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Digital Records Corporation (DRC)

Posted By: Daphne on 2007-03-19
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Anyone familiar with this company?  If so, what do you think of them.  Good/bad place to work.  Platforms?  Fair pay with spaces?  Enough work?


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Digital Records Corporation

Does anyone out there work for Digital Records Corporation, MTs, that is?  Need to know if you have to have a C-phone as the only way of working for them?  Will be taking their oral part of test on Monday, but she would not tell me any specifics about them before that !  Whatever else you could tell me about them would be greatly appreciated.  All I know, right now, is that they do pay for the spaces, that is a plus for me, because now I don't get paid for that !  Thanks.


Anyone know about Digital Records Corporation? sm..
It looks like they have a GREAT benefit package.  Any information from current or past employees would be greatly appreciated.  Are their benefits as good as they say? Is there plentiful work?
Digital Records Corporation...
Check out their website, http://www.relyondrc.com...That is the one that I am referring to.  Thanks.
Anyone know about Digital Records Corporation?
Any positive or negative information will be appreciated.  I've got to get out of Medquist.
Digital Records Corporation
sold out to the Indians and is now called Acusis.
Info on Digital Records Corporation

Has anyone ever worked for DRC out of California?  I am looking for a full time position and have been testing and applying all over the place and I just received a call from DRC. I am to take a verbal question test over the phone and then type 5 files for testing. I was just wondering if this is a good company as far as how it treats it's employees.

Thanks a bunch,


I remember Medical Records Corporation, worked there, SM
then it became something like Medical Records Group and then Medquist. It kept going down, down, down..... Sad.
Can anyone give me good or bad on Medical Records Corporation or Transcription Relief Services? nm
Digital Records Corp - Does anyone know
anything about this company - good or bad?  I would appreciate your comments.  Thanks.
SmartMed and Digital Records Cor

Anyone work for either or test for either?  I see that ad has been at top of page for SmartMed and had 2000+ hits and wander what is the story - no one posts about them. Also never see Digital Records commented upon except for pay by the stroke a little bit down the page.


Breitner Transcription and Digital Records Co (DRC) - NM


Digital Records Corp. (DRC) is easy - NM
What ever happened to Digital Records Corp?
Anyone work for Digital Records Corp in California? sm
Do you work per LPH requirements or line counts per payperiods, have to clock in.  What platform is used.  Is it Word Based.  It is set up in a pool fashion or you are assigned work from a particular group of doctors.  Is pay good?  Thanks for replying.
The good, bad and the ugly on Digital Records Corp (DRC)?
Kedron Corporation?

Anyone ever heard of this company?  I saw an ad for them at mtjobs.com and haven't been able to find any info about them.  They have a website but doesn't help much.  Any info would be appreciated.


Medical transcription Corporation (MTC)
anyone have any info about this company, good or bad? 
Back Suite Corporation?
Any info on them.   2cpl editing?
I see an add for Transcription Communication Corporation, sm
I googled it, and came up with MTC Corporation, anyone have any info on this company? It is on the Job Seeker's Board.
Medical Transcription Corporation--anyone know about them?? NM
LLC = Limited Liability Corporation - nm
RE: Medical Transcription Corporation

Has anyone worked for MTC (Medical Transcription Corp) out of Boston, MA I think?  Sorry if I double posted.  I did't think my first post worked.  Just would like an honest opinion about the company; for the good or bad as far as pay, amount of work, etc...

Anyone heard of the Backsuite Corporation?
It's FOCUSINFOMATICS; now a Nuane Corporation;
Any information on The Back Suite Corporation? TIA!

Form an LLC (limited liability corporation) if you are an IC by filing legal paperwork SM
that way no one can sue your personal assets away, only those of your business entity, even if it is only your IC company in your name. This can be done through a lawyer or at companies such as legalzoom. this limits your liability and protects your personal assets. otherwise, they can take away all your assets, including your joint assets of your spouse.
Digital ... sm
Digital is a good company. I've been there a little over 2 years. Dictation is pretty good, which helps a lot. Paid by keystrokes, as stated below in another post. Decent pay and decent benefits, just hard to earn paid time off for me. Insurance is a bit pricey, but better than most, but if that's not a factor for you, check them out. No paid holidays, just PTO. Nice people, though, and never late on pay. Have been good to me in stressful times in my personal life. Hope this helps.
Yes it is TV is going all digital. If you have
cable or satellite TV nothing will change, you don't need to do anything.  If you use an atennae on your roof or rabbit ears then you will need to get a converter box. 
PRN Digital Transcription
Does anyone have any info on PRN Digital Transcription in South Carolina?
Digital Transcription Inc.
Does anyone have information about DTI.  Are they good to work for.  Do they pay good, etc.  Thanks in advance.
Digital Transcription, Inc.
Anybody know anything about this company?
You don't have to have digital phone, there are

other options.   There are multiple long distance carriers and I don't think it is up to the MTSO to research them all and see which ones do/do not offer an unlimited plan.  AT&T sells their plan as unlimited, but unlimited to them is 5000 minutes, and that isn't enough if you work full-time. 

tapes vs digital
I truly understand that part of your dilemma.  There are some very inexpensive ways to go digital with hand-held equipment that the doc or their staff would dictate on and then upload via the internet to an FTP site for you each night.  You would just pick it up off the internet, type away and send it back.  I do that and I have my own DVI station I have had for years.  The upsell is that the tapes can't break and they can take that baby anywhere and dictate.  I still keep my tape transcribers (std and micro - YIKES am dating myself haha) just in case I have a client that won't come out of the dark ages LOL.  It is worth the investment in your future, I promise :)
Digital Script

Do they have a website? I can't find one....



