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Can you be more clear in what information you are seeking.

Posted By: sm on 2007-04-24
In Reply to: Anyone know anything about Medware? - Miriam Bergdorf

It reads as if you know the company already. Are you seeking employment?

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Seeking information

I am seeking information regarding XXXXXX.  They have an ad on job board for an IC to work on a teaching facility multispecialty account.  Is anyone familiar with this account?  How difficult is it to make decent money,  and how are they to work for?  Also, would like to know about TransHealth.  If they pay 10 cpl for ESL account, how much do they start  at on their other accounts and how are they to work for.  Also looking at TransTech.  Do TransHealth and Transtech only do acute care?  Thanks.


Seeking information...

on a company by the name of PeopleSupport...would like to hear the pros and cons, please.

Also, would like to hear pros and cons for a company by the name of Integrated Document Solutions (IDS). 

I did a search on both companies but could not find any up-to-date information.


Seeking information
on a company called Fast Chart.  Looked them up but posts are very old.  Current transcriptionists care to share your experience with them.  Thank you.
Seeking information regarding KS platform

I have a few questions regarding the Meditech platform that Keystrokes uses on some accounts. The person who hired me wasn't in today, or I would have asked her. I hate to wait until Monday because I start with them in a week and I just want to make sure I have everything I need.


If anyone could help, please contact me via email so that I don't clog up this board with all the specifics!



Seeking information on Diskriter
I notice Diskriter has afternoon shifts available. Does anyone know if they offer a shift differental or incentive for working those 2nd and 3rd shifts? Also, what are the average lines you can do on their Chartscript platform. Thanks.
Seeking information on Greenlight Transcription

I was recently contacted by this company and I have never heard of them. I would appreciate any info you would care to share. Please feel free to E-mail me.

Thanks so much.

has anyone ever received a job offer from posting a resume on this site and receiving what they were asking for as far as pay?  I am asking for 12-14 cents.  Am I in a dream world?
It is clear now. Thank you...sm

I felt silly asking the question, but you all have answered it clearly to where I understand and I do appreciate that greatly!  Thanks so much!

Just to be clear....DRC is (sm)
Digital Records Corporation in Santa Clara, CA, right?  I think the website I found for them was relyondrc.com
Now that we are clear on KS
I, for one, would really like to hear who else refuses to offshore work.
maybe I was not too clear.
I did not want to talk about work on FB, but to know some people with the same company. See where you live, what you're interested in...If i had specific questions, like when we were having audio problems or something, I could directly msg a fb coworker and see if they figured out anything. Other than that, about all I would say are generalities like how I'm working today or such. I'm not going to be less than professional with any forum. I just like the idea of knowing some MDI people. Shoot, if the liaisons were interested, I'd invite them! In fact, I actually searched to see if they were on FB. Its just kinda fun to feel connected.
let me be clear
In case you did not read my other posts and I was clear...

This company hounds us to work overtime and refuses to pay us overtime..breaking the law.

During the slow time, this company expects us to sit at our computer for our entire shift waiting for work to come in the cue and we do not even earn minimum wage while we are doing this...again breaking the law, which is why people call him and complain they have no money to pay their light bill.

We are expected to get 1200 lines a day. The 800 lines a day is a minimum if an emergency happens, and then you are still expected to get at least 12000 lines in by the end of the pay period.

This particular e-mail is offense to me, because the only times we have been behind on TAT is through no fault of any MT. In May, the owner took on 50 or so new docs and did not hire people to do the work. We were sent numerous e-mails telling us that the owner was not happy because he had to pay a fine for each late document. How was this our fault? Now, we are behind because this company did an upgrade and we COULD NOT WORK. This owner is NOT giving cash advances..lol. He refuses to even pay us what we earn in overtime and the slow time!

Seeking Canadian MTs
Canadian medical transcription company located in British Columbia seeking highly skilled, experienced Canadian medical transcriptionists for overflow work from Canadian hospital facilities.
I'm seeking comments on
Any info is appreciated.
If you are seeking clients, there is not
Wish companies seeking MTs would put the
name of their company.  There is a company on there now looking for Oncology MTs but does not state the name.  Some MTs may have already applied to an earlier post and would not  re-apply to the same company.
seeking job info

I've been with a MTSO for nearly 5 years, but the account they have me on is becoming too hit and miss.

