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CardioScribes platform ? sm

Posted By: MT Mom on 2008-06-26
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Anyone working for Cardioscribes - can you tell me what text Expander program you are using with their Wordscript platform and if you like it.  Thanks!

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Anyone heard back from Cardioscribes, anyone start work with them, any infor at all.  Thank you.
They are hiring a lot of people but seem to be handling it well and there seems to be enough work.  Communication is good and nice people to work for!
I started with Cardioscribes a few weeks ago and like it very much. There is plenty of work. The people are extremely nice and helpful and are always available to answer questions. Communication line is great.
cardioscribes pay
Has anyone applied and heard back from them? Good, bad or indifferent?
I have been with them for a month now and I LOVE THEM!!!  They are awesome to work for with good accounts, plenty of work and pay on time.  Good management support as well. 
Cardioscribes pay
i cannot image such a thing happening with this company. if indeed it did happen that way, a simple phone call would clarify any issues. i have been with them for well over a year and have never had a paycheck late and in fact - have been paid promptly each and every time i submit a billing statement. i would like to have the details of your experience. something must have gone terribly wrong.
This is a great company to work for. The system is good, the communication is good, and your work schedule is flexible. I have never had a problem getting paid, which of course is the most important thing. If you like cardiology, this is the place to be!
I had heard that they did not have set pay days, that sometimes it would be a couple days after invoicing and other times a week. Is this true?
I can tell you the platform is a breeze. It will take about 15 minutes to train. Team spirit is wonderful. There is great communication especially when you are getting started. You are not just left hanging. If you know cardio you will not have a problem with any of these accounts. In my opinion, you will love it. Ton of work now and coming up.
Was anyone scheduled for training today?
I have been trying to work with them, but, while I am quite self-sufficient and a self-starter, I do need a little bit of guidance and it doesn't seem to be coming with this company.  The first couple of times there was no work, then I got a job, but no samples or idea of how to format.  I don't know, maybe it's just me.  Let me know how it goes with you.
Cardioscribes...sm please

Are there a lot of ESLs on the accounts?  Seems like every place I have ever worked typing cardio....the ESLs far outnumbered the EFLs.  Thanks.

Any Cardioscribes MTs know
I had sent all my paperwork to the recruiter and I've been trying to email her but am getting no replies.  I started a little before the pay period ended and I'm trying to find out when pay day actually is.   Is there a HR dept?  I only have IM addresses of people I ask to send my MT jobs.  Also, how do you contact QA people?  Is there an acct list with contacts on it?
Cardioscribes - I see they are
current information on them?  I applied the last time they were doing a big hiring but never heard back from them.  Any current MTs working there that can share their experience?  I see some posts regarding irregular pay dates - is this still going on or was it just a one time thing?  How is the work load, do they have a lot of work?  What kind of platform? 
Guys I am so sad to see such negative posts on here.   I have been with the company for a year now.  I am the one who wrote the statement about the company thats posted on their site about how employees feel about the company. That is exactly how I felt about the company the day I wrote that and that is exactly how I feel about the company TODAY.  I am not spokeperson for the company and I dont even play one on TV.   I get paid just like everyone else, per line.   I have never missed a check. If there was any kind of discrepancy, I have contacted the person who does our line counts and the issue has always been resolved.  If , in fact, I was due more money, then they have wired the money to my account the following day.  I have worked for several companies in the past and I was treated horribly.  The QA was rude.  They didnt even know who i was half of the time or even care.  There was a certain amount (line count) I had to type or my employment was terminated, regardless of the fact that I have a family to feed.  With Cardioscribes, its nothing like that.  They call me by name, they are always helpful and pleasant and they understand that I have a life outside of work, so if things come up (doctor apts, etc), they completely understand.   NEVER have I been treated rudely by any employee from either India or the US Cardioscribes family.  In fact, I have never seen such friendliness and willingness to help.  I am so sorry for those that have had a bad experience with Cardioscribes, but really its just a handful of people who choose to be vocal on a company board, but the majority of Transcriptionist in the cardioscribes family are happy with their jobs.  I truly hope that if you are considerating a position with Cardioscribes that you will not be discouraged by a few negative posts.  Good luck in all you do. 
What's up with Cardioscribes?

