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Deleted Post

Posted By: RADt on 2007-07-30
In Reply to:

I wasn't soliciting a job!!!  I was asking what companies are the best to work for doing radiology transcription.  I've seen other people ask this same question for other specialties and not get deleted.

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    Post deleted. (SM)
    Posts with names, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, or other information identifying individuals or company accounts will be removed.

    Company information, such as websites, etc., can be found on the Job Seekers Board.
    Wonder why my post was deleted...sm

    I replied earlier to this post about my experience with Spheris and it has disappeared. 

    I didn't bad-mouth Spheris, only gave my actual experience regarding their pay system and my opinion about their software.

    So No, I did not like the environment at Spheris and took myself and my 20 years experience somewhere else.

    Deleted Post
    Either I am blind of a post of mine was deleted from the forum.  It was in regards to psych transcription positions.  Oh where, oh where, did my post go.  I may be blind, but I honestly do not see it.
    No, probably just your post will be deleted


    hmmm,... how shall I say this without this post being deleted -sm
    Have you noticed that Diskriter has been advertising for over a year - A YEAR - for the same accounts. The same hospital accounts over and over and over again.

    I got a call for an interview for Diskriter for the Florida position, as well as the eye hospital. I said that I had noticed that these positions had been posted for over a year on at least three (3) boards and wondered why. Do you know what the interviewer said to me? Get this .... it's because the accounts for those hospital just keep getting bigger and bigger and we need more and more people for those two accounts.

    Do I sound like I fell off the turnip truck? Since when do hospital accounts keep getting bigger and bigger? Especially when the whole account is outsourced. Let me guess - these hospitals just keep hiring more and more and more doctors and they just keep dictating more and more and more.
    Be careful, DB. I posted a post similar to yours and it was deleted.
    it's a clinic account; if I use initials, post will be deleted.
    I have deleted one of your posts. Do not post names of employees on this board. Thank you. nm
    Just as an FYI, I got deleted for
    posting initials and was told we are not to do that.
    Sure should be deleted!
    That is a big no-no. You might even want to check out your HIIPA and confidentiality agreements again. Mine says I cannot identify any client to a third party, though I never would. What do you think everybody on this board is who does not work on that account? I hope you don't cost your company the account.
    It was deleted. Please SM
    We do not allow job-wanted posts. Everyone needs to do their own job research through the descriptive job ads on the Job Seekers board. They can then ask about specific companies by name on the Company board.

    It will probably just get deleted.
    I made this same post the day the ad came out and the post was deleted and I got an email from the mod basically saying we are not allowed to mock these companies as they don't want to scare companies from posting here.
    I tried to answer you but it got deleted - sm
    I would have no idea why as I didn't say anything inflammatory.  I won't be trying to help out again since things get deleted around here for no reason.
    They weren't even bad. I don't know why they were deleted sm
    unless the name-calling started again. That is the only reason they are deleted. I wish they would've stayed as there was a lot of information from both the company and others and none of it really ugly unless someone blew it as usual.
    Now I get it - why certain posts are deleted!
    They obviously still lie and convince some people otherwise about offshoring.

    Taken from mtstars.


    Outsourcing Solutions, Inc.

    No Offshore Activities Reported.

    Thread deleted. (SM)
    The thread was without any substantiation whatsoever, just 2 inflammatory remarks with no credibility and the replies were starting to get out of hand.

    Information about any company can be posted here; however, it should be posted with specific information, not just general name-calling and not even specific complaints listed.

    Posts deleted. (SM)
    Do not post your management's initials or names.

    No they are not. I was deleted and told
    no initials. Sigh. Sure wish I could give them though. I do not see how initials can hurt. It is not like giving the full name (though these people deserve that)
    many KS postings have been deleted due to
    people supposedly working for Keystrokes who were posting...in a nut shell, the KS people were not putting themselves in a good light and the posts were pulled but you would need to ask KS about it for their version.
    Why do my posts keep getting deleted?
    If you are going to delete them, could you at least let me know?  I truly don't understand why you are deleting them.  I asked a simple question about what companies pay on a weekly basis.  Is there something wrong with that?  I assume thye were not moved because I can't find it anywhere and I posted it twice.  How about an explanation or something?
    The posts have been deleted.

    They were deleted. Sob. Gulp.
    my deleted emails....
    My 2 posts, in which I defended you, were deleted, because they were too offensive. But I must say that this was done in a very polite manner.
    I ended one of my post with 'Shame, shame', this was obvious a too strong language.
    I will try to behave.
    Why did my response to this get deleted?
    I wasn't being snotty. All I said was maybe the HR person took the long holiday weekend off. How is that rude? So OP, did you hear back from them yet? Maybe follow up with a phone call. Good luck.
    Why was my response to this deleted?
    I was in no way snotty when I said that DSL is high speed and WiFi is considered the less secure internet connection for HIPAA regulations. Guess my Master's degree doesn't qualify me.
    I deleted a SoftScript thread. sm
    Daily, these threads start with the same 1-2 people posting over and over again, agreeing with themselves. Then the management accusations come out. By now, your message has gotten out and it's time to put this to bed. If you're that disgruntled, file a complaint with the proper authorities. You're not going to get anywhere here complaining day after day after day. Better yet, if they're that bad, take matters into your own hands and QUIT!
    Several posts deleted on this thread. (SM)

    Several posts have been deleted mainly due to the naming of individuals at companies.  DO NOT USE IDENTIFYING INFORMATION such as names or accounts. 

