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Dictation Services Group

Posted By: sm on 2006-03-03
In Reply to:

Anyone know anything about this company...I saw they use DocQScribe according to the Job Seekers Board and they're looking for QA for all shifts. TIA!

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DSG=Dictation Services Group
DSG (Dictation Services Group-GA)
Does anyone have any info as to why this company seems to be hiring a lot lately? Are they having a bit exodus of transcriptionists? Any info would be appreciated. I would consider working for DSG, but some recent posts and DSG's recent numerous ads make me leery. Thanks.
Dictation Services Group
Anyone currently working for this company care to comment on:

1. Workload
2. volume of ESL's
3. Are managers friendly and do they return emails?
4. Good benefits?

Dictation Services Group

good/bad?  I put in a resume for QA at MQ months ago and have been called back about it but it's a bunch of hurry up and wait speech--i'm supposed to get a position there but i'm applying elsewhere jic.  Saw the ad for Dictation Services Group QA position and thought I would apply...thoughts?



DSG, Dictation Services Group.
I have seen varying opinions on DSG on this board in recent months and how some think that the company has gone down hill over the last year or so. I am curious as to whether others think that it is the whole company that is having the problems or if it is a case of the old DSG and DSG2 being run differently. I am with DSG2. I will say, like others that pay is always on time, although it is sad that that is a sign of a good company. I like the DocQScribe platform ok, although there are a lot of features that could be better, starting with the spell checker. I feel that there is a huge lack of good feedback, especially for newbies. Supervisors are extremely hard to get a hold of, especially at night, and even during the day emails go unanswered at least 3/4 of the time, but they don't want us to IM them. The few times I have gotten an IM answer to an email, it was short and factual to the point of being rude. I am not looking to chat, but a little common courtesy goes a long ways. And don't even get me started on the messages that come with the updates, that sound totally fake and desperate. Anyway, I was just wondering if this was a personal preference sort of thing or if it was that certain parts of the company are better than others.
Dictation Services Group, Inc.

Does anyone have information on a company called Dictation Services Group, Inc.?  They are in Atlanta.  Anyone with info may feel free to reply to me privately.  I am completing a test for them and wondered about the company.


Thanks in advance!

Dictation Services Group

Does anyone have any information they are willing to share about this company.  I noted they  have an ad on MT Daily?  Is DocQScribe easy to learn?   I note their recruiter used to be with another company that I now work for which does not pay for those spaces and now am having  a lot of server problems and have to wait for reports to go to server before I can start with another one, very very frustrating.  Dictation Services Group  pays for spaces, but are wanting MTs mostly for second shift.  I work a split shift.


Dictation Services Group

Followup:   I did test with them.  There was a written test  with 33 questions and then typing test with 5 reports.  Sound quality was good.  There was one foreign accent on a heart cath. 

The thing is that I know the recruiter from meeting her when she worked with SPi as theier recruiter and they were the company that my hospital outsourced too.  Well the recruiter left SPi.  I had to send two Emails and yesterday she said she would call me yesterday.  Yesterday has come and gone and still no phone call.  She said she had to hire 40 people.  I just wanted to know if I passed or failed.  I had to go to work for SPi but they do not pay for spaces.  DSG test can be done with open book and was not bad.   Good Luck if you go for it. 

Dictation Services Group

If there any information about this company that anyone would want to share that actually works for them.  Is there enough work to make a decent paycheck or you guys that work for them sit and wait on work a lot?    Their platform which I hear is not hard to learn.  Thanks ahead of time. 

Dictation Services Group

Question on current DSG MT's.  When there is plenty of work, how hard is it to reach 1000 lines a day.  Can it be accomplished in an 8 hour day?   Is DocQScribe hard to learn?  I am currently working for MT Company and I have an opportunity maybe to change to DSG but I so afraid of the unknown anymore.  I just do not want to jump out of the frying pan into the fire so to speak.  I am so tired of learning account specifics anymore my mind is just frazzled at this time.   I like perks about both companies and this is a hard decision to make.  One perk is I have to work on Sat for one company and on the other hand the other I do not have to work unless I need to make up for lost time or make up for lost lines.  This is a hard decision.  One company I have to do about 800 lines a day and the other company is about 1000 lines a day, one pays for spaces and one does not.  Just confused at this time and would like to have more opinions. Thanks

anyone out there ever heard of Dictation Services Group (DSG)?

They had a post on MT stars and MT jobs a couple of weeks ago.  I sent a resume' but never heard back.  I followed up the resume with an e-mail inquiring if they were still hiring, but again never heard anything.  I have been transcribing for 15+ years, but have not done too much moving around from company to company.  Is this the way most companies operate?  How much time does it take to respond to an e-mail (and yes even if you get a hundred) and advise whether or not they are still hiring.  I am a little disappointed.  I have experience with the platform they are using and the type of account they were hiring for.  Any feedback would be appreciated.



Do you mean Dictation Services Group out of Atlanta?
DSG (Dictation Services Group) out of Atlanta - nm
Dictation Services Group out of Jacksonville, FL
Being an MT for 7 years, I was just hired with this company 2 weeks ago and the very next day, I came down with a sinus infection and bronchitis on top of that. I was sicker than a dog still and my start date was the next day. They were very compasionate and understanding, and my supervisor even suggested taking a few more days before starting in hopes that I would feel even better. However, the account I was put on in the DQS system was horrible; voice torque was too high and you couldn't understand anything the dictator was saying. I then emailed them and told them exactly why I did not think I was going to be able to accept the position with them and my supervisor emailed me back asking me to try another account before totally making that decision. Hence, I have only worked on the other account for 2 days and I absolutely love it.

