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Companies that are hiring for VR editors? Anyone know of any?

Posted By: just curious on 2006-01-17
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Are they ever hiring Editors or do they promote from within?
I only ever see them advertise for MTs and I was just wondering if they ever have a need for editors?
Is Focus still hiring for QA editors?
pay is by the hour. Don't know about CMT extra. Not hiring editors right now.
hope so! they're hiring like crazy now, editors & MTs evidently ~nm

Any body hear of a company in MA that is hiring editors for 3 cent a line? sm

I asking for someone else, the email was signed Jay

CBay transcribes all work in India. Has some US editors but also has Indian editors.
Companies hiring PT?
Does anyone know of an organized and good company hiring very part time MTs or about 10 hours per week, mainly weekends?  I'd hate to test for them all if they ultimately want 20 or more hours.  TIA!
Get used to it. Companies are hiring more MTs to
Any companies hiring PT less than 20 hrs besides MQ? nm
Any companies other than MQ that use DQS that are currently hiring. nm
Any companies other than MQ that use DQS that are currently hiring.
Precyse Solutions uses a similar platform and it is VERY user friendly. They currently have openings. I work for them and absolutely love them. Used to work for MQ.
What's up with companies hiring ICs and...sm
then telling them they need to adhere to a strict schedule?  Their desire to classify a worker an IC is so they don't have to pay any taxes or give any benefits, equal to about $0.02 a line.  Nevertheless, they also do not want to pay the IC at a higher rate to compensate for this.  The schedule part is what gets me the most though.  My only reason for being an IC is the flexibility it affords me.   
Any decent companies hiring?

Does anyone know of a good MT company that is hiring?  Here is what I am looking for...

Flexible schedule

Taxes taken out

Differential if shift work is required

Software that allows decent line counts



Many companies are hiring MTs, QA people etc as
Any companies hiring for op reports?
My company seems to have dried up. 
Companies hiring dial up
I swore I posted this but cannot find it. Are there any companies hiring for ICs that will let you use dial-up? I would love to work at my inlaws cottage this summer but they can't get high speed access. Thanks.

It seems to be the new trend - many companies hiring
inexperienced people or clerks (if you will) to manage MTs. It's definitely now all about money, folks. Never thought I'd see the day where folks would take approximately 10 bucks an hour, be paid salary, and work 60 hrs a week, but they are! You have to hand it to them though, this will definitely build up their resumes for the future. Can you imagine who will be managing the industry in say ten years? For once I AM GLAD I'm old. lol
Which companies use EditScript? and are they hiring? nm
Any companies that use DocQscribe hiring PT ICs?
The sound quality at DSG seems to get more awful each day.
Any companies hiring for M-F work
I have 10+ years of experience as an MT and need to have a Monday through Friday schedule because that is what works with my kids, school, and their summer sports.  Are there any companies hiring experienced MTs for M-F work? Thanks
Does anyone know of good companies hiring for QA... sm
.... with hourly pay?  Thanks.
Doesn't mean they are HIRING; most companies sm
continue to accept applications even when they have no positions open. That way they are ready for the future and have a list of approved applicants when accounts come on-line.
any companies still hiring statutory employees? nm
Anybody know of companies hiring that aren't advertising? nm
Any companies hiring IC that use the VoiceWave Player,
and pays 10 cpl minimum.   Thanks.
Companies that use Dictaphone EXT and are hiring?? Any suggestions??
I like working on this system and I need a job!! Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
Know of any good companies hiring PT Radiology? (nm)
Doesnt it seem like there arent many companies hiring right now. nm
Some companies are constantly hiring and training; therefore

the old faithful MT's are left with the yuk so that the new MT's can be training on the not-so-yuky dictators, then comes along another MT to train, and on and on the cycle goes.

The company I am with stated 35 percent ESL's, but that is totally impossible, unless I am getting the whole 65 percent ESL's. There just does not seem to be any consistency with regards to work flow in pools. That is what I have observed. I guess I should get my own doctors/accounts in order to make that happen, right?

Any companies hiring part-time?
I need flexibility.  Willing to do a certain number of lines every pay period.  I started with MedScribe of NJ and already they run out of work and seem to be dodging my emails about a secondary account.  Afraid I made a bad choice.....
Any companies hiring with BCBS as the insurance?
If there are, do they pay well? By well I mean 9-10 cpl.
Any companies hiring for 300 lines a day and very flexible with hours? SM

I am looking to work for a company who is looking for some overflow help, 300 lines a day.  I am willing to give and take a little in regards to the work schedule.  If some days there is not enough to get 300 lines that is fine and if some days there is an abundance of work and you may require more from me, that is fine also.