I'm looking for a position and hope to get recommendations, based upon the following:
1.  Part time only, and no weekends.
2.  A decent line pay for someone with nearly 30 years exp.
3.  Uses a C-phone or voice files (I do not have TransNet).

If anyone knows of a good MTSO, or even an individual looking for some help, please email me. I need some more steady or I'll be singing the Pay the Bill Blues.

Seeking info on SPi
I cannot find anything in the archives about this company. I see that they offshore, which is fine. I am seeking comments from anyone who currently works there.

Do they pay for spaces?
Is the pay decent?
Can you use your own PC?

Also wondering if QA is paid hourly. Is QA pay a good rate?

Seeking opinions
Two questions: 1. Does anyone know any reputable companies with good medical oncology accounts? 2. Any opinions about the following companies: MD-IT, Hoffman Transcription, and WebMedX? Would appreciate any info.
Seeking opinions
Any opinions about the following companies: MD-IT, Hoffman Transcription, and WebMedX? Would appreciate any info.
Am still seeking info, please help
Please, can anybody tell me about Oracle, Orion and Landmark?  How are the platforms?  Is there steady work?  Which would you choose?  Thank you!
Have you been job seeking lately? Whole different world now.
You betcha I have job-seeking lately
I just started my second job (one for the insurance, the other for the high cpl it pays) and started my new second job three months ago. And no, I do not get paid like a newbie.
Seeking opinions on TTD
Anybody currently working for this company? How frequently are you paid?? Is pay on time? Any additional info is appreciated.
Actively seeking another job
in the meantime. :)
Rule #1 about job-seeking: Never, EVER, pay
'background check', NADA. The company should always pay for those things. If not, look elsewhere. I learned that one the hard way a long time ago.
Do NOT post identifying information. Even initials and stop with the ridiculous sly tactics some have resorted to in order to give out initials.

I am watching this thread closely.

You'd probably be lucky to clear $12K - sm
so if really want to MT at home, do the schooling, get a PT job and work at night until you can in make $1K a month. See how long you have to work in a day to do that. IF it is 4 hours a day 5 days a week, great, but if you are working say 6 hours at night, then you will need to work at it. I doubt you want to work at home but work 18 hours a day to make your $25K a year at first.
NO, they cannot. I have been abundantly clear about this in the

past and for some reason the message doesn't seem to be getting through. 

So, I will again post in hopes that all will fully understand.

The only way anyone would know anything about your posts is if a company subpoenas us for the information and to date that has never happened.  When you post and you enter your email address, no one knows what your email address is.  They can email you, but the only way they would know your email address is if you reply back to them.  IP addresses are not revealed in any manner on this site.  Now, I will say that if you make a post and your supervisor can recognize your syntax, then he/she can certainly make an educated guess, but it didn't come from anyone at MTStars. 

So, with that said, if anyone has issue or questions about this, you need to bring it directly to me and not post assumptions on this website.  We have been in operation since 2001, offering this site for free, not to mention along with a lot of freebies given over the years, and low cost softwares available that no other MT site remotely thinks of offering.  I have helped a number of people over the years through charitable events, gift giveaways, mediating between the MT and MTSO regarding unpaid wages and the list goes on.  At this point, I am offended and fed up with the trash that gets posted on this website when it costs the poster absolutely nothing to participate, including unfounded assumptions such as the one made above.  As I post this, I must also say that if visitors of MTStars cannot post in a kind manner, don't post here.  Go somewhere else, as the mood of this site is to promote a friendly, harmonious atmosphere.


