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Posted By: ER MT on 2007-10-25
In Reply to:

I just took on a new account that uses Chartscript. I have never used this platform before. It is a good, stable platform that is easy to use? I have worked mostly in ExText and have never even seen Chartscript before. I just want to be prepared. Thanks!

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What companies use ChartScript and ChartScript.net?

3M = SoftMed = ChartScript = ChartScript.Net
SoftMed was purchased by 3M in 2007. Both products ChartScript and ChartScript.Net are still available. Both have internal text Expanders that work well
Any opinions on ChartScript platform -- how is it to work on?  Am considering job offer.  Thanks.
RE: ChartScript
Work with it every day at the hospital that employs me. Great program. Word based, choose admission date/work type from drop-down menu, click on correct information, begin transcribing. Piece of cake.

Can anyone tell me anything about chartscript?  I am wondering if the program is user friendly, etc.  Any input would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

p.s.  Have a good holiday weekend!

I was wondering if anyone knows what companies use Chartscript for their platform....I have used it before while working inhouse and liked just wondering.

ChartScript or ChartScript.net
ChartScript is SoftMed's Word based transcription application, requires an install on your PC.  ChartScript is awesome, user friendly, easy to learn.  ChartScript.net is SoftMed's browser based application, does not use Word and is awful.  Hope that helps.
Worried..the hospital where I work uses ChartScript. I like it pretty well. We use it with WinScribe. Hope this helps.
Yes, ChartScript is great. Works really well.
Anyone know of a company who uses Softmed (Chartscript) as its platform?
I now work for a company called E-mtsonline.  They are based out of Coral Gables, Florida and great to work for.  They used to be MRC before Medquist bought them out 8-10 years ago.  Hope this helps.  Also, they have tons of accounts and work. Great benefits and PTO.
All I saw was 65 character lines.  It seems to not count whole reports.

Headers, etc. probably are not counted since they don't pay for weekends or holidays either.    


Can anyone out there give me a comparison of Chartscript as compared to Meditech, Dictaphone Extext, or DocQScribe in terms of productivity? 

I realize this depends on the MT but would really appreciate some input.

Your fingers will get used to the log in process quickly and it will become automatic and no problem. At least it did for me.

I have used ChartScript over five years. It is wonderful to work with. There are built-in Expanders and you can create your own. You can also set up your own normals. It is very user friendly. The demographics are easily entered. You can easily verify your line count.  I have not used any other platform so I can't make any comparisons but I love CS.

Chartscript was a wonderful platform, too bad the company that has it (SPi) sucks!


Looking to work with ChartScript.  Anybody?

Chartscript.com sm

Chartscript.com.... the good, the bad, the ugly...?  Any information greatly appreciated


In 15 years I've used a boatload of transcription platforms:  MTS, MedRite, DoQscibe, Chartnet and now MS Word, but I have never used BayScribe.  I detested DoQscribe. ChartNet was a joy to switch to when I switched jobs. I worked with ChartNet for about 18 months (then my employer sent all its work to  the Philippines and dumped the US personnel - but that's another story). 

I found ChartNet a very user-friendly platform.  It is easy to modify expansions, to back them up and restore then from a floppy disk, something no technical person could help me accomplish with DoQscribe.  One feature of ChartNet I miss every day is the way I could highlight a term and jump right to Google to look it up.  What a timesaver!  Also, I was able to look up not only my own past reports, but the work of other MTs, and do it by dictator, so that I could figure out unclear dictation from the way others had interpreted it.  Really good system.  I think you'll like it. 

Well, duh!  Just realized you were NOT asking about Chartnet but Chartscript.  Is my face red!  I should be sleeping, not messing around online at this hour.  In the words of SNL's Emily Litella:  Never Miiiind!
Depends on what acct you're on.  Which will you be going on?
Does anybody know any companies who use Chartscript? Also, do I have to check with who I am working for as to whether I can use Instant Text with it? I worry it may affect things on their end and don't want to damage anything. TIA.
I believe Diskwriter out of Pittsburgh still uses ChartScript as the UPMC Healthcare System in that area uses it also.  Hope this helps.  Belinda
I use ChartScript
but not with Keystrokes.  I am not sure about the medical spellchecker issue because we also use NetLinc and work in our own Word 2003 and I use that spellchecker.  However, the issue with things popping up that you do not type are things within ChartScript.  If, and you have to do this every time you log in to work, hit control W, it will not do this.
.... also, I like ChartScript a lot.
You are more than welcome to e-mail me any time, and hopefully I will have an answer for you.  It would be nice if they had a manual.  If I find out that they do, I will definitely let you know
TRS uses ChartScript
try this site http://www.transrs.com/default.asp
Chartscript is really MS Word
I have used Chartscript for several years. It is Word with a Chartscript toolbar. Allows auto faxing, can look up existing reports and VERY user friendly. It works with your own version of Word as far as auto text and auto correct. Shorthand word Expander works with it very well also.
which companies use ChartScript?
Diskriter has some Chartscript
ChartScript program
Is anyone familiar with this program and the line counter?  I'm pretty sure some or a lot  of my lines are not being counted. 
Any positives out there on Chartscript....

