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Are there any companies out there that still use dial up?

Posted By: StillwellMTC on 2005-12-08
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I only have dial up and there are no plans to add DSL in the area that I live in for at least another year possibly two.  Satellite is out of the question due to too many trees around. I live in the woods and believe me its hard to get a clear view on the satellite dish we have now. 

If anyone knows of a company that still uses dial up please let me know. 






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What companies allow dial-up? or C-phones and dial-up?
I do not have (and can't get) cable or high speed internet.  Satellite is available but way too expensive to get if you are not working! I just wanna get a job....
any companies that use dial-up?
Are there any companies that you can still use dial-up on?  There is NO high-speed in my area.  I also would like to find a foot pedal that I can rent, or buy realy cheap.  PLEASE reply.
Dial Up Companies?

Please give me some companies that I can do QA or edit for?  thanks, I don't have broadband right now. 

companies using dial up?
Even in this day and age of advanced technology I cannot get DSL, high speed internet, or satellite where I live.  Do you know of any companies that still use dial up??? TIA
Companies that allow dial-up

Need info on Transolutions and any companies that allow dial-up, 19 years experience, looking for new job.  Does Transolutions dock pay for mistakes?

What companies allow dial-up??? Looking for a new/better opportunity- TIA - nm

Companies hiring dial up
I swore I posted this but cannot find it. Are there any companies hiring for ICs that will let you use dial-up? I would love to work at my inlaws cottage this summer but they can't get high speed access. Thanks.

Companies that hire dial-up'rs??
Does anyone know of any GOOD companies that hire those of us who can only get dial-up internet?  I am seeing alot of High speed internet a must companies out there. Thanks!!
A few dial-up companies inside. Check their
Accept dial up:  First Choice, Spheris, Precyse only if 37K or faster, SoftScript, and possibly Transform....nm
PT with dial up

I work for Transolutions, and the do use dial-up and I believe they do PT also.  I am FT, so I am not sure about PT.  Also, Spheris also uses dial-up and has PT and also supplies all the equipment you need.



Don't know about dial-up
They do pay for spaces, and pay a higher rate than anyone else I'v encountered. They employ all ICs only - but make sure to keep after them. I've accepted a position, have filled out my paperwork but now am getting nervous because I can't get anyone to call me back or respond to my e-mails.
I don't know about dial-up. (sm)
I kind of think you'd need DSL. If you can get it, it'd probably be worth it. You're working real-time online like with lots of other companies. It'll help your production.

Spaces - I think so, but I'm not sure.

IC only.
I believe they still are on dial up sm

Last I knew they paid for your second phone line.

DRC, Transolutions, and Spheris.  I don't know if I would recommend working in Spheris' system with dialup though - that's the main reason I quit there.
Medquist allows dial-up as I worked for them and used dialup before. I believe also Precyse Solutions also allows dial-up.
Yes, Precyse does allow dial-up.
Dial up
I do not have access to high speed internet.  I am looking for part time work that can be done on dial up.  I have 15 years experience and am home based for our local hospital.  Does anyone have any suggestions on companies that still use dial up, and hire part time?  Thanks in advance.
Dial up
Might also want to try FutureNet or QT Medical as they offer dial-up options as well.
Dial up
A new job was just posted on the job seekers board under Cardiology-Kelly. Drop a resume with a note that you're strictly dial up. I posted this job, and we can use dial-up or high speed.

Does anyone still work using a dial-up connection?  We are facing a move in a couple of weeks and it has come to my attention that I may not be able to get high-speed in our new home.  My only options may be dial-up or satellite through Wild Blue.  Are their companies out there that are still using dial-up?  I really love the company I am working for as an employee right now but I would go back to IC if I had to.  Thanks for your help!

I have used dial-up and also used internet for MDI-Florida.
Very good company. Pay 10 cpl for Meditech experience.
If you are on dial-up with TT...

and willing to answer a couple of questions, could you e-mail me?? thanks!

dial up
I also would be interested in finding out any companies that allow dial-up. Thanks!
Dial-Up and VR
You really need something high speed to work with the VR.
KS and dial-up

If you have DSL or cable, you'll be okay at KS.  If you only have access to dial-up, they have almost no accounts.  I know most people have DSL/cable, but there are still a few of us that can't get it.  I've been with KS for about 6 months and will now have to look for another job because of this.

dial-up only
I was just hired by KS in December and was told that dial-up would be okay.
I do not think dial up
or satellite can be used.
Did you find somewhere better with dial-up?

