcription Services
I saw on here a couple weeks/months ago that Breitner was not paying their employees.  I remember because I had an interview with them and was thinking of working for them but then got sick.  I've searched the archives and cannot find the messages.  Does anyone know if they've fixed this problem?  i see that they have an ad for DS and weekly pay.  Thanks.
Breitner Transcription Services
Thanks, Guess I will look for better.
Breitner Transcription Services
I am appealing to the masses of MTs, especially the ones who have had any experiences with Breitner TS based in Massachusetts.  I am at a crossroad regarding them and what they did to me and wonder if they have done this same thing to anyone else.  Please email me if you have experience, good or bad, with Breitner T services.  Basically, this is the story: I tested for them, they called and offered me a FT position, but had to use my own computer.  My older PC was tested by them and it did not pass, so I bought a brand new computer to work for them.  I had 2 days of training and they let me go.  They eventually paid me for the training.  I do not understand how a company can do this and get away with it.  Believe me, I cannot afford to buy a computer and now I have to pay for it and I am not working for them.  Any advice would be appreciated.  Thanks so much.
Breitner Transcription does/did the same thing.
Can anyone tell me about Breitner Transcription Company. nm
Breitner Transcription Paycheck?
Do you get paid by direct deposit or have your check mailed?  What is your pay date?  I'm sitting here waiting for my check from the 15th.  When it didn't come by Saturday, the 20th, I e-mailed and asked about it.  Now they're telling me that the pay dates are 4th and 20th of the month, so my check won't even be mailed until today and I have stuff bouncing all over the place!!!!! 
information on Breitner Transcription please
Any information of any kind would be great.  anything new with them? 
Breitner Transcription and Digital Records Co (DRC) - NM


Kathy is not the owner of Breitner Transcription, don't know who
you are talking about.
Breitner transcription phone call?
What phone call/meeting was this? I was never informed of any.
Any info on Breitner Transcription-good or bad?

I have been through the archives already and I am just looking for any info (good or bad) on Breitner Transcription.

Any info would be much appreciated.

Do you work for Breitner?
They deduct a general 25 to 30% off your total line count per pay period. If you did 15,000 for the period, they deduct 4,500 lines from your total line count for headers/footers. My paycheck was many hundreds of dollars short of what I thought it should be.
breitner work
I work there, and have been low during the day M-F, but I worked 4 hours this morning and got over 900 lines.  That would be 1800 for the day and I would love that.  Don't know about the other shifts, but day time seems to be slow right now.  Otherwise the work is good, and not many ESL dictators at all.  Love that. 
Anyone work for Breitner. They keep sending me an email to work for them. What
do you know about this company at present.
Breitner - run out of work, no communication, pay

I'm wondering if the low volume of work mentioned by other posters here is for all shifts or just daytime?  The recruiter recently told me that there is plenty of work and she offered me a full-time position.  Might it be just to have me around when and if they get more work in the future?  Would I be a fool to expect full-time volume NOW if I would be working late second shift?
Anyone work for Oak Transcription or Nicholas Transcription- please e-mail me nm
Can anyone give me any up-to-date information on Breitner?  The only thing I can find in the archives dates back 1 year or better.  I would really appreciate any current information on them -- worried about paycheck.  Was told pay day was 4th and 20th, and now am being told differently.  Please help.  Thanks
Is this for Breitner or OSI? Need to know so I
What a ripoff.
Breitner is a rip off

pay at Breitner
I have worked for this company for a little more than a year now. My pay has always been accurate and has always been received by my bank on the pay date stated in the company policy. Fair and up front is the way the company treats their MTs, something that is hard to find in a lot of companies out there. Re-think your gripes 'cause the grass is not greener.....
Anyone at Breitner ....

making money? I am so frustrated.

I would follow the advice given by the other person. Mass has really strict labor laws and the Attorney General and BBB will work with you. Also if the Labor Department gets a couple of complaints they will go to their office also. Good luck. Don't let them get away with it. You work hard for your money and deserve the pay they owe you.
Firstly, they did not even let me get passed the training period.  I thought that was what training was for, to learn an account etc.  If you hire someone as an employee, you should follow through and employ them.  Their feedback on my work during the training period was very good, and 'she' (the woman who trained me) kept saying things in support of my efforts to do a good job and at no time, did I think I was being graded, so to speak, so that she could decide whether she wanted me or not.  I tested for the position, passed and they called me and offered me a FT job. I just don't think they should be allowed to go around and pick people, train them and make a judgement whether you're good enough and say goodbye at that point. Why test people if they're going to train you, use you and make a decision then. Somehow I had a feeling from the get-go and did not give my notice at my other job when Breitner hired me and I am thankful I still have that job, but what about the people that really need a job; this is my point.  They should not be allowed to treat employees like this.  I think because there never is anything in writing from the company regarding hiring you, that gives them the right to backstab people.
Well, I know where you're coming from, as a matter of fact, I only complained that my Voicescribe reports had static.  But, it still does not give them the right to do what they did.  My God, I was supposed to be in TRAINING!  When they notified me that they were letting me go, they said I was to fill out an invoice and they would pay me the training fee; I filled out the invoice, sent it back in and got nothing but a run around, claiming they did not get my invoice, this one was not an accountant, etc, etc....I eventually got the training fee owed me, but it was not easy.  They were hoping I would give up.  I basically want to know if there are people out there that have any experiences with Breitner and if anyone can give me advice as to who I can turn to regarding this matter.  Thanks for your concerns! 
it is not Breitner
and I have been very happy with them. They are actually pretty local to me, altohugh I guess they would be considered a national as my accounts are near and far.
Any new info on Breitner's.
No, I did not mean to stay away from them. I do not know anything about them. That is why I asked.
I get rather flustered when talking about this group! Did you ever get your last paycheck? It was a battle from start to finish with that company. Sad thing is, the owner and his wife are super nice folks, WHEN YOU CAN FIND THEM!!! LOL!! Gosh, I think our 30% cut from the production line probably funded their many trips abroad! I actually LOST MONEY working for those people! Sorry, but had to vent. BEWARE!
It is not Breitner
Though I have worked with them and their owner is squirrely that way, I have had my issues with him, but he has paid within a week.
Breitner pay
I have been with them since 2002, starting as an MT and then moving into QA, and I have always been paid on time. We have been on direct deposit for several months now and checks have always been there on time, sometimes a day early.
Anything new on Breitner
I have been reading the good, bad and pretty ugly on them, esp. not paying for 45 days? One MT even went through with training and bought a new PC and was dumped. Are they very special owners who like to take their vacations or what?http://forum.mtstars.com/smileys/thankyousign.gif
I have been curious about this company myself. I have never heard of them. I received an e-mail from recruiter giving information about job openings.

