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Posted By: kath on 2009-01-07
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Anyone work for Diskwriter?  Only posts I see are old ones.

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Does anyone have any input on Diskwriter?  I have been offered a job, but I am currently working for MQ with my days spent looking for work.  I need to work consistently and not have to spend all day trying to get what I need to make it.  I am sure that those of you that work for MQ can relate to this.  I don't know if is better to know the devil or find out the hard way!  Thanks to anyone who can give me some thoughts here.  I don't want to be in worse shape.  


I am considering Diskwriter and was wondering if anyone would like to give me any input on how they are to work for, what they pay, etc. You can email me if want. Your advice is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Does anyone work for them or know about them first hand.  I see they have tons of ads posted.  Are they really that big and busy or just cannot find good people, or are they really picky??  Thanks.
Does anyone work for Diskriter or know first hand about them.  I see they have tons of ads.  Thanks.
Anyone know anything about Diskwriter? 
Any info good or bad. I see their ad a lot and assume that's probably not a good sign.
Diskwriter does the
same thing. I responded to an ad they'd been posting for hem-onc and I was totally qualified. After not hearing asked why as they kept on posting! BTW, they're STILL posting.

Reply was we're not hiring in California. No reason. It doesn't make sense. Why not? If the MT is willing to commit to their rate, whatever that is.
Has anyone heard of either of these companies and if so how are they? Diskwriter and Superior Global Solutions. I am looking for truthfulness.  I saw some old stuff on SGS, but nothing on Diskwriter....Anything would be of help.
No, not Diskwriter

Rather not say. I really like the job offer, but this is really just giving them open season to my records from now to forever. That's why I wanted to know how normal it is for places to do this. Guess I'll have to think about how much I want this job. Thanks.

Diskwriter information
I know they require a drug test and background check.  Do they also do a credit report?  Thanks for any reponses!
Diskwriter posting

I see there is an ad posted by Diskwriter that is hospital employee status position.  Is anyone familiar with this company and how this works?  It says you get hospital employee benefits and so where does Diskwriter come in.

Does ShortHand or SmarType work with the company DiskWriter's system?