It's getting harder to find places who will work with dialup or else it's so slow you can't make it worthwhile.

I have dial up, you download? how
Where are you downloading from and to where, hardrive.  I would like to do this also, as I don't have to can get DSL . Can reply here or email.
Is Transolutions on dial-up?
Just curious.  Have to decide between them and Webmedx and not sure which one to choose - maybe it will help to know this.
Dial-up ok but must be 32 or 34.0 kbps-nm
I have dial-up as well and is the only thing we can get currently....sm

I work for MQ and have done so for almost 7 years now w/o any of the problems that others so often complain about here.  I think it depends on the office you get.  A close friend also worked for them and the office she had was horrible.  Anyway, they accept dial-up, I believe Medware does, but not positive, and Spheris too. 

A suggestion would be to call the local phone company wherever it is you are moving to and ask them if they have plans to get DSL in that area.  I called ours recently and was told they plan to extend out and have DSL available to at least 80% of their customers by the end of this year.  So, you may not be w/o it for all that long. HTH.  Good luck.

can still get job w/Medquist with dial-up...n/m

Allegiant and Dial-Up???
While we're on the subject does anyone know if Allegiant and their EMDAT program are compatible with dial-up? I feel your pain, allinadayswork, as I'm in the same boat. However, I suppose we could get satellite if we could afford it but I see a lot of companies specify no satellite also. Living in the sticks does have its drawbacks! As for MedQuist, when I was supposed to switch over to their DocQScribe program the techies couldn't get it to work and they finally figured out that my dial-up connection was too slow. So not all dial-ups are created equal! MY ISP provider's recommendation was move to town. Good luck to you!
Does TTS hire MT/VR with dial up?
Just curious
Only have dial-up, no chance
of ever getting high-speed internet access where I live... my only other option is satellite, haven't wanted to shell out the bucks for that up to now, but may have to.   Can anyone tell me what companies still use dial-up or allow satellite connections?  I hate to apply at companies, etc only to find out that they won't allow dial-up or satellite.   Thanks so much for any suggestion about where to begin.
spheris has dial-up
I was told that satellite is not HIPAA compliant.  I can't get DSL or cable where I live either and really don't want to go to the expense of satellite if I can't use it to work.  I also have the issue of not having a complete clear view of the southern sky that I understand you need with Wildblue.  I only have dial-up.  Unfortunately, fewer and fewer companies have accounts that work with dial-up. 
That's because DQS and dial-up don't mesh.

I believe you can use dial-up with DSG out of Atlanta -- don't know if they have IC positions
available but couldn't hurt to try.
Anyone know company that hires PT AND still uses dial-up? NM

Diskriter has an account that can be done with dial up - nm
Spheris--anyone been hired lately who has dial-up?

Does Spheris require any minimum hours for part-time? Any probs when you have dial-up, do you spend a lot of time downloading files? What about really short reports?

Who pays 9/10 cpl with/sp that allows dial up connection? nm
Spheris or Medquist used Dial-up
Those are about the only companies I know that use dial-up unless things have changed. Good luck!
Would never use dial-up with Spheris. It will be too slow,
eek a mouse!
dial it back, jack

you're spreading it on a bit thick -- GREAT place to work, NEW (clients next week) - INEXPENSIVE insurance (sometime in the future) - MASSIVE HIRINGS (proof they are growing) -- I am reading between the lines here and now would be a good time to stop the hype. Sounds like the same PR team to promo TT.



didn't know they could dial phones yet..sm
but they ARE pretty smart! Yeah i knew about dogs liking cat food, but you could chase my kitties around the block with dog foot. that's weird.
Any Dial-up and/or satellite accounts?
MT with 20+ years experience needing to find full-time employment (employee status) with a company who can let me work with either dial-up and/or satellite connection. Any information greatly appreciated!
They may require that you don't have dial up nowadays.
At one point my PS said high-speed was required. I had worked there for 3 years already, though, and told her there was no way I was paying $800 to get high-speed (especially since that's when they quite reimbursing us for internet). So, I assumed I got to keep dial up because I was grandfathered in and that new hires had to have high-speed internet of some form.

I could be wrong though...I won't guarantee any of the info previous PSs have given is right:-)
Anyone working for Transtech on dial-up?

Can dialup be done to work for Transtech on their platform with Extext and Escription?  I know it will be slow but I would like to know if it is possible.