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Diskriter pay tier scale decent?

Posted By: Winefred on 2008-05-21
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amphion pay scale tier 3? - nm
Diskriter pay scale

Does Diskriter pay biweekly or the 1st and the 15th?

Diskriter--Anyone know if they have decent insurance rates for their employees??
Any help is appreciated.
Tier 4 is the highest tier at MQ, operative reports only. nm
High tier 4 now (out of 5--whatever) was highest MQ tier.
Can pretty much do it all. I detest pathology, too, and thick Russian accents. :)
When I find decent people who know the value of decent wages, I will!
Thanks. Can you make any decent pay with them and are the accounts decent. What is your feeling
that. Thank you.
New tier pay
I am a rehire with MQ. I found out about it when they offered me a half-cent less, but went on and on about how this tier pay plan would allow me to make up the difference. It's one of the "the more you type, the more you make" deals! As an IC, I'm not impressed!
MQ tier pay sm
That isn't very tempting when DQS keeps you from making a decent number of lines.
MT tier pay
I have been with MQ since 1983 but I have to respond on this tier pay thing. It stinks. The office I am at actually LOWERED the pay. I have been on tier pay for years and it was fine but when they closed one office and transferred to another, the tier pay was different. 4500 more lines per pay period before tier pay even started and then it only goes up 1/4 cent at that rate instead of 1/2 cent. I have screamed about it but have found out not all MQ offices are the same and they set their own rates. Now that the office I work for is closing too, I am wondering about tier pay. Its all a joke far as I am concerned when it comes to that subject.
Tier 3
This means you get all type of reports OR, DS, H&P, and others, etc.  With Tiers 1 and 2, your limited to certain reports...I don't believe they do ORs.  They may just do DS or H&Ps. 
tier 3
I am a tier 3 with Medquist and harmonization says 10 cpl is the max.
What's a Tier 4 MT? - NM
MQ has a tier 3 level that is only Ops
I think so ... first tier starte at 13,000 sm
then next is 14,500, 16,000 (I think) and ultimately 20,001.  
MedQuist has a tier 4/ops only, but you have to
Are there any Tier 4 MTs left out there? nm
it tells you your tier rate
on the sheet that comes with thepacket. If you are a Tier 2 like me when I wanna be a Tier 3 I have to test. That's for everyone. I don't know about new hires as SE's are changing to new hire with 8 or 16 or 24 hour work week. Maybe an SE can answer this who has the packet, I am full time.
We are on a tier system, Base pay
for so many per pay period, then increased in 0.5 cpl increments for so many lines up to a maximum.
We work on a tier system, the more
production, the more money for my FT job. My IC job I make 10 cpl.
BTW The pay at these times with the incentive tier
At least for my abilities and b/c I am willing to work hard. My checks after being so low elsewhere are finally getting back to where they should be, and the bill collectors are much happier, so I am too.
I guess I'm what you would call a tier 4........sm
I can type pretty much anything they throw my way except I do have trouble with heavy Russian accents and I detest pathology and had rather not do radiation oncology but I can do them if pushed.

What's on your mind?
MQ-New Testing for high tier pay rate

one more thought for the evening on the tier pay rates

are these rates for new hires or will our rate of pay be adjusted according to the stated tier

and does the testing only apply for new hires


any where on the packet does it actually state what your present rate is and if not, and all the packets being sent out are the same, why were we all called--do we have to sign anything and send it back to MQ and when does all this go into effect


thanks for all your help 

That wasn't my experience, but their incentive tier goes by lph sm
which boosts your line rate, so that is kind of nice, since I was only working part-time.  I thought the platform was rather slow, though.  I normally average around 300 lph and even typing like a fiend, I could only make around 250 at Webmedx. 
TT have several levels of coverage; I took the upper tier ($500 ded., 90%). nm
Not sure, but they have a great incentive tier and differentials
and you can get those line counts. Reminds me of days working for the hospital, first time in years!
what service area are you in and what tier level
No Calcutta. Mumbai or some other Tier 3 city.
Incentive tier isn't so good when it's hard to make lines. I'm about
New Pay Scale??
I am curious.  Many MQ posters have heard about things like 'new pay scales', and I receive no communication whatsoever from MQ.  Is it because I don't subscribe to their e-mail? Is this where this information comes from? I mean, they have my e-mail address, but I have never gotten any communication from anyone but an occasional proofer note.
Pay scale.
How much do you make an hour?  I require $30 to $40 a hour.
If the pay scale for MT2 is .07 to .09 CPL, then
how do you know which you get, .07, .08, or .09?  I currently make .08.  If I get a decrease to .07, then, well..........
about their pay scale
Top pay with Trans Tech is 8.5 cpl. 
Pay scale
They offer 6 cents per line. Way less than what I get for straight transcription, but I'm just curious as to how much more a straight voice Editor can really produce. If I thought it would be at least the same money and if I knew for sure they were a reputable company, I would do it, but I haven't been able to get much information.
The pay scale is different...sm
I worked for them for about three months but only 12 hours a week.  Their payscale really doesn't work well unless you work full time.  You couldn't ask for a nicer bunch of folks.  You can e-mail me if you like.
pay scale
They may not have job listings for US MTs but they DID have a screening site where you could find out how much your MT skills would be worth with Acusis (in India)...36,000 rupees a year.

