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Does Medware offer an internship program? Had somene

Posted By: mention this recently. Thanks. nm NuB on 2007-08-23
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Has anyone participated in the internship program sm
with Allegiant?  Thanks. 
Meditec Jumpstart Internship Program
Is it legit or a scam?  Does anybody know anything about it?  Fill me in please.  Thanks! 
What companies offer internship programs?
Please post.  TIA
Just do they offer a training/mentoring program
Anybody running Smartype with the Medware MeriT program? (nm)

I just accepted an offer from MedWare and I am

If you have been hired by Medware all of that was in your offer AND discussed in your interview.
You would also know if you were hired on as PT or FT.

BUT anyway....anything over 32 hours is considered FT with benefits. They also DO hire PT employees and they have a very good PTO package, plus personal days. Pay days are every other Friday.

Like I said before, IF you are a new hire, all of this would have been in your offer.


Has anyone heard of Ascripts Internship program.  Is it a good one?  I am looking for a good reliable Internship program does anyone know of a good one?



Are you talking about Ascripts out of FL. I did an internship with them. It was okay.
PRN work and Internship HELP
Hello, I am a new Transcriptionist and I was wondering if anyone can give me a list of companies who do internships for new MT's. I was also wondering what PRN means and the internships don't have to paid or anything I just really need experience badly! Thank You
Meditech internship
Does anyone know anything about the Meditech internship program?  It costs $450.00.  Is that normal?
Meditec internship
I doubt it's normal as most companies don't offer and it's slammed here as if their education were better you wouldn't need it.  But I did it anyway, got paid squat for doing it, which they tell you up front about,  and then had no trouble finding a job at the end of my internship because of the experience I was able to list on my resume.  I was originally hired on through the company that allowed us to work for them in the internship and quickly moved to a national.  Good luck! 
Saw them listed as places to do internship (sm)

for MT training from Penn Valley. 

just mainly wanting to know if the location was north of the river.


Does the MQ DQS program contain the ShortCuts program, or do I need to buy it? nm
DQS is not a "Medquist" program, it is a program used by MQ. (nm)
You can't program everything into ....sm

an expander (like you said)...and frankly I've found that on most dictators I do minimal editing of reports because the quality of the drafts is pretty darned good.  I usually receive at least a handful of reports a day that I maybe make 2 or 3 Keystrokes of corrections... yet I get paid for editing say 60 lines for the entire report, and move on to the next report.  I bet none of you "naysayers" will be fussing about getting paid for not doing more than reading when you actually do editing with a good VR program! 


What VR program do they use?
bad program?

I agree with low pay, top heavy management, but what is it about the program that makes it bad.  just looking for some exact insight unless you mean because of the way it pays out??  hope this doesn't sound stupid.


What is NTI's program?
Yes you can download in batches of 5 but to complete one and go to the next i believe you have to be online or you get some funky error message.
Which IM program are they using?
Most of them have security features that you can change so that you may save conversations.

Or I would agree with the previous poster and use the print screen feature. You don't have to actually print anything, but use it to copy the conversation and paste it into Word.
AIM program
I was in the AIM program. Basically you work as an intern and do real work from real doctors with a Turn Around Time that has to be met just like if you had a job. You just don't get paid. I liked Deb. She was a nice lady. I stayed in the AIM program for 6 months and got a job before I even finished it.
You don't say what program you were using or what
foot pedal.  You may have a foot pedal that wasn't compatible with your program or you needed to download drivers. 
SUM program
Maybe buy this program and work through it on your own?
What is the VR program they use? nm
prn program?
Haven't heard about this. When did this happen, only for some accounts or what, do you know? TIA!
Not from CNS, but another EMR program.
I am not sure about the program
I don't time myself by the hour. I would usually do about 2000 lines during my shift. I only did about 1700 of speech lines and 225 of regular today. I get up and down a lot during my shift, so lose some time there, but I have always done that. What exactly do you mean by hot keys? TT pays slightly more than that, about 1/2 of my regular line rate. I get to the end of my shift and cannot believe my line count is so low.
what program do you use? nm
I love Instant Text ... I have been using it for years...
What program do they use?
aim program
I went through the aim program recently. I waited 6 months to get a spot, but it was worth it. i was able to get feedback and improve my accuracy and my mentor was a really nice lady. The lady running it is changing accounts currently and when she is done is planning on getting more mentors. You can also look around for local companies who will mentor onsite in the meantime, and then if you don't have any luck, you are still on the list for then when a spot opens up. They do a really good job. :)
program is good
Pay is low for interns but promise good pay if your performance improves. Except for one or two QAs who are strict, they are good, and yes, they are totally upfront with their employees. It also helps that the feedback system is quick.
Meditech program at MDI-MD..sm
I remember transcribing into Meditech at MQ (before their new platform). I think that was DOS.

