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Posted By: jas on 2005-08-10
In Reply to: RE: United Trans Scam - Me

What do you mean, what do they ask for money for?

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If we're a dime a dozen, companies like OSi are certainly a dime a dozen...sm

Easy come, easy go.  I quit OSi and had 4 jobs within 3 weeks.  Just had to choose.  Rest assured, if the company I'm with now tries any of the ridiculous crap OSi pulled, on the road again I will be!

If I had the money for an attorney, I too would be filing a law suit, rest assured!  This company gives Douglasville, Georgia a bad name and really should go to hicksville Carrollton where it belongs!

I wasn't paid a dime to say that...
I wasn't paid a cent to say that. That is my own honest opinion/experience. I have an excellent supervisor who is extremely friendly and helpful. I never run out of work and I have never had to change accounts the entire year that I have been there. Their software is the best that I have ever worked with and I love it. My pay is always direct deposited on time and I have never had any problems. Even if they do outsource, I really don't care. It doesn't affect my job with them and it never has. I have plenty of work, get paid and an treated nicely. That's all I care about.
If TTS owes you a single dime do what I just did

Report TTS to wage/hour.  It is time to put a stop to the tactics of this woman and her dumb as a post lackey.

These MTSOs are a dime a dozen....
I don't think it should be the other way around.    I'd say this company is not worth the time.  JMO.
'Buddy, can you spare a dime?' sm
Don't you mean, 'Buddy, can you spare 0.0975 cents?'

I'd move on - they are a dime a dozen
People just love to sit around and just take it, take it, and take it.  You'd better find some other clients.  You are an IC MT right?  Get out there and find another MTSO or clients on your own.  I wouldn't take that from no one.
If I had a dime for every CMT that I fired for quality issues.....
I'd have bought myself a few meals by now. Being a CMT doesn't mean you're a good transcriptionist. It just means you took the test and passed it. Over the years I've seen the majority of the better MTs were those that didn't have the CMT designation behind their name.
I just had 2 meds filled and never paid a dime.
Not an O but I guess they're dime/dozen. nm
Not a single DIME. We work for them, they're -
And $300 for a license fee? How do you spell S-C-A-M? My current company uploaded the necessary software from their computers to mine for FREE.

If that charge wasn't in the contract, talk to an attorney about it. I'd be willing to bet that what they did isn't legal.

Gad - they already gyp us in pay, and now they're 'double-dipping' by gypping us when we sign up? Absolutely incredible.
Its a thing of the past. Employees are a dime a dozen now, and
you are treated like dirt. The more layers of management that are added, the worse it gets, especially in this business, because they put these little control freaks with no experience other than raising a few kids in charge of things and they only know how to rule by holding a whip.