(Yes, I did the conversion. It's less than $9000 US.)
MQ pay scale
They run in tiers'' with Tier 3 being the highest topping out at 10 cents. There are very few making top money; most are long-time employees from other companies that were absorbed (bought up)by MQ. I have known several hired in the past couple of years and looks like 7 cents a line is the norm for new hires.

Raises? Certain criteria must be met. I wouldn't count on them.

First,you must not have more than 15% going to QA which will be even more difficult with the national pooling. This rule in itself pretty much kicks everyone out. That 15% doesn't allow for circumstances beyond your control,i.e,dictator effect, etc. They just look at the percentage submitted to QA, if it is more than that, no raise; the reasons for submission make NO difference. Second,you must have 98% accuracy which shouldn't be a problem if you are a good MT. Mainly the QA submission is what keeps everyone from getting raises because MQ doesn't subtract from the 15% the reports sent for unknown doctors not listed on the roster, dictator effect, etc.; you know, all the things that are beyond the MT's control. LASTLY, there is a freeze on all raises for now, so that in itself should be a big warning sign to you. If you do decide to hire on, get AS MUCH as you can walking through the door as I seriously doubt you will see any raises down the road.

Health insurance runs around $135 a month for the employee for best plan. The other plan is somewhat cheaper but I believe it is more of a ''health spending plan rather than insurance.

pay scale

I did QA work, not MT work, so I'm not sure.  I think it was around 8.5 cpl, but not positive on that.  Give a call to the recruiters, they'll let you know for sure.

What's their pay scale like?
How is the pay scale
Do they compare with other companies or will they pay more for experience? Thanks for posting, it is a big help to hear good things about a company that has not had much good said about it.
KS pay scale
i looked quickly but don't find my notes on the interview with this company which was about 2 hours of me interviewing THEM. So i can't address that point now. Maybe they've changed something, maybe i'm mixing them up with another company(but don't think so). Just ask plenty of questions so YOU know the answers to the questions. If the answers satisfy you, nevermind what i or anyone else says. Good luck!
Pay scale
There are those who only make 7 cpl for them on clinic notes.  That's why I didn't send them the test I took.
pay scale
You'd better believe it. I've been an MT since 1984. Sucks, doesn't it!?
Pay scale - sm
Yes, and you can BET that the facilities are not paying LESS per line/report during all this...so, where does all that money go? Certainly not to us....
Pay scale same for everybody
No, I don't think the MDI people should be brought down, I think the Transcend people should get the same rate and the same options as you are getting.  What I think will happen is you will get your rate for a period of time then they will drop you down somehow.  I really can't see them paying the MDI MTs more than their own employees for the long-term
amphion pay scale

There are 3 levels of employees:

Level 1is clinic, ER, urgent - start out at 7.4 cpl work up to 7.7 cpl

Level 2 is Hospital H&P, consults start 7.8 cpl work up to 8.1 cpl

Level 3 is All Hospital/ESL start at 8.25 cpl work up 8.5 cpl

after 13,500 you can earn an extra 0.25 cpl for incentive pay.  This is 65 chara line count w/spaces.  10 an hour while in training.

Other places pay more.

I'd rate them a 7 on a scale 1-10 NM

They have a low pay scale. They treat you like
The owner is nice enough, but she does not like to pay until her client pays her and she will make you sign a paper stating you agree to that.  Just be careful what you sign.  You might like it if you like EMDAT.  There is no training.  You train yourself through a website she gives you for EMDAT.  Again pay is low.
Webmedx pay scale for VR
Anybody know?  Transcend pays about 50-60% of your typing line rate, which I think is really bad.  Anybody know about Webmedx's rate for VR?
Very low and weird pay scale, Keep looking. nm
I turned them down after seeing the pay scale

I did send them an email and explain that my expectations for transcribing all work types in acute care would be 10 cpl.  They start out at 6.  That's a canyon of difference!

It also bothered me that pay is based on which shift you work.  It seems to me that goes into the gray area of IRS guidelines of control for employee versus IC status.  I need to work split shifts.  Also, I am more inclined to work when there is work and if there is no work during my shift, how can I make money?  I asked if they could negotiate some of these issues with me and they stopped communicating with me.  I'm glad I went with my instinct and did find someone else who gives me the flexibility, line rate and work types I wanted.