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Can't bring up the article - could you cut and paste - sm

Posted By: xx on 2005-07-29
In Reply to: RBJ story on EXECUSCRIBE - OldBroad

it so that we could read it??

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Wilma reincarnated. Cut and paste same response. Cut and paste. nm
Did anyone ever tell you why no cut/paste? I always want to know why. sm
But I'm not going to be able to continue working for them, since they just don't have enough work during the time I have available, so it won't be a problem. 
I am trying to paste...

My resume in the Transtech application form.  I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to do that? 




Cut & Paste why?
I have been curious about this for a while.  Why do companies need us to cut and paste our resumes into an email rather than attaching them.  9 out of 10 companies on MTjobs request this and go so far as to say they will DELETE emails with attachments.  Anyone know or have a guess?
Info is obviously a cut and paste.
Anyone could do it. Why would OSi stoop so low?
going to cut and paste your post
because everything you have said is so very, very true.  I don't have 31 years of experience - but I do have 25 years of transcription/secretarial experience and 12 years of MT - so I have a little bit of an idea what I am doing - and you are so right - if you cannot at least bring in $100 a day - why bother?  I am at that point too.  I am doing SR for 4.5 cpl now - but have something else in the works - it is my very last straw.... so not giving up quite yet.  I am so very, very sorry for what you have gone through - know you are not alone - not sure what can be done - but you are not the only one in this boat!!
Copy and Paste....

I have a few of my own standards in MS Word that I will copy and paste into Meditech, but I find the tabs do not translate over to Meditech. Do you have this problem as well? It is aggravating because I have to fix these when I go back to the Meditech screen

I posted a cut and paste of what sm
they sent me and it clearly states that you are hired as an SC and then are offered SE status.  That's pretty clear.  My question is why would they hire you as SC status, tell you when to work and then offer you SE status?  Pretty fishy.  I understand you don't like the comment I made about being pimped out but I don't know what else to call it when folks accept this practice of working as an SC being told what and when, paying double taxes and putting up with this stuff.  your just handing your hard-earned money over!
I use Meditech and don't cut and paste
and it's fine for me.....we use Word inside Meditech so I have all my macros and stuff.
resume cut/paste
This might help you out :)
thanks for the copy and paste--sm
but latest and related are not the same thing. all I am seeing are posts that were placed after mine and nothing in relation to the original post questioning the company. sorry again.
copy/paste is against the rules.. we were
from the onset to NEVER EVER copy and paste. If you are doing this you should stop it soon before they figure it out and you get in trouble.
If I had to copy & paste my IM to an email...

...because I needed a conversation documented, I would do it.  I would find a way.  Even if I had to get a disposable camera and take a couple of darn pictures of the computer with the IM on it.  LOL!  

By the way, what happens if you doin't respond to the IM?  Are you an employee with the co?  No co. would make me do IM, but that's me.  What is the co. so concerned about that they don't want something documented in email???

Should I attach or copy and paste
the questionnaire and resume into an email when sending them back to Webmedx? No preference was given.
When you paste a resume on the Job Seekers
or does it print correctly on the recruiter's side? 
could you quickly copy and paste your document into another? then
you could just keep adding on the lines in each document to your own master document for the day. Then you would have a line count for the day. I bet you could write a macro to do this.
Just paste it and let it go. They're looking for content, not format, when ....sm
...the resume is sent via a web contact form. If you are a good MT with good qualifications, they won't care how it's set up, but do make sure words are spelled correctly. That's a huge bugaboo when I read resumes.
Highlight all the text you want to paste and right click
your mouse.   You should get a list of options, one of which is copy.  Select copy.  Go to the page you want to paste your resume and right click your mouse again.  Again you will have options, one of which should be paste.  Click paste and there is it.    If you right click the second time and you don't get paste, go back through the above steps again and copy again and then try paste.  
Cut & paste. They expected us to type in Word and
but that still takes time to copy/paste

This company prob charges their client the same rate for the entire report; everyone is feeling the crunch!  So, let's hit the MT's pocket; I'd pass on companies like that.

Any company will leave you alone if you do your work, so that's not a plus!  

*bring* down
I would definitely bring it to their
attention...I have had similar problems in the past, and I had to really stick to my guns and let the person know...Afterall, it goes through with our initials, employee ID or however your particular company does it...so ultimately, if the doc or whomever gets the report and thinks that it's wrong, your company is going to come back to you.  That's what I worry about...although, I'm pretty sure (at least I hope) when it's QA'd, the QA persons initials or ID goes on their as well.  Be we all makes mistakes, and even the QA person could be making a mistake and not really realizing it...so it may be helpful to them to get some feedback from us! 
Why do you bring it up then?
thought I would just bring this to the top!

