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Anyone work for Excel Transcription out of IL - send me an e-mail nm

Posted By: LAMT on 2006-12-06
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anyone know anything about Excel Transcription? TIA! nm
Any information on Excel transcription?
Pay is very low but no weekend work and not married to the computer for hours at a time, does anyone know anything about this company?
Anyone work for Oak Transcription or Nicholas Transcription- please e-mail me nm
Anyone work for A&W Transcription -looking for information - please e-mail nm
Does Transcription, Technology, & Support send work to India? Thinking of applying if not.
Does anybody know. 
So send an e-mail saying you are going
to ER, and get a note while you are there. The problem is that this will put you out of work a while if it is broken, but there is no sense lying about it since you do need the wrist to heal.

Or else the note will explain there is no fracture or sprain and you are okay to work in __ days.
I was going to send an e mail just now
to Becky/Ginny at KS and inquire, but and then I saw your post. It made me smile.
Thanks for the encouragement. But still being slightly chicken :)
oh but they are quick to send an e-mail...
when you get something wrong in the dictation...
I tried to send you an e-mail, maybe it got lost (sm)
Set-up was easy. Good training on the platform. I have only one account. Feedback is quick and positive. You get to talk to people!

Send them an e-mail and tell them you haven't
Don't they send out notice in mail or not? thanks - nm
Sure I will send one - want some Habersett Scrapple too? E-mail me. nm
I get an e-mail about once a year and they send me a postcard
about 4 times a year.  I have never applied with them, not sure where they got my info. 
Click on her name within her post to send an e-mail. NM
Are you really surprised that they wouldn't let you send your e-mail out? If they cared
at all about their MT's they would have come up with a alternate solution. Why on earth do you think they would or should allow you to basically bash them on their e-mail server?
Has anyone tried to send a resume to the post from Medical Transcription Services - sm

My attempts have all bounced back to my email address saying 

 The message that you sent was undeliverable to the following:   

 Jobs (UNUSED) 
I went on to their website and the email it says to send resumes
 to is jobs@transcriptionoutsourcing.com, which is the one I used.  
Just wanted to see if anyone else got this problem...

Has anyone worked at Burrows Transcription? E-mail me. nm
Yes they do send work overseas and do not hide this fact. There is plenty of work and they do pay
well. Overall, I like having work as I have been at places where you had to fight to keep busy so this works for me.
There is NO work at Transtech. Maybe they just choose special people to send work to
On their ad it says Excel required. Is that just for timesheets? Thanks
or excel
Do you any MTs use an ISDN line for transcription? If so - e-mail me, I am interested. nm
Could it be done in an Excel file and attached?
I have to send an Excel log with my secondary account, and I created a column with a formula that sums up my line count so I don't have to add it up. I keep it open while I'm transcribing and toggle over and record the information rather than writing it down, then at the end of the day I just have to delete the unused cells, highlight my totals, then attach it to an email. Seems like that would work well for what you're describing.
More on Excel date/time
Sounds like you don't mind doing it, but if you're curious - check your formatting.

Go to the cell in question, then use the menu: Format > Cells
Make sure the format is GENERAL then close the dialog

Then type in 5:03 (or any time with just m:ss)

Also, try to type this in: 4:63 -- see what Excel changes it to

Good luck Excelling!

Make yourself an Excel sheet to do the calculations for you.
Not hard to do.

Once I get my packet, I'm going to do that. If you want I'll post when I do that and would be glad to send it to those who want it.
Excel logs and adding up job lengths (sm)

This is for the MTs who have to keep an Excel log for jobs and need to add up the minutes transcribed at the end of the day.

I've done some footwork today and discovered a Microsoft page which tells you how to enter times into cells:  http://support.microsoft.com/kb/266691

I haven't figured how to automate it, but basically Excel recognizes minutes and hours if entered in the following format:  hh:mm:ss.  So if you have a 5 minute 12 second job, you would enter 00:05:12 in that cell.  Then at the end of the day you enter the formula =Sum and the cell range (the link gives specific example) and it adds up your minutes and seconds automatically for you. 

I thought I'd share.  I've been adding my account by hand because I didn't know how to sum with minutes and seconds till now.

Excel date/time value vs. format
It's helpful to understand how Excel handles date/time. (In all examples below, you don't actually type the quotes)

Excel maintains a distinction between the VALUE of the date/time and the FORMAT. For instance, when you type 5:12 in cell A3, Excel understands that you mean a date/time value, and stores this as 0.2166666. By default, if you do not specify a date, Excel uses the mythical 1/9/1900 for the date portion, and the time specified.

As another example, go to any cell and type in =NOW(). Excel will store this as a date/time, but format it on screen to your default preference -- mine looks like 1/26/2008 14:23. But if you click on that date again, then go to the Format menu, choose Number, select 4 Decimal places, you will see it change to 39473.6000 -- representing 39473.6 full days from the beginning of time (according to Excel - 1/0/1900).

Bottom line: go ahead and enter your data as just h:mm, then add them up / see if it behaves -- shouldn't require any special formatting....

Also, fwiw - if you have any Excel questions, I would be happy to reply here or answer emails....
if they send work to someone who
offshores then quite simply they offshore
I work there, but cannot send an email.
How can I help you
All I know is that they send work overseas. nm
I just called them. They are in NY but send 100% of the work
out of the country. No thank you.
does not send work offshore
MedScript Services in Florida
Does OSI send work offshore?

If so I won't bother.  TIA

Who is LK -- know TT did send some work to another service, but

but please let me know what you are saying because we TT'ers are very interested in what you are saying to us all -- I just know there is something very wrong with my line count.  I have been doing this too long to not know how many lines I can get.  I cannot put my finger on the problem -- I just know it does fall in my lap. 

This is really disturbing to me.

They do not send work to Focus...sm
or get work from Focus. Please get your facts straight before making up stuff on these boards. If you think you can prove otherwise send me your information.
She's right TT does NOT send work offshore.
Never have and never will.  The day they do is the day I quit because I never have worked for a company that offshored and I never will. 
OSI does send offshore work
do they send escription work to
or just beyondtxt work to india? I have been on escription.. my last paycheck is barely 300 bucks (due tomorrow) as there was NEVER any work on the accounts i had
Yes they do send work to India
I know because they told someone I know who is a facility that they would if they wanted their work sent over there.
MDI does NOT send work overseas.
Do they send work offshore?
Just wondering.
even if they send work overseas...
Please help me find a company to work for that has WORK and pays on time. That is all I ask at this point.
You send the work in using their program, yes. I never ran out of work sm

but I was just working part-time, and this was about a year ago, so things could have changed.  Isabelle and everyone seem so caring, it is hard to believe that they would consistently have MTs without work, but that seems to be a curse of the industry lately.

Good luck to you!

I wonder why they don't send a lot or all of their work to India? That's where a lot of work&
Ditto! Also add that they ignore e-mails you send and send endless IMs!
Yes that is the company MQ uses to send work to India.
Batch receive/send work?
Is there any company out there where you can download work in batches and send back transcribed reports in batches?  I can only get dialup and it is too slow to do 1-3 jobs at a time.  30+ years experience, big 4 and Radiology, Medical and Radiation Oncology.  I am currently employed in hospital radiology department but want to go back home.  Hate this winter driving!!!
Which nationals do not send work out of the country?

Which nationals do not send work out of the country? I need to find another job.


Does anybody work for SmartMed/TSI? When do they send out pay checks? TIA. nm
Keystrokes is and will not send work out of the country. sm
The owners feel strongly about that.
Webmedx does NOT send work to India.