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Company emails and paperwork with lots of typos and misspellings

Posted By: sm on 2009-01-13
In Reply to:

I recently started working with a small MTSO. In just about every email from the owner, I see typos, misspelled and misused words. Also, the same goes for all paperwork I have received. Even the QA manager does the same thing.

Would you bring such things to their attention?

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oops. Lots of typos. How about "you just cant WIN" maybe I need a nap@@@

typos on this board are to be forgiven, but new company's numerous errors and the picture they

painted for our first impression of someone in whom we are required to put practically our entire life details in an email back to them left much to be desired in my opinion (by this MT).

Yes. I sent emails to everyone I could think of within the company.

Throwing a fit about how I trusted them, believed and accepted their job offer, and now I had bills that weren't going to get paid, I had two kids to feed, and what kind of way was this to treat people.  I threatened to take this to the department of labor, write letters to their local newspapers in the Boston area. 

So, I was compensated to shut me up.  Not that they were necessarily afraid of me, I was just prepared to be a very big thorn in their side until I found satisfaction.  So it was easier for them to just send me a check.

500 emails in two months?!?! Not my idea of an organized company. No thanks. LOL
If anyone is sending out private emails, I'd like info on this company also! TIA!
Lots of promises, no follow through. Lots and lots of internal sm
problems. She is recruiting heavy right now as she has a CHANCE at getting a big account back. Even if they get it back, they'll blow it again from poor management.
Need company with Lots of OPs
Looking for a company with lots of OPs available (that can support 300-400 lph x8 hours a day).  Need full time employee status with benefits.  What companies allow you to do exclusively Ops?  Thanks.  
Yup, lots of ESLs.. I like the company though and
after a while, once you get used to them, they are not so bad. Sometimes, I find the US physicians worse with mumbling, etc
Lots. Horrible company.
Sound quality horrible, dictators beyond horrible.  Late paychecks, constantly changing ways to get lines, horrible management. 
There are lots of things a company can tell from
Maybe they don't care about how you pay your bills, but the credit report also has previous addresses (as in how many times you've moved) and previous companies you've worked for (as in how many times you've changed jobs). Also, if there are a lot of delinquent payments, they can assume you'll be interrupted at home (during your shift) with dunning calls. Personally, if I were an employee, I'd hire someone with late payments, knowing they need the job!!
Someone asks about this company weekly. Lots of
info available. 
FC is a great company, very stable, lots of work. sm
The platform is simple and easy to use. You have a choice of transcribing in Word or WP5.1. My only negative is the sound quality. QA is very helpful and responsive. The people are very, very nice. I'm a bit of a perfectionist but still manage to rack up the lines pretty well. Pay is direct deposit, never late, many times early. On a scale of 1-10, I give this company a 9.

I recommend this company to seasoned MTs.

Search on the company board. Lots of posts.
Most company web sites have testimonials from LOTS of employees, not just one. sm

Kind of makes you think, doesn't it?  They just use that one tired rave review of yours.

As far as not having a problem with you being gone -- you're an IC!  You're SUPPOSED to be able to be gone when you need to be.   It is another place that doesn't seem to know the meaning of the idea of being an IC, although that is par for the course nowadays and I really cannot point them out as being the only one who does that.

It would seem best to let the CardioScribes thread die, but you had to bring it to the foreground again. 

Was hired for a company that promised lots of work.

do they do this?  I checked the archives on this company before accepting the position and although there were similar complaints along with disorganization and some others I decided to give it a try.  In retrospect I should have listened to those posts.  I'm out of work for the 4th time now, there's no communication.  I don't know if my first clue something was amiss was the recruiter with her kids screaming in the background during the interview or the vague answers to questions I had clearing indicating there no transcription experience on her end.  Why do companies do this.  I have bills to pay and I always, always address this situation - is there enough work, do you run out of work often.  I know there are times when work may be low but this consistently happening.   


Search company board. Lots of posts recently, all
bad. Each and every one.
Some company lists have been around a long time, so lots of places
STAY AWAY from this company! Do a search here. Lots of information, none of it good.