Maybe I wasn't clear sm
I have used the toll-free number for several years and was given that information when I first started typing for them.  The same is true of their toll-free help line number.  The toll-free number is listed on their website when you sign in or if you call and ask for it they will give it to you, but I was given the toll number at the beginning.  I think they automatically give their local, toll, number sometimes, not really thinking about the toll-free one. 
Any one get a clear answer or even a
--Should be more clear on my answer. You have
the right to work IF you want. They cannot set hours for you, however they can say that they have work available these hours and you can choose to work them or not.
Loud and Clear.
I can clear some of that up. Yes, they pay 50% of the insurance. sm
I pay $200 a month, they pay $200 a month. The insurance is excellent too. I live in Florida and have not been that fortunate in the past.

I have been at KS for a while and they have come into their own, always improving.

Most of their accounts used to be shared, now most are full or close to it (the one I am on has 11 from KS and 1 in the hospital).

They are moving accounts to Docuscribe and have started to do that.

They control the schedules now because they can with a total account.

They have told us (lead MT's) that there is no need for OT and if there is, they offer incentive such as 1.5 x rate which is the same as OT. However, when they started to say this, a lot of us argued that we like the extra work and don't want to lose that. They were going to hire more people to keep us at 8 hours, but I would rather work 12 hours. No one's business but my one is my feeling on that.

They have really worked on benefits and employee retention and really do care about their employees.

Because they have *paid their dues* for lack of a better phrase, they are getting really great accounts. They don't lose accounts, which says a lot about them and those of us who work them.

They are constantly trying to improve things and actually do care. They want to be the best and they keep moving closer and closer to that.

I am glad I stuck it out. There were rough times a few years ago. There have been changes, but all in all, they are always for the good of everyone.

I think that if a company treats their employees well, gives good service to their customers and can still stay afloat, they are doing something right.

One good thing is that the IT department is MUCH better now with a certain person gone. She should have been gone a long time ago but I think she and the owner were family or old friends.

Another good thing is that they are working on the QA department but that is a complaint for other people.

The only bad thing I can think of is that they don't pay holidays yet if you don't work them.
I think it is clear that the intent was not to
warn other MTs, but to warn the non-paying MTSO of the upcoming wrath about to be unleashed.  Why not just send her an e-mail?  I dunno. 
The whole post is not even clear, but even if it is her
will report they are paying her?  Hello? 
Sorry I wasn't clear.
What I wrote in haste wasn't the whole story. The meds I was allergic to were in my record for a long time. (Typed in the US.)

The MORE RECENT records, however, had some things wrong, and others (like the allergy) were missing. Some of the strange phrases and English words that didn't fit, and were out-of-place, tipped me off to the fact that these records were very likely typed by an ESL. The healthcare clinic's caginess when I tried to dig up the origin of the typed document led me to believe they had changed MTSO's (I used to know the company that did their work), and very likely went with one of the bargain-basement transcription providers.

Like they say, You get what you pay for.
I did not make myself clear -- sm
I am glad if they are not hiring (work there) but if they ARE hiring as is implied (and I realize it is not proven here) on this board then that would mean they are now lying to us too -- which I sincerely hope they are not........
Thanks for trying to clear things up:) sm
This entire thread has given me a headache!
I don't believe I said that that THAT was already not made clear sm

although I do not think it is fair.  Most companies will pay on Friday, not make you wait 2 days later.  I have the official pay schedule, and I said that I didn't get paid until Monday.

My objection here is that if you are going to take extra out of my check, you should give me a warning about it the payday before and not the day of my check, saying 'oh by the way, we are going to take out double premiums starting this check.

Clear Choice

Anyone work for Clear Choice or People Support?  Good, bad, ugly?

Seeking someone who currently works for TASK
Can you please provide some information on quality of the audio...quality of the speakers...and any other helpful information.
Seeking a good company


Does anyone know of a good company who pays on time and are hiring?  I've been with the same company for almost four years and they jsut took me off of my account that I have had that was excellent with no warning which means a drop in pay.  I'd appreciate any help I could get. 

