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CorT Medical

Posted By: !!!!!!!!!!!!!! on 2006-06-12
In Reply to: CorTmedical....What is the DEAL? - ???

I am suing them for the money they owe me. They have not even responded to the lawsuit. I don't even know what else to do.

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It's more than what Cort Medical was offering at first. Is anyone still with them? nm
Maybe search for Cort or CorT..most posts were negative so maybe they were deleted. nm
Last I knew, there was only a handful amount of people who still work for them.  Most of them on the last straw with them.  Communication was worse than ever and the don't even pay their people.... big surprise there.  Couple of MTs still waiting for there last few paychecks.
Ex-CorT MT

I would like to chat with you if you are willing.  I am a recently ex-CorT MT.  In same situation.

Another Happy CorT'r
I started on the apprentice program in Jun, with no experience.  Through the excellent QA and correction process they have, I have greatly improved my % and have been given an increase in pay.  I was not paid on time when I first started out because of the problems in the company not getting paid as stated in other posts. I have now been paid in full for the work I have done there, just as they promised.  The work load is consistent and VERY plentiful! I feel respected and part of a team. I will NOT be looking for another company any time soon!  Good luck to you.  Hopefully, you will be able to find the perfect fit as I have.
CorT...anybody work for them?
I received an offer for an MT/Quality Asessor job with these guys, and a couple things about it sort of seem odd. Firstly, I've never spoken to anyone there, never had a phone interview or anything, just filled out the online application and took the test and boom, job offer. Is this common? I've only worked for one company from home, and I had a phone interview with them, so I could be just inexperienced with how many companies hire their people. Secondly, am I understanding the offer correctly? There's an evaluation period where I don't get paid for the work I do???
maybe search for Cort

I appreciate the info..I thought it sounded too good to be true!  Thanks!

I work for CorT

thanks for the input..like I said I could find absolutely nothing for them in the archives, so I must not be looking right if there have been past posts on them. Do they have health benefits for FT employees? And if you can tell me where exactly in Ohio they are located I would appreciate it. If you want you can e-mail me. Thanks.

CorT is a client of Focus actually. sm
Focus subcontracts work to CorT as well as a few other companies.
I work for CorT and love it!
Have been working with them for about 6 months now.  There have also been good posts about this company.  It's amazing how people forget the good.  They are great people to work for.  They have had problems in the past with pay, but that has been resolved.  I've had no pay problems since then.  They have consistent work.  The owners actually care about the people that work for them.  I will not be looking elsewhere for a place to work!
Not them but CorT bounced my friends 3 checks. nm
Is it true that CorT is bouncing checks and LYING?

QT Medical
Will they hire newbies?
I wonder just how much medical
benefits are costing them, anyway, if anything.  My benefits are literally just a few dollars cheaper than if I bought my own personal comparable plan.
USA Medical
If this is the company out of Florida, I have worked for them for 18 months. They are very timely in pay, and are a very good company to work with. I highly recommend them.
QT Medical does nm
JLG and QT Medical both have some
accounts that use WP.   I have seen other companies advertise WP, but I don't remember their names. 
QT Medical
All of your concerns are valid.  Four words:  Outsourcing, no money and RUN!!!!!!
NE Medical
Have you been with this company long. Can you tell me what platform they use and are they flexible regarding hours?
Medical INK?
Thanks in advance!
QT Medical
 Anything new on the status of QT. It is so very quiet and little communication about anything...so different from a few years ago. Feels like BIG changes coming down the pike. Anyone know anything? Thanks.
KM Medical

Anyone know about this company out of Palmdale, CA?  I looked in search but could not find anything.  Thanks