I don't know who posted this, but I wholeheartedly AGREE!  Tell you one thing, if MY employer ever thinks of short-changing me for my work, they will be in trouble with my bank.

(I think the time has come for these companies to be named. I know there are more than one but seems to me that we owe it to each other to name the companies who do not pay on time or who get the pay wrong each and every pay day. We work for a living and we do it to get paid. Even if we just put the first initial of the company, that is fair warning for others who are looking to make a change to be aware that certain companies are dangerous as far as their paying practices.

Recently I was talking to an
MT who worked for one of these companies and said to me that she hated to quit because the pay was so good. That is just wrong. What pay is so good if you have to pay bank fees and overdraft charges because the money is not there. Something is wrong with that statement and wrong with that picture.

If there are any owners who are reading this that make the practice of paying late or wrong then read away. If you are doing this you don't know how to manage the company anyhow and it is my guess your days are numbered as a business but if you think we are going to sit down and take this treatment any longer without reporting to the proper authorities then you are sadly mistaken. You can throw posts in the faces of the posters all you want but when someone does not get paid for their work ON TIME, they have every right to demand that they be paid). 

That way they can bring our wages down
even further. I think some company suits must get on here and use this as their forum as an excuse as to why they rip us off. Come on people, this is what they think of us? Yeh I would say getting our own accounts or better yet just stop working for the asses that rip off. I say lets list every company on this board that cheats MTs and everyone stop working for them. Thats the only way things might change is to unite in our efforts.
But your own clients bring many of your own
Not trying to bring down a company..

but, it seems that since I posted there are many MTs out there that have been treated similarly and worse.  NOW, it seems that maybe my posts are not representative of one but of many.

If there are major issues like this, why doesn't she get on, respond respectfully, and show us how great MDI really CAN be and not IS, because right now it is hurting a lot families.

Show us how we TOGETHER can get back on track and make a living. 

1.  Is there a way to keep working for MDI without the threats of being put down to a lower wage when work is so slow? 

2.  Is there a way for MDI to be more understanding about committments?  For example when work is slow, don't come back and say I don't want to hear it because there was plenty of work on your back up accounts when there are tons of MTs already doing that work and it runs out in a flash....also understanding the learning curve we have to go through to refamiliarize ourselves with the account, therefore, still causing a major difficulty in living up to our committments.

3.  Is it possible for MDI to let us in on one what is going on with the accounts, i.e. if they are in process of being lost to another service or EMR?  Thereby, giving us a heads up so we know what to do to keep supporting ourselves or give us suggestions on moving to a new primary.

4.  It is possible for Carlotta to treat us like fellow professionals when she addresses us and not as inferiors?

I think these are questions that we could all use answers to and not in a private e-mail.  I think there is a healing that could happen for ALL to see.  Please, show us that MDI is not the reincarnation of MQ. 

Oh, please, can't you bring in those little cheer
That would so complete me.
Actually, I made more in the mid 80s than I do now, so bring it on, I say ...LOL. nm

Don't have to bring them down -- they are doing a good job on their own. sm

And thank you for the job advice.  I AM actively looking, and the minute I find something they can kiss where I can't.  I notice you ignore all of the things I have pointed out.  You see like Marie Antoinette when told of the starving masses, If they have no bread, then let them eat cake.

Don't have to bring them down -- they are doing a good job on their own. sm

And thank you for the job advice.  I AM actively looking, and the minute I find something they can kiss where I can't.  I notice you ignore all of the things I have pointed out.  You seem like Marie Antoinette when told of the starving masses, If they have no bread, then let them eat cake.

Is there nothing you won't do to find a way to bring up TT
And start another flame war? The WMX rate was brought up in a thread yesterday, you know what they pay. And there's no reason to post what company you're currently with. I see righ thru what you're doing...Just trying to stir everything up again.

