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Check out Liz's job ad

Posted By: No company name on 2007-09-08
In Reply to:

She wants somebody who knows what the hell they are doing and she doesn't give the name of her company.  Whatta gal.

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Check Monster, CareerBuilder, MedHunters.com. Check with the companies you see listed if they're
Does background check include credit check?

"You can check my credit if I can check yours"
Credit check, FBI check was not for
me. The notion that if you don't pay your bills means your not a responsible person really kills me!!! Lots of people have $$ problems, especially if you are an MT, LOL!!! They are the only company I know that does these checks. Seems a little anal to me!!!
They can check mine if I can check theirs...nm

Thank you. I will check into it.
Might Want to Check Them Out...
Actually, they are a recruiting firm that ARE recruiting for a large US based company...
Thank you! Will check them out too!
MQ check

Well, that threw me for a curve when I got the ipay notice, checked it out on ADP's site and it said for DEP adjustment???

I have'nt got the real check yet and did not know a letter was to accompany the check I was not expecting, so what is this for?

Check out
other trx message boards in which they repeat the same negative comments about Transhealth and go into more detail about the situations they encountered.
Thanks, I might check them out. nm
Check out JLG nm
treat there mts well
You can check into
Verizon wireless.  They have a PC card that you can use in your laptop.  It will give your computer a signal and it will work like a cell phone.  As long as you are in the Verison service area you can use the internet.  I have a family member who is always on the go and loves it!
You bet they can - check this out.
First Pay Check?
Is this your first paycheck from the company? If it is, then that's what happened to me on my first pay check only. I get paid every two weeks, but the first paycheck was withheld for two weeks so when I finally got paid I waited 6 weeks, but now my pay comes every two weeks.
check your......
email for a private message that I left you.
FTP - buy it check out

Bytescribe web side. I think there is a free one somewhere too. Very easy to use and kind of fun.



Did you check... (sm)
The system status on the main page? As of 1 pm PDT, status is Okay -- sort of -- It's the phone company's fault. (It was that way a couple of hours ago, too.) Clearly there's a technical problem of some sort(but I'm not sure I'd get paranoid about it and/or say Same Old S...)
no check yet either

Yes, I am in the same situation with the same company.  They informed of my 9 cents rate and weekly pay.   That was two and a half weeks ago.  The work was definitely there and they constantly calling me to work.  I got suspicious the second day when they did not send me a 1099 and no other paperwork besides their MT scope letter which means nothing but what hours can you commit to.  Well, I felt it was too good to be true.  I really like the account too but they wanted to me email every 30 minutes the work so they could cut and paste the work into the system.  I was like how the system know if it was my work etc, etc.  By the grace and mercy of prayer I have a job with benefits now while I was only IC with DocuMed.

FBI check and OSi
FBI called a friend's ex to get the scoop on me. He was later arrested for sex crimes and served time for that. Yeap talk about big brother OSi and FBI go hand in hand they have a ton of gov't accounts. We received an insurance settlement from a car accident and I was able to quit & leave them behind. Good riddance to them. That whole experience was awful.
Be sure you check out other
sources of job ads or even just look around for companies in your area and send in a resume even if you don't know if they are hiring. Check Craig's list for your area. Check sites like Monster. Watch for jobs that want a resume faxed or mailed instead of e-mailed. They do that so they get a lower volume of resumes, which works to your advantage.
Check this out
Go to bbfb.com (Best Buy for Business). They have XP available only on-line.

I bought mine the first of August. I even went to bbfb.com, found one that I liked and added it to my cart but did not buy one that day. A day or two later Best Buy e-mailed me asking me if I was still interested in buying a computer, and they offered me a 10% discount.
Have never had new job check ref. and if you have pay
Check this out!


I found this while doing a Google search.  It seems like her company name is fictitious. 