Seeking info on Spheris
Thank you and have a nice weekend. 
On the job seekers board does anybody know who that is seeking
Seems to be getting quite a few lookers. Just wondering who this is
Seeking info on Oracle
pay scale, pros, cons, workload, platform, etc.  Any info greatly appreciated!
Seeking info regarding Deventure

I am not familiar with this company, but they have an ad on the Job Board, and I am thinking of applying...how are they to work for?  Platform?  What is their pay scale for a very experienced transcriptionist?  How are they to deal with?  Do you have to work a set schedule or is there some flexibility?  TIA

Seeking comments on Van Belkum.
I have searched the archives and did not find much helpful info. Would love to hear any comments on the acute care accounts. High ESL volume? Are managers available and helpful? How do the pay dates run? Any helpful info is much appreciated.
MT w/ dialup seeking work

If anyone knows of any companies currently hiring MTs with dialup please email me?  I have many years of experience and am seeking work currently.  Dialup is all I can get where I am located.  It is also all that I can afford right now.  Thanks in advance.

Accupro--Seeking opinions

The response time has been slow so far.  I received testing materials directly from the recruiter via email 2 weeks after submitting my resume.  I returned the tests within 24 hours and waited another 2 weeks for a response.  I inquired via email and it took another week for her to respond.  I'm wondering if all this improves upon employment.  What are they like to work for?  Platform?  Communication?  Benefits?  Do they respond to employee questions in a timely manner?

TIA for answering.

Seeking answers from MTSOs

I graduated last year from one of the top 2 schools with an excellent grade. I decided to transcribe clinic notes and not acute care reports. When I began my first job, I jumped right into a backlogged account and worked every day for more than 8 hours (as an employee!!). I was taken off QA after 10 days although they said it would take at least a month and probably longer. I received raving reviews from my manager and all QA staff. Then they lost this big account, which I understand can happen. After that there was not enough work to go around. Several MTs left, which should have meant there would be enough work for the remaining MTs. What did they do? They hired several new MTs just in case they get a new account some day. Over the year I was there, a large number of the MTs always pitched in and worked overtime when there was a need to do so. I left because I could not make enough money. They did have a minimum line count, and if they had no work, then they did not pressure you to achieve it, but you also no longer received benefits that were based on that minimal line count.

The next company, which I am still, with promised during the initial phone interview, after passing all tests, that this would be a full-time position. Now, they have changed their plans, which I only found out because I kept on asking them when I would get more work. Again, I am receiving raving reviews about the quality of my work, and again, I was taken off QA after a week although they said it would be at least a month and probably longer.

I have been sending out resumes, but most of the time I do not even get a response. When I pass tests, I find out that they pay only 5 cpl as an IC or you need to invest in software, C-phone, long distance plan, or something else. The other day I get a response to my resume I sent for a job on one of these boards asking me if I am interested. I responded 5 minutes later and never heard anything again. The other day an MTSO called me and offered me a job at an acceptable cpl that would increase after off 100% QA. The contract does not mention the cpl going up and does not have a clear description whether the line is with or without blanks and/or headers, footers, etc. are counted. When I asked about these things in an email, the MTSO stopped communicating with me. Two weeks ago I tested and after submitting it, it said a recruiter will contact you shortly. I waited a week and then contacted the company, which told me there are no openings at the moment, but the website says to test if you are interested in a position and no inquiries should be sent before testing.

So here I am, with raving reviews of the quality of work I produce, having graduated with a high grade from one of the top 2 schools, wanting to work and deliver top quality. I was very excited when I graduated last year, but now I am disillusioned. All I want is a decent cpl, honest communication, pay to be on time, and a consistent workload. I do not mind working extra or learning new accounts.

My questions to all the MTSOs out there: Why can't you respond to a resume sent to you? Why do you promise something on the phone that does not show up in a contract and become mute when asked about it? Why can't you give someone who does not have several years of experience a chance? How are those MTs that go to an accredited school supposed to get experience if no one lets them work? Why do you offer a job and then never respond again? Why is it so hard to be open and honest? You started out without experience and possibly without formal training. Did someone give you that one opportunity that helped you launch your MT career, which led to being an MTSO? Well, what about offering someone an opportunity as you were offered?

In closing, please describe the ideal MT that you would hire.

Thank you. Please feel free to email me if you would like to.