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Company Board, search not in Google box, but box below it

Posted By: there are recent posts - on 2007-09-23
In Reply to: ZyloMed - Chimeralld


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  • ZyloMed - Chimeralld
    • Company Board, search not in Google box, but box below it - there are recent posts -

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Company Board, MTStar Search Box, (located below Google Search Box)
Company Board Search For box (not Google search box)
search on Company Board Search For box (not Google).
did you try Search For box (not Google) on Company Board
Company Board, go down to Mtstar Search Box (not Google)
At the top of the company board page, do a google search for MTStars.
Start reading. This is an Indian based company. There were recent posts over the past few days about this company.
Search Transcription Connection in Google Box at the top of board.
Use the Google search box for MTStars.com, not the Search box at top of page. Lots of
do a search on Company Board
Go to company board, search ...
webmedx, there are quite a few recent remarks.
Run a search on the company board...
lots of recent info on Webmedx and MD-IT.  Not sure about Hoffman.  I've heard a lot of great feedback on Webmedx on this board.  Good luck! 
Search on the company board. Lots of posts.
just typed Focus in search for box on Company board
Search company board. Lots of posts recently, all
bad. Each and every one.
Is this a Google search or MT Stars search?
dont search in Google box, use the Search Box below that
dont search in Google box, use the Search Box below that
search mtstarts box, below Google search box, ....
use mtstars Search box, (below Google Search)
Do a Google search for
Cbay India Maryland transcription

and see what comes up. Nearly 1,000 hits. Honestly, you can do better than that.
Do a Google search here. You don't want
Use the Google search bar towards the top.
It does not work.
Google site search (nm)
you can google search them and get old posts but
no sure how old those might be.
If you do a Google search in above box, there is info

Try doing a google search for hospitals
in or near Atlanta-this should give you websites and contact names, then send an e-mail to them. For instance:

Type in Google search:

Hospitals in Atlanta, Georgia

Sorry, not the Google search but "search for"
If you use the Google search box and type in UST
making sure the MTStars button is clicked, it will bring up a ton of responses on this company.
search in Search Box (not Google box)
search in Search For box below Google box
I did a google search and found their website. It does

appear that they are a new company and from what their website says sounds like they are pretty green.   Copyright on the website is 2004, which doesn't necessarily mean anything.  If you use the name and then online.com that is their website address.  I don't recognize the name of the person listed, though that doesn't mean a whole lot either  - LOL.  My mom had a saying when my dad would some I didn't know that.  She would say the library is full of things you don't know.  

It is easy enough to verify by doing a Google search
it is not unfounded rumors.
If you search Google via MTStars.com for TTS, you'll get
I don't understand why people can google or search the
archives before asking a question.   A lot of this job is researched-based.   Just like on the word board when someone asks a question a 10-YO would no the answer too, it isn't being helpful to give them the answer. 
Use the Google search bar towards the top of the MT Stars site
Make sure that -mt stars- has a dot beside it. Type in the company name and do a search.
this has been asked many times lately. Use Search box below Google box
put number in google search--NetMed Transcription /nm
Google Davis Transcription and search the boards
There has been numerous posts. 
Search with Google box on this page. Much, much negative info
Use the Google box on this page & the mtstars.com button to search.
Use the Google box search for MTStars at page top. A few posts from 4/2007 come up.
Use the Google box on this page and click on MTStars for your search. Lots of posts
HELPFUL SEARCH TIP: in Google window type exactly: "MD-IT" site:www.mtstars.com...
someone i know is a super hacker for websites and knows how to search for info. it will pull up all statements that have ever been posted about MD-IT but you must type it just as i have posted.
do a search for them on this board
just to the right of Post a New Message.  About the only negative post was that they run low on work, but that could be said about almost every company.  Good luck.
to search the board: How much would that be? nm
Do a thorough search of this board....
bad, bad, bad, bad, bad!!!!!
I'd so a search on them on the board
and see how they treated their previous loyal employees. They can turn on you at anytime. Tread carefully. They seem wonderful and terrific on the outside, but.....

In all fairness, their pay is always on time and correct.
You should do a search of this board...

JLG has had a lot of trouble of late.  They discontinued direct deposit and then have been late paying their MTs.  Recently, they just fired their entire SR team without offering them MT positions, saying they didn't have anything to offer and yet they are advertising for MTs and you are considering them.  So why not fill openings with people already on board?

Where there's smoke, there's fire.  Too many red flags in the last two months or so.  I would pass JLG up if I were you.

Do a search of the board. I was going
after reading the negatives.  I didn't find anything negative about pay but there are consistent negative posts about QA issues and disorganization that go back quite a while if you do a search. 
Search this board and MT Stars
some posts about them not long ago.  Don't remember it being good, but then don't remember much any more.
Search the board. This has been brought up before, and
a list was devised.