Are they reorganizing or was there a massive walk-out? I heard mixed postings here about this company, but thought that for the most part people were happy there. Suddenly all of these top positons even the admin asst is posted. Too bad you can't do one of these jobs remotely, it would be great to get a position like one of those but they are all on site.  Anybody heard what's going on over there? Just wondering. TIA.

For anyone looking for information on this company, I am more than happy to share my experience.  You may e-mail me privately.  What I will say here publicly is that this is one of the most dishonest organizations (and I use the word organization very loosely here) I have been involved with.  They began with the lie of misleading me into thinking that I was hired by and American-owned company.  Then, once I began work, I was told to contact the MediHelp team to ask for files.  It became very clear that the file allocation team consisted of all Indian workers.  The allocation team lied to me on a daily basis about files being unavailable, and no wonder.  Their leader, Rahul, made practice of lying constantly as well.  I was liked to about everything from file availability to payroll.  I confronted them about it and was fired during the middle of my shift one day.  Keep in mind that my supervisor had given me glowing reviews of my work and had asked Rahul to make sure I had enough work each day.  Suddenly, during my shift one day, I received the e-mail that I was fired.  No phone call, no reason, no anything.  My supervisor  became very evasive and would not respond to my questions of why.  I know why, though.  I confronted Rahul and the allocation team about their dishonesty, and suddenly I didn't have a job.  But I know for sure that my supervisor and her supervisor sided with the dishonest people and did not stand up for me because they obviously are spineless and they want to protect their own jobs.  I can just about guarantee, though, that the Indians will cut them loose in the same cruel way I was treated, and it probably won't be in the distant future.  These Indian companies have absolutely no loyalties to anyone.  And I should have quit right on the spot when I found out that I had been lied to about the company's ownership.  As their recruiter and transcription supervisors are American, you don't know when being hired what the truth is, and they are NOT about to tell you before you're already on the payroll. 

Just got offered a job.  I know there are some on here who work for them.  Please let me know what you think of them.  Tx


I was offered a postion with this company over 6 months ago  -- I normally will listen to a radio station or 2 via the internet with a local station in my home state or whatever -- I woke up one night to pings going on with my computer and LO and behold it was Cardioscribes tech support  -- accessing my computer at 3-4 a.m. Their Indian tech suport when I called was extremely rude and said :they were trying to fix a problem on MY end  -- I think not -- they were grabbing my computer  -- I then went to Hiwired and paid $90 to have them get my system straight  -- I NOW have AVG, cccleaner, smartdefrag, registry fix and advanced system care -- ALL of which are free and run them daily and throughout the day !!!! Might want to try this -- I had a tech from a REPUTABLE company here in America on the East coast telling me he was impressed with the stuff that I have on my computer  -- I also have superantispyware run it daily and have never had problems  -- EVERY time you are on this site or another its tracking and so many new MTs and even older MTS dont understand that you have to do daily tune ups

Off the box for now cause it is hot and humid here



Shannon,I w as offered a jot with them. will you please email me at gin3tac@yahoo.com

Try Cardioscribes and NEMT

question on the Cardioscribes ad..TIA
If you're an indpendent subcontractor, is it possilble to gain PTO as Cardioscribes mentioned in their add?  I've always known PTO goes with employee status.
CardioScribes - anyone work for them - sm
Do they have any ICs?  Do you commit to a time frame to work?  How is the pay?  Is it easy/difficult to get the lines in?  E-mail privately if you wish - thanks!
Information on CardioScribes??
Does anyone have current information on CardioScribes? Platform? Pay? QA? Scheduling? Benefits? Treatment of transcriptionists? I see they are advertising on the job board again and I am tempted. Any input greatly appreciated.
Cardioscribes - Has anyone that applied in the (sm)

past month actually started working for them yet?  I applied but didn't hear anything yet.  Older posts imply they are just busy and are getting to applicants.  Any information anyone can share?  Do they pay on time?  How is QA?  Is there lots of work?  ESL percentage? 