I met the owner of this company by accident (long story). We both are a small MTSO and have communicated with eachother and spoken on the phone a few times about the transcription business and our personal experiences with our clients. Kathy seems like a very nice and honest woman. She keeps things very simple. I wish you the best of luck.

Just saw your request from December about Breitner.  If you still have an interest in knowing about them, let me know!
Anyone out there working for Breitner?
Breitner MT
I've been working for Breitner for 4 years. Fairly decent company. Don't hassle me too much at all. Pay is comparable, and actually my pay is probably better than most jobs I've applied for. I was getting bored with the same stuff and just looking around - anyway with 9 years experience, no one will pay me what I make at Breitner. Get my pay on time too. They do have direct deposit. Have had small issues with payroll girl, but everything has always worked out. All in all, not a bad place to work.
Anyone heard of Breitner? They have benefits and supply equipment. Been in the hospital setting so long, don't know much about the companies anymore.
Breitner - sm

I worked for them for about 6 months.  I got tired of my check being the incorrect amount (always lower).  I spent way too much time talking on the phone with accounting and even the owner of the company. I was told that ADT (who did their payroll) could not calculate cpl as they were not set up that way.  Gee that's funny, other companies use them and don't have the problem.  I wouldn't work for them for .25 cent per line.  I'd never see the money.

I see that they do not advertise on this website anymore - but they do on the other.  Unfortunately, the other website doesn't have a forum to share Brietner horror stories. 

Breitner TS
Both my friend and I just quit Breitner yesterday.  I would advise any and all to steer clear, and if you do go to work for them, get everything in writing up front.  They promise the moon and do not deliver.  I started with them on  August 11th, got basically 2-3 hours of training. The first computer they sent me was very old and broke down.  The second computer they sent me was also very old.  It's like pulling teeth to get 2 words out of their tech guy if you need help, and the MT supervisor is not a terribly patient person with new hires. I'm not a rookie, I've been an MT for 20+ years and owned my own service for 10 of those years, so I know what I'm talking about. Especially be sure to get all benefits, especially PTO versus paid holidays, in writing. We were told we would get 6 days of PTO the first year, and then another 6 days the second year, in addition to 6 paid hoildays.  However, those 6 paid holidays are only paid if you use your PTO!!!!  They word things to mislead you, so beware!!!!!  I truly wanted to believe in this company but after struggling with them for 3 weeks and then finding out they misrepresent, I had no choice but to leave.  MY ADVICE IS CAUTION!!!!
Any ICs working for Breitners on today?  Im am curious about our 3PM phone meeting...........  any ideas?
Avoid them.  I went to work for them and ended up with a lot of problems:  Problems with getting paid correctly.  Then they got rid of me because they said I typed something wrong in 1 report (but they wouldn't show me what the error was--only time in my life that I was told I had ever made a serious error).  Then, when I applied for unemployment, they gave the state false information about what I made in the last quarter --needless to say, it was what I made in 1 paycheck--not 6 (after I was accepted for unemployment).  Then I had to have the IRS go after them because they would not send me my W2 forms.
actually, I was just let go, not fired, so I was eligible for unemployment.
I was just laid off at the end of Feb. Still have not received all $ owed. Another friend of mine was also laid off shortly after that. Beware.
Laid off in Feb. because of lack of work after almost 5 years with them. Just finally received all $ owed after having to threaten to call Labor Board. Supposed to be calling me back for new acct this month, but so far have heard nothing - as per usual.
I got laid off from Breitner after almost 5 years. They were supposed to call me back when work picked up. I saw their ad and sent an e-mail to my former sup. asking what was up??!! And no, for anyone who might want to say, they didn't lay me off because I don't know what I'm doing. My last audit was 99%. I personally think they want to get the pay down. Anyway, that's my scoop. BTW, took me 4 months to get all the $$ they owed me after having to threaten to call Labor Board.
I worked there for 3 days once. If you did not learn the program in that period of time, you were fired.
Any new info on Breitner and how they are CURRENTLY?