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Did Webmedx honor your 2-week notice? sm

Posted By: LuckyCharms on 2009-02-24
In Reply to:

I'm on good terms with Webmedx and think it's a great company. I have an opportunity that I'm probably going to take, and I would give a 2-week notice to Webmedx, of course.

My concern is that when you give a notice some companies don't honor that themselves and instead tell you to go ahead and leave early. Has this ever happened to you with Webmedx?

Please respond only if you left on good terms with the company when they gave Webmedx a 2-week notice. The question doesn't apply to those who resigned without a 2-week notice to avoid getting fired or were terminated.

I'm thinking Webmedx is an honorable company and would let me work my 2 weeks, but with the state of the economy, I am naturally concerned about the possibility of being without 2 weeks of pay.

Thanks in advance!

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NO they DO NOT honor your notice.
I was in good standing, thought I was leaving on good terms.   Within 4 hours of giving my notice they had locked me out of Enterprise.  It also took nearly 3 months to get my computer deposit back.
2-week notice
It seems if you give a 2-week notice, companies are pretty forgiving... I would give it a try.... the worst they can say is No... or the best they can say is Yes!!  You don't know until you try!   Good Luck!
2-week notice
It is something you have to be prepared for. It has happened to me once, and then my last employer told me in an e-mail that was obviously a normal how valuable I was and would be missed, and added in the line below and would you like today to be your last day. I nicely replied saying no, I was fully prepared to work the final 2 weeks and promised I would put out quality work.

When you put in your 2 weeks, you don't really know what is going to happen. Do you have PTO saved up they have to pay you anyway in case this happens?

They give MTs a 2-week notice when things aren't to their liking or a new hiree doesn't catch on, don't they?  Don't theyyyyy?  WHEN TURTLES FLY!!

I have never understood this 2-week notice protocol (although I have always given a company that consideration when quitting) - when they're free to hire/fire at will and specificy so in their contracts/handbooks but on the same page require you to give a 2-week notice.  Who are THEY? BS!

Who gives 2-week notice?
I feel that even when you've been done wrong by a company (depending of course on how bad) you should still give notice and work for the final 2 weeks. I'm curious what you all feel about this.
I left before without 2-week notice and
Give them a call. If you were a good MT in terms of production, they will have no problem taking you back.
To MT who emailed me about 2-week notice
I gave a 2-week notice to avoid any hassle and not burn bridges.  It sure was a long 2 weeks but I just played it safe.  Good Luck!
Give a 2-week notice, but work less
therefore, you will not be out of much money if they indeed do not pay you.  Also, if you leave, be well informed that you probably will not make what you are making now at any other company right off the bat.  You said you have been at this place for years, so you will have to build up your income again and pay.  Sad to say, but they probably have people who can do the job at less money now and are willing to sacrifice a good employee to have a bigger cut of the pay that they can get cheaper.  I wish you the best, but I do not think it is personal.  I believe it is business and you generate too much income away from them.  Good luck and I hope you find another good home.
I stand by my opinion. If OP had given her 2-week notice, sm
then the new recruiter could be assured she would be starting work on that new account. It appears that the OP is just letting him hang. I wouldn't blame him if he dropped her completely and instead found someone he can count on.

I won't bother giving a 2 week notice sm
when I leave. They give us last minute notices to get our lines caught up or else whether it be 9 am or 11 pm so it serves them right to get last minute quit notices.
I accepted their offer and gave a 2-week notice
Keeping my fingers crossed on this one. It really can't be worse than my present job.
I would just give my 2-week notice, state the reason you are leaving.
Sorry to hear your troubles.

I wasn't there long enough, put in a 2-week notice but ended up leaving early, footpedal and last
Starting with WebMedX in a week or so ...

Have been with MQ for 12 years.  Am really looking forward to WebMedX.  I did a survey like the one you're doing here, and didn't have one bad reply from MTs who work for WebMedX.  So, I'm really hoping it will be a great place to work!  MQ used to be a great place to work....afraid it's no longer true. 

So wish me luck! 

I know Webmedx pays $11/hour for 1 week.
I have seen in the past week other companies that pay, but I didn't pay attention to who they were.  I found the info browsing the job boards. 
Webmedx pays $11/hour for one week and then
pay 25% above line rate for 3 days to give you some time to build-up production. 
I start training with Webmedx next week...sm
Like you, I know there is no perfect company, but they do seem pretty darned close.
I start at Webmedx next week and was told...
that my account will be 30% ESL.  When filling out the questionnaire, you are given the opportunity to tell them the amount (percentage wise) of ESL you can handle.  I put down 30-40%. I'm impressed with the way the recruiter handled things and, hopefully, will feel the same way in a month or so.  He seemed to really want to work with me and address any concerns that I had.  Good starting line rate with a good incentive plan. 
Cool MT week gift from Webmedx...
Love it!  Cook's apron, with the Webmedx logo embroidered on the front.  I'll use it a lot.  Very nice gesture. 
We've been at high alert OT all this week at Webmedx. nm
Once again, you get what you put in. There are valued employees at OSi because I value them, their supervisors value them, their peers value them. I honor them for what they do, as do other MTs and team members and managers. We are ALL replaceable. That is a given in almost any field, at almost any company. Be realistic.

