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Does Precyse include the ADT entries or headers in

Posted By: your line count? nm on 2005-11-22
In Reply to: Precyse uses it too. - me


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All compaines count lines different--with spaces, without spaces, headers or no headers, 65 characte
a line, 75 characters, etc. I would ask each of them how they count their lines. Sometimes the way lines are counted does not make a company worth working for.
You can use all of your autotext entries
It has a dictionary, just not Stedman's. You will need to add some entries as you go along, but
overall, it catches the incorrect spelling of words, it just doesn't give a lot of suggestions to correct spellings. That slows me down a bit as I rely on my Stedman's and have for many many years.
Autocorrect entries into Emdat?
How can I get my MS Word autocorrect entries into Emdat Inscriber without having to enter them all over again?  Thanks
chartscript and importing autocorrect entries

Can someone tell me how (if even possible) to import my autocorrect entries from MS WORD to the chartscript expander?  I am using ShortHand in there now and it is driving me CRAZY as 90% of the time it partially expands the words..  Guess I could import the entries from shorthand if that is easier… 

On the MTIA website, those entries are dated July/August 2006! Now, in 2008, if you write your...

congressman in support S. 810 or H.R. 1653, you are supporting an act governing federal grants for scientific research or abstinence teaching in federally funded sex education programs,

And, I'm not saying I don't support those two issues.  I'm just saying it has nothing to do with outsourcing.  In order of effect real change, we must at least sound like we know what we are talking about.  Writing our congressman in support of a two year old bill that no longer exists or writing out congressman about outsourcing and reference bills that have nothing to do with outsourcing, makes us all look like uninformed weiners!

Does this include
being an employee under employee status that a computer, software and reference materials be supplied also. If so, that does not happen here either.
does that include MDI MLS's in there? I always thought they
were one of the big companies but that is pretty average, isn't it?
Not unless you include the account updates - LOL!
Do you know if this rate would include your DH if needed? Thanks. nm
Plus your medical records include your SS#, too! nm
The numbers on the Q above do not include ILPs.
There is a difference.
Does that include the equipment failures
for the ancient Lanier equipment that doesn't work half the time, the numerous phone numbers that must be dialed to even obtain the work, the numerous ESLs who can barely speak English, the demands to work extra and constantly even though an MT meets her quota, the inconsistent account profiles and QA feedback, or the promise of being left on an account only to be moved around? I'm really curious.
What is the basic 4? Does it include op reports? NM
Thanks, does this include an expander and dictionary, or did you have to buy your own? Nm
They need to include the American firms
It can include Ops, but lots of companies
offer positions with or without ops, so acute care doesn't necessarily mean Ops.  Acute care is hospital setting and can be any report type, basic 4 would include Ops usually.
Looking into medical records and include
this into the criteria to hire somebody or not, yes, this I would regard as overall discrimination.

But to be subjected to a hearing test to be hired for an MT job, is not discrimination of any sort.
Does that 200 LPH include voice recognition, or is it
Does that include the overhiring practice of Transcend's
so none of us can make a decent living, or the miserable platform transcend brought with it?
Definitely is spaces include, black and white.
Indeed it is.
Does Medware's insurance include preexisting? nm
Forgot to include my e-mail address
My e-mail address is neuhausel@epix.net. Forgot to include that in my last message.

Lori Neuhausel
Forgot to include 2000 lines a day sm

On the first posting, it posted half way down the page (don't know why) so scroll downward for the figures.  It looks like there is no message (there is though)

Anyway, don't accept something like this, no matter what from this CHRISTIAN company as they put it.  This is clearly taking advantage of very very very skilled technicians.  Just makes me so darn mad to see stuff like this. 

This year's will include roadkill recipes

So lets all get our recipes ready to submit to some suit that did NOT take a pay cut, so she can dole them out to us and lead the old team cheer!

What I love the most - they way they announce they're forcing the whole company to go ISR and take a pay cut - and then exhort us to give our extra all to worry about quality.  Its REMARKABLE how they have the cojones to guilt trip us while they're yanking our money away!

We ARE worried about quality - the quality of our resumes as we start looking for different jobs.  I'm worried about the quality of my PAYCHECK and the quality of my TIME wasted looking at NSA hour after hour, night after night.  And that's the QUALITY you've forced us to concentrate on!