I'm reporting your post to the moderator.
Wanted to bring this to the top--UE
I was reading a post on another page where somebody mentioned being eligible to apply for benefits if your hours are cut, etc.  Does anybody know if it's possible to be eligible for UE if your hours aren't formally cut by your company but your work is low where you can't get your scheduled 40 hours in on a consistent basis?
Put them in auto-correct - copy and paste. Quick and easy! nm
TSI now SoftMed was supposed to be atrocious with their DOS software and cut-and-paste work. Any
I googled labor board. Copy/paste in address bar
May have to key in either your state or company state not sure which or maybe both.

you get a form to put in your name, email, and paste your resume. MTSpot sends it to the recipient
Why can they not bring on acute care MTs?
Cannot get them or do not want them?
Funny you should bring this up as it reminds
The work was done in Word but I received progress notes where I had to line it up.  The office would give me the last progress note, and then I had to add to that so it was just an ongoing chart note for each visit with the new date.  In other words, this doc drove me to drink.  So, I charged him $5.00 per page.  He called me into his office to talk about this, and he said to me:  I know I can afford to pay more than $3.00 for a pack of cigarettes, but I won't.  He wanted to know why I was charging him so much because I guess he thought his wealth was the reason.  Right then and there, I said I can certainly be replaced if you prefer not to pay what my services are worth.  AND I NEVER LOOKED BACK.  Just thought I'd share...      Come to find out, he still does not have a steady transcriptionist.  They are still LOOOOKING.  One girl lasted one day, one girl took one tape and never came back....  Need I say more?  If that is truly the case that the transcriptionists in another country cannot afford the fee, then Americans should be given the same option since our wages are not what they used to be.  Maybe it should be based on income especially since it is such an incentive....     YEAH RIGHT!!!    
Bring your own foot pedal...
SPi just told us former Cymed emps that, from now on, everyone has to provide their own foot pedal. (CyMed provided software and foot pedal; we've always had to use our own computers...but I'd rather do that and keep some modicum of my privacy instead of using a CO computer where big-boss-brother can watch my every move) :S

Then why don't you bring this to them??? A big problem in this industry is that sm
if someone has a problem, they vent on here rather than to the source. If you are unhappy there, why do you still work there? There are other companies to work for. If you think they are cheating you, let them know. Give them a chance to fix it before you assume that they know what you are working and how many hours.

Are you HIM or radiology? I am in radiology and have a set schedule. My friend is in HIM and is flex hours.
bring MT jobs home

With the economy tanked probably a great time to contact your local senator/representative and ask that all of the jobs which were shipped overseas be brought back home.  We can no longer afford to subsidize foreign countries when we were are broke here at home. 

Can't bring up anything on MD-IT. Does anyone work there or have information
regarding this company? I am thinking of applying.
Why not just bring up another topic to discuss sm
and let them bicker amongst themelves in the their own threads? Seems a whole lot easier just to start a totally new thread. No one is obligated to read their posts.
Sorry to hear GP....try to ignore NM and others who try to bring you down ;-)
No special software. Just copy and paste the report you typed to Microsoft Word on your
computer. Under the Tools menu, select Word Count. Characters are listed with or without spaces. Take the total of either and divide by 65 to get your line count. Then match that with what your company is giving you for a line count.

If you don't have Microsoft Word, then you can download a free trial of Abacus line counting software from the internet.
Hospitals! and Clinics! I said are who will bring it back

individual practitioners.


I have to bring this Psych Eval topic to the top. sm

Personally, it is a waste of money and time to have psych evals for prospective MTs.   I have seen many postings by MTSOs on this board who are so unprofessional and sounded "crazy", that it made my eyes pop out!  

Any successful business person knows, good judgement is the key to success.   If can not rely on your good judgement, than you should not be in business.   Why would any MTSO waste the money and time for such a screening?  That is demoralizing to our transcriptionists.  They are not applying for a job at the pentagon! 

Now,  there are some people who have major "issues"; however, that should become apparent during the interview process if you interview properly. 

I do believe this company is way off base in doing this; however, if you the MT feel its okay and the company meets your needs and pays well, than go for it. 

I think what happens is the MTSO's company gets so busy and the MTSO gets so stressed out about meeting TAT, they hire anybody with working fingers.  There lies the problems.   If the MTs have the experience needed to do the job, they pass the transcription test with flying colors, and you are satisfied with the personal interview, they should be hired.  Maybe the MTSO needs to replace whoever it is they hired to screen the candidates and the MTSO needs to be in on the interview process.   That sounds like more of a solution to weed out the unstable individuals then a battery of psych evaluations for prospective MTs.   Good Grief!  Where is the common sense in this?


That is all I have on this subject.  I feel bad for those of you who need a job!   Good luck.

I have realized that many recruiters will say ANYthing to bring you on. Then you find out they are
so what does 500 VR bring 4cent/line $20. pooh!!
or maybe even less per line. I tried it with Transcend and quit, can't make a living and was totally worn out totally redoing the pages.
good for you, considering that they want to bring us down to Indian clp!. (I am being sarcastic!)nm