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Does OSI still have a weight loss club?

Posted By: NM on 2008-01-11
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OSi Weight Loss Support Group..
I didn't know I was, but apparently I AM!! 
Job loss from account loss

I would be interested to know how many of you have been affected by a company who has lost accounts and how you handled this.  This happened to me a few years ago - and I was the only MT from the CO. that did not go to the competition that received the accounts (this was radiology - and one CO. lost all of a particular hospital's radiology to another larger Co.) - I didn't think it was ethical - even though I know that in my state the no-compete contracts do not hold up in court.  Plus, I really was tired of radiology and wanted to get back into acute care or something more challenging.  It seems that accounts go from one co. to another - I just wanted to hear some stories about what others have done in this situation and how you feel about it.

What in the world does weight have to do with being an MT? Boy, there are sure some nasty, catty women on here. This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of.
Welcome to the club...

Sorry, I don't know too much about this company except that most people fail their test - don't know of anyone who passed it actually.  I also failed their test.  I know of only one MT who works for them who posts on this board - and she does well.  I think you have to buy like $1100 work of equipment as well. 

Still only 5% will keep weight off - I know.
You're wasting your money and hurting for nothing.

You cannot cut out of your body the desire to eat and the habits of snacking and looking to food for comfort.

I'm surprised any insurance company pays for it now with so many failures.

Welcome to the club....
We're all being screwed by VR.
Well welcome to the club. Not the first time this has
All you saying your time will come are barking up the wrong tree here. Our time HAS come and passed, and most of us are the ones on this board who've been MTs for over a decade or two and making 8 frickin' cents a line now BECAUSE the same thing has happened to US in the past - either the companies we were with had sold out like yours just did OR just taking a hit from VR and/or offshoring.

Were YOU ever sympathetic to the random posters who would come on here and whine and complain about all that happened to them separately as individuals? I hope so because all the MDI'ers as a WHOLE are mow going through the same thing (and taking over this Company Board) ---- You can't deny that you've been given a sympathetic ear and support from many of the members here for days and days now, but the board has been monopolized by this situation while there are STILL other MTs out of work or looking for more work who come to this COMPANY board to get info to FIND WORK for themselves.

A board especially for MDI/Transcend issue IS a good idea ... because it looks like a lot of you will be joining the others in looking for a new company or two yourselves.

For that reason, this board needs to resume business as usual and return to its main function - helping out of work/displaced/starving MTs get info on good companies to work for (and/or bad companies to avoid).

American Kennel Club???
But he does address the MT weight issue...
But MT is JOB, not home, not a social club. It is
He-Man Woman Hater's Club?
ah, old joke.
Part timers often do not carry their weight.
forcing the full timers to pick up the slack and resent them.
I don't get why you won't say the name. You sound like a 6th grader with a secret club. nm
Hospital accounts can be worth their weight in gold.
I work for a hospital, and I'll never go back to a national again. However, I do believe I work for the best hospital on the planet, too.

We are on production, but if we run out of work, we're still paid (they value their MTs). Great benefits, fantastic incentives, Planetree philosophy, conscientous dictators, life doesn't get much better than this.

Strongly consider working for a hospital rather than a service. I think you'll be happy.
Yeah, I would hate to see those people in a comedy club.
Some people have no sense of humor. It's alright, though, more jokes for us, ay? :)
80,000 characters a day is equal to half a ton of weight on finger muscles. . .
So, why no spaces paid? The left thumb takes a major beating, and your spine, eyes, hearing, circulation.  We were not even made to type all day!
Join the club, I quit a few weeks ago. Good luck...nm
No, we got a small Valentine's gift that looks like a paper weight/ memo holder??
I've heard mixed things about MediTech platform...can anyone weight in on (sm)
its pros and cons? I'm going to be learning it in my new job soon. I couldn't find much in the archives that is very recent. Thanks.
Your loss.
Continue your life with that bitter attitude as you see fit.

