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But they're known for being late with your pay. nm

Posted By: Several contacts have said this. nm on 2007-02-01
In Reply to: Try TTS - MT in MT


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Come on... they're not even late yet
You do know they don't have to be mailed until 1/31, right?
Too little, too late? It is never too late. I am one person, true, but together

Let me tell what this ONE person achieved on her own and then you can imagine what many of us can do if we stand together.

Two years ago, I was working as an MT for a local hospital.  One day, we were told that our overflow was going to be outsourced to one of the nationals, just the discharge summaries and not even all of those.  Two months after they told us that lie, they called is in one by one and fired us because they were outsourcing the entire dept because it was cost effective.  The service they were using was a very large national who I happened to know had a reputation of offshoring.  And I just knew because our little hospital had easy as pie dictators with maybe 4 out of a staff of 200 that were ESL, our work would most definitely be one of the accounts offshored.

I was angry!  Oh, they offered us jobs at the service and told us we would definitely be working on our hospital, but I'm no fool and I knew it would be a matter of time before we were forced to take secondary accounts which would eventually become our primary accounts and our little hospital would just disappear from our queues. 

I refused the job with the service on moral grounds.  I refused to work for a company that offshored.  And then I decided to channel my anger and outrage into something proactive.  I wrote letters to every newspaper in my area.  Every small farming community newspaper this hospital served, and the big city newspaper in the big city close by.  I never dreamed that anyone would pay attention at one woman's rantings.  But a funny thing happened.  My letter was printed in more than one of the papers I sent it to, and reporter from one of the larger newspapers called me and asked if I would do an interview.  I said absolutely.

Long story short, they did the interview and then interviewed the administrator of the hospital.  They put him in the hot seat and asked him about offshoring health information to India.  He had no definitive answers to give except that he would have to look at the contract and make sure that it was stipulated that his hospital's work was not sent over seas.

It was a small triumph, but I took some satisfaction in it.  Two weeks after that and just when I thought all the hoopla had died on my little letter, another letter appeared in the newspaper -- from an HIM director at another local hospital who said as a result of reading my letter and interview, that she had received a number of calls from concerned people asking if their medical information was being sent and transcribed overseas.  She wanted to write the letter just to set the record straight that her hospital employed their own MTs and did not outsource to a service nor did they offshore any of their work to third-world countries.

And I'm still not done.  Still a few weeks later another letter in the big city paper was printed from another HIM director assuring the community that her hospital employed its own American MTs and did not outsource or offshore.

Now, everything has quieted down since then, but I managed to ruffle some feathers and make a point, and if I (one person, one middle-aged work-at-home mother of two) can cause that much ruckus -- think what a whole bunch of us can do.

I think we, as a group, need to take control of our industry and our career destiny and do something.  Maybe march on Washington DC protesting the offshoring of American jobs -- not just ours, but ALL American jobs that are being offshored.  There are more Americans out of work and losing work to third-world countries and corporate greed than just MTs!  Our government needs to hear our voices!  We need to MAKE ourselves be heard! 

Instead of sitting back and pasting little smiley faces in our posts and saying good luck with that we need to come together.  There is no room for MTs willing to accept lower wages, no room for MTs whose hearts bleed for our third-world counterparts, and no room for MTs who want to sit back and do nothing, but reap the benefits when the strong win the battle.  We've reached a critical turning point and it's time to take up the cause and change the future. 

Never late, not even once. (sm)
I have direct deposit and Precyse has never ever been late depositing my check, not even once. How long ago did your friend work there?
Yu are a bit late...
oh boy.. i have to chuckle at this, this woman's trying to drum up business for her husband..
Too late.

