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At MDI-MD, can someone share with me how .. sm

Posted By: need more on 2007-04-17
In Reply to:

many LPH you can average?  I realize there are a lot of variables but it would help me to have some feedback if anyone would care to share what has been their experience.  Thanks. 

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Would anyone like to share their
on what to use for the different variations of words. TIA
Could you share what the pay is like and do you know..
how much experience is required.. I have 5 years of acute care with 1 year of that in radiology, but I feel very confident about my radiology..
and say I have done my share. Actually I have done more than
my share.  In greater than 5 years I have yet to call in sick, have worked sick many times, have not taken off without at least a months notice.  I earned a vacation and I don't feel guilty about taking one.  I have worked extra every time it was needed, I have taken a day off when asked to because there was no work.   I get tired of hearing we have no choice.  There are/were other options available.   I noticed from the e-mail addy listed in the e-mail that several people are no longer there (that had been there for years) and there are a bunch of new people. 
Would you share?
Would you mind sharing the names of the companies you are working for, as I am looking for part time work , as my current part-time job is slowing down with new technology.  Thanks. 
can you share
this sounds good, can you share the company name?
Would someone please share
info regarding p.r.n. Transcription and Phoenix Medcom, please.  They both have ads on job board and would like to apply, but first would like to know a bit about these companies.  I have done a search, but haven't come up with anything that is very recent.  Thanks for your help.
Yes, please share...
Do you do a lot of ASR? My accounts are increasingly becoming ASR. Last week I had over 12,000 lines but only 900 were straight transcription.
Yes, please share.

Can you share how much they pay for VR?
Just curious. I currently get 5.5 cpl so if they are close to that, I might look into them.
please share
email, post, anything. 
Please share...
why you feel it is the best. Thank you.
I will share...sm

PER LINE: 0.075 cpl straight transcription

I have tried to get info before on pay and it turned out a lot of MTs won't give out that info. Good luck.
Yes. Please share.
if not here in broad daylight, could you consider an anonymous email reply? Inquiring minds want to know.
Had to share

OK remember the 1 cpl line thing?  Well get this, a friend of mine just called and was offered 0.0085 cpl.  I am not even sure if I am writing this correct, but it's LESS THAN 1 cpl!!!!  It was for the first 2 weeks and then she would get bumped up to 2 cpl.  We were laughing so hard, I had tears streaming down my face!!  Is this even legal?  I kept asking her if she was sure and if it was supposed to be 8-1/2 cpl, but NO she was sure and even kept asking them if they were sure.  I can't even be mad anymore.  It is just becoming hysterical like we are all part of a practical joke.  Anyway I went to themtdepot.com and cast a vote about line rates.  Won't do much of anything I know, but it's all I know to do.  I have tried to come up with something.  What can we do?   I'm starting an onsite position at a local clinic, hourly, PT, but I still want to work at home too.  So frustrating! 

Oh by the way, the job she applied with isn't a regular posted job here!

Can you share
the emails with us? They didn't give their emails out at my conference call.
Rosie...could you share how many (sm)
lines per hour you are up to now? I have heard their platform is fabulous and it is easy to get the lines once you get used to your account. Do tell...thanks!
Anything to share about ScribeRight?
How are they?  Any info appreciated!
Please don't think we all share this attitude. sm
First of all, I'm not saying I'm in favor of offshoring MT work. On the other hand, Kasmir, it's not YOU that any one of us should be angry at. I've talked with many MTs from India, and they're basically the same as us. They're nice people, trying to do their job and provide for their family. I don't have a problem with that. And out of all of my dealings with people from India, and I've worked with many at a previous company, I have always found Indian people to be very polite and respectful, with never a bad word to say and always a positive attitude.