I honor you for never getting below a 99% on your review. I think that is wonderful. Do you think your supervisor doesn't appreciate that? Do you think they don't recognize it? I bet you don't have anyone pestering you about your quality or foolish mistakes.

I honor my supervisor for being good to me, kind, understanding, compassionate. She honors me for my high quality, cosistent production, and reliability. I honor my QA staff for being knowledgeable, helpful, and I appreciate them for performing reviews. I honor my fellow MTs for being available to me and sharing their experiences with me. I honor my company for keeping me gainfully employed, paying me fairly and in a timely fashion, and sticking by me through difficult times.

You get what you put in, bottom line. You are going to find problems at every MT company. I can attest to many of them. I have worked for Spheris, where you are nothing but a number, and you are constantly keylogged and they have the nerve to telephone you if you take too long in a document. I have worked for Medquist, where you are demanded to transcribe the most dreadful dictation ever in creation (if there is any left) for a poor wage, and you better do it fast. I have worked for Keystrokes, I have been with USA, the list goes on and on. The place that I am and the place that I have stayed is OSi.

Where ever you work, work there with a positive attitude. Honor yourself, honor your peers.

If you truly are this unhappy and feel this unappreciated, you really should think about looking for other employment. Why would you stay? There are other jobs out there with similar if not better pay. If your quality is as good as it you say it is, which I do not doubt, there is no reason for you to stay somewhere you are unhappy. Really, it is quite foolish of you not to go elsewhere, and you have absolutely no right to come to these boards and complain about something that you are willfully choosing to do. You can fix it, so fix it or stop whining about it.
They also don't honor what they say

A few months ago I worked for OSi doing transcription.  Then, I decided I was interested in doing VR, so about 5 months into working there I made the switch.  I was told that I would be getting 160 hours of training pay to use as I liked, ON TOP OF PRODUCTION PAY.  Well, I got my first paycheck and it was short the production part.  I called and talked to my supervisor, and she then talked to the payroll people.  The next day they called and told me that they had sent the check. Okay, no problem.  I received it 2 days later.  The NEXT pay period, the exact same thing, hourly training pay, but I went well over the quota in production and again my check was short the production pay.  I called my supe again.  She then called the payroll people.  I called back about 2 hours later to be informed that they are no longer doing that.  They will only pay for the training pay but no production. 

I know most companies will not pay you both only one or the other, but I was told something else.  I was even paid my production on top of the hourly the first time they screwed up, so why now all of the sudden did they decide to not pay me for the production this time.  Sad thing, is this wasn't in writing, so I really don't see that I could have done much.  They owed me over 200.00, so I quit the very next day.  I would stay away from this company for sure. 

Notice is a courtesy, not a rule and they don't give you notice when they fire you
Giving a 2-week notice is common courtesy, and in most all my jobs, I have given them that courtesy; however, a company never gives someone notice when they are firing them. In my opinion, if a company does not treat their employees right, they do not deserve to get any notice at all.

As a matter of fact, I just left a company without notice. I felt horrible about doing it to my team but not to the company. While they never messed up on my pay, I was under constant stress. They treated several other people horribly and also changed all the terms of my employment contract within months of hiring me, which was going to cost me $800 a paycheck. I am the major breadwinner for a family of five and couldn't hang around a second longer losing that kind of money.

The only reason you would not want to quit without notice is if you want to use them as a reference and/or want the chance to go back to them in the future. I was advised by a recruiter that you should never put anything on your resume that is less than a year, so you really don't want to use them as a reference anyway, and you certainly don't want to go back to them.

Messing with someone's money is a big NO-NO, especially when they are costing you $400 for a second time. Heck no, I wouldn't give these people notice. There are some great companies out there hiring right now.

Feel free to contact me by email if you would like some more detailed information about the companies I narrowed my search down to. I was very sceptical about trusting another company with the bad luck I've had (just as you have) in the last few years, but I think I finally found somewhere I can be happy at for a long, long time (of course only time will tell, but I'm feeling very optimistic).