Good company, lots of clinic work, pay on time.
Indian company. If you'll search the archives lots of info
on them.
I totally agree, your story is mine and lots, and lots of others, please
believe me when I say Keystrokes has been honest like we used to have in this profession. If I can help one Transcriptionist avoid what we have, this will all be worth it. I worked parttime for Keystrokes at the time I was fulltime with ____ and quit, 2 years later I begged them to take me back after once again my paycheck was cut in half, and they did with open arms. I don't mean to run down anyone but a lot of these transcription companies are getting obscenely rich while paying below minimum wage to transcriptionists, playing with dictation and after working for a couple of them you know who is honest and who is not. Sorry I came down so hard but the reality is there are single mothers out there that I bet cry themselves to sleep not able to give their children a decent life because it is easier to steal from us. When companies have millions of dollar to pay for other transcription companies, open transcription schools in other countries, ect., ect., you know there is a lot of money in it. That is all I am saying.
I don't think we work at the same place, but I have been working lots and lots of hours.
Very thankful to have a decent job.
Lots and lots of recent stuff in archives.
Hi, Not with this company, but if they are overwhelemed it will take time -- also, Fed Ex and UPS are recovering from the holidays and may have subsitutes on the routes -- ie -- I live in rural FL and my roommate FREAKED today because she thought someone was in the mailbox -- sub carrier -- they a lot of times are NOT familiar with the route and the BEST thing that I can suggest to ANYONE is to call the company and get the tracking # -- I did it and most are very accommodating and that way you can see if it is in transit -- if it says delivered and a time and its not under a doormat, in the yard, in a mailbox, etc THEN worry
Did you get yours via email? How long did it take to receive it? I was half expecting to get it today because everything else went to quickly.........
Yes, I got an e-mail with attachments to print out all the paperwork required. Then, I filled it all out and faxed it back.
I have already gotten a call from their IS to check my computer system, which they did, and now just waiting for the ID #'s from hosp and then IS will call me back to load software into my comp. Heard from them today, said I should be good to go by end of this week.
My God....that was pretty quick...wished I owned my on computer....would apply....
When did you receive that paperwork?  I've received nothing in the mail at all from Transcend.  From the communications I've gotten, it's just going to transfer over, which I would hope means all of our information as well.  I know they are supposed to be sending us the policy and procedures manual.  Is that what you are talking about?
Can you check you paperwork again
it was Sten-Tel in MA. To my knowledge, they email all paperwork as attachments. That is how I received mine. Most companies don't go through the expense of mailing this. They refer you to their website if you are just inquiring. If you have been hired, they email the info to you.

What you have said does not sound like Sten-Tel in Springfield, MA - AT ALL.
In all the paperwork they sent you there is probably a schedule (sm)
showing payperiods for the year. Welcome aboard.
New hire paperwork
Did you mail or fax back all the new hire paperwork? I had to pay Kinko's $1.50 per page to fax back 15 pages as I don't have a fax machine and don't know anyone who does. It would be nice if they would mail the paperwork and allow MTs to mail it back as opposed to them emailing it and placing the responsibility on the MT to print out several pages and then find a way to fax it all in....expensive if you don't have a fax machine.
In all paperwork sent before hire, probably are
The current paperwork
they gave me mentions that very thing and how if the doctor changes Dear Dr X to Dear Bob, if it is not changed MTs don't get paid. This must be a big issue with the docs so they are sticklers on this I guess. So I guess I have no excuse and should not have that problem.
Lots and Lots of info about them in the archives. nm
Lots and lots of work. You will love
Lots and lots of posts in the archives.
Lots and lots of info in archives and several
posts just down the page.  Open your original post and near the bottom click on the blue see related posts and you'll get the most recent posts. 
Sorry, meant 'your paperwork'

that does sound like a lot of paperwork...just curious though
I applied for the orthopedic position and was sent an email with 4 pages to download. After reading the info, my computer met only 1 requirement. Did your computer meet all the requirements needed to work for them? CONGRATS!
Ditto here just sent back all my new paperwork!
Good riddance to OSi.
You get paid for the shuffling paperwork.
Maybe it makes up for the motormouths who dictated a full page in 1 minute. Actually if you are a fast (and accurate) Transcriptionist you can probably make $25 to $30 an hour.
I don't remember filling out all that paperwork.

I remember how peeved everyone was about having to do it and I think it was resolved without the background checks, etc. I could be wrong, 'cause that was about 2 years ago and my memory fails me after 1-1/2 days. LOL

I surely would like some truth for a change and not inuendos or plain old hate towards the company from posters. They never really answer the questions posted on where they get their facts, so I question if their posts are truthful or if they just want to cause trouble, or rile everyone up like they have been doing.

I was hired, called by Becky, sent the paperwork, sent it in sm
and waited two weeks for an ID. I have been working for three weeks now and it is great. Obviously, your situation was unique as I came to KS on the recommendation of two of my ex-co-workers and they had no problems either, both with KS for a few years. Get over it. If you want to work for them, call and talk to them. If you don't, move on. Why are you rehashing the same thing over and over. What do you want the outcome to be?
How long does it usually take to get started once you fill out paperwork for MDI-FL? sm.
I filled out my paperwork about a week ago and have not heard from anyone.  Does anyone know how long it usually takes to start with MDI-FL?  Or has anyone had any problems hearing back from there once they said You are hired?
Ugly! Don't know about Rad, but a bud of mine was overwhelmed with paperwork, pay was low, and it
I filled out the paperwork and late the same day they called
to setup an interview the next day and I was immediately offered a position.   They have a large account coming on-line very soon and are trying to train several people too, so there may be a backlog.  I was hired 2 weeks ago and start training later this week.  
I think the new hires really need to read thier paperwork. They get a ton of it.
Didn't you get paperwork, offer letter, etc? sm
If they offered you a position and are already so far as setting you up with your account I would have thought you would have already filled out the required paperwork and sent in copies of your Social Security card, etc. (so you would know which company hired you).  That said, there is only one Keystrokes of which I am aware.  I would call them. 
Just filled out my new hire paperwork today-sm
I'm glad to hear encouraging things. I'm really excited! I'm just P/T so all the OT stuff and what not does not apply to me anyway.
You'll get employment paperwork via email. sm
The HR person is out emergently today and yesterday, so there may be a delay. Storm on its way to Illinois today too!
read again; not only does the paperwork say Hard Wire ....