loss of 15-30%
First, I'm so sorry for your loss!
I remember when the ax fell for us and it was shocking-- even though we suspected it was coming--I guess no one is ever really ready to hear that.
No big loss, believe me...
she only responds to people who have a whole lot of experience and then the pay is very low.  She's a nice lady, but she then spoon feeds the work to ya'...  Sorta like a part-time gig at best.
First of all so very very sorry for your loss...
After all you have been through and all you are going through... please please take time for yourself. I know this seems impossible right now, and you frantically want to fill out resumes and find a job immediately. But please put yourself first and the fact you have been through a tough time, your little daughter and family need you to take care of yourself.
Secondly congratulations on letting everyone in the company and this board and everyone you want to know about this kind of treatment. It is more than ridiculous, it is unfair. How would they feel if they were treated that way? (the management, HR, etc.) Take a deep breath. You probably really need the money. Understood. But take a deep breath. Take the time to rest, make arrangements for your dad, or be with your family and take a day off or a few hours off and don't even think of work at all!!! Then, write a list of what you need. Look up local area services on line or in the phone book for help: Food from churches, to free up money to pay bills, etc. Let them know what happened. After all of your needs have been met, and you are feeling better then write a list of what you want in a job. Do your research, but don't drive yourself crazy. Pick 3 companies or situations you want to be in and remember that you have a small child at home. Then apply and when interviewing ask all the questions you need to. Be professional. Don't get to much into blaming your past employer about what happened let it go... Anything you do out of panic, fear, or reaction to this horrible treatment may cause you to be in a bad short-term situation and you'll have to switch again. I speak all of this from experience... Please, treat yourself right. They are a bad company for doing this to you... you are correct. Move on, and on your own terms. What goes around comes around will take place and you will find a good job. But don't forget... let it go and take care of yourself. Here's a bunch of roses for you! Hope this helps... from one who has been there and knows!
So sorry for your loss.
Most companies pay for 3 days off for a family loss, but allow for more unpaid days if needed. If a future employer asks why you left the company and there is a space of time on your resume where you were not working, I would explain that you needed more time to grieve.

You will find that most company policy is this way. They may not be as heartless in handling it the way your former company did but, nonetheless, that's the way it is. When I've had a family loss in the past, I called and explained that I would be back to work on a certain date (I usually take a week), did not leave my employer hanging, and everything worked out okay.
I'm sorry for your loss :-( but

state of mind you may have interpreted this person's inquiry (regarding needing the 3 days) in the wrong light.  As another poster stated, a business is a business and personal lives are separate.  Just about every company has a bereavement policy (and some companies don't pay for bereavement time off).  They do need to plan and juggle your absense though in terms of work. 

As far as unemployment, you're probably going to be disqualified because you quit. 

When applying for other jobs, you can skirt around the issue of why you left with a simple looking for a change.  Chances are they might not even ask you why. 

I am so sorry for your loss.
What happened to you breaks my heart. Of everything I have heard about our industry, this is truly the saddest. I am so very, very sorry this happened to you. Please accept my condolences.
RE: MQ Loss of revenue

I also read the report on MQ's money woes which anyone can read if they bring up their stock report. What caught my attention in the report was that MQ could not estimate the total cost of 1) billing review 2) defense of class actions, 3) SEC investigation, and 4) compliance with the Deprt of Justice investigation.

If I read the numbers right, in 2004 they spent $11 million dollars for lawsuits, $4 million for separation fees

in 2005, they have spent $16 million on lawsuits, and $3 million in separation fees


Mgmt expects pricing pressures to continue ( competition from other vendors) and for revenue in the second half of 2005 to decline. Decline in revenue includes the impact of decreasing transcription volume from existing and lost accounts and the impact of pricing declines

I hope this is not the beginning of another EDIX--they operated at a loss for 3 years and then were bought out by Spheris--until all of the 6 lawsuits are settled, the lawyer fees will continue to mount

Does this mean I am not going to get a raise??? Maybe they should have saved some money and not have sent out the ChapStick

I'm sorry for your loss and the experience you had.
I left to get more pay. There were a few little bumps along the way but nothing that I haven't ever found everywhere else to work.