STATEMENT File No. 20070676. The following person(s) is(are) doing business as: FASTPHALANGES, 3850 Rio Road #40 Carmel, CA. 93923. SUSAN BARRIER 3850 Rio Road #40 Carmel, CA 93923. This business is conducted by an individual. Registrant commenced to transact business under the fictitious business name listed above on: March 7, 2007. (s) Susan Barrier.  This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Monterey County on March 16, 2007. Publication dates:  Mar. 30, Apr. 6, 13, 20, 2007 (PC 336)

I certainly would proceed with caution if I was anyone thinking of working there.  Fictitious, not for me!!  NO way, Jose!

NO...No check yet.
No check here yet either. My check has been 3 to 4 days late for the last two months or so, but anticipate one shortly. Hopefully. I know the mail does take a couple of days and then the weekend was here, but.....
no check
I too didn't quit when the first check bounced. They gave me the story that they were in the process of switching bank accounts. But then the second check bounced. Before that, my check kept getting later and later until finally I was lucky to receive my check within two weeks of payday, so I suspected something was going on for the last six months. 
check it out

The archives, I mean.  Alot of excellent people with good skills and success before and after Alltype were used and abused there.  Just trying to give you a heads up without going negative.  Watch your back and the best of luck to you.

kS check
Hello, I am expecting my 2nd check today from them!  Last pay, which was my 1st, they did direct deposit it, but it didn't show til about noon on that day.  The payroll dept. at KS were very nice to email out an attachment to me as to how much it was, etc.  I am assuming this is their routine, because I didn't ask them to do it.  Very nice, I thought.  However, I never got a hard copy in the mail, so suppose if you want record, keep that, or print it out.  Good luck, keep checkin the bank and your email.  Happy KS-ing!!!!!  
check it out

You might want to check out the company below.  They were willing to hire me PT as an IC but I had to turned them down because I accepted another position.  I believe they are located in Maine.  Good luck.


We have a new account which will start on the 25th of February.  This is a local health clinic with 5 providers.  We will be sending out their dictations M-F with return time to be 24 hours - Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri and what is sent out on Friday - to be returned on Monday. 


The work will be sent using the FTP site.  

The per line is 8 cpl based on a 65 character line count -


Penny Jackson Pray, President/Owner
Transcription At Its Best, Inc.
Office Hours 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. M-F
Fax: 207-377-9730
email: TAIBest@aol.com

Yes, they do and you can check it.
tt pay check

I sent email to company Sat saying only 1 pay check was deposited.  Monday morning there was a Fed Ex envelop on door with check from new company - I am a newbie too.  This is my first pay check.  So far the people have been terrific.



I never had that problem with StatIQ.  The check that they mail on the 15th is from work invoiced from the 16th through the end of the previous month.  It is possible that you started there recently?  If you sent an invoice on the 1st, that should be the check that gets mailed on the 15th.  I just never had that problem when I worked there and thought maybe this could be what's going on. 

BG check....sm
How extensive? Are we talking ciminal history or credit and the whole 9 yards?
MQ BG Check

I started working for the Q a little over a year ago.  When I applied I authorized a BGC, but have no idea if they did one or not. 

I agree about not liking it on face value.  It seems to me in cases where an MT has many years of employment, once any co. verifies dates involved that should be good enough on the front end.  But what do I know?

Companies can check on anyone by paying for the program, etc.  It seems like it'd be standard for big companies (regardless of our opinions about it). 

If you want to be mad any anyone, steer it in the direction of our government (both sides).  Remember your last trip to the airport, where you (generic-looking American) got screened, while questionable people skated through?  How about the stories about LOLs in wheelchairs and nuns getting patted down.  It's all part of stripping away our freedoms, and both R&D are guilty.  Heck, had I known/realized MQ was shipping work to India at the time, I would've kept looking.  While I certainly don't like either, the India issue is far bigger to me.


thanks -- will check them out ... sm

I can do rigid scheduling and production for the 20 hours a week they require for part time ... hey, I might even be willing to work evenings for 20 hours a week ... hey, I'd be happy to transition to full-time after getting my feet wet ...

it's the 1200-1500 lines/8 hour shift requirements that I can have NO PROBLEM doing on a good day with familiar accounts and work available but which easily can stretch into 1200 lines/12 hours or more when work is unavailable or there are platform problems (why I left last employee status national gig) ...