Another Chartscript question -
Can somebody who has used this program tell me if they were paid for the weighted lines or just the lines amount?  I'm being paid for lines only and that's why I'm asking. 
Archivus and MRC use ChartScript, or they did. nm
How does it compare to ChartScript? nm
How is Chartscript to work on? sm


Wondering how chartscript is to work on? easy to get lines or cumbersome?


one of my accounts is with chartscript..sm
and it is nothing like Escription. I guess every account is different, because my company is going to an online platform within the next two weeks, and chartscript will be able to be used within it. At the present time, however, we do have to download files via an FTP, which is very similar to VPN, have a separate digital voice player, type the files into the chartscript format, save the files, and send back via FTP. You won't need to look up any patient demographics. Most of the info is already provided on the chartscript format. All I have to enter is the patient name, MR#, and job number. Everything else is preloaded. It is fairly easy to manuever through. I do not mind the format.

I just need to say though, that if you need to use a VPN and separate digital voice player, then it is the company that does not have an online platform to support it. Like I said, we will be using it online within the next two weeks. so it isn't the chartscript that is the problem.

I wish you luck.
PS: Setting up the VPN is a little difficult. You have to follow the instructions given to you very carefully. Basically you are opening a direct link between your computer and theirs. Once it is set up, it is easy to use.
I use ChartScript and it is very simple. The only
demographics I fill in are ptient's name and doctor's ID # if there are any CC. 
They use Chartscript and DVI to download
work.  You can work in Word or WP5.1, at least for now. 
SoftMed...as in ChartScript??
I despise ChartScript!
Could someone else using Chartscript.net for Keystrokes let me know if they feel their line count is accurate?  I do my own line counts and these are usually so much less than what is shown in Chartscript.net?  Would appreciate any info on how they calculate (characters, carriage returns counted, etc.?)
I LOVE Chartscript
I'm not on an oncology account, but one of my accounts does use Chartscript, and it is VERY user friendly. It is one of the best platforms I have ever used. I even like it better than ExText.
I don't work on Chartscript now for KS, but

have previously worked on Chartscript and I had to use a game port pedal with a USB adapter.  Mine was a 15-pin.



i work with chartscript..

I like it.  Most demographics are in majority of the time.  You can look at previous reports.  Some people don't like it because they say lose reports when systems goes down, but there are ways you can find your report, and even save them when you get an error message saying Chartscript will go down.  Ask your trainer how to help you with these situations.  Good luck

One of my accounts is on Chartscript.net - SM
I'm not sure if it's the same thing as Chartscript.com, but I really like it. It is very user friendly and extremely easy to learn how to use. I have never had a problem with it. I really like it a lot.
Chartscript and BayScribe
Would like to know if Chartscript and Bayscribe have their own medical spellcheckers, or do I need to install something like Stedman's medical spellchecker for these platforms. Have never used either and am not sure what they include. Any info appreciated. Thank you.
When I worked for them, it was Chartscript, sm
Word (I think), and WP5.1. Since I had a huge DOS Expander file, I stuck with WP5.1. They use FTP (forgot the brand name) to send files. It was simple and easy to learn--MT friendly.
Can anyone provide info on Softmed/Chartscript or Softmed/Chartscript.net? I have used Chartscript.net before but do not know if this is the same thing and was told I might have to go to this (Softmed). I'm confused. Are Softmed and Chartscript.net the same thing?

What is Softmed like? Can I use my ShortHand expander? Any info appreciated. Thanks.
Chartscript is great! What are you

all talking about?  I just did 1332 lines today in about 4-1/2 hours on Chartscript with a 65-character line.

Just make sure you are working a 65-character line.  I work my 2nd  job on Chartscript and it is a 60-character line.  I know someone else who works on Chartscript on a 70-character line, so the company can change the way Chartscript counts lines. 


Chartscript Is Very Easy To Me!
And obviously you have lots of MT experience so you should have no problems!  It does have an embedded abbreviation expander, which I really like.  I used CS all the way from Dos based to .Net and all of the versions, to me, are easier, as all (except.Net) are Word based.  Therefore you have Word, which you probably already know how to use, plus the abbreviation expander.  Demographics screen is easy to use & understand and is not too long before you get to document.  Shortcut keys are available and Keystrokes as well so you don't have to move your fingers off the keys if you don't want to.  I even use keystrokes for the dictation rather than a pedal!  All in all, I think you'll like it and you won't have any problems learning to use it!  Good luck with the new job!  If you have more questions, you can ask and I'll try to help!