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Do a search as it was discussed recently. There might be 3 places that do this. nm

Posted By: wanderer on 2005-12-27
In Reply to: Any companies that pay weekly? nm - legsjunior


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This was discussed recently. Try a search or just read back thru all the pages to find. nm
Go thru the last 4 pages here. They have been discussed recently. nm
I discussed this with an IRS agent recently
IC means you basically have more flexibility. I.E. you set your own schedule. The most the company can REQUEST is a window of time, i.e Turnaround time or say a 12 hour window to complete X lines or X reports. If you get X reports done in 4 hours, they cannot require you to stay on if you choose not to. You don't ask them for vacation time, you let them know when you will not be available period. ICs pay for that flexibility through paying their own taxes etc.

Employee - You are required to work a certain amount of set hours on a set schedule no matter who chooses the exact time even if you meet your line quota early. You ask for time off and have to be approved for it, and you are required to be in contact during your shift through media that they usually choose.

It is a fine line in some ways, but if you are classified as an IC, you should be under contract for an amount of work, i.e. assigned doctors, lines, reports or whatever within TAT or the window of 5 to 5 (just an example). If you are contracted for 8-5 Monday through Friday and are to keep in touch via Yahoo during your shift (which you must complete), you are an employee.
Webmedx has been discussed a lot recently, read
posts further down and read the archives.  
I was very chilled when I stated it was discussed recently, nor did I point
shall find a wealth of information. Those who don't, don't.
know it was discussed a lot in the past, maybe search achives?NM
This is discussed here all the time. If you search, you should find the comments. nm
There's tons of info here if you do a board search. They get discussed all the time. :) nm
Do a DQS search here. Several places use it and the same complaint is heard. nm
A search of the Main Board will show salaries discussed svl times over. Majority of us are paid
Not OP, but lots of other places to search aside from here & the other site. Most of those jobs are
Lots of posts recently, look down the board, search
the archives.
Some not too flattering comments made about this company recently if you search. nm
Search company board. Lots of posts recently, all
bad. Each and every one.
Please search the last 2 pgs. Plenty of neg. posts recently unless they've been deleted. nm
Please search the last 2 pgs. Plenty of neg. posts recently unless they've been deleted. nm
Really sad where people will readily list places they hated but not name places that are great.
What a wonderful, sharing group of people MTs are. :-(
Company Board, MTStar Search Box, (located below Google Search Box)
Use the Google search box for MTStars.com, not the Search box at top of page. Lots of
Company Board Search For box (not Google search box)
search on Company Board Search For box (not Google).
Is this a Google search or MT Stars search?
dont search in Google box, use the Search Box below that
dont search in Google box, use the Search Box below that
It is as recent as a week ago, you need to search in the Search For box,
search mtstarts box, below Google search box, ....
use mtstars Search box, (below Google Search)
so does this mean OSI can still be discussed in
This has probably been discussed before....sm
But could someone tell me what is a low/high rate of pay when getting paid by the minute?  Never worked this way but it could be a more fair way to pay???  Not sure.  Comments appreciated.  TIA
this also has been discussed in the very
recent past with more than a handfull stating they do that range regularly.

That has already been discussed. nm
Already discussed below. nm
The only way this has been discussed --sm
to death is by a whole group of sourpusses jumping on her for even asking the question in the first place and telling her in no uncertain terms to do her own research, that she was not *entitled* to ask the question in the first place because she was wanting everybody else to do the work for her. There were a few *nice* responders who did give her some valid suggestions, but most of you all just tore her a *new one* for no reason whatsoever, other than you could, and that's it. Now THAT is rude! Her original question was not truly *discussed* at all, but ridiculed with rude responses, and nothing more. So don't try to make yourselves out as justified in your responses, because you are not. schoolyard bullies, all of you.
MQ is not to be discussed on this board. (SM)

There is a board for MQ posts and ALL MQ discussions belong there.

If you want to talk about DQS, which many companies use, refrain from bringing MQ into your post -- it invites MQ discussion and MQ discussion is restricted to the MQ board.


This has been discussed many times over the last

few weeks.  Do a search of this site and you will find many posts.  You can scroll down or go to the second page and probably even the third page at the bottom and find posts from people who work there.  I know I am very happy.  They are a very nice company with excellent benefits. 

Companies can be discussed. (SM)
Competitive websites are not allowed for topics.


Accounts are never to be discussed. (SM)
Please read and be familiar with posting guidelines at the top of the Company board.

Next time, e-mail myself or the Administrator about why your post is deleted.

Thank you,


just discussed further down this same page
the link again
I would think you would know, pay should never be discussed with anyone - not very professional.
we had discussed the situation
We had had a discussion about my mom before the warnings and my supervisor had made the statement that I would not be terminated but that I could possibly be placed back on part-time.  Afterwards the warnings came and I requested a leave with no response.  I wasn't taking it lightly.  I knew my performance was very poor; I just didn't know what to do about it.  Actually I wasn't upset they terminated me it was kind of a relief but the deposit on my equipment hey had no legitimate reason for keeping any part of it.
Don't know if this has been discussed, but...smCindiRI

Has anyone used Transcription Matchmaker, which is heavily advertised, especially on MTDaily, and is reportedly a matchmaker headhunter/recruitment which promises to match up an MT with a company that matches their skill level, their specific interests, their work needs, etc., with just the right company.  There are just so many companies out there, so many conflicting reports from folk who have worked for these companies and supposedly know the inside details, and as a heavily seasoned  MT who has had her share of OOOPs and blunders, I thought this might be good resource???? Thanks so much in advance! 

Does PC-Shorthand discussed here used by KS (sm)
is that word processing only - or does it include medical words too?  If it does not, what do you use for medical words?  (I don't work for KS but am thinking of using this software since everyone seems to like it.)  Thanks!
This is discussed often. Try the archives?
Just scroll down, this has been discussed
scroll down - they were just discussed - nm
This has been discussed lots in the last
few days. Use the Google search box.
Discussed earlier - DO NOT DO IT
As per the discussion over the last week, testing with them is most likely a terrible, terrible idea.

They're asking applicants to test with 10 LIVE files, which means all they're really doing is getting their backlog done for free.

Think about it - 30 applicants? 10 live files each? That's 300 files right there - no more backlog and no money spent. Yowza.
They were discussed the last week or so, nothing
nice to say about them.  They stopped direct deposit and you have to pay to have it overnighted or wait for snail mail.  Used to be a good company years ago, just gone downhill like most of the others. 
This was just discussed in detail a few weeks ago
Chill. Maybe there are no developments that need to be discussed. nm
why would "no developments" need to be discussed or am I