In working for a company in CA with heavy ESL dictators, DSG's ESL dictators are nothing compared to them, but that may depend on the account you work on.

As far as feedback, they try to get back to you in a timely manner. You do have to take into consideration that you are not the only MT requesting information and it does take time to reply to all those emails.

With that said, I have to give them a definite great company to work for considering my situation upon hire there. Ask me in another month what I think and I hope to say the same.

Good luck in job hunting. I'm sure you will find a company that works for you; it just takes time and patience to find that company.
DSG stand for Dictation Services Group
I will NEVER apply for this company. I think I have before in the past when they have placed ads, but if they ever call me, I will give them a piece of my mind!
Try searching Dictation Services Group
in addition to DSG.
Dictation Services Group, any information?
correction - its Dictation Services Group need info - nm

Dictation Services Group. Go to the Jobs board, down 10 or 12, QA and acute
Yes, DSG (Dictation Service Group) uses DQS.
Dictation Service Group questions
I have been offered a position but don't want to go from one fryin pan to another.  Does anyone know if they are decent people to deal with?  Do they have a good flow of work and a decent platform? 
Digital Services Group, any info

Has anyone had experiences with this company, i.e. staff, software, accounts, good pay (and ontime), etc.


RE: Medical Dictation Services
I would say it depends on the account. The problems the above poster has, I have not experienced at all, though I am only part-time. My platform is totally internet based- BayScribe which handles the voice and the transcription platform. So therefore, I never experience requested dictation completed.
Medical Dictation Services
Work for them currently in Radiology...been with them for 4 years.  A good company.
Medical Dictation Services
Just wondering if anyone has heard of this company and can provide any feedback and/or any info good or bad on the Bayscribe transcription platform. 
MDI Medical Dictation Services

Can anyone tell me if this is a good company to work for?  I appreciate any insight you could lend.  Thanks!

Are you sure you don't mean MDI (Medical Dictation Services, Inc.? MRC hasn't been around
Requesting info on Medical Dictation Services

Dictation Services,MediType,SmartMed,Shapin..thoughts?

editor looking

Digital Dictation Services - MARY GLEASON, Stiff on Payment, BEWARE
This is a sole proprietor, who will let you try out for a couple weeks, and then stiff on payment.  She is all nicey nice in the beginning but look out, she will rip you off big time. Do not work for unless you like working for nothing.
Since it's a private group on Facebook, you have to click on "request to join group" sm
It takes about a day to be added after the request is put in.
Might be only the endocrine doc in a GI group, only the pacemaker doc in a cardio group, etc. nm
Weekly? Services are lucky if they get paid twice a month. Generally, services bill out to their
info on AMD Services/AmeriMed Data Services
Please help me. Does anyone know anything about AMD Services or AmeriMed Data Services. I have been offered a position with them and need to know if they pay good, etc. before I accept a position with them. Thanks in advance.

MT Group
I would never work for her again.  Very moody, extremely picky.  She double checks to make sure there are 2 spaces after every period, not 1 and not 3.
mt group
Does anyone have any info on the MT group?  Thanks  
MT Group
Too many accounting problems - slow pay, bounced checks, short checks.
MT Group
I have worked for them, and regardless of Melanie's posting, I did have bounced checks, late checks, short checks.
You have that right. Where this group of SM
princes and princesses came from, who knows.  All these demands for certain hours, certain accounts---when you do give it to them the work is ATROCIOUS and they don't finish what they just demanded to have due to family, medical, pet emergency.
seems like one group is

describing their experience at a company and the defenders are attacking the individuals posting with characteric assassination.  Let's be adults here.


ABJ Group? Does anyone
know if they went out of business? Cannot find them anywhere, and their website is not there either.  I also have an email address, but it came back as undeliverable.  Anyone have any current information about them? Thanks.
Yes, there was a group of 12 or more. nm
Another group
I have been involved in starting groups with a specific purpose in mind before. What happens every time is that a bunch of different personalities get together for a common cause, then they start fighting over different ideas on how things should be done, lose sight of the original purpose, and the next thing you know it is like being back in the sandbox in kindergarden and nothing gets accomplished and the whole thing fizzels.
You really should not group all MTs together. nm
Not all of us whine, connive, or are disloyal. Personally, I am a very loyal IC. I show up and work when I say I will, produce top quality documents, and am appreciated by my accounts.

Maybe you have just come across a few bad apples, but not all of us have poor work ethics and personal values.

You should think before you write something so generic as this.
TT group

Isn't there a chat group on Twitter or Facebook for Transtech MTs??  How do you join it??

do not lump us all into that group, please!
Some of us out there still do what we say we are going to do, produce excellent quality work, and have plenty of experience. I just cannot find an honest employer who pays well these days. Seems there are issues on both sides of the fence! I am not sure what the solution is. Ideas? :-)
WestTran group
anybody know anything about WestTran group LLC.  the good,the bad,the ugly?!  Thanks!
Growing with a new group of
They started a group of hospitals based in TN, and are adding them one at a time during the year.  Lots of ER and acute care positions, we get emails noting the new accounts and added positions. 
MT Group, any information would
Seriously? That's what The Group Formerly Known as AAMT SM
wants to do. We all take a test, send them lots of money and belong to their group. I'm sure it will be a lot of money. After all, it takes a lot to set up shop in Modesto, CA and, ohhh!, hope it wasn't in the line of those fires!

Truth is, most MT's cannot afford to join a union, if there were such a thing.
TT needs to get their own Yahoo Group or something
TransTech is such a good company so when the least thing goes wrong they immediately hop on here and announce it to the universe. It's called making adjustments, people.

If you can't handle it FIND ANOTHER JOB and stop taking over this board with the same old sad song every day.