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Best advice I can give is talk with your accountant. sm

Posted By: MTisMe on 2008-05-29
In Reply to: Accepted an IC Position- Looking for Some Info/Help - Me

If you don't have one, seek one out. They would be the best source of reliable tax information.

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Get an accountant - best advice I can give you. nm
Maybe the best advice your lawyer can give

is to leave well enough alone when these threads start.  I have personally witnessed your responses on countless threads on more than just one board, and I am always amazed at how you just don't understand you hurt yourself more than any posting of =rumors= about your company.  You say we don't know how you run your business.  Well, we know a lot more about it now with your post than we did before, don't we?  (psst, so do your competetors)  Is that necessarily a good thing?  I don't see the CEO of Medquist running around on here trying to imply legal ramifications or trying to help us understand that company's way of conducting business.  In 1997 I quit a company where the owner sent out a memo telling employees not to discuss it on the internet.  It amazes me that an owner believes s/he has the kind of control over anyone to regulate what the people who work for them think or do OR feel intimidated that your lawyer is going into the Big Brother Business.

For the record, I have never looked into working for your company, am not a former employee/contractor, have no interest in doing any sort of business with you whatsoever.  The reason I mention this is because I have mentioned this to you in the past and it continues to fall on deaf ears.  You do more harm by what you say than any of the MTs, editors, students, curious onlookers, do here.  If you try to hold your head up high and let things be, the reputation of your company could possibly benefit, but then, I don't control what you say, think, feel or do, either.

When I recently contacted a lawyer who represents outsourcing employers about what I thought was a rather intrusive employee handbook with strict verbage about talking about that company in public and even in private email, her response to me was to sign it.  She reminded me that it didn't change what I thought, but employers don't like employees/contractors bad mouthing them, and then asked me why I felt it was a big deal.  So now I'm going to offer you to think about that from your side.  Employees/contractors don't like employers bad mouthing them, and by the way, why is it a big deal for you?  Tend to your business and let go of what you can't control.

my 2 cents for what it is worth


Einstein:  Insanity:  Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

That's advice I give people and, to a person, SM
they say others have told them the same thing. The only way to get a job is take a remote MT course, which costs a fortune. Money poorly spent.

I can emphasize with young mothers who want to stay home with their children. I really can, because that's what I did. There simply is no future in this. I too am holding on until retirement in a few years. Five to be exact.

And these schools continue to tell people there is a future in MT. There isn't.
Easy to give that advice if you are an MT no longer working!
Stand up for ourselves?  Are you still working as an MT? Have you checked the other job markets lately?  Are you clueless?  Stand up for ourselves and there are up-teen people waiting in line behind us to take our jobs for less money!!  I think your opinion is a little cold and sounds exactly like someone who does not need a job or the money!  Save it.
Can anyone from the Ohio MQ office give me a contact person and a phone number to call so I can talk
to someone there without getting a lot of other people involved before I find out what kind of accounts they have to offer. I am interested in transferring from my current office but would like to speak with someone up there first. Even an email address of someone would help.
Should have been accountant -
To Winnie - I do my own taxes not an accountant
I fill out Schedule SE which is the social security and medicare tax form.  However I have thought about hiring an accountant if I am paying too much or tax that I don't need to be paying.
It is normal contact accountant
if the corporation is legit (has filed with the state and is active) and that corporation is paying you for services than they have the right before paying you to have either your social security number or ein number if you are incorporated. At the end of the year that company will send you a 1099 and you will have to pay whatever taxes on those funds you earned. There are advantages to both you and the corporation by having you as a IC. You are now able to write-off more things than a traditional employee being paid w-2. As long as the company does not demand that you be available at certain times than you would not be considered an employee.
No, just someone who is not an accountant. Responsible for 200+ employees, ICs in several states. No
The payroll dept isn't exactly qualified. There's no accountant on staff. sm
I wish they would just let ADP or something similar handle it. So many things are incorrect so often, taxes, PTO pay missing, etc.
No kidding! She shoulda fired her accountant, or perhaps hired one.

Good advice, and advice that I'm giving real thought to ...

If I had known that they offshored before I accepted employment with them I never would have gone there to work.  I've been here long enough now though to not want to lose my benefits. 

Still ... making a DECENT PAYCHECK and making a living without being stressed out over the type of work that I'm doing is just as important as good benefits. 