They were never late with my pay.
Their accounts were super easy, too. I just could not get enough lines there to make it worthwhile.
OK. So why were they late?
Was it an error on their part? Did it only happen once? Did you forget to fill out your timecard? Was it the first paycheck on direct deposit that always comes as a check instead? You can't just say a company pays late or doesn't pay PTO without explaining WHY.
Late Pay
I am another ExBreitner. You are absolutely correct in everything you said about Breitner.  Not only were they late but the amounts were incorrect.  For the happy employee of 2 1/2 years ---- I know for a fact that you don't even check your line count and compare it to your paycheck.  When I worked there, the only happy employees were the ones who didn't need to work for a living, so whatever pay they received they were happy ------- whether it was correct or not.  Glad I'm outta there!
They certainly DO pay late!
I've been shorted twice and finally quit after NOT receiving a paycheck at all!!!
sometimes pay is late. nm
Never late here
I've been using direct deposit for years and have never had a problem. In fact, my checks are always deposited the night before payday. I love DD.
TTS and late pay

I have the posts about late pay from TTS (not TransTech).  Could someone currently working for them tell me how many times in the past 2 to 3 months the pay has been late.  Me personally, if I am to get paid on Friday and it does not show up until Monday that 2 to 3 days is not horrible, not great, but not horrible considering some companies I have worked for have been late by weeks and not a few days.  Am not trying to stir anyone up just trying to get a fair time span to go by.  Thanks.

Might be too late, but please sm.

I am new to MDI-MD, but have been wondering if people are cherrypicking or not. Sometimes I get a bit frustrated, but I can't prove it. How the heck do they do that on a Lanier system?? Would QA or liason do anything about it if I complained?

Late as well

No timesheet, no pay.

never late
My check has never been late in 2 years. Two times my timesheets have been late, but they always emailed me and I got it in and got paid.
The TAT was very, very late.
This company seems very disorganized. The person who trains is very scatter-brained. Very hard to catch up with her to get a straight answer about anything. They need to have real production supervisors in place instead of having the trainer, the CFO and other folks trying to manage the workflow. Paying a supe a salary is a lot more cost-effective than losing the account altogether.
Never too late
to pull the IRS card, fill out form online for IRS to investigate IC or emp status, even if years ago, and employees receive retroactive pay, in-depth audits will be performed, and lots of other good stuff can be found. 
too late now
Well, I do not think there is anything that I can do now. As far as what school I have chosen. I am about to graduate. However, I will most defiantely look into the ADHI. I didnt know the school enrolled you in this til last week. They sent a letter out to those about to graduate.
Late pay
This is highly unprofessional of them and they should not be in business. Employees checks should come first. Sounds as if they are paying themselves first. I would quit them and good riddance!!! Who needs people like that?
--- " until it's too LATE."
Hope you're enjoying those slave wages you're earning.
Late paychecks. sm
Company I work for always behind. Paydays supposed to be 1st and 15th, and pay from 2 weeks behind. Invoice on 1st is paid the 15th. They now say payday is 4th and 20th without saying anything ahead of time. With wait on first class mail, I average a paycheck about every 25 days. It is terrible.
disgusted with late pay
I SO AGREE WITH YOU. This wouldn't be tolerated in any other kind of business, retail, contractor, service, firm, etc. If they can't afford you, then they lay you off. They shouldn't try to stiff you out of your payroll check! What a loser!
Amp not late with mine either!
worked there 6 months and have never been late - have a few other complaints, but hopefully those will be fixed in time....
Amphion never late with my pay
yep - late direct dep is a BIG no-go for me
Yep, I would go bonkers with late pay esp if it is direct deposit. Definitely a sign of internal problems and TOTALLY unacceptable to me. Mailed checks have an excuse, but direct deposit never has one. I have very limited free time and need to schedule when I will do things and if my pay is late it screws up my entire week.

Another reason I am glad I did not get hired there.
That should be-thought-yes, it's late. nm
I'm there over a year, never late NM
It was late, was just trying to get message across.
A little too late - doncha think?
Not only do they pay late, the amount of the
checks are incorrect and it takes forever to resolve the issue with accounting.  I even talked with the owner of the company a couple of times because of incorrect and/or late paychecks.  Nothing ever changed, so I left.  Beware!
No late payments here, either. nm
Late pay. Did either of you get paid yet? nm
There was only ONE ad of late about a month ago
Kinda of late to run away when most of
us were KICKED OUT.
Late paychecks

Small MTSO's sometimes use company funds to pay their personal bills as well, so if they have a lot of bills or something unexpected happens, there goes the payroll money! 