Digital Script

I do not reside in Columbus, and I have not been offered a position by this company...  I was just curious about the company and wondered if they hired WAH MTs outside of Ohio. 


Thanks for any and all information. 

Digital Transcription Services

I too tested for Digital Transcription Services back at the end of February.  I sent my tests in and never heard a word from the company.  How inconsiderate in my opinion.  I'm sure I wouldn't want to work for a company that is run this way.



Only 2 people working there one of which is the owner, who will not pay. She will stiff you for hundreds of dollars stating that she had too much corrections.  Look out please..

You may have been with MDI before, but I'm on a digital platform and it's just fine
There is no Lanier equipment; BayScribe is a good platform. No nonsense with demographics and endless searches for addresses, etc. Yes, we have ESLs. Everyone has ESLs. We get samples and assistance, and QA doesn't fuss when we leave blanks.

The QA feedback I've received has been consistent, fair, and very helpful; in addition, the QA folks at MDI are pleasant and actually seem to know that we MTs try our best, even with the worst dictators. They give both corrective and positive feedback, which I appreciate. It's one of the reasons I have stayed with MDI.

Extra work is not required, only requested if your account needs help; you are never required to do anything other than your contracted lines, but they are grateful if you can (when needed). They do not watch over your shoulder all day; they actually treat you like a grownup who will fulfill your obligations.

I started on one particular account and was then moved to another account, where I have been for the last 9 months. I was not required to move; I was asked if I'd like to, and I said yes.

In addition to that, they pay well, on time, by direct deposit.

There are always people who have had a not-so-good experiences at every company, but I am extremely pleased to be with MDI. They're hiring more now not because of turnover but because of new accounts.

We don't get reference bonuses, so I'm not saying this so that you will put my name down or anything. It's just my personal experience, which I believe is shared by many. Some of the older accounts did use Lanier before and, from what I understand, that was a hassle, which is why they have been gradually switching over to digital accounts for quite some time now.

MDI is a great company to work for.
Any info on Digital Transcription
I only found older messages.  Anybody with newer information?  Thank you.
k, its digital TV signals by 2/2009...but
I still don't know what the details are
VOip and digital are not necessarily the same.
VOip is voice over internet protocol.  I have digital phone and it is not over the internet, uses a regular phone line.  It is not connected to my computer at all, thus you don't get the hesitations, etc.  
NEED HELP - getting reports into digital charts (sm)

Our company is having difficulty getting our reports we transcribe in microsoft word and send by internet to the company -- put into any digital chart they are trying to create ----- to meet the mandate coming up in about 2010.


They are caving to the idea that all transcription MUST be done by voice recognition in order for everything to MESH -- if you get my drift.


I can't believe that it is necessary to throw out the baby with the bathwater.


Also, I have never seen a doctor's pay be the same as an MT - and thus wouldn't their time be better spent generating income than doing clerical work?    but then what do I know -- I'm ONLY an MT.  grrr


anyway, has anybody worked through this conundrum and been able to find a program to transcribe on that is compatible with any type of EMR (electronic medical record) program - which I personally thing EMR stinks and should be burned in the pit.

There must be programs that are compatible that allow transcription to still be done (we are the last stopgap measure against errors that happen - we do much more than just type -- do they know this?) and still allow doctors to sputter out their hurridly done dictations as they scurry about -- leaving them available to actually see patients rather than sitting there doing corrections.


Thanks for any help you all.


send email or answer here -- either would be totally appreciated. 

Digital Transcription Systems...
located in Oklahoma.  Could find nothing on archives.  Is that a good or bad thing?  Anyway, if you have any info on this company, please share.  Thanks.
Digital Transcription Systems, Inc
Anyone have any information on Digital Transcription Systems out of Oklahoma? Is this a good company to work for? TIA
Need fast information on Digital Transcription Inc?
Digital Services Group, any info

Has anyone had experiences with this company, i.e. staff, software, accounts, good pay (and ontime), etc.


A C-phone is a digital transcriber. You use it to dial into
a system, possibly you dial directly into the hospital system or possibly the office system and you use the foot pedal connected to the C-phone to control the dictation, the same as you would any type of food pedal.   C-phone is the term you hear most often just like you hear Kleenex for tissues.  There are many such units that are compatible with multiple systems.   A C-phone will usually cost you $200+, but you can sometimes find a good deal on the equipment board here or on e-bay.   You need to have a surge protector on the phone line as well as on the power supply, or disconnect every time there is a storm.  Also avoid having any fluids near the C-phone, especially if they have sugar in them - ask me how I know.  
Digital Transcription Services--I smell a rat??

I went ahead and applied for their little ortho job over there and was sent 6 test files, about 20+ minutes of dictation time total.  I said I would only do one file, but did anyone else get this?  I worry when i get things like this as a lot of people will use the testing to get the work done for free.


Digital Transcription Systems Incorporated

Does anybody work for this company now or have worked there in the past that can give me any information?

Digital Transcription Services out of Clayton, NJ SM
Does anyone have the owner's contact information?  Email???  Website if she has one??? Just wondering.  Thanks :-)
Digital Transcription Systems in Oklahoma??
Anyone have any experience with this company. If so, how is the pay, amount of work, pay on time, etc.?? I couldn't find any answers in the archives, just questions. Thanks!