I just thought maybe you needed to hear some encouraging words in the middle of all of this. :)
I'm there presently too..can you share
Even just the first initial would help me know if it might be the same as my account which is always low lately.
Can you share where you get this insurance? sm
We are four as well with myself, my DH and two DDs. My husband's insurance is $850 a month for all of us and mine is $430 (Keystrokes). I like the coverage but I would love it more if it were half the cost. Can you share?
The company should pay its share..
now THAT'S a benefit.
Well you should share with the rest of us then.
his employer and we pay over $600 a month out of his check for it and his employer pays part of it too.  When I worked in a hospital I had great insurance for a little of nothing.  I have kept in touch with my friends from the hospital who still work there and they tell me that is no longer the case.  They pay a lot now for insurance that is not very good. 
Will share via e-mail.



TransHealth: Can you share? Please SM

Hi! I've done a board search and have spoken to another person about TransHealth.  Seems like a decent company and am thinking about applying.  May I ask a few specific questions (if you'd rather not answer on the board, I included my e-mail above).

1.  Are you happy there?  Do you feel respected and part of the team?

2.  Is the pay competitive to what other companies are offering (i.e., 8 to 10 cpl including spaces)?

3.  Is the platform user friendly?

4.  Can you use your own shortcut program like ShortHand or can you only use their proprietary program (if they have one)?  If so, will they try to help you convert your word list to their format?

5.  Are the benefits worth the cost?  Someone very kindly explained their benefits--and they sound great--just wondering what your personal experience is.  When do benefits kick in?

6.  I read on the board that they require 12,500 lines per pay period.  Is that easily achievable (meaning, is there work available, are the dictators fairly coherent, etc.)?

7.  Is the verbal quiz/interview pretty easy/basic if you know your stuff?

8.  Finally, are they very firm about start/stop times, or can you work your full 8-hour shift in a 12-hour window (for example)?

Sorry I have so many questions...please feel free to answer any of them (and not feel obligated to answer them all!). :o)

Thank you so much,


Please share what you are speaking of.
Sale to whom?
I've done MORE than my share - (sm)
Please help out a little this weekend.  Please pitch in.  That goes so far, and then you are behind this computer 24/7 and there is no additional pay for helping out - no overtime, no bonus, nada.  I've had my fill, sorry.  Now with a new company who pays extra for weekends if you want to work.  No more freebies for me. 
Could you share the name of the company
either on the board or privately? I only ask because I'm currently looking for some fill-in work and have been doing some tests. They're involved and take time, as you know, and if that's all they're offering after all that, I'm wondering what company because I want to steer clear. I have a test sitting waiting for me to do it, but maybe it's the same company?
Would you share where you found it? sm
I've been scouring the IRS website and others trying to find something in writing for myself and not comping up with want I'm looking for. I'd really appreciate it....or at least direction on where to look.
To Have Tons To Share
Don't see your e-mail - can you send again? Thanks
Wish they would share this work with
everyone - I'm out of work, just sitting here again. I ask for backup accounts, because I'm willing to type anything, and always get the work is low everywhere answer. Wish these new accounts would get going already.
Transcend. Anyone want to share about them?

How is the health insurance and about how much does it cost for family plan? 


Exactly.. I'm happy to do my share, but this
really feels like a slap in the face. I've never felt abandoned by OSi before, but this is coming close. I really don't understand this at all.
Would someone share with me about how much Transcend's
I could go with either family or employee/spouse. Also is it still BC/BS? Thanks a bunch!
Would anyone please share info
According to their website it appears as if they hire newbies that graduated from one of the top schools, which I did.  I would appreciate any info about them.  Thanks.
Oh, I see. So, they just dont want to share it, is
Could you share what it is that you love? sm
I'm wondering if you love the 30% ASR paycut, changing of the guard constantly, not being able to keep up with rule changes, working on unlimited amount of accounts, having to make up time for no work that is beyond our control, QASAR which I hear is coming back, just to name a few. I'm wondering if maybe you have not experienced the same working conditions that some of us are yet. I do, however, have wonderful PS, I only work PT and building up something on the side so I can eventually leave. I'm not attacking you, but I am really curious what your experience is because it just seems to me that some at MQ seem to have been spared a lot of what others have had to deal with.
Please share with the rest of us!