I will be working for MDI-MD and the program will be Meditech. Does anyone know if they have DOS or Windows? I saw a very positive comment by another MT about Meditech Windows. I hope that's where I'm heading!

The platform for this program is definitely
not the best. I could not make any money on it.
Their program stinks!
there is a short cut program in DQS which
I think is perfectly adequate. I guess others supplement it, but I don't see the need personally.
Medquist's New Program
MQ's New Rewards Program
One thing, now vision program they are adding for enhanced benefits.  Another, after reading this board, new hires get more per line if they meet the 98% accuracy, otherwise say goodbye to your tier pay and bonuses.  That is my educated guess.
Intern Program

Has anyone done the intern program with Meditec?  What do you think of it? 


What program is Meridian on?
I heard they use the old Medrite.  Is that true? 
Or you would know about their "pilot program"
Where they are sending, 50 reports a day at the most offshore to see what it's like, after all, that's the nature of the business. Didn't you get the memo?
Mentor Program??
You can also check out companies that offer mentor programs for new MTs. It can help you get on without the 2+ years experience.
For me I believe it is in the expansion program
It doesn't really matter which one, just USE IT! I don't use it just for reports or canned material, as you said, I do a lot of different accounts and docs. I do use it a TON for words that take time to type!

ttpp as an ow hla wm inad.
26 Keystrokes should be 87:
The patient presents as an otherwise healthy-appearing white male in no acute distress.

See, it's in words, too, not just full sentences.

Hope that helps!

If the VR program has been trained and you are
little manual transcribing (and you are an experienced MT to start with), you could expect to be at about 2000 to 2500 lines a day in just a couple of months. At 3.75 cpl, that is $75 $93.75 a day.

If you do manual transcription on a good platform and can average 1500 lines a day at 9 cpl, you would earn $135 a day.

You would need to factor in if they pay for headers, footers, spaces and if everything you are getting is VR reports from the more difficult dictators with a lot of editing that would be needed AND how often they run out of work. Sten-Tel has a reputation of giving their MEs the harder dictators and running out of work often, although your mileage may vary.
Is the program they use easy? sm
i think i read somewhere where it was word based, was it easy to learn??  what average daily line count can you get?  thanks, sorry for the questions.
Don't know about the mentoring program but...(sm)

I've been there 2 years. At first it was great. Lots of encouragement and help. Now it's so-so. I was hired for set hours and one thing they insist on it working your scheduled hours. They also insist on hitting the 12,000 lines per pay period.   I don't work weekends unless the accounts are getting backlogged.

Pay is the same as other companies. They always pay on time and it's direct deposit if you want.

They use Extext, which I like, and there are a LOT of ESLs, also like other companies. Some are good, some are bad. It depends on your account.

I'm sure you will be getting a lot of answers to your message, some pro, some con, so it would have to be your decision.

QA Navigator Program
Has anyone worked with the QA Navigator program? 
ChartScript program
Is anyone familiar with this program and the line counter?  I'm pretty sure some or a lot  of my lines are not being counted. 
EMDAT program
Lee Perfect out of Chicago, IL uses EMDAT. They pay 9 cents per line also. They are hiring right now.