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Deventure: Are you required to do weekends

Posted By: sm on 2007-04-24
In Reply to:

and holidays? Thinking of applying but want to get as much info as possible before I do.

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Are you required to do weekends? sm
Do they have insurance or are they IC? What are their line requirements?
No, weekends required, though I know they are looking for people who would want to.
Are weekends required at Shapin as an IC? Thanks -nm


I made that working for a national...O/T, weekends...no live, now no O/T or weekends(sm)
so no more big bucks, at least from them...looking for second job to make ends meet, don't have husband to help...this sucks.
if it says *required* and you want the gig....nm

You are required to
use their computer.  I wanted to use my own, but they said it's easier for them to provide technical support if everything is uniform and everyone has the same hardware/software.  IMO, the pay is above average compared to what I was offered from other companies.  They also review you yearly for a possible raise and give a bonus on your anniversary.  The benefits were extremely affordable.  HTH
Unless you are FT and required to
make up your time then take the day off. They cannot force you to work if you are scheduled off, unless it is the Q and they will not let you take PTO and you have to have your hours/lines in. The only thing is if you work on production, then your check is improved from having no work through the week. If you can afford it, take it off.
If you are doing all that is required, i.e.,
making your line counts and working your scheduled hours, I would just ignore then. Worrying is not going to change anything. When they direct something at you specifically, then talk to them about it.
Why would we be required
To disclose any and every employer we have ever worked for when we have done so as an independent contractor? This is always something that I have wondered. As an IC, aren't we free to come any go as we chose? Aren't we in business for ourselves? This is where a lot of MTSOs have it wrong.

Do we go to the plumber or guy installing our satellite and ask him to disclose any and every individual he has ever done work for? No, we don't. I'm sure he'd be happy to provide references though!

I don't list anyone that I've worked for (unless I have done so as an employee). What does this information matter to an MTSO? If they hold up to their end of the bargain and I am a good MT for them and test well, what should my work history matter? ESPECIALLY in this industry. If I'm asked for reference, that's one thing. If I'm asked to disclose every single company I have worked for..that is another.

Don't get me wrong, I haven't job hopped without GOOD reason. However, I have worked for companies p.r.n. I have worked for companies for a couple of months only to find out the owner is the one with the issues. I have worked for companies where everything was going fine, but unfortunately I can't put my bills on hold for them to decide to pay me...three months later. I have worked for companies who promised this or that, only to have junk thrown at me consistently when they find out I am capable of doing the junk that their other MTs can't and getting paid 7 cpl to do so. I have also worked for the 24 hour FLEXIBLE companies who then decide that because people aren't holding up to their end of the bargain...your flexibility is going out the door and you NOW have to let them know EXACTLY what time you are going to be working.

And, see, you can't win with the MTSOs looking for this information because if you were to go into details as to why you changed jobs in this period so much, you would be looked down on because you were negative about these companies. How fair is that? What is in the past is in the past.
And what is required to CASH IT !!!!
What does the accompanying letter with the check say. Anxious to know . . . surely could use my money now.
Set hrs always have been required of employees/and if SE they can only ask what

you aren't a contractor, you are an employee.

If they begin telling contractors what hours to work and clocking them in and out, they become EMPLOYEES and must be treated as such.

And believe me if they start treating me as an employee, they better start picking up a lot of my costs!!!!

I should have said that the accounts I am on have never required a
log. I keep one with the accession number to keep track of what I do but no one has ever asked me for it. I work on a RadNet account if that makes a difference.
I think those required C-phone and
I hope they pay well to have to pay those types of expenses especially as an employee.  C-phones are selling for $350.00 on ebay.  hmmmmmmmmm 
I was told PT required
500 lines a day. Do you know if that is the average over 2 weeks that you have to have or is it a strict 500/day?
I believe you are required to use their computer...
I was told this was for security reasons. One of the very few things I am unhappy with is not being able to have their software on my laptop so I could work when I'm out of town. But they have been really flexible with my schedule, not like MQ where you had to jump through every hoop imaginable just to change your schedule by an hour or two, so I manage without being able to be as mobile as I used to be. From the looks of what is going on at MQ, it is a small price to pay for peace of mind and a much less stressful life.
You're not required to .... SM
do the extra lines they ask for. I take it when I can and don't when I can't. I do 12000 to 14000 lines a payperiod and don't EVER work 8 hours a day....I think Keystrokes is a great company to work for.
If you are PT, I don't think you are required to make it up; FT MTs sm
are expected to make it up (if there is enough to do) during the same week (40 hours) so that it doesn't run into overtime. As for having enough to do - wow, my accounts are LOADED and have been since yesterday noon. We are doing some OT even.
Info required
Has anyone worked for Integrity, Venice, Timothy Olyphant? How are the accounts and how is the pay? Any info will be appreaciated. Thanks.
Required notice?
I am an Editor at Spheris. I am going to be resigning soon, however I don't want to leave Spheris on bad terms should I ever need them for a reference.

Does anyone know, is a 2 week notice considered adequate?
Excuse me, but we are required to use
I'm not required to use shorthand
I'm still using IT, and it works just fine. No one has told me any different, not even a hint of it. In fact, emails generally refer to both ShortHand and IT, because they know that both are being used per the MT preference.
I have done this and there is not that much training required
It is much easier than medical transcription. It does not take all of the specialized knowledge that we have to have and is a good option. Learning to work in their computer program is the most difficult part (not difficult at all.) Some companies might require the training on the steno tapes like the other person mentioned, but I would suspect that many do not. I always worked with audio files and that is where you make those corrections from. It is basically like the VR we do now only from a different program. I had to do a lot of name and medication verification. Of course the medication verification would be a breeze today and Google would even make the verification of the people's names much simplier. This is definitely a option for us if MT companies continue to outsource and ignore our specialized skills. I would recommend anyone unhappy to try it. Contact individual court reporters or local companies. I have family members in this field and would not hesitate to go back.
You will be required to work set hours.
Do you know how strict they are on their required experience? Thanks! nm
If you want to be hired, you gotta do what's required! nm
But are you required to sit & wait, or can you log off and return later? sm
If you are required to sit there, then yes you should be paid. If not, then you should be able to flex your hours and return later to finish.
I was offered $40K and wouldn't do it; it required
Well, I have a biz phone and biz hours that I am required to keep.
Your situation obviously is different than mine.
what is the minimum QA score required


Is there special equipment required with
Just curious.
Are IC required to get insurance? Taxes?