Thanks for the tip ... . will check them out further!


check out OSI
They now offer benes for part timers. But read archives about the company as I don't really know how good they are. Good luck.
Are you sure you were due a check on SM
the first?  To turn your time in on the 31st of August for payment September 1st seems a very short turnaround.  Are you sure you aren't supposed to be getting paid on the 15th instead?
Thanks, I will check in with them again.
check this

I had the same problem so the first thing I did was check my connection.  I did a download test from speakeasy.com and checked those numbers, which looked great.  I then went to start-run-type in cmd- and when it comes up type ping *space* www.google.com

Watch for the return.  You should see a time of 249 or less.  If you see more than that, contact your internet provider.  Mine was originally over 1500 and turns out my router was bad.  After you do this, if you show a good time, contact your tech department and have them check your computer.

Mine was so bad I could type and wait for it to appear on the screen.


Thanks. I wil check that out. nm
I have mine FedEx also- probably the holiday delayed it.
Thank you..will check into it. (nm)
Check this out. sm

If you go to www.manta.com, you can find out any company, their revenue, etc.  Can you guess what her MTs are paid? 

Transcription Doctors, Inc
Address: Tollhouse, CA 93667 (Map)

Location Type: Single Location
Est. Annual Sales: $630,000
Est. # of Employees: 20
Est. Empl. at Loc.: 20
Year Started: 1999
State of Incorp:
SIC #Code: 7338
Contact's Name: Amy Kelly
Contact's Title: President

Document Preparation Services

If you donít know, check and you will
probably find out she retired BEFORE full retirement age. If you do that, you have $1 taken out for I think it is every $2 that you make- I am full retirement; therefore can make as much as I want and nothing taken out. You have to be full, not 62, not 63 but full and the age for full retirement is going up and up because people living longer.
TT pay check
How do you view your pay check stub at TT when direct deposited??
I tried to check them out on BBB,

however, I couldn't find any information on them using that company name.

Thanks. I will definitely check that out....nm

Maybe the bank its drawn on will pay it anyway.  Just try depositing it and see what happens.  The writer of the check might get a NSF fee, but the check may still be paid if she has been with the bank a long time.  Maybe she has an overdraft account that it will come out of.  Unless you have had trouble with these checks before I would just deposit it and see what happens.  Unless you live close to the bank and can go in person to see if you can cash it. 

Good luck. 

You may want to re-check the BBB

I have worked for them for over 2 years, and they have been the best company I have worked for.  I was shocked when you said they have a bad BBB rating, so I checked it for myself, and they have an A+ rating... maybe you picked the wrong state or something? I pasted from the BBB website below just in case...


BBB Rating

Based on BBB files, this business has a BBB Rating of A+.

Click here for an explanation of BBB Ratings

Back to top

Business Contact and Profile

Name: All Type Medical Transcription Svcs Inc.
Phone: (732) 422-4242
Address: 2202 Route 130
North Brunswick, NJ 08902

Check the
I just researched this company in the archives and if I were thinking about applying for them I would RUN far away from them after what I read. 
Check this out...
Have you seen 'Sicko', the Michael Moore documentary? Whether you love him or hate him, this documentary compares the health care in the US to France, England, Canada and even Cuba, who have state-of-the art socialized medical care. I was so infuriated by the end of the documentary at the inferior healthcare provided in this country that I was ready to pack up and move to France by the time it was over. True-life horror stories about Kaiser and other big-name insurance companies in there; even how they are refusing to pay for the 9/11 firefighters' injuries by finding loopholes in their coverage.

ENLIGHTENING, to say the least. I recommend it to anyone, but especially to those of us in the healthcare industry.