"warned" by someone who won't give facts or sign her name. Give me a break! nm
Nationals give at least a week to learn program. Give
They used to give out $25 Amex cheques -- give them time. :-) nm

This is Ms B. - Talk all you want, I
You drove me to drink.  A six pack just won't get it anymore.  I am on the hard liquor.  Just kidding.  Get back to work. 
You would have to talk to them about that.
Sorry. I believe that is confidential information as far as pay but as far as their requirements, it is my firm belief that 5 years is needed to be a good QA person.
I can tell you this because I still talk with MTs that
work for them currently, my name is still on the mail list, and I have not been there in over 2 months. I'm not doubting that they have hired people, but keep in mind that they have brought down the 3-5 year minimum experience, now down to 2 year minimum expeience. So that accounts for A LOT of the new hires.
lp talk
I think they pay very well.  Correct about turnover on QA managers.  Pay is 1st and 15th, but once in awhile, they change it to 7th and 22nd, and you wait an extra week to get paid, which is quite horrible.  Is your new job Emdat?  Did you find the job through here?
Like to Talk More to You


You have an interesting name, something like HappyWithoutPS?  Anyway, I see you know a lot about Precyse, the true straight skinny, eh?  That's what I wanted to know about.

Do you mind telling me what company you are now working for?  Do you like it?  I am looking for a good one.  Thanks.

Linda D.

No talk?
They also cannot  control your rights to freedom of speech, as long as you are not spreading lies.
So, let's think of something else to talk about
thanks for pep talk
I appreciate it. I was feeling like I just shot myself in the foot. I will check them out. From what you say, they sound okay. Is this one people refer to as MDI? I saw there is also MD-IT. Which is which?
before you talk yourself out of it,
you'd be wise to consider the future of MQ in this country. I left there after a long time and long time being their cheerleader. All the red flags of concern are in place.
You might be able to talk...
MDI-MD into that one. They seriously need weekend coverage.
Talk to your STM about it - she or he can sm
set your choices as ASR vs non ASR if you want to opt out. They don't just let you know, you would have to ask. Also what I was correcting what that you said ASR pay would drop to 35%; your pay remains at 70% of non ASR rate. Did you know other companies pay a flat rate of as little as 2-3 cpl for editing?

As for what is not on ASR - it's not always the crappy guys who are left but the people whose formats can't be mimicked by the ASR engine. (Guys who say - Oh go back up and do THIS, etc)
Talk to HR

You need to talk to HR, because I do believe the other poster is incorrect when she says that most companies pay in full for one employee.  Rarely does anyone do that any more.  When a company advertises paid insurance, they are probably meaning that a portion of it is paid and not the entire premium.

Some employers pay more of the premium than others do - it depends on how generous your employer is.

Believe me they DO talk
They will find out. Whether its okay is up to your company and whether you signed a no-compete agreement. My company found out and tried to make life miserable for me and continues to do so. I won't quit
no I don't talk to anyone like that sm
except comments like this. I have heard enough complaining about this profession in 35 years. Its very obvious to me this person has not been paying attention to what has been going on. If she had had experience working for a national she would KNOW that this has been going on and will continue to go on until people stop it. I do not see how anyone who says they have been doing this for as many years as she has can not know this is happening. Its happening and people need to get their head out of the sand!
nobody else would talk the way sm
his/her messages appear on this board. Easy to figure it out.
to MTs in such a rude and demeaning manor?  Whether or not you're mgmt, I don't give a rodent's behind ... they are entitled to their opinion just as much as you are.  If something is affecting their ability to make a decent living, they also have a right to speak up without your high and mighty attitude.  You're happy at TT? Well, bully bully for you!!  But your rude tone and the way you talk down to your fellow MTs ( if that really is the case) makes one think that you are also a very UNHAPPY person. 
Transcend talk

I read some posts below about Transcend that were disturbing to me.  I work at Transcend and I love it very much.  Being an employee at Transcend, I have access to the forum for all employees there.  I have not found one thread on there that supports for one second what the unhappy ex-Transcender was saying. 

My question is this, however, what if  high producers are treated differently than others? They are kind of like the employee who is always at work, on time, positive attitude versus the employee who calls off, is undependable, bad attitude.  Which one do you think would get better treatment?  That is pretty much a no brainer if you ask me!  There are also those MTs who are great employees and do the basic line count required of them.  They receive the basic pay that they were offered.  What is so wrong with that?  That is the effort they put into it.

I will say exactly what I do there.  I scored 100% on all my tests for hire with Transcend.  I have 9 years' experience in clinic transcription.  I was hired in full time, benefits, etc.  I work on a clinic account and have a secondary that is hospital.  No, I did not have hospital experience when starting at Transcend.  Being the great company that they are, they were willing to train me and enhance my experience for both our benefits.  I make 0.0850 cents per line.  The incentive plan is so great that I try to produce more than 11,000 lines per pay period so that I can benefit from it.  I have asked for days off and have always gotten them without hassle.  I have a schedule, however, do not always work my hours but different ones according to what is going on in my life.  I dont ask if that is okay, I just do it.  If I cannot work in the morning, I do it at night.  No one has ever said anything to me about it because I do my lines. 

I work also on VR.  Everyone will be.  Let's face it ladies, it is the future.  You can hate it, fight it, but in the end you either do it or get a new career.  Every MT in the future will at least have to know how to do it.  I plan to learn all I can and become better and faster at it so that I am assured a job. 