    As well, language was the cause for a post removed.  See the posting policy at the top of the Company board.


    My message was not horrible but got deleted anyway. sm
    My post was about someone asking for a cushy job and I replied she needed to do the footwork and not expect the perfect job to be dumped in her lap.  Someone else replied that I must have awakened alone that morning (which I did not).  Well, I can handle the flames, don't need anyone to delete messages on my account.  IMO, these were not messages that were cause to be deleted.  Next, we will have to run messages by the moderator before we will be able to post anything. 
    Reply deleted; do not name accounts, please. (NM)
    Previous posts were deleted (sm)
    They were NOT talking about the resumes being fake.  Some earlier posts had said they would post some names of applicants for you to ask them what the name of their company was because they weren't revealing their identity.  They did list a few names but the post containing the names was soon deleted.  So, they were weren't meaning the resumes were fake, they meant that they had listed fake names.
    Posts about them usually get deleted, but I'll
    post my experience.   They represented companies that already post on all the job boards.  The line rate was not any better, no better benefits, shifts, etc. going through TM than if I had applied myself.  I know this because I had already been offered a job twice by the company that they wanted me to test for.   You have to go through an interview and testing (although the test is really a joke) and then go through it again with whatever company, so I see no advantage of going through TM. 
    It's been deleted from the Job Seeker's board. nm
    Not to worry. I am sure this thread will be deleted.
    It was appropriately deleted. End of story. nm
    Has anyone else noticed posts being deleted?
    I first came to the company board, read the first post, went to the job seekers board, came back to the company board and the first post that I had read was gone ... POOF.  It was just a question about a company, not anything ugly at all.  Anyone else noticing this recently? 
    The posts that were deleted on aren't page 2.
    I posted that you give what you get.  If you give half wages for full editing of very few clear dictators on slow VR with no expander, bad sound quality, and technical problems you're going to get what you give. MTs who aren't high producers will follow along like docile sheep.The high producing, skilled MTs will move on.  VR allows shoddy work that was never acceptable when coming from MTs. The new generation of MTs have accepted that this is the future and aren't accustomed to the strict professionalism of the past. That's just what the MTSO is going to get.
    We don't know why they were deleted. It was good bounce back and forth sm
    There were a few of us from Keystrokes posting and a few MTs that were with KS and left and a few that are looking.

    No one knows why they were pulled.

    This is the not the wishes of KS to have them pulled; it is better to leave them up for honest opinions than to pull them and have everyone think worse than they were.
    Most of the truthful posts were deleted for content

    Why do my posts on the main board keep getting deleted?
    All I asked was if there is a company out there with a platform like Precyse - where you can look up the old reports by doctor, or by patient.  What is so wrong with that? 
    Reason I deleted a couple of posts here (SM)
    The post above is answering the original thread.

    If you wish to discuss any other topics on MQ, we have an MQ board for it.

    Otherwise, simply stay to the topic and answer the original thread.


    Yes, offshore spam. They are deleted/banned. NM
    I put mine on the board but got scared and deleted it after a day
    Did not want anybody and everybody reading my personal business. I guess I like to e mail my resume privately. Though I am curious what response I'd get, I am too chicken to post it. Plus I am always worried if my present employer were to see it on the board LOL. Isn't there a chance of that? Oh, well. It's nice to hear it works if you get the guts to post it. :)
    deleted posts for company referrals?!?
    If this is really happening, then I am stoked! Someone really needs to respond to this query ASAP.
    Apologies - my quote marks were deleted!?...nm
    Serviss Transcription (this will probby be deleted.sm

    Is this woman still in business and if so, is she PAYING her MTs on TIME now?  A couple of friends had pay issues with her as she would not tell the truth about when she would mail their checks and this is one of the services who would wait on the doctor to pay HER, then she would pay the MTs, and NEVER the full amount for the work done.  My friend had to wait 3 months one time for her FIRST paycheck. shoot, even told she would NOT even pay even when the docs did pay HER.

    This will probably get deleted as I have NO idea why in the past any posts about Serviss would get deleted.

    really nasty comments are deleted by the moderators..
    and sometimes they are even checked before they make it to the board and deleted.
    It is offshore spam and has been deleted/banned. NM

    any comments about them get deleted, check archives or MTSPOT.
    confused as to why my question was deleted regarding companies who pay hourly..SM
    I purposely made my question very general and was only looking for input from any MT or Editor being paid hourly. Was not asking for the pay rate, but rather interested in knowing of companies who pay hourly. Am I mistaken to think this is a resource board for general questions? Sorry if I broke any rules.
    I gave initials in original message and it was deleted because this company
    has its own board, even though the only statement was that she formerly worked for _ _. I think that is going way overboard in monitoring and deleting, but then I disagree with a phone calls being monitored, too
    Please search the last 2 pgs. Plenty of neg. posts recently unless they've been deleted. nm