:) Best of luck to you!
What companies value CMT and actually honor for it?
being professional or education, but the fact remains that being a CMT does not mean diddly. It is not anywhere NEAR similar to accountant vs. CPA. That is a collegiate field. MT is NOT. Many MTs are only high school graduates, and there's nothing wrong with that. What do you suppose a CPA makes versus a CMT? I don't care how many initials you put behind an MT's name, doctors are just not going to pay more for transcription. I say this having my own clients for years and dealing directly with many physicians. I'm not against credentialing, but I am absolutely against FORCED credentialing.

Tell you what, though, when they increase the average starting pay for a CMT to $50,000 a year, that's when I'll get mine. That's right in line with what your CPA example would make. Do you honestly see that happening for MTs, and do you honestly think the AHDI is going to push for that on behalf of CMTs everywhere? lol
Outstanding job; honor & self-respect. Thank you.
Wear it as a badge of honor
If you get banned - that is...

It's a great site except for the heavy censoring in our FREE society.
Full time with Transtech is both. 40 hours per week and 5500 lines per week.
Nope .. email on 1/18 promised "within the next week." Here we are, 1 week later and no info.
The minimum is 5500 per week, NOT 6600 per week. I think you made a typo. :)
i clear over 800 a week, 40/week; 30+ year experience. (nm)
I get my paycheck every week - that is enough for me! Happy MT week everybody! nm
I got laid off for MT Week. Happy MT Week to me!
Good last week - Slow this week.
I hope this is not an indication of things to come.  I am getting 1,200 lines a day but it is taking me all day to do it.  We seem to be out of work from 9-12 every day this week.  Hope things pick up after Labor Day.
I notice you are on here a lot and I know
for a fact that Spheris does not want its employees to participate on these boards, especially with their equipment. Is that what you are doing?
MQ Notice

My Story:  When I quit MQ a couple of years ago (and I had been employed by MQ for a few years with an account that requested me personally), I was kind enough to give 2 weeks notice and offer training/assistance to another MT to take over my account to ease the transition for the client and MQ. 

I was informed that my 2 weeks were not necessary and I was done.  They took me out of the system so I could not get in to work even 1 more day.  They do not care who you are or what you have done for them, your outta there. 

BTW, absolutely no correspondence from them since that time. Was FT employee, their computer, still have it with no word on what to do with it!!
I did notice that too.
I wonder why more do not post here about it. I searched the archives and found only a few posts about them.
Anyone else notice..
The job posted on job seeker's..whose pay range was from 4 cpl to 8 cpl depending on experience?? Seriously, if your newbie, do you really think you could eat on 4 cpl..and I thought VR at that pay rate was rough..straight typing at 4 cpl..Wow..glad to see cost of living keeps going on up but wages go down. I think I'm insulted.. LOL
Did you notice
their wonderful command of the English language? Get real!!
Since it was w/o notice
She is supposedly still working here, wonder what she is doing now. Wonder if she is typing now.
I would try both if you can tolerate it. You don't want to start this new job and decide it is not your cup of tea and be without a backup plan.
Notice when someone does not like they always say something like
less experience or slow but I have more years in than you, 36 this year and actually transcribe straight in a day around 2500. Now I can make around $22-25 an hour and that is ok with me. We are checked x3 months at our job and expected to have 97 or above which I always do.
did you notice
When you spend years at these companies that don't give raises, they bring on new people who make more than we do?
60 day notice .... What??
California is an at will employment state.  Your employer can let you go and does even have to tell you why.  That is the way it is.  A sixty day notice does not even make sense.  I have lived here for lets just say over 35 years and had a business (not MT.)  News to me
I always notice that too. nm

What is Webmedx FL? Webmedx itself is located in Pittsburgh & Atlanta. nm
I gave them my notice. I was looking

for a job when I found them so I'm not worried. Good luck to you. You might need it.

2 weeks notice?

I am considering leaving MQ.  As an IC, if I give two weeks' notice will they let me work out the two weeks, or will they just have me quit immediately?   I'm wondering if anyone has had any experience with this.  I am looking at starting with another company.  I am perfectly willing to give two weeks' notice, but at the same time I don't want them to just dump me immediately and not have any work until I start with the new company.

Did I say that clearly?? 

2 weeks' notice
I was an employee, not IC, gave my 2 weeks, had no problems with working those 2 weeks out. They asked me to stay on part-time if I could do 20 hrs, 6000 lines per pay....
MQ notice policy
I am leaving MQ (Columbus office), have accepted another position. Does anyone know MQ's policy on termination. I would like to be nice and give them 2 weeks, but if I do, are they just going to tell me goodbye and no more work? I'm an SE, so I could just wait until I start my new position, then fulfill my SE lines at night for 2 weeks.

Any input appreciated.

If you will notice, if you ignored the MQ stuff, there is nothing else other than that here.