Which is less in American $ and doesn't include dues. nm
PTO, sick pay, paid holidays, benefits include...sm
Medical, dental, vision, drug coverage.  Great company.  I like my accounts.  Plenty of work.
It is all the patient data, name, MR#, doc who dictated, time dictated etc., and no you are not paid for entering in any of it.
If you fill in the header and then it ends up being a no-report/hang up, the rest being blank, Bayscribe shows that report as a 0 line count.
I would be cautious about headers and demographics. Too many clients want the transcription companies to do their research for them. A good company requires the demographics to be pretty well filled in before they go to transcription. I was with one company where I could spend up to 2 minutes trying to get the demographics, and then get stuck with a one-liner for a report. Some companies want you to use their pre-programmed headers from a drop-down list, and you get nothing for the trouble. Just my 2 cents worth.
Headers and footers
Have you spoken with your manager about this? Are you not getting the demographic info from the hospital?
YES they pay headers and footers nm
Headers and Footers
This really hits my hot button and I think a lot of companies have found this as a big time way to rip off the MTs. I wonder how many are charging the client for this data which most times does not load in and even if it does you are still verifing that it is correct, doing carbon copies, etc. All clerical functions the MT is not being paid for. I just left a company to go to a company where we get headers, but no spaces. Even with no spaces, my production in 4 weeks is up almost 50% so I have no doubt it makes a significant difference. To actually get back to your question, the 30% would depend on the size of the document. It should not be a % but a flat line rate, such as 8 lines per document or whatever. 30% of a 3 100 line document would be 30 lines and no way would that be fair for headers/footers.

Headers and Footers
I nearly had a panic attack when my paycheck had $450.00 deducted from it. They kind of mentioned it in passing when I was hired there was a small deduction for information we did not type that went into the header and footer, but had no idea it would be 30% off my total line count.
Not about headers/footers
This goes above and beyond the headers/footer. Needless to say, they are safe with having to pay out a bonus. Not very many good standing employees are left from what I understand. Interesting, you sound exactly like a manager employed by them.

167.28/683 X 100 = 24%

683 - my count (Tools/Word count/Lines)

admin.ichart count:  515.72

 -167.28 difference

They most certainly do pay for spaces and headers.
do they pay for headers and footers for ER?

They don't pay for them but you don't have to type them. Line counting appears to be what you would expect and I think is accurate.
No headers/footers
Since you don't actually type the header/footer, makes sense you don't get paid for them. If you have to look up an ID or something it really only takes a few seconds, so that's not a problem. I've been with them over a year. My production went up. It was a good move for me. They are very honest with their MTs and will address any concerns you may have. Of note, QA and Tech support are really good. Pay is on time, every time. Good incentives.
any companies pay for headers, etc.

new and wanted to know if headers are paid.

eScription Headers
It depends on the MTSO and the account. eScription is a software company that provides a platform to hospitals. The company that you work for determines how you are paid.
I agree with you about the headers and footers. Did a recent count and found it to be about 13%. That is excessively high when losing time looking up demos because they are too lazy to input the info. This header/foot thing has gotten worse. I believe I had previously figured 11%. It is morally wrong to take out a percentage. A true character count would count the whole amount and take out for whatever is pre-printed on the page. This is especially horrible when doing 30, 40 or 50 small jobs, don't you think?
Headers and footers
None anymore probably, but that's not the point. When you work for companies that count lines at the remote IC site, go ahead and subtract those lines from your total at Control I. Does 13% difference seem fair to you? Don't you think a fairer thing would be an actual count of characters subtracted?
If they don't pay for headers/footers, it's
easy enough to highlight & delete the block before running the count... It's not rocket science.
they said they pay headers and footers at Transcend??
You better double check that.
headers and footers are paid too. nm
Do you really get paid for headers and footers with
About how many headers and footers are per report?
Should you get paid for headers and footers.

I was called in to test for a company who do not pay for headers or foots and starting pay is 7 cpl.  They do not pay for bolding, underlining, nothing.  Is this still a good deal?  Should I waste my time testing?



i agree, go, go, go (with or without spaces, headers, etc)
And no pay for headers you type or templates they add