I completely agree with Krissy. This is the first job I have LOVED in over a decade. The company is great and it truly has a family feel to it. The problem is that the MTs who ARE happy to be working for Cardiscribes don't have time to reply to every insane response on this forum. Most of us are happy and well-adjusted, and quite frankly too busy with our work to respond to such negativity.
Happy at Cardioscribes
You're right, I've never been on this site until Friday. But you'll see me often now. And you will ALWAYS see my name. I really like to put it out there when I believe in something. And I do believe in Cardioscribes. Glad you're happy at your job as well. I can really hear it in your writing. You hardly sound bitter at all.
My experience with Cardioscribes
I had been hired to work for them however, had Word 2000 and did not change which they said was fine no problems. I had my computer on listening to talk radio and I woke up at 2:00 a.m. one morning to find their Indian techs accessing my computer and royally screwed it up -- needless to say, I was livid and still paying for the Cardioscribes experience even though I NEVER received a paycheck from them and yes -- It was ALL India and RUDE staff to boot
Wow. Guess what? As far as I can tell, humans still run this company. Sometimes unpopular decisions are made, and sometimes there is human error involved. On behalf of Cardioscribes, I am sorry if anybody was lied to or felt slighted by something said or done by any member of Cardioscribes.

Cardioscribes' biggest fault is the fact that this company is completely transparent. Sometimes what you see is not a pretty picture. But it's a work in progress. Sit tight. We'll grow from this, and continue to try to learn and do the right thing.

I still love this company and the people I work for. It would take a lot more than a few missteps and human error to change that.
any info on CardioScribes?
Tx for any!
I am at Cardioscribes and I love it! nm
any current into on CardioScribes?
Thanks for any input
Latest on Cardioscribes

I didn't see anything particularly recent in the archives on Cardioscribes and wondered if any current or recent employees would care to share any info about how things are there.  Are most accounts straight typing or VR?  On the overall, how are the dictators and the audio quality?  Is the pay decent and on time? 

Any info anyone would care to share would be greatly appreciated.  Email privately if you prefer.



OK, what's wrong with Cardioscribes?
Eighty-five people have read my post yet not one reponse.

Is everyone just spooked by the TT/GP lawsuit, or are things so bad there that no one wants to speak up?

I've gotten an offer from them and, aside from the older info in the archives, I'd love to hear about the current status of things at Cardioscribe.

TIA to anyone brave enough to throw a bone my way!!!
Sorry so long, but too much to say about Cardioscribes
In today's times when you are working on the internet the work force is global and is not limited to USA but is worldwide. Years ago I worked for GTE (local phone company)in Oklahoma, but with the invention of computers the company did away with most of the workforces in states other than Texas, the headquarters. So, I lost my good secure job after 15 years so being an American and working for USA company, I was forced out and my job was done away with for price point, so that is not exclusive to overseas companies. If we do not grow with the times, we will be left out. There are some accounts that want transcription cost to be lower and lower. We USA MTs will not type for 5 cents a line that is why they have some in India. Most of the accounts prefer USA MTs and the accounts are growing faster than ever expected because we take pride in our work and do an excellent job for them, because we want our India related company to be successful, because we are treated with more respect, care, understanding, than any solely USA based company I have worked for in my 10 years of doing MT work. Tonya is very honest about the India connection upfront and if that is not for you, she will be the first one to wish you all the best, like she says this may not be the job for you. Sure there are some problems and frustrations, what job does not have them, but they are honest and caring people from San Antonio all the way to India. Once months and months back I had a fit about something, I honestly cannot remember what now, and within one hour of having a wild emotional fit with Tonya, who very kindly and patiently listened to my emotional breakdown, she had emailed the owners and any others involved in resolving my problem, Cheetan, one of the two owners, was calling me at home, apologizing for the problem, asking me what can he do that day to make me happy, and then told me exactly what he was going to do to make things correct and me happy. He did what he told me he would do, and followed up a few days later to make sure all was well. He gave me his private cell phone number if I ever had a problem I was welcome to call him. I never have had a need to call him, as the problem was taken care of and any issues that ever arise is handled. Now let me tell you many USA companies have cheated me on line count, I fought for work, was treated terrible by upper management. One USA company over reported my income by over 4,000 dollars and I had to threaten law suite and filing report with IRS before she would correct it. I can guarantee you none of the above things I have experienced from USA companies would ever happen here and if it did, Tonya and above would make it right no fighting or trouble. Also, I will share with everyone, I am very ADD and have narcolepsy and honestly can be a bit high maintenance. No one ever gets upset or treats me in a negative way. I will tell you, honestly, I have missed TAT before and struggle making line count, and I expected the hammer to come down on my head, but no. Everyone only encourages and offers help and wants to know what they can do to help me achieve my goals and do better for me to make a better income and not be stressed by the disability of ADD and narcolepsy. So, all you cynical Proud-to-be-an-American MTs, if being treated daily like this with plenty of work, then this probably is not the place for you, and that is okay. We all have the right as Americans to have our own feelings, thoughts, and opinions. You are not wrong and I am not wrong, that is what makes me Proud to be an American. So, God bless you and I wish you nothing but the best. But do not badmouth something you know nothing about, it only makes you look ignorant. However, I have the right to love where I work for last two years and that is with Cardioscribes, Tonya, Jan, Cheetan, Mira, Raul, Rizwan, Jefferson, Nishad, Prit, Linda, Leigh, Stephanie, all the India staff and all the USA staff. I have friends here and in India that make work fun, challenging, fulfilling, treated wonderfully each day. These will I am sure lifelong friends, and I am blessed to have found Cardioscribes. I am not too ashamed to tell you my name and it is not a secret. I am Sheryl Cantrell, just a happy Cardioscribes MT from Oklahoma, and hope to be for many many more years.
Does anyone know anything about CardioScribes, posted on the job board? sm