There will always be some people who are bitter when they leave jobs.  Some people seem to have a sense of entitlement.  However, it all goes back to the good old days where you get what you give.  The more lines you type and the harder you work, the more money you make.  There is nothing wrong with an honest day's work. 

Talk to your manager about it first of all. Then...
...if that doesn't work, most companies, depending on how much they are hiring, can find you a spot if they want you bad enough.

Sometimes recruiters are really restricted on what they can hire for, but if there are a lot of openings to fill I can hire a M-F person if it's a deal breaker and I absolutely don't want to lose them.

However, it doesn't happen often, the person typically has to have a spotless track record and reputation in the field, and they possibly will have to fit into a potentially difficult-to-fill niche (oncology or very high ESL, for example), but it's not unheard of.

Good luck!
Can we talk - about this MQ letter!

The first sentence that sent me tossing my cookies was "...we would like to thank you for your continued service and support.  we know the key to our success is the people who work so hard for our customers every day".


PLEEZE......I have not had one centilla of a raise in over 5 years!  So we know what that sentence was all above.  Your thanks and $1.25 will get me a bad cup of coffee at Huddle House.


Next - that's the whole reason for this letter if you ask me - the little ditty from WINSTON AND STRAWN, attorneys at law.


They wanted MQ employees to cough up DOCUMENTS (document preservation).  Of course the attorneys for the MTs' class action suite are also searching out those very same documents.   How quaint.


And that graph about "over the past several months with your help and input we have been working on developing a pay plan and comprehensive benefit program that will enable us to set the standard in the industry."  Nowhere in that whole paragraph did it mention statutory MTs.  It addressed them in the salutation of the letter, but never in the paragraph about the pay plan of benefits if you notice.  and lord help us if MQ is going to set the STANDARD for the industry (which they have single-handedly devastated all by themselves).  They did not make profit through solid  business means, they made their profit off the BENEFITS we as MTs made previously and which they through smoke and mirrors merely shifted over to their profit column.  That didn't take a genius - just underhanded business.  I could do that too, take what used to be benefits and change it to the profit monies. 


And in this letter they further have the nerve to claim:  "While we believe that the claims raised by the three transcriptionists appear to lack merit..."  How about the thousands of other MTs who also believe it to be so, and the hospitals that back them up?


I have to go pour me a drink. 

You did talk to the person about it too, right?
I have had some rude ones in the past too, but I usually am very upfront and candid with everyone. They know right away if there is a problem and we clear it up right away. Otherwise, I move on quickly. And because this can be such a high turnover job, the MTSOs can become a little rough around the edges over time, expecting way too much and getting very little in return. A lot of people say they can do more than they can. Not that it's right but I take all of that into consideration when dealing with them. Try to go smaller family oriented company if you can.

--It's good you are venting but try not to let yourself get that upset...just let it roll off your back--
There was talk about them recently, but again (sm)
They are notoriously bad about paying and have been for years. They misrepresent whether they pay for spaces or not, and they pay when they feel like it.  I waited months for payment back when I worked for them a few years ago.
Did you talk to them about it? I had the same problem, went sm
directly to Lee, and she had someone fix it. She might say to go to the proper person and not to her directly, but I have found that if I do, she takes care of it and points me to the right person. Hate to say to go over your supervisor's head, but it worked for me. If not Lee, try Karen or Martha or Becky. I am really glad that I did as now I have plenty again!
Why would you talk to owner?
Perhaps she is an account lead. That, or a buttkisser.
Me too. They sent me 3 emails that they want to talk to me..but..sm
I emailed them back 3 times and have not heard from them. 
Talk to Dictaphone
They will tell you the method of counting varies with each company so there is no standard measurement.
Maybe talk to your lead and ask....
how it works? Don't you see the job numbers and what order they come in if it's in a pool? What kind of account is this for, acute or clinic? I would honestly ask and let her know you're not happy about with this.
7 accounts?? Why?? Did you talk to D about it?
Call and talk to them. They have a few.
I am sure they will help you if they can. Unfortunately, most systems require high speed to run properly.
Still there, but would like to talk to ex-MQ for their input (NM)
Can you talk to your doctors and let them know the
How about talk to them? Every situation...
is different. Funny how when the company wants us to adhere to a schedule they are roasted over the coals for not being flexible but when the MTs expect certain things the company is supposed to go out of their way to accommodate them. If most transcriptionists worked in the real outside world they would be surprised at how flexible they would have to be, work when your company needed you, not when you wanted to.
There was some talk here about that when the OSI stuff was
You, too, need to talk to your STM. I find only 1 or 2 sm
accounts EXTREMELY boring. Why not ask for another account? Things are slow this time of year most of the time. Webmedx is getting new accounts all the time. I say hang in there!
There may have been a glitch. Talk to your SM
supervisor and HR on Monday. I don't think any company would stop your insurance without advanced warning.
Pay NOT confidential. My pay, if I want to talk
again talk to the supervisor
that is their job to let MTs know what the work volumes are and where they are at.