AC Medical
AC has been no better. I have yet to recieve a paycheck on time, and my last 2 paycheck were less than HALF what they were supposed to be. They are looking into it They don't even mail the checks close to payday, its supposed to be the 1st and 15th and they aren't even mailed out until the 5th, 6th or even later. What a nightmare!
QT Medical
Another national got the main account, we lost an account this week and there is nothing left.  The overseas vendor was in the office.  Does anyone know if they are selling or done?  Direct deposit ended as well, which is a big indicator that the company is on its way out.  Owner's blog for Ruban Rouge tells a story of wealth and lavish lifestyle.  There is a regret page for the owner on Google of how many people have been destroyed in her path.  I know there are only a handful of people left but enough is enough.  I am definitely taking another job and I suggest we all do.  It is no longer the company we knew, not to mention a company at all. 
The name is QT Medical. nm
Q-T Medical was, don't know about now. I think there were a few
medical ink
does anyone have any info on this company?  i'd sure appreciate any feedback!
Medical Ink
Wow...I have posted inquiring info on this company on 3 different forums and nothing yet....  Does anyone have ANY experience at all with this company?  Ever heard ANYTHING about them?  Thanks.
Another Medical Must
This is a very small company out of Las Vegas, and she is a TERRIFIC person to work for.  I have worked for her now for about a month, pay is ontime, and correct, and she treats people like human beings, and respects her staff.  Totally recommend this company!  She is pro entry level.
Another Medical Must
Does anyone have any info on this company? There's nothing in the archives. Thanks!
Another Medical Must
If anyone has any information on them please let me know. I can't seem to find anything.
Thanks !
Another Medical Must
I looked up this company and came across Renee Lella, Another Medical Must, LLC.  When I looked up Renee Lella it disturbed me a lot.  Usually I just read the posting, but there is a job posting concerning this company.  When I did a Google search on the company I came across the fact that they outsource to India and the Philippines.  If I am wrong about this company, please let me know.
Another medical must
I am a new grad too and was wondering if you had heard anything about Another Medical Must yet?
Another Medical Must and NO PAY
  The owner doesn't pay on time and only when it fits into her budget.  She rather outsource and keep all the money that they earn and not pay hard working Americans only a piddly amount.  
JLG Medical
Does anybody work for this company?  I've been with them for about 6 months and would love to meet other MTs working with them to possibly add to my Windows messenger so I don't feel so alone LOL.
Amphion Medical.

Pros:  Good benefits.  Very flexible, no nights/weekends unless you want it in your schedule.  Always have work available.  Yes, they have radiology.  Great people & great accounts. 



First Choice Medical
Has anyone heard good or bad about First Choice Medical?
Medical Transcription, Inc. in NY
In researching for jobs, I noticed this company and was wondering if anybody knew anything about it - comments please.....
medical term

"Palpation over the muscular tissues reveals mild tenderness in the bilateral paraspinals (s/l: clavatus or quivatus, and spiro-glineal) region."  I can't figure it out and am hoping someone out there will give it a shot!  The words in parentheses aren't words I know, they just sound like what he's saying.  TIA.

medical term
It could be gluteal. I thought of that too, but just can't figure out what he's saying before that if it is gluteal. S/l spiro or could be superior......don't hear left or right unfortunately. thanks very much.
You say you have the medical background, do you mean you took a course or you are just
a medical office worker? No one will give you half a chance unless you actually take a transcription course.
First Choice Medical. nm
4 years for me at QT Medical. nm

Amphion Medical. sm
They've got everything you've mentioned.  
Do you remember if it was just medical for $360 or...
dental also.. and do you know what the deductibles are? Thanks for any help..
ME is medical editing on ASR ..
... and has nothing to do with the expansions you use for straight transcribing.
USA Medical Transcription
Anyone know of this company and what they are like?
First Choice Medical .. anybody know?
I seen an ad in weeks past here.  Are they a good company? Any employees out there?  Thanks
First Choice Medical
Does anyone know anything about this company? 
$60,000.00/Y for medical transcription?!
... so sorry to hear about your dissolutionment about MT pay. If your school told you that you would be making $60,000 a year, that is so deceiving. How long ago were you told this wrong information? It's heartbreaking when I hear so many people tell me their school lures them in on this statement. It actually burns me up. Now, I even hear a school advertising on the WAV FM radio advertising hotel sites where presentations will be given on this lucrative career. The ad says that there is a very great need for medical transcriptionists and you can work at home for hospitals and doctors and make as much as you want. SO DECEIVING. I have a good notion to show up at one of these seminars and stand up in the middle of the talk and tell it like it is!

At one time, YES, you could make $60,000.00 a year. Since technology and the nationals have taken most big chunky accounts, if you were to make that kind of money, you would need to be chained to the computer. SO SAD. Don't get me wrong, it can be done with a national. Only a very savvy Transcriptionist who has the right conditions i.e., steady account, knows drs well, expanders, works more than 8 hours can do it but it is getting increasingly difficult to attain that yearly income with pay going down.