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Anyone work for Golden Isle Transcription?

Posted By: What platform, good line counts, etc. on 2007-09-29
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Golden Isle Medical Transcription
Does anyone know what software they use and pay rates? Any info is appreciated.
Golden Isle..need opinions on their platform. How hard is it ...sm

to make 1000 lines a day?

Thanks for the help!

golden isles transcription
I would appreciate any feedback on this company as they are presenting me with an account however it would be using a brand new platform.....anyone have experience with this company, are they reliable, etc.
Golden Isles Transcription - sm

For anyone who has worked there long enough to form an opinion!  How is work availability?  QA people?  How flexible are they with scheduling?  Do they allow vacation time?  (I realize this is probably not paid). Decent pay scale?  Do they pay on time?  TIA!!

Golden Isles Transcription -sm

Could you give me their website address? Cant find them through google. I would like to find out more about this company.


Golden Isles Transcription

Need information on this company.  Pros and cons, please.  What kind of platform, average starting cpl, how are they to work for?


Golden Isles Medical Transcription
Golden Isles Medical Transcription. nm
Golden Isles Medical Transcription
Anyone heard of Golden Isles Medical Transcription?  Thanks in advance for any information.
Golden Isles Medical Transcription, any info appreciated, TIA!!nm
First Choice and TC Transcription seem to have some fans. Golden Isles want FTimers. nm
anyone know good or bad about Golden Isles Medical Transcription company
Does anyone know anything good or bad about a transcription company out of Georgia called Golden Isles Medical Transcription?
Any new info on GIMT (Golden Isles Medical Transcription)?
Just wondering if they are a good company to work for, how is QA, do they have enough work, are team leaders easy to work with, etc.  Thanks.
Anyone work for Golden Isles - e-mail me. nm
no, not in Presque Isle - Aroostook - sm
I've been there. I said MILD WINTERS - not winter all year!
Anyone work for Oak Transcription or Nicholas Transcription- please e-mail me nm
Golden Isles
I worked for GI for a short time. I left because the benefits were being misrepresented at the time. There were none in place and hadn't been for a long while.

Aside from that though, I found them to be a great little company!
Golden Isles
What type of transcription do you work on with Golden Isles? Just wondering.
Golden Isles
I don't know much about them, but they turned me down and said I didn't have enough experience.  I have 10 years.  Glad I didn't go with them because now I am a QA director of a small company.  They missed out!
Golden Isles
service out of georgia??
golden isles
One more thing... are they strict about you working specific hours? I have been I.C.for so long,that may be hard for me!
Golden Isles

anyone working for Golden Isles, please email me.  I have some really good questions that I need to ask a current MT with the large cancer account.


Golden Isles MTs

Are there any current MTs out there working at Golden Isles that I could get some information from? 

Thanks very much.


Golden Isles

Just wondering if anyone out there works for them, likes it, if they offer benefits, DD, etc. 


Golden Isles
I have been working for them for 4 years now.
Golden Isles
I have been working for them for 4 years now.
Golden Isles
Been with them for 4 years. You can e-mail me or IM
YIM - jordankf
AIM - mtinthesouth
Golden Isles
Her name wouldn't by chance be Janet?
inquring on Golden Isles

Hi!  I am a new MT and trying to find a company that possibly provides the hardware and software for the job.  I want to ask if the Golden Isles is still hiring and if do they have a website? 

Golden Isles is the best place I have (sm)
worked and I have worked for a few. Great people!! gimtnet.com is the site.
good or bad on golden isles
From looking back on the screens, it looks like to me that this company is a great company to work for!!!!! Anyone else working for them right now and think so?
Are you talking about Golden Isles? sm
I worked for them briefly, and I didn't have to have a second phone line. Lots of ESLs for 8 cents a line is why I left.
Golden Isles Medical

This company is probably one of the worse to work for, late/incorrect checks, make it very difficult to get line count without working 10+ hours a day.  I've been doing this for 15 years and never had a problem until I started (and finished) working for them!  Good luck with tech help - they're always on vacation.

P.S. They don't even advertise anymore on here because of they're reputation.

Don't think she was portraying a golden company. She
By the way, I work for Spheris too and I'm not very happy about it. This woman just stated her opinion. Doesn't seem like a management plant. They have those on the Indian MT message boards! LOL!
Yes -- we are all so very aware that you are their Golden Child. NM
golden child! LOL! good one. nm
Golden Isles (GIMT)
Any info on this company?  Not much in archives.  Do they have they have VR?  Easy to work for?  How is pay.  TIA.
Golden Isles or WordZxpressed need input please
Any and all input on these two companies would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.
Golden Isles; any thoughts about pay, etc. Not much in archives. NM
sorry, I got cut off. She started a new company which is now Golden Isles. nm
GIMT or Golden Isles question...sm

Does anyone work for GIMT or Golden Isles Medical Transcription?  Are they a good company to work for?  How is the pay?  Are the QA staff friendly and easy to get along with?  Just curious...thinking about accepting a position with them and any input would be greatly appreciated.



Did anyone else take the test for Golden Isles and have problems
I could not get any of my foot pedals to work and there are four reports to be typed in 20 minutes. There is no way I could do those in 20 minutes using my keyboard to rewind etc. I tried emailing them back but no reponse. I just wondered if anyone else had problems and what they did. I really wanted to apply as I love orthopedics.
I guess he wasn't one that got a golden parachute...

I hope he finds a job soon.  My husband too is in banking and no parachutes around here either but at least he is still employed

Any new info on Golden Isles (GIMT) ?

Anybody currently work there?  TIA.

Who would you choose, Medware, Golden Isles (GIMT) or Mag Mutual? Weighing options and offers etc..
IWho do you think would be the best to work for??
anyone work for US Transcription
Does anyone have any pros or cons about a MT company called US Transcription out of Wisconsin, Iowa or North Dakota?
Anyone work for J&M Transcription?

Is J&M Transcription a good company to work for?  Do they run out of work often?  Tell me all about them please.   Thanks

Anyone work for TC Transcription
Does anyone work for TC Transcription out of Florida?  If so, i would love to visit with you and i have tested with them.  Thanks.
Does anyone work for CNC Transcription or know if they are still around?
Do you work for U.S. Transcription?

This company is based in the midwest and I was just wondering if they are a good company to work for.

Any advice would be appreciated!

Thanks :)

Anyone work for p.r.n. transcription
past or present?  Can't find anything in the archives on them.  Just wondering about the good, bad or the ugly on this company.