You are years too late for that. nm

late work
It's probably me and other late night'ers working and clearing it out while the dictation is slow, along with all those people who have to work late to get their lines because the work wasn't there in the morning.
So you guys feel you're getting paid what you're worth with VR?
I'm not trying to be snarky. I've never done VR, so I'm trying to understand.

You're happy with your paycheck with VR? Do you find the files to be as bad as the original post implied?
It was late and I made a typo. When you
start signing my paycheck, then I will worry about typos on this board. Get a life!
Any employer who is late or gets the pay wrong better think twice
about what they are doing. If you think word does not get out, it does. The statement this poster made about paying well rings true. I know several people who work for one very popular MT service that is supposed to pay well who never get paid on the day they are supposed to or the pay is always wrong (this service is not mentioned in this thread) and their reason for staying is that their pay is so good. I say ditto what this poster is saying. If you have to pay late fees and such what good is good pay? I know a couple of people who are always worried about whether they are going to get paid on time and if it is, if it will be right. There is something wrong with this picture and no, I will not mention the service but it has not been mentioned in this thread.
Amphion pays late and does not pay PTO
RE: Breitner late paychecks

I have worked for BTS for 2 1/2 years now and NEVER has BTS been late with my check or deducted lines.  They pay for exactly what they said they would pay when I was hired.  You have to take into consideration the mail system.  BTS can't do anything about that.  Why didn't you opt for direct deposit?  It's a wonderful  and sure thing.  My money has ALWAYS been there on time every time. 

YES, BTS is hiring and I strongly recommend them.  I have been there for 2 1/2 years and have NEVER run out of work.  If I'm low (which is very rare) I'm given another account to help with.  The account manager is very understanding and accommodating if you have sick kids, appointments or whatever.  I've worked for sevral MT companies and I have to say this is the best one that I've found.  Thank you BTS .  Oh I must add, I have recieved a Christmas gift every year too along with something for MT week. 


oops, would "look it up" - getting late
companies paying late
Why do some companies have to wait one month to pay you and other companies can pay you 3-4 days after you submit payroll? I will and won't ever get that. All I know is you are supposed to get paid the 1st and 15th or every other week, unless the pay day falls on a Saturday or Sunday the check should be in your direct deposit in your bank, no excuses. I have worked for small companies and larger nationals and it just imazes me how one will pay on time and the other will not and always will come up with one excuse after another. But, if you bounce checks because of late pay that you are supposed to get a certain date that does not help either. I guess it all depends on who does the bookkeeping/records/payroll huh? We all work too hard to get late paychecks and it is not fair to any of us.
Very good post. Unfortunately I think its too late for them

to wake up and smell the coffee.  They have already lost many of their very good MTs and editors.  If they keep on going the way they are now, they will lose accounts. 

I just want to comment about the AAMT selection of employer of the year.  I did not know how the winner of the award was chosen, and I'm not saying management would send in those forms for themselves, BUT I highly doubt that anyone who works at Medware would send in a nomination on their behalf these days. 

Christmas weekend, and once again, pay is late.
I've had it with them.
1099s are not considered late until after Jan. 31.
Constant late payer..nm
It is too late for unions. It never would have worked.
Company is famous for pay being late-
Highlights of TTS: You can not trust anyone!!. God forbid you are 10 minutes late, or on the toilet too long as you will get a phone call asking why are you in a job for so long, or you are on the schedule -blah, blah blah.. This is for IC's and employees.

Next: Paydays - always late. She has the nerve to say in replies to emails sent to her - I am not answering anymore emails and I am turning off my IM.

Next: Final paycheck - lets try 6 to 8 weeks, and that is if you are lucky. This is even after you have returned equipment.

Next: She offers no benefits for employees. Yeah, insurance is available, but at your full cost. As an IC she pays a certain amount, but if you are an employee, it is much less as she is not paying anything out of her pocket for anyone.

Finally - There is nothing to say good about this company. Her and her manager talk a good game, but once you are in, forget it, the evil comes out.