I share your pain

I've been trying to live off of promises.  They promise there's work. I promise the electric company they'll get some money.  So far, no one is living up to their promises.

I get low periods, but I don't understand ZERO work available for weeks on end.  I wish services would just be honest and understand that these are the reasons good MTs don't stay with companies.  Try eating a promise, quite unfulfilling at best.  We've had to suck up and accept low wages, now low wages for no work is more than anyone should have to tolerate.  I'll be filing for unemployment this week.  Afterall, I'm a full time employee who isn't even making subminimum wage for a 40-hour week.

Like they would actually share that information.
I'm so glad you did share
Thank you so much for letting out your feelings.  I really mean that.  I just wonder how many of us are agoraphobics, diabetic, hypertensive, socially retarded, but more importantly depressed, angry and fed up.  I long for a job with an hourly pay.  I'm just tired of it all like you, and I wanted you to know that you are not alone in your problems.  I have the exact same thing.  I make myself get out of the house, but with gas being so high, I basically just go out and sit on my deck and look at the birds and trees and flowers and think it would be heaven if I had a job outside, but then when the heat comes on in the summer I pretty much ditch that idea.  I wish I had never gotten into this work, and mind you I am thankful I make more than minimum wage and that I don't have to dress up to go to work and no office gossip and no pretty clothes to wear, but the after all of these years making my minimum line count has just created turmoil in me and I'm often afraid I'll be fired if I don't produce or am not good enough.  I think the older I get the more stuff I have to look up because my brain is overloaded.  Well, thanks for listening.
Would you please share info on...
a few things. Are the MTs at Van Belkum employees or IC? Do they pay via mail or direct deposit? What experience level do you need to test/apply?

I am happy where I am, but it is IC status, and I am considering going to employee status somewhere in the near future. I am glad to hear it is a good company and has happy MTs!
will you share my bills too?
will you share mine
when you hog all the work, leaving nothing for anyone else? Yeah, you will. maybe through your taxes and other government programs, but you will.
Can you share where you work? TIA (nm)
I share your thoughts sm
I too used Smart Type with wp5.1. I am still using Smart Type, but for Word. No, it will never be as fast as 5.1! I do okay, but I often think of the old days.
Happy to share
I live in Wisconsin. We do code directly into the hospital system. I actually work for a company out of Florida and am contracted to this hospital. I have been with them for almost 7 years. I do have a coding certificate but only CCA. Right now everyone is looking for certified coders. If you have other questions, please feel free to email me and I will answer anything I can. My prior experience was also pre-computer and then I took a break from coding for a long time while raising my kids and just took some refresher courses and the CCA exam in 2001 to get back into coding.
Can you share more information
such as the platform you use, pay range, insurance costs, PTO..etc..I'm not asking for much LOL.. Sorry, I just want to get a feel for things before I apply. You can email me also.
I definitely share your concerns...

In my previous post I was and am trying to stay hopeful, as I really enjoy working with MDI like you, when I talked about possibly changing to another account.  In reality, I feel as you do, that I just don't think there will be enough work on straight MT side to provide that.  I just don't understand why such a great company like MDI is offering such a pitance for VR when most other companies are offering 4-5????  Just don't get it.  Again, I'm trying to remain hopeful and would like to believe what the leaders at MDI told me about tripling the line count, but seriously, in reality I really KNOW it is just not possible. 

Does anyone have any ideas about anything we can do?  Perhaps approach MDI/Dorothy as a group with our concerns??

care to share?
Which companies use the Edmat platform? Standard lph at most companies is 150. Struggled with Express Scribe to get that. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.
So why not share the company name . . .
and save the rest of us from the potential agony.
Okay, so share your secrets
smiley face