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Banglagor is obnoxious

Posted By: Old MT on 2006-05-10
In Reply to: not many. Most of the work I think has already been transitioned to Bangalore. nm - As far as I know...

Unfortunately, I have had to deal with some employees from Banglagore and they certainly are obnoxious to talk to.  Mostly they were hounding me on how to get more American business.  I told them I was the wrong person to ask, and that I had no desire to help them take away jobs from Americans.

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Arrogant, disorganized, and superior to everyone. You are always wrong, they are always right, management if you can call it that, and do not ever ask a question and expect an answer. RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN. You will be promised a certain line rate but by the time they take away a little bit more every day, you will be making at the most 7 cpl, and that is the TRUTH.
Nah - you just wanted to be rude and obnoxious. nm
The recruiter (JC) was SO rude and obnoxious that I changed my mind.
Dont set yourself up.

CyMed is hiring. If you want Cardiology, I know of a place hiring. Go elsewhere from Transcend, please. save yourself!