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Are there any companies who do not use Dictaphone ExText?....sm

Posted By: passing through on 2007-06-13
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Every company I apply to seem to be using ExText.  I am tired of fighting for lines on ExText, but not sure that anyone else is using an MT-friendly platform.  I am not interested though in Diskriter, Transolutions or Spheris, so if anyone knows of a company other than those three please let me know.  Thanks. 

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Does Dictaphone obtain the accounts for the companies who use Dictaphone EXText?
I was just wondering if this is the same as it used to be.  Dictaphone installs the equipment in facilities and then gets a MTSO to take the account.  Therefore, the MT company never solicits for accounts, but Dictaphone notifes them when they have installed equipment in a hospital.
What companies use Dictaphone ExText? (sm)

Am actually just looking for PT, don't care if it is employee or IC.


Companies that use Dictaphone Extext?
I'm on the job search and wondered if anyone could recommend those companies using the Dictaphone platform and also hiring. Thanks!
Wondering which companies use Dictaphone Extext
anyone know of companies that use Dictaphone ExText that might be hiring IC status?

any info appreciated.


Nuance is the parent company of Dictaphone. Dictaphone makes ExText.
OSI uses Dictaphone Extext
EXText is the word processing program which works with MS Word and is marketed by Dictaphone company. Transnet is the voice file player that works along with EXText to play the voice files. Hope that helps. :)
Dictaphone ExText
Can anyone who uses this program tell me if there is a way to slow down the voice or speed it up?  Thanks for any help.
Dictaphone Extext
Dictaphone Extext
If a company says they include headers, spaces, etc. in their line count, how can you make certain they are included?  Do you copy the report, place in Word and check that way or what?  Hope this is not a stupid question.  If it is.....sorry.  Thanks.
Does DTS use Dictaphone Extext?
ExText is from Dictaphone
they use dictaphone extext
great platform, although I prefer DocQScribe now. If you have lots of oncology experience, you will do well there. The line count in their program is not accurate, so don't be alarmed. Make sure they give you the link to get your accurate line count. Owner is great, but don't know how much one-on-one he has with MT's now. Staff is very nice, but tend not to respond to technical issues which is why I no longer work for them. Good luck!!
Dictaphone ExText -- nm
Yes it will - Dictaphone ExText - nm
Dictaphone Extext
Dictaphone Extext

I have this list.  Are there any others?  I need something A.S.A.P.

Amphion, Charts In Time (CIT), DeVenture, Focus, eTransPlus, Keystrokes, Landmark, Medware (FL), New England Medical Transcription (NEMT), Opti-Script (PA), OSi (GA), Probity, Professional Transcriptions (FL), Rapid, Superior Global, Transcriptions South (FL), Transcription Systems (IL), Transcend, TransTech, and TTS (NH).


We use Dictaphone Extext and you can
Dictaphone ExText avg pay?
I'm wondering what anyone averages using this platform?  Just started using it, does not seem as fast as straight typing.
ExText with Dictaphone
question - Many times after entering a document using ExText, I realized I had to leave the computer for a few minutes. I closed out of the ExText document and usually even exit out of VPN Client. Even if it's 30 minutes later, when I return to work, that same document is still sitting there. I process it then and that's fine for me, but it makes me wonder why the documents don't rotate. It seems that it slows time down that they are processed because they just sit there for a long time.

Anyone have any idea why the specific jobs sits there? Does that mean no one else is working so it stays at my computer, or does it mean the document is stuck? How to unstick it? Has that happened to any of you? Your thoughts please. Seems to really slow down turnaround time for the client.
What nationals use Dictaphone ExText?
Anyone worked on DQS and Dictaphone EXtext?

I need to make a decision of which job to take...the DQS acct wants 5000 a pay period (part time) and the EXtext 7000.   I'm wondering if it would be easier to make lines on the EXtext than the DQS since I've read a lot of people have trouble making lines on DQS.  They are both 65 character lines.  Thanks.

Who uses Dictaphone EXText besides OSi and Amphion?
Dictaphone ExText is my favorite too. nm
ExText (Dictaphone) is platform..
I've never used Extext before, so I'm learning. I really like it so far. It's been easy to learn.
Does Transolutions use Dictaphone Extext?
I need information about Dictaphone Extext

I am disgusted with my current employer and want to quit but I really like Extext.  Can someone please tell me what MTSOs use Extext?  I just think it would be easier transition for me. 



Can answer some. Dictaphone ExText. (sm)
The lines are relatively good, ExText isn't as quick to use as DQS though. Work seems steady, all the accounts I have run into are peachy. I think I was told at one time there were only around 200 MTs, but don't quote me on that. They are growing, but from what I am told they have absolutely no aspirations of becoming a squid.

The people in the office are EXTREMELY nice. I took a cut in line rate to go there and I feel like I bought myself peace of mind with it.
TransTech uses Dictaphone Extext

Any company that uses Dictaphone Extext
If this is a dictaphone Extext account....
I think it has to be a USB port in the BACK of the computer, and it has to be the certain pedal with a phone jack end that plugs in to the special dictaphone little square box...

I hope that helps
Yes, Inscribe does indeed use Dictaphone ExText.

Dictaphone ExText and Vista

I need your help.  Does any one use ExText Client Software with Vista? Is this program not at all compatible with Vista?  I am just about to take my laptop in and have Vista taken off and XP put on but wanted to make sure that I truly cannot use this program with Vista.   Thanks for your help.



They use Dictaphone's ExText and will supply the pedal. nm
So are Dictaphone ExText and Transnet the same thing or somehow used together?
They use Dictaphone ExText. It's a really great platform.
Dictaphone ExText is quick and easy.
Is this for acute care?
Line counts with Dictaphone EXtext

How long should it take to get up to a decent daily line count with Dictaphone EXtext. I have started with a new company and it is not looking good yet. I am hoping it gets better and I can get up to 150 lph.  I have had my share of ESL doctors also so far, but they have been okay.  Thanks for any help or suggestions. 




Is working on Dictaphone I-chart the same as ExText? Thanks. nm
BTW Opti-Script uses Dictaphone Extext
ExText is solely a Dictaphone product. Don't know
This is Dictaphone's ExText and very easy to learn. Have
What company uses Dictaphone ExText (other than Focus)?

Does Dictaphone ExText come with a built-in medical spellcheck? SM

More specifically, does TransTech's platform have a medical spellcheck?  TIA

I, too, went from MQ to TT, and line counts are much harder to get at TT with Dictaphone ExText.

I have always been called *firey fingers*, so know it is not me, as I am very fast and accurate on the keyboard.  Line count continually gets harder to achieve.  I know it depends on how the company has Dictaphone set the line count parameters -- whether to pay headers, footers, spaces, demos, normals, expanders, etc.

Also speech recognition using ExSpeech at TT is so cumbersome and awful.  Really made good money and line count with DQS speech editing.  Just must my opinion.  Other comments would be interesting.

Is Dictaphone EXText compatible with Word 2007?

my favorite platform is dictaphone extext. interested in hearing what yours is.
It's IC, hospice reports, Dictaphone ExText. Nice lady, but
TransTech and Keystrokes also offer some Dictaphone ExText accts. Very easy to