I hope you will have a better experience in your next position.

hearing loss
Because of recent events, I am pretty sure I have developed some tone deafness.  I am going to have it checked out, of course, but feel frightened about my future as an MT.  I'm not young!  Wondering if anyone else has faced this and what happened.  Is there special equipment we can use, etc.?
my condolences on your loss -- sm

I also live in PA and when my friend quit her job because her husband's job was moved, she was denied unemployment because she chose to leave.  Unless laws have changed since then, it's not likely you'll be eligible for unemployment.

I would look into WIC.  It can help to supplement your groceries and provide formula for your baby.  As another mentioned, check with your local church. 


Well, if you didn't take the test it's your loss...sm
they are still the best company to work for. You obviously didn't take into consideration their quarterly bonus info either.
I agree. Their loss totally
And they are giving me hearing loss
their cell phones go off, they are right next to the dictating phones and they do not know whether to answer or call back, you can tell they are picking them up and looking because you are getting an ah, ah, ah and then leaving something electronic close to the phone because all of a sudden we have this horrible loud screech in your ears. My hearing is sensitive!
The loss of the big account has been a done deal
for at least 6 months.   The account was not happy with the quality of the work (big surprise right), nor were they happy about the working going to India.  
Yes, and also figured into that is the loss of benes,
sick days, PTO, insurance, etc., that you would get with employee status.
No the loss of pay isn't fun and the reality is that I should be scared.
Only one responsible for the bills, no time to sit on my hands so to speak! Wrists resting or not... I am sorry I absolutely cannot take a dip in pay. Just got off the phone with my car loan and they will defer the payment but I had to give a reason why and then they will call my employer and verify I work there... isn't that something... Also wondering how I am going to pay the rent on the first... Just had to put 400 bucks to repair my car just in the last 2 days. Nope. Reality is I personally don't have the time to wait it out and see how it goes. I have to make as much money as possible, yesterday, so to speak. This was where the fear is. Not in the training. So, I count my days until I am safe and secure in a job where I know my paycheck will pay the bills and that is what I am working on while I look for a school to retrain for something else, while I work doubletime here at my job now to keep up. So, that's the story folks. Trust your instincts like the poster down below said. Everybody's situation is different. But with no second income, the time to move is now, not later. As the car loan lady said... Don't let your next payment be late... and guess what I will heed her advice!
So we can sue Indiana for the loss of our jobs?
If the state is funding this thing, then they should be held responsible for any jobs we lose.
yeh ive noticed the loss in line count

I asked for a raise and got it, because I stick with it through the changes, and do what i'm told.  Its cut throat in this business, you can be easily replaced.  Yes there is a lot to bitch and moan about, but I make over 40K a year and i'd like to keep it...give me work and i'll gobble it up on time for ya boss!!!  As for the loss of lines, what exactly can we do about it?  Three lawsuits pending, MQ still getting away with it.  Bitching and moaning causes stress on me, not them. 

Yep I have been using the guidelines also and lost a lot of lines and now ME loss and what next.

Who knows but it will be less for sure or something that we will all be fighting for that line incentive every day and everyone will be running out of work. Yes, I am looking also and upgrading all my equipment to go part time with someone else if this looks really bad with THE PACKAGE.

If I am not contacted, it's the company's loss, not mine
I know my worth, have great experiences and I write a resume that gets attention. I sometimes think people just slap something on a resume and expect to be the ONE the MTSO just can't live without. I can be picky but I don't think everyone can say that. I agree with you...it isn't about courtesy or anything else. It's just the way the world goes round.

I saw an MT say recently they got 3 response from sending out more than 50 resumes. I think something is wrong with that resume or the MT's abilities and I advised him/her to look for a different career. That post got deleted.
Had this happen several times. I look at it as their loss, not mine! :) nm
Before, many were saying that DQS was notorious for creating a huge loss of lines.
We give up on your naysayers. Great company, but if you choose to believe it's fishy, your loss.
Webmedx hires some ICs. Good company. So sorry for your loss. Good luck!