I've never subcontracted before, but work is low and a girl's gotta eat.    I was given a contract recently to look over and signed and noticed it said something about insurance for omissions, etc.    Is this standard and do I HAVE to get this???   Thanks.  

Also, how much should I set aside for taxes?  Is 30% safe enough?    I really appreciate and an all answers. 

Foot pedal not required
I have been transcribing with the Emdat platform for over 6 years and love it. I have never used a foot pedal. You can use hot keys (F1, F2, F3, etc).
WHat if the job required you to wear a uniform.

You have to have uniform to work and it shouldn't be the responsibility of the hospital to provide it.   Sure I'd spend $50.  

If I didn't have a fax I'd call and see if I could e-mail them or mail them.  Of course you'd have to have a scanner to e-mail them.  

There are always other options available. 

MDI-MD min. line count required
Does anyone know what the minimum line count MDI (in Maryland, not Florida) requires before they drop the line rate?
I have no problem getting more than the required minimum -- nm
Are TT MTs required to have foul mouths?
I specifically asked if they required
new QA staff to type on the account first before being allowed to QA. I was told by both companies that this was not required. Then (with both companies) AFTER training, they told me that they DO require new QA to type on the account first. Liars.
Employers are required to report anything over
Sorry but those are Uncle Sam's rules.
Saving records is okay IF required by your
You misunderstood. You are required to work
That is not a falsehood. It is true you have 24 hours to get the lines in but does that mean there will be lines there to get in during the day. E mails are constantly sent urging people, even using strong language for people to work Friday through Sunday and evenings, to skip soccer games and family activities to work because that is when the work is there. Please don't glaze things over by calling it a falsehood. They don't say they require anything but 1 weekend day and the rest of the time during the week BUT the contract also says they don't have to provide work to you at all at any time. It is stressed that as an MT you must s-t-r-e-t-c-h to make sure our jobs stay in this country. That means: in other words, they overhired, so get the lines in when you can and that better be nights and weekends,or whenever they e mail you to jump. Now call that a falsehood, and you will certainly be misinformed.
Silent Type has always required
You are required to work your schedule, even

if you get your lines in.  OT is paid at the standard 1-1/2 times your rate, but you don't get OT for typing over 1200 lines a day, unless you do the lines outside your normal schedule.  If you are scheduled to work 9 to 5 whatever lines you do are at your line rate.  If you work before 9 or after 5 those lines will be paid at 1-1/2 times your rate, so if you make 10 cpl, then OT will be 15 cpl.  Also there is a shift differential.  I'm not sure the exact hours are per shift, but if you work anything other than first shift there is a differential. Third shift pays a higher differential than second.

They also pay for downtime, so if the servers are down or there is a lack of work (which we have been on OT for months), then you keep track of your time and they pay an hourly rate.  If you are a productive MT you would make more money typing, but at least it is something.  You aren't required to make up lines outside your shift either.

Yes, IC but required to commit to a schedule. sm
These are not IC positions and the IRS knows. Their reward for breaking the law and cheating both the Transcriptionist and the IRS is coming.
Dedicated MTs is what is required in this business.
I have watched over the last 20 or so years women devote 12 to 15 hours a day, 7 days a week to their MTSO. We all have. Not having that devotion can break a business in this field because of TAT.

I did not know Carol but I was there when she left her group of MTs to Medquist. It would not have been so devastating had she not built the company on their backs, had she said good-bye to them with a wonderful gesture of kindness, yes MONEY - because that is what you do when you have become successful enough to sell your business for millions of dollars after starting out at the ground floor - you remember the people who were with you on the ground floor and stayed through the good and bad.

Rather, she took the money and ran off without a word - and that in itself says she knew that she not only sold the company behind their backs but also that she owed the success of her company to a few very specific and important people.

I found the morale at an all time low - and personally, I thought I saw some broken hearts because those ladies absolutely loved their jobs.

She sold it to the Squid and that was the final insult - absolutely reprehensible.

What is the saying? Watch who you step on as you work your way up the ladder because you will be meeting them on your way back down.

what is the required line count?
for VR? I asked but never got an answer.
And no, I don't work weekends, only if I want to get on the OT or the incentives.
You work in the medical field, which is a 365-day-a-year business. Why would you expect that you would not have to work on weekends? The hospitals that provide the work that provides us a paycheck expect their charts back in the contracted time. If you aren't willing to help provide that service, then either get out of the field or find your own physicians to contract with so that you can set your own hours.

I worked weekends for the Harpy MTSO and OT whenever it was needed. Did she appreciate it? No. I happen to like working weekends! An oddity, I know, but I AM a professional.
DSG used to have no weekends. Don't know about now. nm
Almost every company out there now requires a weekend day....and GIMT is soooo flexible..you are not HELD to certain hours. Get them in when you can that day and everyone is happy.
Weekends at TT
I have just recently started at TT and was told I had the choice of Sun-Thur or Tue-Sat; when asking for M-F, they laughed. Also, their ads say Tue-Sat and Sun-Thur. What gives?