I LOVE cardio, but I have never heard of this company.  I sent them my resume, but was just curious if anyone had any experience with them, good or bad.  I see these posts about people working and not getting paid, and it is rather scary.  I enjoy what I do, but not so much that I want to do it for free.

Thanks for your help.

For those who recently started at Cardioscribes...
How is it going so far?  I see they have another ad up and was wondering what you all thought about your experience with them.   
Does Cardioscribes only hire for evenings? sm
I've visited their website and I'm interested, but it's only showing evenings available. I do work some in the evenings but can't commit to that full-time and I was wondering if they ever hire for day positions or if they are pretty hard to come by. I have a lot of cardio experience so I'd love to send my resume but I can't do it when it states evenings. Also, do you work weekends/holidays there?
Any of the new Cardioscribes new hires care to say how
they are doing? Have any of you run into problems?
Not sure if they are hiring, but if you like cardiology, CardioScribes is terrific! sm

WestTran is also a good company for clinic work, although, again, I do not know if they are hiring.   Both companies are IC work.  Good luck in your search!


CardioScribes. They just do cardiology clinics, which is great for me sm

since I was the lead MT for 8-1/2 years for group of cardiologists here locally so I am quite familiar with it all.  And it is a nice break from acute care.  Of course, just because it is the perfect fit for me does not make it right for everyone.  As they always say, one man's Heaven is another man's Hell.


Cardioscribes or FutureNet? Pros and cons NM
I kinda have the feeling this is a Cardioscribes account ...
... it just sounds so similar. And if CS is outsourcing to them (and they pay 9 cpl), the 7 cpl would make sense. Not that it's anything close to respectable pay.

Clearly, it's so much more financially intelligent to just go straight to CS if you want this kind of work.
I would be ecstatic if that was the case at CardioScribes -- the 5th and the 20th would be

After advertising they only use US MTs, now CardioScribes is outsourcing to India. nm

I am boiling mad, mainly at being lied to.  There has been no work due to the holidays, even now.  Now I find out the real reason is that they are giving it to a company in India.  Heck, for all I know, they probably own that company too, since they are also based in India (despite their web site page with a pic of all Caucasian or non-Indian people).  I wonder if their clients know about this change of policy?

I suppose in this day and age, I should not be surprised at such deceipt.  Are there any honest companies still out there?

You're probalby talking about Cardioscribes, right?

attempting to cover that is beyond me.  Everyone you deal with regarding the work flow is from India.  Try to call the owner and you're hooked into a call center. 

Anyone apply to recent CardioScribes ad and hear anything back? nm
Anyone else at CardioScribes nervous about not receiving the line count yet? sm

I didn't receive it today, so even if I get it tomorrow, that means funds will not be reieased until Monday, meaning no pay day until Tuesday, and possibly Wednesday.  I am a bit fed up with not having a reliable pay day I can count on.  I will be leaving soon, but in the meantime, I still have bills to pay. 

Sorry ... guess I just needed to vent. 

I see that CardioScribes is now advertising as a "Kentucky-based" company. sm
Since when is India in Kentucky?  Having the Indian owner own a house in Kentucky does NOT make the company KY-based!  I hate deception such as this. 
I have worked for Cardioscribes since July. I live in Kansas.
The owner actually lives in Kentucky. I guess if you don't want any Indian connections, you can just decide not to respond to the job post. As far as deception goes, I don't see any. I am very happy with the company.