I would love to find a company who uses a transcription-friendly software like DocQScribe (not sure of spelling) or Inscribe.  I am also looking for a flexible schedule, where I can just hop on throughout the day and transcribe.

Does anybody know of such a company?  I would be more than grateful to hear of any.

Thanks so much!!!!

Because of the shortage of work, we don't want our companies hiring more people. nm
Anyone else feel that these companies that are hiring should hire more recruiters?
So perhaps we'd hear something back within a reasonable amount of time!   
Good companies hiring for clinic work

Know any good companies hiring for clinic work? I'd rather get lower pay for clinic and have a higher line count than stress out over acute care at this point.

anyone know of companies that use Dictaphone ExText that might be hiring IC status?

any info appreciated.


Any companies hiring out there for Psych/Behavioral Med Clinic/Acute?
  I'm looking specifically for a primary account in this specialty.  Any ideas?  Clinic or acute would be okay, and I'd prefer PT, but would consider FT if the hours were right... just thought I'd check in here and see if anyone has any ideas.  Thanks!
US Editors
How can you say that ALL Indian work is edited by US MTs? Our hospital actually finds the Indian work to be better.

VR editors
Try Transcend.
No, looking for editors for 4 CPL.
Pay for editors.....
I have a small company asking me to recruit editors for them.   They hire newbies to give them a chance.    They are looking to hire editors around $14.00/hour.  Does that sound about right in this day and time?  -- Thanks in advance.
UMMMM.. I do believe that being an MT is an expertise also... and we are wayyyyyy underpaid as MTs.. I don't understand why editors think they are GOD... they never cease to amaze me.
Editors pay

I would like some feedback on what the average editor's pay is. Thanks Sherri

What do you look for in a company that would set it apart from all others out there that would make you choose to go with that employer.   We all know there are many of these positions out there but they all seem to be about the same, very little regard for skills and appropriate compensation and very little caring about the MTs that work so hard.   I see a lot of people complaining here about one company or another, but I want to know what is the main thing you would like to see changed about this industry.  What would make things better?  Is it the money, problems with management, job requirements, etc.... Your input is very important.  Thanks- You may answer here or by email.
For all VR editors out there sm

Well, I am one that edits about 500-600 lines an hour on ES, except for today!  I put in about 10 hours an only achieved a total of 1800 lines.    I had the worst day editing/transcribing VR in 5 years.

So, for all those who were feeling down on themselves or inadequate for not achieving that high line count on ES - for once I know the feeling.   I had the worst of the worst dictators today that need 100% editing on every report, and we are talking 15 minute dictations here, all day long............I now feel your pain....!!!

Just thought I'd share~~ even the supposed fast money-making VR editors have terrible days in the MT industry!  You are not alone.  I think I have finally walked in someone elses shoes today!

On the bright side of things, there is always tomorrow!

Have a great night/day everyone :-)

Do you mean QA editors or ASR editors? sm
QA is hourly; ASR is based on a percentage of your regular line rate.
TT Editors
Does Transtech hire part-time editors? I have never seen them advertise for editors and I was just curious. Thanks!
Even the editors
Basically, we're all editors now.  I suspect that even the editors will be replaced by this super software.
It was at least 30%, some editors got

They are just playing with words.  Lies by omission.  Don't buy it.  The e-mail made it sound as though not everyone was getting a 30% paycut.  That is true, not every employee was cut 30%.  What the e-mail does NOT say is that some editors got more than a 30% paycut, and now the MTs are getting less of a paycut of 10% or 15% or whatever.  They can call it what they want, but less pay is less pay.

This was once a good company that with a little tweaking would have been a fine company.  Instead, things have gone downhill at a rapid pace.  Instead of an American company with an Indian presence, this is an Indian company with an American presence.  Also the person running things in the US seems a little unsteady, not sure exactly what the problem is, maybe too much responsibility, and when things are shaky at the top stuff tends to run downhill and you have a disorganized mess on your hands.  Company does not seem to be professionally run.  Next thing you know they'll be losing customers. 

Maybe MQ is over hiring now in preparation for something. Must be some reason they keep hiring when
some people have not work.
Transcend editors
Will anyone who works for Transcend continue to transcribe and not edit? Or is it all going to editing?